A 3-Z Okikagu Fanfict

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"Kagura-chan, why do you keep on sighing?" asked Otae with care. The two of them were walking to their school for the first time since before Winter Break started. And since it's the day back, that means that day has come for Kagura...

She leaned a bit closer and lowered her voice, "Do you have your period?"

Kagura gave her a quick look, "No," she answered dully, "Just tired." Well, that was partially true.

The brunette eyed at her worriedly, "Are you sure there isn't anything more?" she asked.

The girl lazily glanced at her friend before looking straight again, "What makes you think that?"

"Well..." her friend hesitated before replying, "you got bags under your eyes, you're slouching, and you're mumbling to yourself," she bluntly answered, "Not to mention yourself in general is just sloppy and dead looking."

I already know all of that. "I just slept in is all." She didn't really want to get her best friend into her situation. Especially since that situation is being the Sadist's girlfriend for the whole damn day.

Ever since New Years, she has been thinking about it non-stop. It's horrible, she tried to get it out of her head but it's as if it's stuck in there. She tried everything. Eating, sleeping, beating the crap out of someone. No matter what she did, the thought just won't leave. She wonders why she keeps on thinking about it so much. If any other guy asked her to be his girlfriend for a day she wouldn't mind at all. Ginpachi-sensei, Megame, even the Mayorana. But with him… she gets this weird feeling in her stomach she can't describe. Before it only came once in a while but lately she's been getting it more and more. It really annoys her.

That damn Sadist, making me feel so odd inside…

Even when he's not there, he's there.

She sighed one more time, a bit louder than the one before.

Otae heard the repetitive sigh once again and looked down on her worriedly. Something is definitely wrong...

You can do this...

The redhead was looking at her blue orbs in the school's girls bathroom mirror.

You can do this...

She was so close. She thought she could handle it. But once she looked at the sign "3-Z" and that familiar door, she just knew she couldn't. So she told Otae that she suddenly needed to go to the bathroom which probably made her best friend think she really does have her period.

She looked down at her hands. Why is this so hard for her? She knows that he's only doing this to annoy her. So why take this so seriously? It's practically nothing. I mean, nothing's actually genuine or sincere.

It's all just pretend.


She stared at the sink's drain.

It's just pretend.

She looks back up at her reflection.

Is she disappointed by that?

"Okay! Everyone in to your seats!" their beloved teacher announced.

Once everyone obediently sat down, Ginpachi-sensei took out his stack of white papers and looked down on them.

"Now let's see who's absent today on the first day back," he began and then he cleared his monotone voice, "Shimura Shinpachi."



The mayo lover cringed, "...Here."


The long haired man stood up from his seat, "It's not Zura, it's Katsura…!"


Knowing that it won't be going anywhere, he just let out a heaving sigh as he sat back down, "... here."


There was a silence.


Everyone spun their heads to look at the redhead, expecting to see her drooling on the desk but only saw the empty seat.

"Kaguraa." The curly haired teacher slightly looked up from his papers, "Hm, I guess she's absent."

"Ano," the brunette raised her hand, "I was with Kagura-chan this morning so she should be here any minute now. She just went to the bathroom."

"Well even if she is in the building, if she's not in the classroom then-"



Everyone bolted their heads to her direction as the door forcefully slid open, her buns a bit lopsided and and her breath heavy from the sprint down the hallway.

There were a few snorts before Ginpachi-sensei began talking, "Okay Kagura-chan, just sit down."

Her face turned a bit red as she quietly closed the door and scurried towards her seat. She plopped down in her chair and sighed as her teacher continue with the attendance.

"Shimura Tae."


The redhead rested her chin on her palm.


"Sensei, we've been over this. I'm not 'Gorilla-san' I'm Isao Kondo."

"Takasuki Shinsuke."

"Kora, you completely ignored my comment!"

I wonder what's for dinner

"Takasuki Shinsuke?"


"Kora! Sensei!"

Rice with Nori… Eel maybe?

"Okita Sougo."

Her eyes widened in realization.

Oh yeah...


She slowly turned around in a jagged motion to see the Sadist staring blankly at the teacher.

He's here...

His eyes slightly widened when he noticed her stare and then smirked before slipping his red mask over his eyes.

She immediately turned face front and her face burned up. What the heck? How could she just forget about the main thing she was freaking out about the whole fucking day? More like the whole winter break! She was kind of hoping that the two of them would forget that day and pretend it never have happened. But clearly he hasn't forgotten, and he definitely has no intention in pretending that nothing happened. He's most definitely going to make the most fun out of it.

After several squirms and shifts, the big question had just hit her. Her eyes widened in realization.

But what's he going to do?

She cringed for a moment and then tried to calm herself down.

But it's only for a day right? Just a day...

A long, gruesome day.

Right when the bell rang, Kagura immediately bolted up and sped walk towards the door, hoping to leave the classroom before anyone notices (more like just one certain person).

But she guessed that that was just too much to ask.

"Oi, China."

Once she heard that monotone voice, her whole body froze. Shit. She jaggedly turned around,


He smirked, "Going somewhere?"

She gulped, "Yes...?"

"Where are you going?"

She narrowed her eyes, "Why do you need to know?"

He placed his hand over his heart and pretended to look pained, "Why? Because..." he tilted his head, trying to look more innocent. But they both knew his true intentions.

"I'm your boyfriend."

Everyone. Literally everyone's heads turned towards the newfound "couple". Some with open jaws, others with see through fury. But no matter how they were looking at them, Kagura did not like it.

Her face gradually turned crimson red, "Wha-" she could barely get the words out, "What are you talking about?" she was trying to send him signals through her eyes saying to not make this public.

But of course the sadist didn't get it. Well, more like he didn't want to listen. His mouth pouted but his eyes looked mischievous, "Aww, you don't remember what happened? You know, on New Years?"

Her eye twitched. He wouldn't…

"Should I spell it out for you?" she could see the grin forming behind his plastic face, "Well, you and I-"

His words were cut off when Kagura charged after him and forcefully covered his mouth. Almost immediately, she bolted out of the door without even thinking about closing it.

Next thing everyone knew, they were gone. Out of sight. The only thing left of them was the dust and the memory forever ingrained in everyone's minds.

The wind softly blew as Kagura heavily panted in front of the still Sadist, his hands close to his pockets.

There, no one can find us on the school roof.

"Why did you drag me here?"

She waited until she caught her breath, "Why?" she stood up straight, "Why!? Because your big mouth just wouldn't keep shut is why!" She couldn't believe he doesn't know that this is common sense. You're not suppose to just blurt out these kind of things without both of their consents! She knows, though. He's just doing this to make him feel good, like he's better than her. But this is serious business. For people getting the wrong idea that they're together because they actually liked each other would be troublesome.

Especially for her.

He shrugged, "Is there a problem with telling people?"

"Yes you Sadist!" she exclaimed, "A big problem!"


"Because it isn't true!"

He paused and looked down for a moment before looking back up and leaning on the fence, "But it is true," he bluntly stated.

Her face twitched and walked back, Did he just...? "Wha-"

"You're my girlfriend for today, bet or no bet, it's still true."

Her eyes widened. She doesn't know why, but when he just frankly said everything, it made her heart skip a beat.

Me, his girlfriend.

He's right. Whether she likes it or not, whether the reason they're together is or is not legit, they are still a couple.

Us. A couple.

And that is a fact.

For some reason it makes her get that feeling in her stomach again.

"Whatever." she mumbled, "I guess you're right just this once."

He smirked. He knew he was right. And her saying that was all the better, "Good." But he kinda hoped that somehow this boyfriend girlfriend thing will make them... closer...

"But you should stop with the nicknames."

He snapped out of his thoughts and looked up, "...What?"

She looked down and fidgeted, "You know... Like 'China' and stuff."

He raised a brow. What is this girl saying? "Why?"

"Cuz it isn't very 'boyfriend' like to call his girlfriend such a name."

He paused for a moment. Did this girl really asked him to make this act believable? And for her to request for him to say her name? Her actual name?

This is making him agitated for some reason.

"Fine. Okay," he agreed. He nodded his head towards her, "But then you have to call me by my first name."

She looked back up, showing her broadened eyes, "What? No! Why?"

He grinned, "Well it isn't very 'girlfriend' like to call her boyfriend such a name."

She glared at his cocky smile. How dare he uses her words against her.

"And anyways," he added, "don't you think 'Sadist' is a bit worse than 'China'?"

The redhead rolled her eyes and grumbled. She had to agree, Sadist is a bit more offending than China. How did he even get to call her China anyway?

"Okay," she finally agreed, "I'll do it..." she pointed at him, "but only if you say it first..."

He raised a brow, "Say what?"

She frowned, "My name. What else?"

"Ohh..." He moved his head up and down like a horse, except slower, "Okay, okay." He cracked his knuckles, "Are you ready for this? You might fall for me once I say your name."

She scoffed, "As if. If anything you're the one that's going to fall for me."

He smirked. I already have, "Sure, sure. We'll see."

For some reason he's thinking a lot about this. He opened his mouth but then closed it. This is probably one of the few times he has and will ever called her her real name. Or at least trying to. He took a deep breath and calmly tried to let the words flow out as much as possible.

"Are?" Kagura cupped her ear, "Why aren't you saying it?"

A vein popped on his forehead, "I was just going to say it, damn it."

"Oh really?"

"You're just being very impatient."

She grinned, "Are you sure you're not scared? Or uncomfortable? If you are then-"



The words felt so foreign in his mouth.

The glutinous girl jumped in surprise. She was half expecting him to not actually say her name. But he did. She held her breath. He said it, right? She could feel her face heating up. She heard her name so many times by so many people. But for some reason, when this guy says it, it makes her feel so...

"You know what, don't call me that," she sputtered.

His head cocked to the side, "What? Why not?"

She backed away as she formed an "x" with her arms trying to cover her face, "Ju-Just don't." she almost tripped as she fast walked towards the door, "Lets just forget about it, okay?"

The redhead reached for the knob, turned the handle and then opened the door, "And don't go starting rumors," she stated over her shoulder. And then closed the door behind her.

He stared at the door blankly for a moment but then plastered a smirk on his face as he dug his hands in his pockets, "Well what do you know..."

"She's starting to get it."

The redhead awkwardly walked down a busy hallway, replaying that one word the Sadist had spoken in her head.


"Ah, stop stop stop!" she almost screamed as she whacked her head several times, "So what if he said my name? It's just my name!"

She froze as she heard a can drop as it rolled in front of her feet and she realized that she was practically shouting in public. The girl slowly lowered her hands as she scoured around the hallway and saw all the people whispering to one another looking at her.

All of them, almost all of them, were talking about her.

The guys were just looking, probably thinking oh that's the one. And she was okay with that.

But the girls, that's when her heart sank. There were all glaring at her. Actually, glaring is an understatement. Some she could've mistaken them as murderous. Well, maybe they did want to kill her. She was technically the bitch that stole the untouchable prince (of sadists) from them.

The girls in groups would whisper to each other as they continued the eye piercing glare. Others would just cross their arms. After a few glances at everyone, she continued to walk normally with an annoyed frown on her face.

"That's the girl right?"

"The one with the monstrous strength?"

Her pace was getting quicker.

"She doesn't look that great."

"How does Okita-kun like her?"

She clenched her fists as a vein went off on her forehead.

"She probably blackmailed him or something."

Her eye twitched. He was the one that blackmailed me!

"Oh poor Okita-senpai..."

The redhead forcefully open her homeroom door and slammed it shut for that everyone could hear. With a loud huff she stomped towards her desk and forcefully sat her butt down.

Immediately everyone began to chatter around her.

"What is this? Lovers quarrel?"

"Who knows. Anything can happen with those two."

"Why are they dating anyway? I thought they hated each other."

The glutinous girl tousled her hair with a soft groan and then covered her ears with her palms. It's so annoying when no one knows the truth. It pisses her off so much. Especially since more than half the girls in this school thinks that sadist is the victim. She wished that she could tell Otae or Kyu-chan but Otae is at the dentist and Kyuubei is still out of town.

Kagura surveyed the room, seeing the girls still giving her angry looks like she's a hoar or something.

She rolled her eyes. Such idiots. Why would they go so far for the Sadist? Just because he got some looks doesn't mean that he's the perfect guy. In fact, he's the opposite of the perfect guy. If the devil had a son, it would probably be him.

Those girls. If they saw the real him... The girl closed her eyes and slightly giggled to herself.

She wondered what his life would be like then. When his little image is crushed.

The real him...

She blushed a bit realizing that she was one of the few people that knew the real Okita. His true self. She does have to admit though, it would be weird to see him be all nice to her. In fact it would be creepy. There is no doubt that she would choose his sadistic side over his fake romantic prince side.

She then solemnly opened her eyes.

The real question is if she accepts that part of him or not...

The sandy brown haired boy walked down a hallway. The same one that Kagura ambled through.

He glanced around the hallway to find everyone looking at him. Some with pity and some with recognition. Most of the girls had the pity look, of course.

He couldn't exactly pinpoint what everyone was whispering about but he's pretty sure that they're talking about him and China.

Suddenly, a small group of girls confronted him with tears in their eyes. He took one look at all of them and immediately disposed of them in his head. Typical girls: too much makeup where they look like a clown, shortened skirts in attempt to attract men with their stick thin twigs they call legs (their legs were ugly anyway, they shouldn't be trying to show them off), and that gagging "cute" personality.

Uhg, how annoying. He thought.

Some just trickled a few tears, others were sobbing and blowing their noses. One of the girls in front spoke, "Oh, Okita-sempai," the girl croaked, "we… we all feel your pain...!" All the the girls nodded as snot came out of their noses.

The boy furrowed his eyebrows, "...what are you talking about?"

The girl sniffled, "We know all about it," she girl sympathetically assured, "how Kagura blackmailed you to date her, how your humble heart couldn't say no..."

He frowned, "What?" For some reason, he did not like how these girls were accusing china. Especially since it was him, and not her that blackmailed. And he wasn't even blackmailing, he simply made a bet/challenge that intrigued her and she accepted, "Where did you hear that (crap)?"

Whoever started that rumor, he wanted to punch them in the face.

Their sobs grew louder, "Oh, Okita-sempai. Can you not say the truth because if you do that demon girl will come after you?" Without him even answering, they just assumed it was true, "Oh don't worry, we are here to help...! What does she want for you? Is she forcing you to date her because she's lonely and wants to make friends? Or maybe make a boy jealous?" he clenched his fists, "Well however you want to get back at her- no, she's not even a girl at this point. She's more like a demon or-"

"Hey," he softly spoke, "shut up," every syllable was enticed with annoyance.

All of the girls froze from the sudden words that their beloved "prince" spoke. The girl in front tried to form a smile, "E-excuse me?" She inched a little bit closer, "O-Okita-sempai, what are you saying? Was there something I said that angered you? I mean, I was just stating the truth but-"

Her words were forcefully stopped by Okita's tensed hands, "I said," he looked up, revealing his angered crimson eyes, "Shut. Up."

The girl's brown eyes widened in shock and tears began to form as her flimsy legs buckled. When she pummeled to the ground Sougo removed his hand from her dirty mouth.

The group of girls in the back slowly inched away as the fallen girl tried to speak, her eyes still shaken, "Wh-wha..." she was trying to find the right words to say, "O-Okita-sempai…" soon her whole body began to shake, "what's gotten into you? Did... Is that demon girl making you talk this way? This, this is all her doing isn't it? That-"

"Gya gya gya gya. Didn't I tell you shut up already?" he was starting to get real pissed, "You really talk a lot don't you?" the sadist leaned forward and grabbed the girl's jaw and held it between his thumb and forefinger and lifted her head up as he deliberately glared into her eyes.

"Listen," he coldly began, "This has nothing to do with China." he looked at her straight in the eye, "I asked her to be my girlfriend and she said yes. And the way I am acting and talking right now is no act, in fact the way I have been acting and talking with you idiots is the act. But the only girl that isn't your kind of an idiot is the girl that you have been bad-mouthing so if you say one more peep about her I will not hesitate to rip your heart out, sew it back in and rip it out again. You got it?"

The group of girls just stood there dumbfounded and muted from fear but he took it as a yes because he knows that these girls are wimps and will always back down if you say something like that.

He smirked, "Good." As he was about to leave he remembered something, "Oh and also..." he went back and bent down and looked at the fallen girl face to face. His face was a closed smile but his aura a demon, "Don't you ever call china a demon. A demon is someone that harms others for the fun of it and continues to do it until it fulfills itself. So in other words, the actual demon," he opened his eyes, "Is you."

The girl still couldn't say a peep as he stood up. He continued to look at her, "Girls like you should just shut up forever and stay out of my way."

He looked away and walked down the now silent hallway with a smirk on his face. He had now realized how much he hated his fake image, and that the only reason why he kept that image was because it was the only way to slightly entertain himself. But now, he had found just one person that can entertain him at least twice as much as 20 of those girls combined.

He smiled as a certain redhead popped in his head. There are two types of idiots, ones that do things that make them idiots and others that no matter what they do they are idiots. However, those are the idiots that he likes. Because the natural idiots always have the right intentions and always seem to amuse him. No matter what, they will always put someone else before them. That is what makes them a natural idiot. Frankly, there are more idiots that he despises than like. The natural idiots are like a needle in a haystack. But that is what makes them even more valuable and precious. So when I find the right type of idiot...

He shoved his hands his pockets

You can be sure that I'll never let them go.

The redhead was playing with a pink eraser when she heard the door slide open. She had peered over and saw her "boyfriend" smirking as he ambled towards her desk.

Her heart skipped a little, but she turned back to her pink object, "What do you want?"

"What are you doing here moping?" he teased, "You look like that crazy girl no one wants to talk to."

"Shut up. I chose to be here." Kagura grumbled, "A girl needs to be alone once in a while."

He pouted but his eyes looked mischievous, "Is this how you treat your boyfriend?"

She glared, "Is this how you treat your girlfriend?"

He smirked. Ahh, that's china. This was the sole girl that would act like this in front of him. The sole girl that no matter what she does he just falls harder and harder for her. The sole girl that accepts him for who he is. The sole girl that he wouldn't mind wasting his time with. He stood there for a moment before saying something else, "Hey."

"What?" she suspiciously inquired. That tone of voice, she thought he's up to something…

He walked up a little closer and placed both of his hands on the opposite side of where Kagura was sitting on her desk, "Let's play a game," he announced.

Oh great. "What kind of a game?" She knows that this is not going to end well.

His grin got a little bit wider, "A game," he stated, "A guessing game."

A guessing game? She raised a brow, "Okay? How does it go?"

He kneeled down and rested his chin on the edge of her desk, "I ask you a question about me, and you have to tell me the answer in 5 seconds."

She rolled her eyes as she continued to fiddle with the eraser, "That's a stupid game."

"If you get it right, I'll tell you what I said during New Years."

The redhead immediately stopped playing with her pink object and perked up a bit. Even though she was already interested before, that sentence especially caught her attention.

So I don't have to be his girlfriend for the whole day then. Since the only reason she's putting up with this is the answer to this.

The boy smirked at seeing his "girlfriend's" reaction, "Of course, there's a penalty as well."

The girl narrowed her eyes as she squeezed the rubber matter. Of course there's a penalty. There's always a penalty with him. If there wasn't one, then that would be weird, "… what's the penalty…?"

The right side of his mouth curved upwards, "I guess you'll just have to find out."

"What?!" Her eye twitched and she stood up from her seat and slammed her desk, "Just tell me dammit!"

The sadist stayed bent down, "Why do want to know so badly?" he asked, "Are you already preparing yourself for the penalty when you lose?"

A vein popped on her forehead, "I'm not going to lose!" she exclaimed. Then she sat back down with a "humph", "Whatever, don't tell me. I don't need to know it anyways cuz it's not going to happen to me."

His eyes looked playful, "Ho," he rested his chin on his right hand that was supported by his elbow, "You seem pretty confident."

"I am."

"You must know me really well."

She blushed. Shit, I didn't see that one through. She rotated her right wrist once and looked over to her side, "W-well, of course," she blubbered. I totally walked into that one. "I mean, I've known you for 2 years so I pick up a few things or two." She was all flustered, "I'm not an idiot you know."

"Whatever you say, china."

She glared at him for a moment, "Just give me the question already."

He grinned, "Okay, here's the question." Before he said what the question was, Kagura was already breaking into a sweat. She was nervous. She was nervous because she was 99% sure that he's going to ask a question that she cannot answer. Like "what did I have for breakfast?" or "When was the last time I took a dump?"

Why did she have to agree to this?

Curse my competitiveness.

The boy crossed his arms and rested his chin on them, "…Now, what's the answer?"

The glutinous girl snapped out of her thoughts, "What?" No way, did I…?

"What's the answer? Do you know it?"

She cursed herself. Shoot, I missed the question…!

She tried to smile but she was twitching, "Uhh, sorry. But what was the question again?"

"Oh, you weren't listening?" he kept his poker face, "What were you thinking about? Sokunbu?"

The redhead threw away that snarky remark from her mind and just began to cursed herself several times. Why did she have to space out at the most important time? Why did she have to worry so much? She was thinking about having so little chance in winning but now she has no chance because now he's probably going to disqualify her for not even listening to him!

Shit, Shit, Shit. She kept on thinking. What am I going to do? The penalty is probably pretending to fawn over him all day to up his status.

"Okay, I'll repeat the question," he normally said.

She looked up at him as her heart stopped, "… what?"

"I'll repeat the question," He repeated. He studied her carefully, "Why do you look like you just went into the guy's locker room?"

"Nothing," she abruptly said, "It's nothing." Wow, that's so uncharacteristic of him… why is he being so much nicer than usual?

He raised a brow and then smirked, "What? Do you want the penalty that bad?" he teased, "I never knew you were that kind of a girl.

Her eye twitched, I spoke too soon, "Hell no! I do not want the penalty I just spaced out!" she exclaimed.

His eyes looked playful, "Okay, okay. Geez, you get angry so easily. Here's the question again."

Even though she really does not want the penalty, to be frank she probably will get it. Afterall, there are a million questions he can ask about himself and only a few that she knows. The redhead was praying, Please don't let it be hard, Please don't let it be hard, Please don't-

"When's my birthday?"


The girl widened her eyes for a moment. She was shocked, dumbfounded.

It was an easy question.

"Really?" she asked.

It was a question she knew the answer to.

"...That's the question?"

He actually gave her a reasonable question.

"Yeah," he answered, "What, you want another one?"

"No, no!" she shook her head violently, "This question is good."

"Okay then, you have 5 seconds," he announced, "Go."

It didn't even take her half of those seconds to answer that question.

"July 8th," she answered full of confidence. She knew that answer all the way from the beginning. Really this must've been a miracle that he would ask such a question. She was so happy. No penalty, no more boyfriend girlfriend, no more-

He stood up, "Wroooong." He deadpanned.

She sat up straight, "What!? No way!" How is that possible? She practically got his birthday ingrained into her head! She bolted up from her seat and pushed away her chair in the process, "Then what's the answer!?"

"The answer is… July 8th!"

She pointed at him accusingly, "What?! That's what I said, dammit!"

"It's time for the penalty." He announced in a monotone voice.

"What?! No! I refuse! Why the hell should I get a penalty?! I-"

While the vermillion haired girl was spatting remarks the boy swiftly took her accusing hand and intertwined with it.

Huh?! Her face immediately turned crimson from embarrassment, "Wh-Wh-Wh-Wh-"

"Let's goo." He deadpanned and he dragged her out of the room.

"What the hell do you think you're doing?!" she bellowed, her face still red.

"I'm giving you the penalty," he simply stated.

"What kind of penalty is this!?" she exclaimed, "And why am I getting one? I answered the question right!"

"Eh? Really?" he sarcastically asked.

"Shut up, you liar!" she shouted. She tried shaking him off but he wouldn't budge, "Let me go!"

"C'mon, you're my girlfriend right?" he smirked, "Don't girlfriends like to hold their boyfriend's hand?"

The girl glared at him disconcertedly for a moment before looking away. What was she suppose to respond to that? She shouldn't even be getting a penalty in the first place! What the hell is the sadist even thinking in that empty head of his? How does he even benefit from this? She looked around. Every single person was looking at the two which kinda annoyed her. Don't these people even have lives? Almost every girl was giving her menacing looks and envying her. Well, every girl except…

"Hey, Sadist," she began, still looking at her interest.


"Why do those girls look so afraid of you?"

"What girls?" her peered over and it was the girls that were badmouthing Kagura, "Oh, them." his expression darkened a bit, "I just showed them a little bit of my personality and I guess they got too scared to see it anymore."

"Eh!?" the girl looked over at him I surprise, "Seriously? Why would you do that!?"

"They were saying some things that annoyed me so I told them to stop. Simple as that," his poker face didn't change as he explained the reason.

"Aren't you afraid that they'll exploit your sadism?"

"Nah," he looked over at the group of girls and could see them flinch a bit. He slightly smirked, "They won't tell anybody. They're much too scared to do anything like that."

She squeezed his hand, "Kora, you shouldn't scare girls like that! We're delicate creatures you know!"

He sighed, the reason that I got annoyed was because of you damn it.

The redhead peered over, "Hey, why did you sigh?"

You should at least be grateful.

"It's nothing. Just shut up for a bit."

Her eyes slightly opened before her narrowed eyes looked away from him, "Che." Why is he suddenly in a bad mood? "I was just wondering." In fact, I should be the one that's in a bad mood! I mean, he took my hand for no good reason and now everyone is looking at us! More specifically, all of the sadist's stupid fangirls are glaring at us. No, glaring at ME.

After looking around her eyes somehow wandered down to their intertwined hands. Suddenly, she felt a loud thump in her heart. She looked down at the floor. Even though he's a sadist, his hand…

it's so warm…

It's like she can melt in it.

She suddenly remembered New Year's. When he comforted her and hugged her. In a way, this feeling was similar to this… The way her heart's beating fast but at the same time the feeling of being really safe. Why is it that he's the only guy that can make her feel this way? This feeling so strong that her mind gets so clouded she can barely think straight.

The vermillion haired girl snuck another peek at their intertwined hands and then look away with a twinge in her heart.

Now that she thinks about it, she hasn't said "thank you" for that time yet…

For some reason, she's kind of happy that he said that she got the answer wrong. For some reason, she's kind of happy that she's doing the penalty, that he's holding her hand. And for some reason, she's kind of happy that their boyfriend-girlfriend bid isn't ending yet…

Her eyes widened in realization. Ah, what am I thinking? What am I doing? When did all of these feelings for him change from hate to this? Is he putting a spell on her or something? She hates being so confused, it's like she's lost. But... even though she doesn't know what these feelings are or if she will ever get what they are...

She does know that she doesn't want these feelings to end.

It was dark out and Kagura was in her room, hugging her pillow tightly as she thought about what happened before school ended…


The "couple" stopped at a quiet yard in the back of the school and the two of them sat down on an old wooden bench.

Okita spoke, "Okay," he released her hand, "Your penalty is now over."

Kagura then crossed her arms, "Good. Your hand was getting really sweaty." In reality though, she felt like her hand was empty now.

She looked around and the sky was very clear, "So when are you going to tell me?"

He peered over, "Tell you what?"

"What you told me on New Years."

"Oh," he smirked, "That."

Her eyes furrowed. That smirk. It makes her wonder even more what it was. What could it be? She was trying to make out every memory she had when he was telling her but all she can remember was the loud fireworks and the blinding lights from it.

"I'll tell you it tonight," he answered mischievously.

"Tonight!?" she uttered, "Why not now?"

"It hasn't been a full day since you've been my girlfriend." He declared, "But, don't worry, I wont call you out at midnight because I'm just that generous."

"Oh, thanks," she sarcastically said.

"Ara, that wasn't very sincere," he teased. A wave of silence hit them and then Sougo spoke again in a calm voice, "Come back out here at 8."


The redhead hugged her pillow even tighter and dug her head into the softness. What is he thinking? Why is he making me feel this way?

She doesn't understand the point to all of this. Sure, it makes her angry and annoyed but there are many other ways to provoke her like this. And there are tons of other ways that that isn't so… seductive.

She peeked out from her pillow to see the time. It was 7:45pm. It takes 10 minutes to get there so she'll have to leave in 5 minutes.

The girl looked up to her crème ceilings and just stared. Sadist…

He has been acting a lot differently towards her lately. Instead of just pushing her around and insulting her, he would sometimes be sweet and flirt with her like he's a womanizer. And to be honest, a pretty good one too in fact.

Is this because of what he said awhile ago? When he said that he almost liked her? But now she feels like he only said that to make her feel confused like this considering the sadist he is. But then why would he comfort her like that during New Years…?

She began violently rolling around in her bed and making quiet grunts. She's starting to get really nervous now. Now that she thinks about it, does she really want to know what he said during New Years? Is it going to mess everything up? Is it going to change the relationship they now have? Will her whole world come crashing down?

She gritted her teeth. Maybe it's fate that she doesn't know. Maybe…

She glanced over at the clock and it showed 7:50. She sighed. Well, I can't back out now… She reluctantly got out of her bed and opened her sole bedroom window. She couldn't go through the front door because Kamui and his friend are downstairs and he will definitely question where she is going so late at night. Especially since he had already met her main conflict and the past few conversations they had. He might be so suspicious that he might even follow her. And that will be no good since who knows what he will do if he saw her and the Sadist together.

So with one more glance at her bedroom, she climbed out of the window, closed it behind her, and jumped off landing softly onto the green grass and sprinted off to whatever she got herself into.

I hope I don't regret this…

Okita was already sitting on the same bench he and the redhead was sitting on not too long ago. His arms were wrapped around the back of the bench as his head was laid back. He looked over at the school clock.

7:02… he thought to himself. She's late…

He then heard a loud gasp coming from his left side and looked over to see who it was.

But before even peering over he already knew who it was.

"You're late," he stated, "Not that I'm surprised…"

"Shut up," she shot back though gasps, "My house is a lot farther from here than yours."

He smirked, "Oh, so you know where my house is?"

She collapsed onto the bench he was sitting on, "Shut up. I had to go there for a school project last year, remember?"

"But you still remember."

She rolled her eyes as her breath was slowly going back to normal. As her heartbeat slowed from the sprinting, she took a look around her surroundings. There was nobody in sight, only the far off lights and the trees to keep them company.

"Why did you choose this place to meet?" the girl asked.

He looked around for a moment before answering, "I don't know," he replied bluntly, "I guess you can say I just wanted some time alone."

She scoffed, "Oh so I'm not a person now?"

He looked over at her calmly, "You didn't let me finish." He told, "I was going to say 'I guess you can say I just wanted some time alone...'"

"With you."

Her heart stopped, "Oh," she was speechless from the sudden words. She doesn't know how to react to that. She only knows how to fight with him. Not when he's all serious like this.

For some reason. He's been doing that a lot. Seeing him be so serious makes him so… out of character. It just doesn't feel right. She has been wondering about why he's like that. All of this wondering is going to make her explode. So…

"Hey…" she began to twiddle her thumbs as she crossed her legs. "you've been saying a lot of stuff like that lately," she began quietly, "...Why do you?"

She needs to know.

"...Why do I what?"


She gulped before elaborating, "Why do you say those things?"

At first he just stared at her dumbfounded. "Are you serious?" Does she seriously still not know? He then closed his eyes and heavily sighed as his two fingers and thumb rubbed his forehead, "God, even when I'm so straightforward like this you just don't get it," he mumbled.

She looked at him, confused, "...What?"

He then looked at her straight in the eye, "Did you get your thick-headedness from your parents or is where you come from a natural trait you all just have?"

She raised a brow. What the heck? What's up with him? "What are you talking about?"

"Should I just tell you what I said at New Years right now?" he asked angrily, "I might as well right? It won't make a difference anyway."

"O-Oi," Kagura spoke. She's a bit puzzled. She has never seen the Sadist talk or act this way before. Why is he becoming so agitated right now? "Why are you getting so angry?"

His eyebrows furrowed, "Do you not get it? Do you not see it?"

"See what?" she asked, her tone getting harsher.

He groaned and looked away before looking at her straight in the eye once again, his mouth opened.

"I like you. "


The redhead blinked twice before she could reply, "...what?"


Did I hear it correctly?

"That's what I told you during New Years," he explained.



The girl just sat there for a moment. Trying to take it all in. This must be a game. Another one of his tricks. She was trying to find any sign that this was all a joke, that this was all just a lie, but when she searched all she saw were his eyes that was full of sincerity. That's when she knew. He was not joking.

He was telling the truth.

She couldn't stop her face from burning as her heart began to beat rapidly like the beating of a dragonfly's wings.

The redhead took a step back. How? Why? Why would he like her? The girl that he fought the most with, the girl that probably gave him the most bruises, the girl that eats the most, the girl that throws up the most in public…

the girl that bawls the most in front of him.

She slowly pointed at herself, "I… Me…" were the only words she could make out, "Why?"

He shook his head, "To be honest, I really don't know either. I guess just one day out of the blue, my heart began to beat faster than normal when I'm around you, and when I'm not around you, well, in my mind you were always there." he stood up and looked at the sky, "And now, everyday I think to myself, 'What has the world come to for me to like the girl I despised the most? When did this all happen? Why? How could I like the most violent, glutinous, and arrogant girl I have ever seen in my life?" He was silent for a moment, "And then, I remember," He then turned around to face her, "I remember it's because you are violent and because you eat too much and because you are so arrogant and stubborn... That is what makes you the only girl like no other. And everything that makes you, you is… " he walked a little closer, "is why I had fallen for you."

He just stared into her blue orbs. He was planning to say that after he made her realize what kind of feelings she is having towards him. After she understood everything. But he couldn't wait that long. He was getting impatient. This thick-headed girl would've taken at least another month to get a grasp onto just a bit of what it was. He knew that it was now or never.

And of course, between the two, he had to choose now.

He was just waiting for any kind of sign. Waiting, waiting for any kind of response this girl could give.

Did this girl even know what love is?

Well, whether he liked it or not, he's going to find out.

Then, finally the redhead moved. But it wasn't really moving. Her mouth just opened, and then closed, and she then swallowed down her words.

What just happened?

She stared at the Sadist's face blankly. What was she suppose to say? How is she suppose to act? What is she suppose to feel?

She never had a guy confess his love to her before. And she never planned on it ever happening. She had already accepted a long time ago that pretty much every guy thought of her as a snobby, glutinous girl from a foreign place of who knows what and that she was just out of the choices of girls they could pick from the start. And she was fine with it. She was fine to live out her life with her family. She was fine to live in a single apartment and maybe someday get a dog and name it Sadaharu. She was fine. So to have a guy confess to her is shocking enough, but for it to be the Sadist?

She feels like the world that she knows is not real anymore.

How can this be happening?

The guy she knew how to be around and could just let go and be herself is now the guy she doesn't know how to do anything around. She feels so… confused. Like as if now she doesn't know anything, nothing at all. What to do, what to act, what to even think, it all just vanished. Disappeared. Gone.

All she knows is that her heart is beating really fast.

She swallowed as her hands clammed up.



"I think…"

My heart… beating fast…?

"I think I might…"

My heart is beating fast? For the Sadist?

"I think I just might…"

"Just one day out of the blue, my heart began to beat faster than usual when I'm around you, and when I'm not around you, well, in my mind you were always there."

Like how he does… for me?

These feelings…

Her face turned red.

Doesn't that mean…

The redhead squeezed her eyes shut right before she finished her sentence.

"… like you too."

…I like him too?

There was a long silence before anything happened. But of course the two were awkward. Before not too long ago their relationship was consisted of punching or kicking. Sometimes yelling but that was pretty much it.

The boy blinked twice before reacting. Out of the hundreds of girls that confessed to him, out of all the ways they confessed, she was the only one that had swayed his heart. For the first time in his life, his cheeks turned the slightest bit red from something like this. He wasn't much of a blusher, thank god. If he blushed as much as China, he would be as red as a tomato.

His heart was wavering. So she finally realized. He grinned, "Really…?"

The girl glanced at him and looked back down, flustered. That sadist, he looked kinda cocky. She's starting to regret on telling him how she was feeling. She doesn't even know if the feelings are true or not.

"…Yeah…" she mumbled.

He cupped his left ear, "I'm sorry, what?"

She clenched her fists and shut her eyes, "Yeah," she said a bit louder.

"Excuse me, what?"

"YEAH!" she exclaimed, her face red, "God you damn Sadist are you deaf or something?"

He smirked, "No, I heard you the first time."

Her eyes widened and then furrowed as she bolted up from the bench, "KORA! Why the hell would you do that?!"

"I just wanted to hear you say it again."

"What the hell?! Why?!"

"Because I wanted to make sure that you're sure about this as much as I'm sure about you."


He walked up to the redhead, placed his hands on her shoulders, and locked his crimson eyes onto her blue ones, "China," he began softly, "Unlike all the other stupid girls, I'm serious about you."

She squinted her eyes, "...what do you mean? Don't you say that to every girl?"

"No, china." he shook her a little, "Listen. I don't lie about this kind of stuff. Every girl I know just cares about what's on the outside and not the inside. They all have their perfect image of a guy and once they see one that looks like that they think he is the one and don't even try to get to know the actual person. And once that guy has a single flaw that doesn't match their perfect image, they leave him." he paused for a moment and just stared at her, "But you. You don't do that. You're not like that. You don't care about that. If you like a guy, you will like every single part of him. And accept him no matter how annoying, rude, or sadistic he is. Because you accept everything, that's why I know that I am serious about you. You're not a game, china. And I never thought it like that for a second once I realized how I felt about you."

She couldn't help but have her heart skip a beat. Can this be happening? Is he serious? She had never seen him say so many nice things to her before. She never knew that he felt this way and she never expected it to be this way. She thought that if he would be like this it would gross her out. But, for some reason, she doesn't hate it.

She look to her side and scoffed, "Please, how could-"

"I'm serious." His voice was stern and meaningful. Kagura froze. She had never heard his voice like that before. But for some reason, it have her chills down her spine. She looked back at him.

She could feel his breath every time he spoke, "Don't you see? I don't want to be your boyfriend for just one day..." he never looked away, not even once...

"I want to be yours forever."

The girl had to think twice before entering that phrase in her head. Huh? She finally thought.

She began replaying the last 10 seconds. I want to be yours forever…


This Sadist. The boy that always says repulsive things to her, the boy that does annoying things to her, the boy that can always no matter what day or time or place can easily press her buttons wants to… this boy…

She gulped.

...wants to be her boyfriend?

"You want to be my boyfriend?"


"As in… a boyfriend?" she stressed on the word boyfriend, "Not like a friend that is a boy but-"


She held her breath as he cut off her pointless words. He knows that she's just saying these things to buy herself some time. To let herself think for just a moment.

This is too much. Having him saying that he is close to liking her a while back was enough, but this, this is an actual confession. And not only a confession, but a request. A request for them to be a thing. A couple. Boyfriend and girlfriend.

The thought of it makes her heart want to burst.

"Hey, Kamui, pass me the chips will ya?" Abuto called out as he motioned a sign with his one arm.

The two friends were sitting on a brown couch in the redhead's house. His friend had called him and asked them if they could meet. But Kamui insisted on meeting here since he didn't want Kagura to be alone in the house again after he had witnessed the past few events.

The vermillion head boy tossed the slightly opened bag of chips who was sitting next to him, "You could've just handed it over to me y'know. It's hard to catch things with just one hand."

"You're welcome," Kamui said with his typical not so true smile, "So…" he reached over for the bowl of pretzels on the coffee table, "what was it that you wanted to tell me?"

Abuto sighed as he dug his hand into the bag of chips, "It's a rumor that has going around," he began.

He continued to munch on the pretzels, "...Abuto. You know that I don't really care about rumors," he stated casually, already disinterested, "You said it was something important, not just another girl gossip that's probably not true." He licked his fingers as he was already getting up and walking away, "If that's all you wanted to tell me then you can go now."

"But Kamui!" Kamui's friend frantically stood up and took one step forward towards him, "...It's about your sister."

The older brother froze as his little strand of hair twitched. He slowly turned his head, "Kagura…?"

"Yeah," he stated, relieved that he got his friend to stop walking.

The redhead gradually twirled his body around halfway, "What about her…?" his voice was already getting a bit angered. He knew this could not be good.

"Well…" he looked down, almost afraid to see what will happen if he says this… "Keep in mind that it's just a rumor and rumors aren't normally-"

"Just say it Abuto," he urgently interrupted even though he has his almost broken closed smile on his face, but both of them knew it wasn't at all genuine.

"Erm, Well… " He gulped, "... There's this guy…"

His closed eye twitched, "... A guy…?"

"Yeah." he paused for a moment, "And... people at their school has been saying that she and that guy are going out."

Now Kamui's whole body is turned towards Abuto, "Going out?!" he bellowed, "That's crazy! Kagura? With a boy? Who can handle my sister and be willing to date her?!" wrinkles were forming between his eyebrows, "Who is this boy, Abuto?"


"Tell me!" he demanded, "C'mon, just spit it out."

Abuto sighed. Knowing Kamui's restlessness when it comes to her precious sister, he might actually kill the poor guy. "Well, if I recall…" But if he didn't tell this guy who is having an affair with his sister, he might be the one that might be killed, "his name is Okita Sougo," he finally informed.

The older brother stood there, dumbfounded. He couldn't believe it. More like he didn't want to believe it. This is like a nightmare right now, one right out of a book or movie. Out of all the guys, out of all the dirty rotten guys, it had to be the most rotten of them all…

He banged the table, "Ah, really? Okita Sougo is it?" He then smiled sadistically as he gritted his teeth, "I should've known… So it was that stupid idiotic lying bastard…" he mumbled angrily, "I thought something was up, but I was hoping it was just my imagination…"

After he saw that event in New Years. He was just hoping that the stupid sandy haired boy just fed his Kagura a spicy pepper and it was so hot her face turned red and ran out. And he wanted to be a trusting brother so he never asked his sister about it. But he forgot, forgot something so important. While he was trusting Kagura he was also trusting that red-eyed idiot.

He squeezed his fist. So this is what he gets when he trusts that bastard while he was messing and playing around with his precious sister…

"Oh, so you know this guy?" his underling raised a brow, "Why is this the first time I heard this?"

"I didn't think he would be necessary to talk about," the boy sighed, "I was hoping he was just a little fly that's just buzzing around, annoying everyone, pissing the hell out of everyone, but nothing more," he paused for a moment, "But I misjudged him, he's much more than a small fly…"

"He's a big fly."

Kamui's partner just stood there, "Haah…. I see." There's not really much of a difference...

"But chief," Abuto began, "It's only a rumor and it's probably just that."

"I don't think so," Kamui answered solemnly with his signature smile, "Normally I would agree with you, since rumors are called rumors for a reason… however," he squeezed his fists, "If it's that bastard, I can assure you that this is no joke."

"Ara?" he chuckled, "I've never seen you look so wavered before," he smirked, "It seems that you know this boy real well," he said in an amused tone.

"I know him enough that he's a threat to Kagura's happiness," he sat back on the couch and laid back casually, "I may have just met him twice, but I can already tell that he's a big factor to Kagura's depression lately," he lifted a finger, "Not only that but he's a player."

Abuto chuckled once again, "And how do you know that?"

He placed his two feet on top of the coffee table and crossed his arms behind his head, "I've seen him in action," he recalled his face still smiling and his eyes closed, "At the New Year's festival."

"Oh, really?"

"Yeah," he turned his head to where Abuto was standing, "I hope you're not doubting me Abuto. But I know what I saw. That bastard was with one girl before and then with my Kagura the next. She's the next victim. And then once he eats up her soul he's going to dump her faster than a 6th grade relationship between a boy and a girl," he turned his head back to the ceiling, "I have never seen Kagura show so many emotions and expressions in a such a short span before. All that frustration, anger, doubt... love." He contemplated for a moment, "But do you know what surprised me the most that day?"

The mature looking high schooler sat next to the vermillion colored hair boy on the couch, "No, what?"

"Her stupidity."

He furrowed his eyebrows, "...Huh?"

"How she is stupid enough to fall for this typical playboy," his face was getting a bit tense, "How her gullible, innocent heart got sucked in by this guy's play. A play that he probably did on several girl before her. Man, that girl..." he retracted back and hopped up from the couch and began walking to the kitchen, "But I guess I should've seen this one coming, since I knew that she was an idiot from the beginning."

Abuto gave out a loud sigh, "Oi, oi. Aren't you being a little harsh on your dear little sister?"

"I'm just saying the truth Abuto, you know that," he walked towards one of the granite countertops and jumped on top of it, "That girl, my sister, she's like an innocent bunny stuck with a bunch of wolves. If I'm not there then who's going to protect her from getting eaten?" He sidewalked and began reaching for the highest cabinet, "Look, I turn around for one second and she already got herself in some deep trouble with the baddest wolf in the pack."

"Man, you've got some serious sister complex," Abuto said casually, "And what are you even doing, climbing on the kitchen furniture, you're not five."

He opened the highest cabinet, "Watch your tongue, Abuto. I'm getting something useful," he then stuck his hand in it, searching for the only thing in there, "And it beats being a brother that doesn't give a damn about his sister's. Kagura's at a very sensitive and weak state. It's love, so she's blinded by everything, therefore she needs someone to guide her. And it's her first love too, so she still doesn't know how to act or what to do or how to handle the feelings. She probably didn't even realize what those feelings were until not too long ago."

His friend rubbed the back of his head, "God you're making this way more complicated than it should be, he watched Kamui struggle getting whatever he's reaching for in the cabinet, "Shouldn't you just go talk to her instead of ranting about it?"

The redhead was blindly feeling around the cabinet, searching for it, "I would," he began, "If she was here."

"Huh? What do you mean if she was here?"

"Exactly what I mean. She's not here."

"What!?" he took a step forward, "You mean she's gone?"

The boy didn't talk for a moment since he was so concentrated on finding the object in the cabinet, "Abuto, I may go to a different high school than her but I'm not an idiot," he went on his tip toes so he could go deeper in the cabinet, "I know Kagura, and since I know her I know she can be rebellious when she wants to. Especially in these situations. She probably already secretly ran off to meet her boyfriend since she knows that I wouldn't have approved."

"Huh, Kamui. I never knew you paid attention to her this much." Abuto commented, "So then what are you planning to do?"

The boy on the counter finally felt the object in the cabinet and grabbed onto it with a bigger smile, "I'm going to wait till she comes back of course," he then jumped down, gripping onto the object like a prize and brought the prized possession close to his chest and smiled showing his blue orbs and white teeth, "I just need a little persuasion to get her to see my way."

His friend just sighed and shook his head, "Man…"

"when did I become friends with such a troublemaker?"

The wind was shifting as the boy and girl were standing close to each other, face to face.

"I…" the redhead began, she twiddled her thumbs, "I don't know…"

"…What do you mean?"

"W-well… I don't know. I mean, I said I might like you but I don't know if that's the right way to describe it. I mean-"

"Okay, china," he released her shoulders and stepped back, "Then let me give you a test."

She raised a brow, "Huh? What test?"

"A test to see whether you like me or not."

Wait, what? "No way! I don't-"

He held up a finger, "Question one: How often do you think of me everyday?"

Her eyes widened as her cheeks turned red. What is this? This guy… She doesn't want to do this. This is too embarrassing! She can't do these things like he can. She can't just bluntly say what she feels about these kind of things. She literally just figured these feelings out a few minutes ago!

She took a step backwards and frantically waved her arms back and forth like a car's windshield wipers, "No! I don't wanna do this!"

"Just answer me."


"Answer me."

She froze and looked down as she lowered her hands. She knew that she had to answer. If she didn't she knew he would probably use some sort of force tactic. And that would be even worse.

Uhg, I hate this.

"I guess... If I had to, maybe about..." she shot her head up, "This is an estimate okay?!"

His lips curved upwards, "Okay, okay."

She looked back down and began to shift back and forth "Like… 7ish days of the week..." she mumbled softly.

His eyes widened slightly before going back to his composure, "Don't you mean everyday?"

She slightly turned her head to the right and narrowed her eyes, "Y-yeah. Whatever."

"Why didn't you just say that?"

"I just didn't feel like it."

"But it's easier."

"Arg whatever! Just go to the next question damn it!"

The sadist smirked as his heart began to beat a slight bit faster. He could feel his pulse rising just from hearing those words. "Okay. Question two…" he walked a bit closer, "How do you feel right now when I do like this?"

She looked up and took a step back, surprised by how close he was, "Do what?"

He grinned and he took another step forward as he grabbed her shoulders, "This."

She blinked a few times and her blood pressure was rising. He just did this not too long ago when he was confessing but now that she is paying attention to what exactly he is doing, she's getting a little nervous, "Uh…" she squirmed a bit, "It's fine…"

"Oh really?" he then slid his hands down her arms to hold her hands as he slowly leaned in and dropped his head that landed on her left shoulder, "Then…" he lifted his head until it was next to her left ear and whispered in it, "how about this?" every syllable tickled her ear.

Her left eye closed and her left shoulder lifted a bit since she was being tickled on that side. This sensation, it's like it's draining her energy. She feels weak. And her whole body is tingling. If he keeps this up she's going to...

I… I… She then could feel her face burning up once more, "G… G… "

I can't…


I can't take this anymore!

"Gyaaa!" She immediately flung her head at his forehead and he flew backwards, landing his head in the pavement. She was panting, burning red, as he slowly got up with soft groans.

He rubbed his head, "Ow… that hurt china…"

Her eyes widened, realizing what she had done once again. Using her strength to get out of these situations. She slowly walked up in front of him, embarrassed, and then crouched down and looked at her knees, "S-Sorry…"

"It's fine. I'm use to it," He gave a devilish smile, "I seem to always get hit by you lately."

She hugged her legs and was silent.



She shyly looked up, still hugging her legs, "So what?" she grumbled.

He leaned forward so he could place his right hand on her left shoulder, "How did it feel?"

She perked up and then slightly slouched. She hugged her legs even tighter, "I felt weak."


"Yeah, like right when you touched me I felt this sensation where I lost all of my strength."

His eyes softened, "Oh…"

She bit her lip, "But…"

He continued to look at her, "But?"

She hid her eyes with her bangs, "...it wasn't bad…"

"It wasn't bad?"

She nodded.

"That's all?"

"Well…" she shut her eyes tight, "Maybe it felt a bit better than average…"

He slightly smiled as he stroked her shoulder with his right thumb, "Seriously. Be honest with your feelings. Can't you be those girls from those mangas that goes head-on to the guys they like?"

She made a face, a not very attractive one, "A girl needs to have her pride and independence."

"Heeh. So you're not much of a girl then," he teased.

"Shut up. You wish to have those things you damn Sadist."

He smirked and paused for a moment before saying anything else. "Last question," he began. And then he looked at her straight in the eye, face to face, sitting on the cold sidewalk.

"How would you feel... if I told you that I would leave you and never come back?"

She didn't move. She just stared at him. That question. What kind of a question is that? It's so sudden. And for the Sadist to ask this question… it's weird.

Her blue orbs were showing, "Forever?"

"Yeah," he didn't move an inch, "Be honest, china."

She sucked in her lip and thought for a moment. How would that make her feel? She never really thought about it before… all her like she had always taken for granted of what she had right now. Her friends, her school, the Sadist.

Yeah, even him…

For some reason, thinking about him gone gives her a black hole in her stomach.


If he was gone in her life. What would happen? Who would push her buttons? Who would annoy her and make her always feel so confused? No one right?

So wouldn't she be happy?

"I guess I would feel pretty normal actually," she finally answered dully.

The sadist stopped thinking for a moment. He was dumbfounded, "...what?"

"I mean. Then there would be no one to annoy me anymore, right?"

Okita's heart dropped. This was not the answer he was expecting. The total opposite actually. Her saying that. For some reason makes him angry. More than angry. Does that mean all of their fighting and arguing meant nothing to her? Did she just thought of it as a nuisance? Was that all?

Was their whole relationship just a nuisance?

Is she even using her head?

Wait… he just thought of something. her head?

Wait a minute…

The sandy brown haired boy pulled away his hand, hiding his face from his bangs, and stood back up, "I see. Then maybe I've mistaken," he spoke dully.

The redhead was surprised to hear his tone of voice. It was dull, but it was a different than his usual monotone voice. She looked up, "Oi, Sadist what's up?" she tried to catch his eye but she couldn't, "Mistaken what?"

"Everything." he stated.

She didn't blink, "...huh?"

"This whole thing. I must've lost it at some point. I can't believe I fell so deep into this," he unemotionally spoke, "You liking me, me liking you. I don't think any of this was really true."

She just stared, her already pale skin drained from color, "Wha… What do you mean?" Is he really…?

"You don't like me. I get it. So I'm giving up," he turned around, "I can't do this anymore. A guy can only do so much you know."


"Hey." she tugged on his black pants, fear in her eyes as she looked at the back of his head, "I get it. You're joking right? This is a pretty sick joke y'know? Okay, I get it. I get it okay? So you can stop talking like that. You don't have to go now." He didn't talk but she continued to smile weakly, "Hey… hey sadist? Why aren't you saying anything? Why aren't you looking at me?"

He didn't even turn around. But she could feel his cold eyes, "Why would I be joking?" the girl's eyes widened in horror as the sandy haired boy pulled away from her grasp and began to walk away, "Go away. I don't wanna see you anymore."

She sat there, frozen, staring at the sadist's body turned away from her, "..." This was a nuisance, right? It should be good that he's giving up on her, right? So why?

Why does she feel so sad?

Why does she feel so terrified? Like a piece of her heart got gnawed away?


She doesn't actually like him right?


She really shouldn't mind. Seeing the sadist's figure getting farther and farther away…


So why is her body moving on her own like this?

The Sadist made an abrupt stop once he felt something weighing him from behind. He looked down as he twisted his upper half to find a pale hand tugging the back of his T-shirt. His eyes widened as he followed the trail from the hand to the arm all the way up the find a vermillion haired girl looking at him straight in the eye, flushed.

The surprising eye contact made him look away for a moment before entering her blue orbs once again.

Before speaking the girl awkwardly looked down at her feet, "D… Don't go…"

He continued to stare at her. This girl... "... Why?"

Her eyes widened. He's still using that cold voice. For some reason it pierces her heart, "I…"

Why does she not want him to go? How did she even get to this point? Before she was just sitting on the concrete and before she knew it her legs brought her here in this situation. As he was leaving she could feel something eating up inside of her and she didn't know why but her hands were quivering. And for some reason, she just couldn't sit there and let him leave.

"Because…" she tightened her fists so hard her knuckles are becoming white, "Because I don't want you to…"

His expression didn't change, "…I thought that you wanted me to leave."

Her head sprang up, "No! Well, yes. That's what I thought." she paused for a moment to relax, "But… when you were walking away, when you were saying those things… I didn't like it… I didn't like it at all..."

His cold eyes were piercing her's, "You didn't, huh?"

She tried her hardest to keep eye contact, "Yeah…" it was a struggle though, "I don't know what I'm feeling, whether this feeling is legit or not, or maybe cuz I ate something bad. Or really I don't know what to call you and me anymore. But…" she tightened her grip on his piece that she was grabbing onto, "What I do know for sure is that right now I don't want you to leave." she looked at him with pleading eyes, "So please… Don't go."

She really couldn't believe that she was being so weak around him. That she is showing her vulnerability right now. Knowing the Sadist within him, she has a bad feeling that she's going to be pushed down or taken advantaged of. But she doesn't know any way. For the first time in her life, she's genuinely scared about what's coming next. She's desperate on trying to make it better but she doesn't have a clue how. Her emotions take over and this is how she is. Well, maybe this wasn't the first time. The first time was her mom's death…

She can't believe that this situation would be the second time.

The boy swiftly slapped her only physical contact with him away and he brought his whole body towards her. Kagura's eyes widened and was shocked and she could still feel the tingle from the slap on her right hand. Her hand didn't hurt. Not one bit. But her heart did. Like a thousand needles piercing at it. She could feel the rejection coming at her. Now she really doesn't want to know what's going to come next.

But then, soon after the sandy haired brown guy pulled her into a nice, long hug. Her eyes widened as she felt the warmth of his arms snake around her back. Suddenly, that horrible feeling in her stomach instantly disappeared. And right away she could feel the heavy weight lift from her shoulders. It was so tight that she could barely breath but she didn't mind. It made her feel even more safe.

He finally released the hug but still placed his hands on both sides of her shoulders. He gave her a knowing smirk, "Finally, I got you to tell me the truth."

The girl's blue orbs widened, realizing something, "Wait... was this all an act?"

The boy just smiled as he began to hug her again. But the girl was set on making him talk. She repeatedly hit the sadist's back, "Oi, answer damn it!"

"I had to do something to make you tell me the truth," he mumbled. Even if you didn't even know what was the truth in the beginning. He had a feeling that this would provoke her in telling the truth. He realized that she was just using her head, r at least trying to use her head, and was oblivious of her own feelings. But that idiot can't handle much. So he had to make her realize the feelings deep within her. And he did. Or at least a bit more of it.

"You damn Sadist…!" her cheeks were getting red and she could feel the emotions welling up inside of her, "That was horrible! I almost died! Don't ever do that again!" she whined while she was still in his arms.

"Well you lied to me, china. I can't let you off easy for that." he mumbled, his chin resting on her shoulder, "And now you realized everything, so shouldn't you thank me?"

She was silent for a moment. He was right. She gets it now. She really gets it. Not like before where it's just a guess or a probability. Or some sort of game show or quiz question. No, now she really understands her own feelings. Everything is black and white now. Why else would she be so worked up on a guy like him leaving? No, it's not because she is an M. And it is not because he is a dear friend. She knows what that feels like.

She placed her hands behind his back, "You really are a Sadist aren't you."

There's no other reason...

He smiled, but she couldn't see it, "I like you, china," he whispered in her ear. The feeling of his breath and voice gave her chills down her spine.

It's because…

"I…" she squeezed her eyes shut, "I like you too…"

It's because she loves him.

At that point her knees gave out and she fell to the ground, now just standing on her knees. But as she fell, Okita fell with her and crouched down as he continued to tightly wrap his arms around her, "Congrats," he whispered in her ear, "You've passed the test."

She could see her vision becoming blurred. When she softly closed her eyes, a tear came out on both of her eyes as she dug her fingers into his clothes. At that point, she realized that she really did like the Sadist. A lot. I mean, who would be okay with having the person they like give up on them? Who would think about a guy everyday, turned red whenever they do something, and be this confused with a guy they don't like?

Well, at the very least, it's not her.

She couldn't believe that all of the feelings in the past was growing love for him. Who knew? That the guy she likes would be the guy she hated? And for him to like her back? Man, this world is full of surprises.

It took her months of flirtatious acts, tests and this cruel fake act to finally get her to realize this?

Man she was thickheaded.

How did this guy put up with it so long?

Even though it was a bit chilly outside, his body was so warm. And his smell makes her wanna stay in it forever.

The girl breathed in through her nose. And exhaled through her mouth.


She finally realized… this feeling…

"Don't leave me like that ever again."

and now that she knows…

"Don't worry…"

she never wants to let go of it ever again.

"...I'll never leave you in any way."


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