A/N: This is a usual story but I decided that instead of Sarah/Connor/Abby etc... being the main character, I'd change it so that you are. You still with me? Good. Instead of writing Sarah sat at her desk...blah blah blah, I've changed it so that it's; You sit at your desk... blah blah blah. Yeah, this has probably put you off so I'm gonna shut up now.

THIS IS SET IN AN AU- Danny, Abby and Connor have spent their year away and are now back. Jess and Matt are present but Sarah is NOT dead. Yet.

Disclaimer: If only...

Pairings: Becker/You Connor/Abby Danny/Jenny (hint) Matt/Emily Matt/Jess Becker/Sarah (hint)

You sit at your desk running through the personal files of your new colleagues.

Danny Quinn, the team leader. Spent one year around site 333 after stopping Helen Cutter from destroying the entire human race. NB: Helen Cutter-Shoot on sight. You laugh at the last part.

Connor Temple, the technician and computer geek. Spent one year in the Cretaceous after chasing Helen Cutter. NB: Don't. Give. Him. A. Gun. You wonder what he could've done to be banned from weaponry. It's probably best you didn't know.

Abby Maitland, animal expert. Partial zoo vet. Prefers tranquillizers. Spent one year in the Cretaceous after chasing Helen Cutter. NB: Call Abigail on pain of death.

Jess Parker, field organiser. Added to the team after Abby, Connor and Danny disappeared. Handles the ADD with Connor. (Built by Connor) NB: Afraid of Dinosaurs and most creatures to come through the anomaly. You laugh. Why would someone afraid of the creatures join the team?

Matt Anderson, head of security with a military background. Serves as a partial team leader. You notice that there are no notes for him. You don't think that he can be very interesting. Either that or he's very secretive.

Sarah Page, Palaeontologist. Does not use guns. Addressed as Doctor Page by those not familiar with her. NB: Anything said about the Captain around her gets to him. You have been warned. You wonder who this 'Captain' figure is and praise the person who put the files together.

Captain Becker, head of security. Stephen Hart's replacement. Likes guns. NB: He doesn't actually hate you, It's just your not a gun. Your heart falters. It couldn't be him, surely? You were pretty sure he was dead! There has to be more than one Captain Becker, even if it is an unusual last name...

You shake the thought off, not wanting to get your hopes up. And besides, it looks like this Captain Becker is up close and personal with Doctor Page.

You decide that half these people are probably crazy and that's why they're here. Luckily, you're only public relations manager, following on from Oliver Leek, you recall he's dead, and Jenny Lewis, you recall that she left after finding out that she used to be someone called Claudia Brown.

There's a loud beeping over the intercom and the portable ADD that you were given goes off at the same time. A few seconds later and a girls voice, you presume it to be that of Jess Parker's, joins the alarm. "Anomaly in sector 3.8 north. 19 feet high and a densely populated area. Team to trucks." You sigh and get to your feet. You hope, judging by the size of your heels, you wont have to run anywhere.


You reach the trucks as a man finishes telling the team about a new arrival. They turn as you enter and you guess he must've been talking about you. "You the new Public Manager?" the man grins at you.

"No." you reply sarcastically, "I'm just here for the hell of it."

"Danny Quinn. This is Connor, Abby and Mat." Danny gestures to two brunette men stood either side of a platinum blonde female. They wave, smile and nod in your direction. "Here's Sarah!" you turn to see an olive skinned woman with black hair enter the garage. "This is our PR." he explains to her. She smiles warmly at you although her eyes hold some weariness. "Somewhere around here is our resident Captain. What have you done to him Page?" he laughs and the woman shrugs.

"You know Becker. Turns up when he feels like it."

"Excuse me for cleaning up the mess Quinn left in the canteen from drill earlier." a deep voice answers them and you freeze. You have your back to him but you know. You just know that Captain Becker is stood behind you. "This the new PR? You can look at me you know, I wont bite." he laughs and you feel your blood boil.

"I thought you were dead!" you screech, spinning to face him. "I haven't heard from you in five years!" his eyes widen as he tries to recognise you. It takes him all of half a second before it clicks. He grins at you and you feel your anger melt away. He pulls you into a hug and you feel the rest of you melt.

Anomaly! Jess demands harshly through your earpiece Danny runs to one of the trucks, beating Connor to the drivers seat.

"Lovely." you sigh, roll your eyes and climb into the passenger seat.

"Hey!" Matt stands at the window. "You need experience to sit there."

"Matt, I'm meant to be giving an impression to the police/fire department/military, who ever's on the other end of this. Turning up in the back of the truck won't do anything. Just take the other one if you're upset." You notice Becker smirking as he slides into the other truck, Sarah following them as Connor and Abby take up the seats in the back of your vehicle.

You're still running over cover stories as you pull up at the 'scene of the crime' as Matt refers to it over the radio. ARC soldier are already there and quickly fill you in as you jump from the truck. A pack of sabre toothed cats in the middle of the main road in London. You can't believe this is happening as you tell Danny to 'give you five minutes' and round the corner, coming face to face with reporters, police and members from London Zoo.

"Escaped Lions from a private zoo." you explain quickly, pinning the whole 'fang' thing on a dress up. You inform members of the zoo that members of your team are talking with the private zoo owners. You add, as the trucks drive up, that the glittering ball of light is a projection. Danny winds his window down and beckons you over.

"Well?" he asks, Matt climbing out of the other truck.

"Escaped lions from a private zoo. Members of the team have gone to chat with the owners. Make sure you stick with the story. I'll get everybody back about half a mile once you lot bugger off." Matt laughs, hoping back in his truck and they drive past you. You smile and set about moving everybody from the area. You get a memo from one of the soldiers that the anomaly has closed, but two members of the pride are still there, hunting some members of the public that slipped through the barriers. You shoot the police a 'you're-in-trouble' look, before slipping under the barrier.

It doesn't take long to find the civilians; they're screaming their heads off. "What part of 'Police Barrier; Do Not Cross' don't you understand?" you snap at them. You feel bad because they're scared, but you can't be bothered with sympathy right now.

"But-But you said they were lions!" one of them exclaims, climbing shakily to their feet.

"So that makes it better?" you snap and the man looks like he wants to curl up in a ball again.

"No, but-" his friend cuts him off with a scream, as a smilodon rounds the corner. One of them tries to run but you pull him back, shoving him towards the wall of the building. You pray the other one doesn't try to run. He doesn't. He just sits there shaking. You roll your eyes. It looks like your braver than the two men, although now it appears they're boys.

You brace yourself as the first cat is joined by another. The one you shoved against the wall finally cracks and legs it. He doesn't get very far and neither do his screams. "David!" the other man calls. He seems frozen into place and for that your grateful. You don't need a repeat of what just happened.

You see Connor skid round the corner at the other end of the street. He catches site of you stood next to David's friend, who's now having a mental breakdown, and calls to someone. A moment later and Sarah, Becker and Matt skid round the corner followed by Abby and Danny. They catch site of you and you can imagine how you look; terrified and wild eyed, staring at the mauled body of David infront of you. You feel like you want to throw up. (A/N: use your imagination for what the body looks like...if you can stomach it.) You see Becker and Matt load their guns and internally wish they'd hurry up because the cats have gotten bored with the body and are focussing on you and the remaining bloke.

"What's your name?" you ask the shaking man, trying to calm your own nerves.

"Sam." you nod.

"Well Sam, it was nice knowing you and if we get out of this alive, you really can't say anything."

"They wouldn't believe me anyway." You nod as he stands up to join you. Looks like he can be brave. Becker and Matt are running towards you now, Abby following. You can't care whether tranquillisers or really bullets hit the creature first.

"What's you last name Sam?" You don't want to make it obvious, but you're already planning on the death forms. If you ever make it out of this situation to tell someone his last name that is.

"Nickel. And David's was Jones." You nod and one of the cats pounce and Sam pulls you out of the way. You look for him as you straighten up and see, with horror, your cloths are stained with his blood. A shot rings out and a small amount of brick chips away from the wall next to you. You glance at Matt who's reloading his gun. Becker still hasn't fired. You judge the distance between you and some parked cars, realise you can't make it alive, realise that the sabre tooth is preparing to jump and close your eyes. The next thing you feel is your body hitting the concrete and something large, heavy, furry and warm pinning you too it. You keep your eyes closed.

A shot rings out, closer than what it was before and the pressure on you suddenly increases as the Smilodon collapses. You finally open your eyes and find that the cat is dead. That so, you can't move. Abby and Becker skid to a halt next to you. "Are you okay?" Abby drops to your level.

"Other than being crushed by an overweight cat? Yeah, I'm fine." you pant, your head flopping back onto the concrete.

Abby smiles and turns to Becker. "Push the cat my way. But be careful." Abby grabs one side and pulls as Becker pushed the other side. Slowly the cat begins to move. With a pain in you right side that feels like something just trod on you, you're free.

You lay on the asphalt for a moment, trying to figure out how to work your legs before you push yourself into a sitting position. A hand appears in your vision and you take it, only realising when you're standing that it's Becker's. "Who shot it?" You gesture towards the dead animal.

"Becker did." Matt's Irish accent joins the group. "I took care of the first one."

"The wall too?"

"My mistake. Are you okay?" You feel the back of your head, decide that it's not bleeding and nod.

"Yeah. Wish I could say the same for those two." you gesture toward the two dead men and your heart goes out to their families.

"You know their names?" Matt surveyed the damage and shrugged.

"Sam Nickel and David Jones." You reply, keeping your gaze locked on your feet, trying to ignore the trickle of blood making its way past your left foot.

"Well, plus side is you don't have to tell their family. You just need to make up the cover story."

"You know what Matt?" The Irish-man turns to you, a smirk on his face. "Two people are confirmed dead. If you want t make it three, then do continue." you stalk off towards the trucks. First day and you've already got your hands full.

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