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Bella's POV

It had been five months since Edward had left. I thought I would die, but life proved me wrong, I didn't die I grew stronger if anything. It was all thanks to my dad, who was there, and took care of me. Who wouldn't allow me to slip into the folds of depression, no matter how bad I wanted to. Jacob helped to, until the day he walked away as well. That hurt, but surviving Edwards leaving taught me I could survive anything.

Today I was with Charlie, and we were at a festival. Unfortunately so was Jacob, and his new group of friend's. Including Sam, Paul, Quil, Embry, and Jared. Billy was here to. Dad was off talking to him now, and I was talking to Mike and Jessica who were now a couple. They had been together since the prom, Jessica was ecstatic over it. She really liked mike. I hoped things worked out for them in the future. Since they were both human, they had a really good chance.

I scanned the area, and caught sight of Jake, and the others. I looked away just as Sam looked over here. There was a reason why Jake had stopped being my friend, and they were all wrapped into why. I didn't know why he stopped being my friend, and really I was just to emotionally drained to care.

Jessica was talking about her plan's for the summer. School was out in two day's. I scanned the area again this time my eyes locked with Sam's. something happened. It was like everyone disappeared, and we were the only two people here. It was like a force was pulling me to him. Nothing else mattered anymore, but him. I wanted to go to him yet I force myself to stay where I was. Jessica brought me out of the moment.

"You who, Bella," Jessica said

"Yeah, sorry, spaced out for a second there," I said shaking my head.

"Hey Bella," Tyler said, running up to me. He kissed my cheek, and wrapped me in his arms. "You know you're the girl for me. Why do you keep denying us our happiness?" I chuckled. This was something Tyler did on a regular basis. I heard a growl from somewhere in the direction Jake and the guys had been.

"Hey Tyler, why is it you just can't take no for an answer?" I asked poking him in the side. He sighed.

"All I want is for us to live happily ever after, but no you just want to be stubborn, and single for the rest of you're life," he said.

"Damn straight," I said. "Boy's suck."

"I'm pretty sure that's you're job, to suck that is," Lauren said joining them. Lauren had a thing for Tyler. She wasn't happy to see him giving me attention like he was.

"Gee's Lauren, rude much," Jessica said, frowning.

"Yeah that was uncalled for," Mike said.

"Why don't you just get lost if you don't got nothing nice to say we don't like mean girls," Tyler said.

"Bella let's go," My father called. I looked over to where he had called from to see him standing next to where Billy sat in his wheelchair. Jake and the guy's where next to Billy.

"Ok," I called back. "I'll see you guys latter."

"You're breaking my heart Bella," Tyler said, but he squeezed me one last time before letting me go again. I walked over to my dad. I ignored Jake, and the guy's. Dad said goodbye to Billy, and the guys then we left. It was a quiet car ride home, Charlie focused on his driving, and I tried to figure out why I felt the intense pull towards Sam Uley.

"I don't understand why you, and Jake are not talking to each other, Bell's. You two are best friends," Charlie said breaking the silence, and my thoughts.

"I didn't stop our friendship, Jake did. He started hanging out with Sam and them, and dropped me like a hot potato. Its ok, I got Jessica, Mike, Tyler, and the rest of the gang," I said reassuring him so he would worry about me.

"Gang? Bell's I really don't like the idea of you in a gang," he said. I rolled my eyes at that.

"Dad you do know it's not a real gang, and just a term we teenagers use," I said.

"Right, right, I knew that," He said coughing. The rest of the ride was silent.

When we got home I went up to my room, and changed out of the dress I had put on for the festival. I pulled on my jean's, and a t-shirt, and then I went back down stairs. It was time to fix dinner, wouldn't want, Charlie, to starve. I walked into the kitchen, and went to the fridge. I reached in, and pulled out the chicken I had prepared earlier. I turned the oven on, and then set to peeling potato's as I waited for the oven to heat up.

When the oven was ready I slid the chicken in then sat the timer. Once again I sat to peeling the potato's then cutting them up. I put them in pot of water to boil. I pulled out cans of corn, and empty them in a bowl. I put the bowl in the microwave to warm up once the chicken, and potato's were done.

I sat out to set the table, while waiting for the chicken, and potato's. It be an hour or so before the chicken and potato's were done. This left me time to think, and think I did. About Sam Uley. Why did I have such strong feelings for him? I didn't understand these feelings. I didn't even like the guy. Infact I blamed him for the failure of mine and Jake's friendship. I saw him as the reason why Jake no longer wished to be my friend. So why is it when I looked at him all I wanted was to be next to him, to be in his arm's. What was this pain in my chest, I wondered rubbing it.

I must be going insane. That had to be it. The was no other explanation. I no longer believed in love at first sight. Been there, tried that on, and we all saw how that worked out. The guy was a vampire, and he left. No I definitely didn't believe in love at first sight.

An hour an a half later Charlie and I where sitting at the table eating dinner. It was really god if I did say so myself. I wondered if Sam would like it. I scolded myself for that thought. Who cared if he liked it. Not me I could care less. I really could.

"This is excellent Bell's," Charlie said, smiling.

"Thanks dad," I said, smiling back.

After dinner I cleaned up, and then went up stairs to read before bed. I was reading William Shakespeare's, Romeo and Juliet. I was halfway through it. I love Shakespeare's work. While I read I eat my dessert, a bag of coconut m&m's. They were my new favorites. I couldn't concentrate on the book though cause my mind kept wandering back to Sam. Finally I just sighed, and tossed the book on to the night stand. I turned the lights out, and called it a night. I fell into a dream filled wonderland.

Sam's POV

Vampire girl? I imprinted on Vampire girl? Worse I imprinted on Jake's girl. I knew how he felt about her. He truly did love Bella. Though he had not imprinted on her, no I had done that. It was going to break Jacob's heart. I couldn't help it though. We didn't chose who we imprinted on. Still I worried how Jacob would react to this. I did not wish to hurt him. I couldn't stay away from her though, even to make my fellow brother happy. No it would hurt to much. Already there was an ache, a need to be close to her.

I was not particularly thrilled with who I imprinted on, but I accepted it. It is what fate had chosen for me. She was beautiful, and I knew she was caring. I knew she could keep a secret, she had kept the blood suckers after all hadn't she. I sighed, it would have been easier not to have imprinted on the girl one of my brothers loved. I couldn't stay away from her though already I could feel the pain of her absents in my chest, and for sure she felt the same pain. I could not do that to the both of us, no matter how much I wished I could.

All I could do was hope that Jacob would understand, maybe he would imprint himself soon. I hope so, that would help soften the pain of losing any chance with Bella. I sighed again as I laid back on my bed. All I could see were incredibly beautiful brown eyes. She was so beautiful. Why Cullen? What did she ever see in that Blood sucker? I wondered. Would she accept the imprint? I hoped so cause it would just hurt the both of us if she tried to fight it. I would have to talk to her, and soon. I just had to figure out how I was to go about explaining all this. She should take it alright, she seemed to take the Cullen's being vampires so well. This shouldn't be so difficult.

Now, how to break this to Jacob. He would find out because I would be thinking about her, and when we are phased we all can hear each others thoughts. I couldn't let him find out like that. That would be worse than telling him face to face. No I would have to man up and tell him. I only hoped it went well I didn't want a fight to break out. I sighed, and fell into a deep sleep wondering what tomorrow held.

Jacob's POV

Bella looked good today. She was so beautiful. I loved Bella. It killed me to keep this secret from her. She was my best friend. I hated not being able to hang out with her. It sucked not being around her. Sam said I had to stay away though, and he was alpha. He was just looking out for our best interest.

I hated the fact that I couldn't give her a reason why I could no longer be her friend. I knew I had to have hurt her. This must have been another blow to her. First blood boy left her, and now I did the same thing he had done after I promised her I would never leave her.

I hadn't known though. I didn't know the legends about the wolves, and the cold ones were true, or that I would become a wolf. I wish I could tell Bella about being a wolf, she was my best friend, and I missed her. I knew she only saw me as a brother type friend, and I could live with that. After all there was the whole imprint thing. I didn't want to get involved with anyone, and then imprint to then hurt the person I was with at the time I imprinted. That just wouldn't be fair.

Jared had already imprinted. He had imprinted on a girl named Kim. She was a nice, sweet, cute girl who had sat next to him in school. They were very happy together. Jared was fixing up a house he had bought for them not far from Sam's place. It would be another month before they could decorate, and furnish the place.

Paul had also imprinted, on Emily. Leah's cousin. She was like a mother hen for all of us pack members. She cooked for us all the time. She loved to cook, and she was an excellent cook. Emily helped balance out Paul's temper she was a jewel, and we all loved her. She put Paul in his place, and didn't let him boss her around. I loved it. I loved watching her tell him what to do, and him having to do it because its our job to keep our imprint's happy. I had hoped that Bella was mine, but she wasn't. That had been very disappointing.

I closed my eyes, and sighed. It was fate. No one could mess with fate, and fate had decided that Bella was not my Imprint. Fate had probably picked out a better life for her, probably a life with that Tyler guy. No matter how hard I wished it could be different, I have to get over the dream that one day Bella, and I can be together. It just wasn't meant to be, and that hurt. I flipped over onto my stomach, promptly fell asleep with another deep sigh. Life sucked sometime's.