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The barman breathed deeply as the last people began to trundle out. He finished wiping down the bar quickly and locked the alcohol cupboard. A young lady stormed into the bar but the barman was quick to intervene. This time the guy wasn't in the bar just yet, he had snuck in last time. "Hey, I think you've had a bad argument so I'm going to suggest this: Go home and tell him you truly love him like no other. That he makes you get out of bed on a morning, that when you see him your heart beats so hard you think it's going to break through your ribcage. Tell him that you love him and it'll all be okay."

"Erm... thanks, I'll do that" Kari smiled kindly and walked back out of the building. Davis was hanging onto a window until he saw her leave.

"Get out" the barman ordered with a chuckle. Davis nodded so the barman quickly grabbed his laptop and opened it. He looked at the login screen.

The password field was blank while the username field said: . He closed the laptop and slipped it into his bag before walking over to the front door. He looked at the bar one last time before he remembered the times he had had with them. He flicked the light off and a tear rolled down his face. He opened the door and closed it and then it ended.

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