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"DAMON!" Bonnie yelled coming into the boarding house, where Damon and Stefan Salvatore live.

"Bonnie, just leave it alone, ignore him, we know how he is, he's a dick," Caroline said to her, trying to calm her best friend/sister down.

"No! He knew he was wrong for doing that. He knew I would get riled up, well he's right, and now it's pay back time," Bonnie was furious to the bone, and the way the house was stering you can tell her powers were boiling by the minute.

"Bonnie lets go, leave him alone. He just wants to get a rise out of you. Hey, let's go get some breakefest and then we can hang out at the mall, we can go shopping for the new school year and also go to the spa, how 'bout that?" Caroline asked to get her out of the house.

"We can do all those great ideas, after I kick his ass, or just set it on FIRE!" Bonnie was this close to doing it without even acknowledging him first.

"Bonnie, Caroline what are you two doing over here early in the morning... what happen?" Stefan sighed coming down the stairs with his pajama pants on with no shirt, just nice firm muscles and abs.

'Damn he looks so good in the morning,' Caroline and Bonnie thought as they watched him come down the stair case, almost forgetting the reason why they was there. 'Hmm, maybe it was a good thing we came over this morning, who would not want to wake up next to that, I know I would,' Caroline thought further, but she has to remember he just broke up with Elena.

When Damon, Elena, Bonnie, Caroline, Jeremy and Alaric saved Stefan and defeated Klaus, things had changed for the worst for him, he found out that Elena had been having an affair with Damon and gave up believing that they would ever find him and bring him back. But Elena didn't know that Caroline and Bonnie knew about their affair, and they were very upset that their friend would just give up on a relationship that was so pure like that. Stefan practically gave his life away to keep her from harm, he never cheated, never had wondering eyes, always stayed true to her. But what did she do, she claimed she loved him but once he is tooken away, she wants to fuck it all up fall into the older brother's arms and sleep with him, the one that was also in love with her. And once Stefan was returned back safely, she leaves Damon and runs back to Stefan and did not give a damn about his feelings. Stefan saw through Elena and now their relationship is over and he's still heartbroken but at the same time still going strong for his other friends that live here in this town.

Caroline and Bonnie feel sorry this had to happen to him, he such a great friend. Caroline basically wanted to curse and throw her across the room because she acted like she could get away with something like that, and once Stefan was back she just went willing to him and left poor Damon hanging, like a peice of toy she didn't want to play with anymore and something new came along. Bonnie was furious too, she wanted to confront Elena when she first found out but Caroline said to let it all blow up in her face, so they let it happen. Now life is sort of the same, the group, except for Elena, are still fighting evil, when it comes to keeping the town safe and going on with their ordinary lives, finishing high school, hanging out at the Grill, and just getting in touch with their supernatural beings.

"I'm here, because I am goanna kill your brother, and Caroline is here to try and stop me from doing something I'll regret, which I'm still trying to find out what so regretful about that, we would all sleep better at night-"


"What... Care c'mon you know I'm right, he dosen't care for anybody but himself."

"I know, but let Stefan handel him, that's his brother. I don't want to be here when it's a beautiful day today, isn't Stefan," Caroline said smiling brightly at Stefan .

"Yes it is, wait, what did he do?" Stefan asked Bonnie, she was about to answer until

"What the hell is going on down here, can't a man get his beauty sleep before he decides to start his day," Damon said coming down the stairs with the same attire on as his brother and looking too damn delicious for is own good. Tall, sexy as sin, raven hair and sky crystal blue eyes to go perfectly with his pale skin and that famous smirk of his to top it off. He knew exactly what Bonnie was doing over here early this morning, he couldn't wait to see how mad she would get after what he did to her last night.

"Oh, you want to sleep for a long time, well I can make that happen in one minute, then we'll all be satisfied," Bonnie said with a smirk also.

"One minute, it takes you that long to kill me, and here I thought Stefan said you were learning and improving with your magic. I guess he was just being modest on your behalf, so knid of you Stefan," Damon said being sarcastic.

"Damon cut it out-" Stefan said warning Damon, but got cut off by Bonnie saying.

"You can kiss my ass Damon," Bonnie was furious.

"Oh, kinky now are we? Well Bonnie if all you wanted to do is play dirty with me, all you had to do was ask, I would have happly oblidged," Damon said smiling.

"I rest my case, Damon's a dick," Caroline said throwing up her hands.

"Damon what did you do to Bonnie, she would not have came over here if it was nothing," Stefan said trying to get to the point.

"Aw, she still would have, she knows she cannot stay away from me to long, isn't that right Bonnie-"

BAM! Bonnie slapped Damon with so much power it took him a second to come back to reality. Stefan and Caroline were shocked that Damon did not do anything to her, they were ready to hold him back if he tried anything. Bonnie was the only one he would let her get away with things like that, if it was anybody else he would rip their heads off and have no regret.

"Now what was that for?" Damon asked rubbing his left jaw.

"For being you," Bonnie said plainly, squinting her emerald eyes at him.

'She so cute when she's mad,' Damon thought smirking looking her up and down. Bonnie was wearing black demin shorts that fitted firmly on her back side giving it a nice round shape, with a green halter top that actually show a little bit of cleavedge for his liking and the green 3" wedge hills made her legs look longer than her actual petite size. Her hair was chocolate brown, smooth back with a green headband in place and her long curls falling everywhere, bring out the glow in her face, her emerald green eyes and her soft pink glossed lips. Lips of which he would not mind feeling on his. Yes, Damon knew Bonnie was the most beautiful young woman he has ever met, even though everybody knew he only thought Elena the only beauty, she never had anything on Bonnie Bennette.

"Who else would I be, there's only one me and that's how it should stay," Damon smirked

"Cocky ass," Bonnie said.

"Okay that's enough, would somebody please tell me what the hell is going on," Stefan asked getting frustrated.

"Damon wrote two big words on Bonnie's front door in bloody red paint, for everyone to see it," Caroline said finally getting to the subject.


Caroline was driving over to Bonnie's house to check up on her and see if she wanted to hang out today, when she saw the big two words on her best friends front door. She parked so fast in the driveway and jumped out and speed to the door ringing the doorbell for Bonnie to hurry and open it.

"Caroline what the hell, what's wrong?" Bonnie asked with a confuse face, she didn't even notice what was on her door.

"Bonnie before you blow up anything, I need you to tkae a deep breath and look at your door," Caroline said stepping back a little.

Bonnie turned to see two big bloody red words on her door that read WITCH BITCH. Bonnie was furious and Caroline could almost see steam coming out of her ears. "Bonnie remember what I said, take deep breathes and stay calm, we'll find who did this," she said coming close to her friend.

"We don't have to find out who this, he left his damn initals on the bottom," and there they were D.S. with a sort of smirk/smiley face beside it.

"You know that explaines it, he would be the one to do something like this. So tipical, so Damon."

"Ya got that right, let me see your phone," Bonnie said to Caroline

"Are you gonna call him?" She asked

"No, I'm gonna take pictures for proof, if he tries to deny the truth," Bonnie said taking the pics. After she was done with that she used her magic to clean her door of the mess and it was back to it's normal plain white.

"I love it when you use your magic," Caroline said cheering and Bonnie doing it along with her.

"Okay now I will get ready and we are going to the boarding house,"Bonnie said running upsatairs.

"Wait we're going over there right now, can't we wait till after breakefest," Caroiline started whining following Bonnie to her room.

"Caroline didnt you feed before you came over here, by the way thank you for coming over here first, anybody could have came by and it would have been so embarrasing," Bonnie said smiling at her best friend.

"Hey what are bff's for, and yes I did feed but i'm still hungry."

"We'll do that after I handel Damon," Bonnie said heading into her bathroom.

End Flashback

"You wrote witch bitch on her door, Damon what possessed you to do something that's dumb-"


"And just a plain Jack-ass," Bonnie finish off for them, giving Damon eveil glares.

"What, it was a harmless joke, nobody in this town would believe that's her, she's too much of a goody good too-shoes, and plus I was drunk I wasn't thinking straight," Damon said holding his hands up in surrender.

"When do you ever think straight, matter of fact, when do you ever think at all," Bonnie said.

"I think about you," Damon said in a husky voice coming closer to Bonnie, a little too close for her own liking.

"Casanova,"Bonnie mumbled

"Thank you very much, now what shall I call you?"

"Your worst nightmare," Bonnie said with her hands on her hips.

"No I like Jessica better," Everybody looked at him with confuse faces.

"Okay, lets calm down and settle this once and for all, Damon apologize to Bonnie, you souldn't have done that, Bonnie has done nothing but help us out since we came to this town, it took her a long time to trust us-"

"Trust us, when did she ever started trusting me, no you mean trust you. Little Witch doesn't trust too many people so be happy that you are not one of those people Saint Stefan," Damon said getting annoyed.

"Damon just apologize," Stefan sighed.

"Yes so we can go Bonnie, remember our day plan, we need to get to it," Caroline said.

"Yes Caroline we'll do it as soon as Damon apologises," Bonnie said staring smirkingly at Damon.

"We're not goanna get to it," Caroline sighed turning to Stefan. " Well since we're goanna be here for a while, wanna go get a blood bag and watch a movie?"

"Yeah, but lets watch it in my room, with them you could barely here anything else," Stefan said as they watch Damon and Bonnie argue about who knows what.

"Yeah, you're right, hey Bonnie I'm going to watch a movie with Stefan," Caroline said but knowing Bonnie didn't here one word she said.

"You are such a selfish ass," Bonnie yelled at Damon

"You're Miss Judgy," Damon said yelling back.

"Why are you still in Mistic Falls, there's nothing here for you."

Damon moved Bonnie so quickly to the nearest wall she only felt the wind flow through her, "Maybe there is, she is just playing hard to get," Damon said closing anymore distance that was between them and whisperd in her ear, "Bonnie why so tense, just relax and let me take control," he smiled smugly in her ear.

Bonnie was getting sick and tired of these games with him and use her magic to throw him to the wall across the room.