Day before the wedding people :)

Letting the Minister intervene on your wedding wasn't such a bad idea. The Minister seems to have too much money as he's booked seven rooms at the Savoy. You almost didn't believe it when you saw the arrangements. And he's booked all seven rooms for two nights.

He's booked a Family Suite for Mikey, Rob and Jenny at £825 a night. Matt and Jess, Abby and Connor, Robinson and Vikki (Who did eventually tell you she could come) have been given the Junior Suite at £625 a night. Lester and his wife have the River View Junior Suite at £725 a night. You and Becker are in the One Bedroom Suite (complete with its very own butler) at £1,095 a night. You're pretty sure the Minister's in another one of the suites too. You and Becker sat down one night and totalled everything up. The rooms alone come to £1,1230 for the two nights. You've decided that he is definitely rich. You've had to rearrange the rooms for the night before the wedding and you've ended up with the biggest room.

You and Jenny are staying in the One Bedroom Suite. Jess and Abby are still staying with their respective boys but Becker's occupying a room with Mikey and Rob.

You all meet up at the ARC before travelling to the Savoy. Becker's driving his BMW to the hotel, you, Mikey, Rob and Jenny packed into the remaining seats. Jess and Abby are taking the latter's mini which contains your outfit for tomorrow. Connor, Matt, Vikki and Robinson are taking one of the smarter SUVs with the entire extra luggage. (Of which there is rather a lot)

It' only the middle of the day when you arrive and there's a man waiting on the front step of the illustrious building. "I think I love the Minister." Jenny breathes as Becker pulls up. At least she's stopped complaining about how the weather in Australia is so much better than in London. The Minister's chauffer is just pulling away and Becker swings into his spot. A valet takes Becker's keys from him as several Bell Boys unload the bags from the trunk.

"Captain Becker?" A smartly dressed man appears in the door way and nods his head. He waits until the others are all present before leading you inside the hotel.

It's enormous.

Your eyes widen as you try to take everything from the black and white marbled floor to the cream ceiling soaring what feels like miles above your head. There are multiple chairs and reading spaces but you pay them no attention. Instead, your eyes are drawn towards the huge chandelier in the middle of the ceiling. If you were anywhere else you may have called it fake. "This way please." The man calls out and leads you towards a set of stairs at the far end of the room. As he leads you towards your rooms you almost don't want to breathe. Everything looks more expensive than your house, including the red patterned carpet you're terrified to walk on. You reach the three Junior Suite's first. "Mr Anderson and Miss Parker?" Matt and Jess disappear inside their rooms, Abby and Connor next to them and Robinson and Vikki next to them. The man points out Lester's room to you but you barely spare it a glance. You ditch Mikey, Rob and Becker on the next floor with the promise to see their room later. Finally you and Jenny are let into your room with the man pointing out the Minister's room at the other end of the hall. On the other side of the door is your butler.

"I'm Mr Slate, your butler." He quickly tells you that he's on duty all hours of the day and throughout the night and if you need anything you dial '213' on your phone and ask for him. Once he leaves, you and Jenny find yourself stood in the entrance foyer of the room.

"I don't know if I want to see this room." Jenny states. "Too rich for me."

"And me, but I'm not passing up this opportunity!" You take a left and follow the wall around to the living room. You're thrown out of your depth instantly.

It's decorated Art Deco style with a purple floor and a very plush sofa. There's also a dark wood writing desk with a bunch of white roses, an armchair matching the sofa, a flat screen television, a personal bar, Meridian iPod docking station and large chrome fittings. "Oh my God." Jenny breathes. "Do we want to see the bedroom?" You set your hand bag on the floor and propel her in the direction of the adjoining room.

The bedroom itself has to be the same size as the living room, if not bigger. The centre piece is a queen-sized bed, draped in pale lilac. Nightstands either side of it contain classic books alongside the bible and the view is outstanding. Jenny seats herself in the arm chair in the corner of the room as you head to investigate the bathroom.

It's tiled in black and white with a white bathtub built into the floor. The sink basin is white marble and there's a huge mirror behind it. You don't want to spend that long in there for fear of never leaving it. "Where's you iPod?" You ask your old friend as you head back into the bedroom. She throws it at you, already engrossed in 'Oliver Twist'. You hook it up to the speakers and put the music on shuffle. You'd missed it earlier but on the desk there's a small welcome note. You pick it up to read it as 'Queen' plays in the background.

Dear Miss X,
The staff here at the Savoy extend our congratulations and well wishes towards your wedding tomorrow afternoon.
You will be required in the reception hall at 3pm with your party.
We hope you enjoy your stay,
The manager and staff.

The clock on the wall reads 2:45. "Jenny? Jen, put that book down! We're needed at reception!"

"How do you know?" She calls back with no sound of movement.

"Because there's a letter here that says so. Now hurry up!" You grab your bag and head from the room. She meets up with you outside of the boy's room. You knock before pushing it open and heading inside.

You enter into a cream and green living area with two doors to your left and one to your right. The sound of running water comes from the right and you gather that it's the bathroom. Rob's wrestling with his shoes on the couch, seemingly unable to get them on. "Aren't they the shoes you're wearing tomorrow?" You ask as Jenny joins you.

"Yeah, but I don't feel comfortable wandering around in trainers."

"Where are the others?"

Rob finally gets his shoes on and straightens up to answer you. "Mikey's in the bathroom and has been since we practically arrived. Becker's in the bedroom. We were going to head down in a minute."

You nod and look towards the bathroom. "Mikey! Hurry the heck up!" He yells back a rather vulgar reply but you ignore him and head over to the bedroom, knocking on the door. "You coming out or do I have to come and get you?"

The door opens and Becker pulls you into a rather bone-crushing hug, kissing the top of your head. "Your friend is nuts. I can't spend the night with him."

"Yeah, well, the Minister wouldn't let Carl stay here with his extended family." You smile, wriggling out of his grip and taking his hand. Mikey finally appears from the bathroom and the five of you head off to the reception.

Matt and Jess are sat in one of the many chairs, engrossed in something on Matt's phone. Abby and Connor appear not long after you. "Robinson and Vikki are waiting outside for us." Jess smiles, getting to her feet. "Anyone know what we're here for?"

"Not a clue. Lester or the Minister going to make a show?" You reply but Jess confirms your suspicions with a shake of her head.

You all head out to the hotel drive and wait with the other two under the overhang. At exactly three o'clock a car rolls around the corner and down the drive. "That's a Rolls Royce." Jenny breathes as Connor lets out a low whistle.

"Not just any Rolls Royce. A Rolls Royce Phantom." His jaw is hanging as the four cars roll to a halt. "I wonder who's in there?"

"Us, shortly." You turn to see Lester stood at the back of the group. He obviously decided to make an appearance. "They're the wedding cars."

"The w- wedding cars?" You stammer. You turn back to the car and find that more have rolled up behind it.

"Courtesy of the Minister. They're the wedding gift. Obviously you don't get to keep it." One of the drivers steps out in a black tux.

"Miss X?" He requests and you raise your hand.

"That would be me."

"My name is Crawford and I am one of the drivers. This is a list of people who will be in each of the cars on the day you get married, and the times that will be. We are all here a day early in order to do a quick run through of the drives." He hands you a clip board and you scan the names. "In your own time, ma'am." He turns and heads back to his car, standing by the passenger door and the three other drivers get out and follow suite. Your eyes still wide, you glance down at the sheet in front of you.

Time: 10am.
Start: Hotel Savoy, London
You're not going to know. You smile at Becker's handwriting.
Time: 30 Minutes
Car 1
Driver: C. Crawford
Occupants: Captain H. Becker, Lt. A. Robinson, Lt. R. Becker

Car 2
Driver: D. Hamile
Occupants: Mr M. Anderson, Mr L. James, Mr C. Temple

Car 3
Driver: L. Baute
Occupants: Miss S. X, Mrs J. Saunders, Mr M. Ray

Car 4
Driver: A. Gregory
Occupants: Miss J. Parker, Miss A. Maitland, Miss V. Smith

Time: 1:45pm
Still not going to know
Finish: Bit of a giveaway
Time: Twenty Minutes
Car 1
Driver: C. Crawford
Occupants: Captain H. Becker, Mrs X. Becker

Car 2: D. Hamile
Occupants: Mr M. Anderson, Miss J. Parker, Miss V. Smith

Car 3: L. Baute
Occupants: Mr C. Temple, Miss A. Maitland, Lt. A. Robinson
Car 4: A. Gregory
Occupants: Mrs J. Miller, Lt. R. Becker, Mr M. Way

You relay the information and everyone seems pretty happy with it. Including Lester who's only taking one trip. "Lets go!" Connor cries, grabbing Becker's arm and pulling him towards the first car. Becker mouths a 'help me' over his shoulder as he's pulled from reception. You shake your head and laugh, motioning for Jenny to lead the way to the third car. The others follow you and you notice there are other members of the public watching you disbelievingly. You can see why; apart from Lester, you're all in jeans and casual clothing. The drivers hold open the doors for you and you get in trying to retain a smile.

"This is so cool." Jenny gawks at the leather interior of the car. It's entirely cream except for the wooden accents on the door and the glass divider. There's a footrest in the floor of the car and the back has enough room for you to fully extend your legs. You note that there's a plastic covering on the floor due to your casual footwear. There's a thick glass divider in front of you and a small screen which folds up into the roof. "I feel like I'm in 'Toys'R'Us' again."

"Yeah, I just don't want to breathe on any of it." You agree, almost afraid to lean back into the seats.

"We are going for a test drive today, ma'am. If this suits you." Baute speaks to you through the open window and you smile.

"Yes please." He nods and waits for Jenny and Mikey to join you before closing the door. Everyone else, bar Lester, gets into their respective cars and the engine starts up. Or you think it does; you can't actually hear it. There's a slight vibration of the seat which you assume is the engine.

"We need to sit like this tomorrow." Jenny states, motioning to the way you're sitting now. "Mikey can help you out of the car then and I can ensure your dress doesn't get caught." You nod, a little too distracted by the Rolls to worry about seating arrangements.

You're suddenly very, very nervous for tomorrow.

The next chapter will be the wedding! :D Just to clear up any confusion; this Jenny is the Jenny you knew when you were little J