Class 3-Z OkiKagu Fanfict

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As everyone chattered continuously in class 3-Z, the famous teacher leisurely slid open the door and walked into the room.

"Hai hai mina. Please get into your seats," Ginpachi calmly said as he looked down at his papers, "Today we have a new transfer student coming into our class."

That's what made everyone connect their butt to their seats.

"Okay, um…" after he read through his paper, he looked back up hollered at the closed door, "please come out new student!" the man with the silver hair called out.

A girl with an eye-patch quietly walked into the room and stood next to the teacher's brown desk. For some reason, though, this girl was wearing a male's uniform which confused some of the students.

The homeroom teacher wrote down her name on the chalkboard with white chalk as the person stood in an upright position.

"Please welcome Yagyu Kyubei," Ginpachi dully announced as he motioned his hands towards her, "This lovely new student will be joining us today."

Afterwards, some small whispering was activated.

"Who the hell is this person?" someone asked.

"Is it a boy or a girl?" questioned another.

"Is she a cross dresser?"

"All you idiots, shut up!" the teacher said, "Yazu-chan, please sit next to that girl with the brown hair.

"It's Yagyu-desu..." the new student mumbled as she walked to her seat. Right after the cross-dressing student sat down, Ginpachi began to speak.

"Now, everyone, today we are going to learn about-"

"Ginpachi-sensei!" spoke the red-headed girl while raising her left hand. "Someone keeps on throwing a rubber band at my head!" she explained in an annoyed tone, already glaring at the culprit. Even though she said who it is was anonymously, she already knew who the person was: the one with the red eyemask. The one that was supposedly 'sleeping'.

Ah, here we go again… "Whatever, just ignore it Kagura-san," he answered without even looking at her.

"Fine…" she grumbled as she leaned back on her chair with her arms crossed, still continuing the glare.

He adjusted his glasses, "Okay, now that that's taken care of-"

"Ginpachi Sensei!" uttered the superb sadist in a monotone, still keeping his eyemask on his face.

The teacher was getting slightly irritated, "Yes...?"

He pointed to the glass windows to his left, "There's a big hole in the window," he said in a dead panned tone.

The permy haired teacher followed the sandy brown hair's finger and looked to his right, "Eh, really?"

As he looked at the window the superb sadist threw another rubber band at the girl with the swirly glasses.

"Kora! What the hell did you just do you Sadist!" exclaimed the rubber band target.

The only reply was his soft breathing.

"HEY! Don't think that I am going to believe in your stupid sleeping act you bastard!" Kagura screeched as she was getting out of her seat. "I'm gonna smack you silly with that sleeping mask of yours!"

"Oi, oi, calm down Kagura-san," comforted Ginpachi, unfazed by this usual bit.

Kagura growled under her throat as she sat back down. She could see that Sadist smirking in his "sleep".

"Now," the teacher finally said as he turned towards the blackboard, "since we don't have any more interruptions-"

"Ginpachi-Sensei!" called out the gorilla related human.

"Whaat!?" cried out the teacher. "What do you want now?!"

"I kind of crapped in my pants…"


And that's when the bell rang.

At Lunch

"So Kyubei-chan, why are you wearing a male's uniform when you're a girl?" Otae asked as if she was asking any other question.

"Ah, that's because my parents trained me to be a man," whispered Kyubei. She looked down and figited, "Maybe I should've worn a female's uniform instead…"

"Yeah, you should! You want us to go to the office together and trade?" Tae asked with a grin.

The black haired girl looked at the brunette with with sparkling eyes and then shyly smiled, "That'll be great… thanks."

The old student continued her sweet smile, "No problem!"

After that conversation the two continued to eat until the new student gingerly spoke again, "Um, Otae-chan?"

The other girl looked up from her food, "Yes?"

"…Is alright if I called you Tae-chan?"

The girl opened her eyes in surprise but then curved her lips upward, "Yes, of course!" she said, "Then can I call you Kyu-chan?"

The one with the eye-patch smiled excitedly and then nodded once, "Sure...!"

They both giggled from the accomplishment of gaining another friend.

Suddenly, a new figure entered the table, "Oi! Anego (Big sister)! Look at this cake I found in my locker!" shouted Kagura with excitement.

"Oh my! What a cute little cake!" commented Shinpachi's older sister as she placed her hand over her mouth.

Kyubei just nodded her head.

"You don't think it might be from a secret admirer?" Otae asked earnestly.

"Or Santa," guessed the one with red hair, "You think it might be from Santa?"

The brunette giggled once again, "No, it's definitely an admirer."

"Y-you think?" Kagura started to blush since this was her first time to get a gift from a guy that was for that purpose, "W-ELL! I GUESS I'LL JUST HAVE TO EAT THE CAKE THEN! AHAHAHAhahaha…. Mm…"

Kagura used her hand and stuffed the 10x10 cake into her mouth. However, when her throat started to burn and her chest began to tighten, it wasn't long until she realized who it was from.

"FUUUCK! MY MOUTH! MY MOUTH…. IT'S ON FIRE!" Kagura hollered as her mouth turned red. She sprinted towards Shinpachi who was happily eating a sandwich and then grabbed him by the collar which caused his lunch to fly out of his hands. "OI! MEGAME! GIVE ME WATER! WAAATERRRR!"

The culprit could do nothing more but smirk as he took a small bite out of his lunch. And that culprit was no other than Okita Sougo.

As he witnessed the reaction that never failed to amuse him, the mayo lover shook his head as the gorilla on his right looked at the Sadist worriedly, "Sometimes I worry about Sougo," Kondo told the smoker in a quiet manner.

The black haired man looked down with his eyes closed, "It's alright, this is just his twisted nature..."

The boy continued to watch as Kagura finally took a drink of her precious liquid. And when she finished the whole bottle in three big gulps, she wanted nothing but one thing.


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