The Demi-God of Rock looked on in horror as Austin Tejas fell to the ground and became a mortal once again as Lou drained him of his Warrior Powers. He then proceeded to do the same with Judy Nails and Lars Umlaut. "Damn you my misguided collegue!" Demi yelled "You've left me no choice but to do what I should have done a while ago!" He snapped his fingers and The Beast came, ready to crush Lou into pulp. Unfortunately he only got within 5 feet of Lou before he was struck by a powerful energy blast from the legendary guitar (stolen) and fell to the ground, ceasing to function. Before the Demi-God could even move he was knocked down by another bolt of energy which began to drain him of his powers causing him to revert to his original form as the God of Rock. He lay on the ground powerless and could only watch as the same thing happened to each of the remaining warriors. Then, his mission completed, he fled the scene with The Grim Ripper, ready to conquer the world with their newfound power.

Lou, as it turned out, was not in the mood for sharing ultimate power. Before Grim could do anything, Lou drained his powers too and abandoned the now human Ripper in the city of Bradford in the United Kingdom. "Enjoy your stay..." he grinned "And your mortality." and with that he left Bradford and headed down to hell with God of Rock and the Former Warriors. "Dammit Lou! I will get you back for this!" both GoR and Grim yelled at the same time. Then, all was quiet.

Pretty Intresting way to start a story right?
Yeah you're right it's boring right now as this is the part where the story begins. The Prologue if you will.
Trust me it will get intresting later.