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"Come on Damon just eat the sandwich already, so we can get on with the game that I'm getting bored of," Bonnie whined.

"Stop your whining witch, I'ma eat it just give me time-"


"Alright, alright keep your shorts on, unless you want to take them off then hey I'm all game for that," he said smiling and wiggling his brows.

"Damon if you don't eat the fucking sandwich, I'ma stuff it down your throat," Bonnie gritted out.

"Fine, sheesh all I was saying was you could get comfortable," he suggested taking the sandwich out of her hand. He gulped as he looked inside the sandwich and saw the gooey peanut-butter and strawberry and just knew he was going to hate this, 'That witch owes me big time for this,' he thought as he finally ate the food. Bonnie started laughing at the distaste on his face, he act like he was eating dirt. She was laughing so hard that she fell back on the bed and her legs were kicking in the air. Damon did not like this one bit. "Stop laughing witch, that dare was diabolical," he said jumping off the bed, wiping his mouth with his arm, and heading to the bathroom to brush his teeth to get rid of the nasty taste.

Bonnie was still giggling when she said, "Yeah, which is why it so hilarious, and here I thought you could never make me laugh."

"Well I guess I proved you wrong," he said with full of toothpastes in his mouth.

"What was that," Bonnie asked trying to play him just to see if he would come out and tells her what he said with toothpaste all around his mouth.

And he did, "I said I guess proved you wrong," he repeated with his right hand on his hip and the toothbrush in the other. Bonnie was having a good time, watching Damon make a fool of himself. 'Wow, I haven't laughed this good in a long time, not since all this supernatural stuff started two years ago and especially since my Grams died,' she said calming down from all the giggling.

"Alright it's my turn, truth or dare darlin'?" Damon said in his southern gentlemen voice while coming out of the bathroom and strutting back to the bed.

She sighed, "Fine I choose dare."

"Now we're talking," he was getting excited, rubbing his hands together, trying to think of what he wanted Bonnie's dare to be. "Let's see what should be my dare for you? Should I have you give me a massage, sing me a song, dance for me or better yet dance on my pole-"

"What pole?" she asked shocked, then Damon reached over to his night stand for a remote and pushed a button for the installed stripper pole to come down from the ceiling in the middle of his bedroom, right in front of his bed.

"I'm not going to even ask for an explanation about that," Bonnie pointed to the pole.

"Ooh I know what you can do for me," he said grinning hard.

"And what is that?"

"Kiss Me," he said getting in her face, all up in her space.

"Hell No!" Bonnie turned her face away from his.

"Ah ah ah, now now Bunny Bon you chose dare and I picked it, now it's time to pay up," Damon said in a sing-song voice.

"Damon I'm not going to kiss you, so pick another dare," she said folding her arms.

"No I chose this dare and you are going to do it, now kiss me," he said firmly, leaning into her.

"Ooh somebody's getting annoyed already."

"Ugh yeah, because that other somebody doesn't want to play right, all she wants to do is be the fun police," he mocked her back.

"I am not the fun police, and to prove you wrong I'll do the damn dare. I will kiss Damon Fucking Salvatore," Bonnie yelled.

"Oh finally!" Damon throws his hands in the air.

"On now don't think this is going to be a French kiss, because it isn't, it's only gonna be a kiss on the cheek," Bonnie replied.

"Okay whatever," he said getting ready for his kiss 'That's what you think, witch.'

"Only one kiss Damon," she reminded him, holding up one finger in his face.

"I got it Bonnie, now stop stalling and give me that kiss," Damon said with his eyes closed.

"Fine here's your kiss," Bonnie leaned towards Damon to kiss him on the cheek, but as she was nearing he turned the tables on her to make her lips aim to his. As soon as their lips met Damon held her tight until he was on top of her to make sure she wouldn't escape.



"Oh that movie was beautiful and the most romantic movie ever," Caroline said wiping her tears with the tissue that Stefan gave her. When the movie had ended, Stefan found Caroline teary eyed and all he wanted to do was hold her close but instead he gave her the tissue box and got alittle closer to rub her back.

"Jane Austin was a brilliant writer; she knew what romance was all about when she wrote Pride and Prejudice. Did I tell you I love this movie?"

Stefan chuckled, "Yes Caroline, you and Bonnie. I also said that Damon and I also like it too."

"Yeah, but a guy like Damon would never admit something like that," Caroline said looking at him with an arched eyebrow.

"A guy like Damon never admits much of anything, well not since we turned. Before we became vampires, before Katherine, we were very close, I guess you can say we were thick as thieves, two peas in a pod," Stefan said smiling, while remembering old times with him and Damon. They really were thick as thieves; they always had each other backs, never letting each other down. Giuseppe was always so uptight with them, all he wanted them to do is work, read, and grow to be the best gentlemen of their high society. Stefan knew that he and Damon had read every book that was in this house. Whatever Giuseppe had them read, Stefan would make sure he read it twice, just to make his father happy and proud. Damon on the other hand, would do whatever his father asked him to do but wouldn't care much if he made him happy or proud; Giuseppe and Damon never really much got along, Damon's favorite was their mother Anastasia. Stefan never really got to know his mother because she died when he was just ten months old.

After Damon's work or lesson was done he would wait for Stefan to finish with his, so they could enjoy the rest of their day, playing football, flirting with girls, they would even help out with the help (do not forget people, they were young when slavery was still going on in the nineteenth century), unlike their father, they did not like the whole slavery situation or people just being races, in their minds it was a waste of time. Damon and Stefan were always there for each other, if one of them got in trouble the other would take up for him.

"So how was it like living with Damon back then," Caroline asked curiously, turning her towards him on the bed.

"Well like I said, before we turned into vamps or even before Katherine; we were very close, unstoppable. Damon was my best friend, I always looked up to him. Me and him would do almost everything together, even when we had fights we would always make up because we couldn't stay away from each other that long, we would apologize and make up before the end of the day," Stefan said smiling, he hadn't smile like that in a long time and Caroline noticed.

"So Damon was a whole different person from what he is now?" she asked, looking amazed.

"Yeah he was, even though Damon puts up this bad boy swagger, inside he still hurting from all the pain that people had caused him from all these years, it made him turn into a cold hearted man, and sadly I was one of them," Stefan said feeling down again because Damon thought his brother let him down.

"And here I thought he's always been this way, how were parents towards Damon?"

"Damon and Giuseppe, our father, didn't really get along, they only tolerated each other. Now mother was another situation-"

"What, was she wicked to Damon?" Caroline asked worried.

"No, she was the total opposite, she was Damon's angel, our mother was the only true woman that loved Damon and also me," Stefan pointed to himself with a big smile, making Caroline laugh. "But Damon knew her well than I because she died when I was just ten months old. When Damon and I was young, he would always remind me that she loved both of us the same. From what I heard from my father also was that mother and Damon were very close, even though father wanted Damon to start learning how to be a man at the age of five, mother told that there will be time to learn how to be a man; right now just learn to be a kid, be kind and respectful to others no matter who they are."

"Well Stefan the way you talk about your mother, it sounds like you known her all your life, she sounds very beautiful. I wish she would have been there for you and Damon more, that you would have gotten to know your mother yourself," she said rubbing his shoulder, his muscle should. 'God he is built!'

"I wish I had too, I'm just glad she was here for Damon for a while to let him know that someone does care for him," Stefan said.

"And then you came along," Care said all cheery.


"Your mother gave birth to you and ever since you were born you and Damon were inseparable."

"Yeah I guess you're right," he said believing her.

"I know I'm right," she winked at him

Stefan couldn't but laugh whole heartily. "You know Caroline you never let anybody feel down. Ever since I known you, you've always had a positive spirit."

"I like being positive, being negative is a waste of time, and if I worry all the time I'll start to get wrinkles on my forehead and a girl like me doesn't need that."

Stefan thought that Caroline was picking on him like Damon does so he asked, "Are you trying to say that I worry too much or something?"

"No, I was just saying that everybody knows life is short, so why worry when you could live. What is the one thing you have always wanted to do in your life?"

"Well ... I don't know, I guess to be bold and to do anything or say anything and be carefree," Stefan sighed.

"Well Stefan I can't see why you can't start now," Caroline said giving him a bright smile. "So what would you want to do when we are finally release from the trap spell?"

"Get payback from Damon," Stefan answered with a wicked smile.

"Pinky promise," Caroline asked holding out her pinky for him to take in his own.

"Pinky promise, that's if Bonnie didn't kill him already," he said and they both nodded.



"Ah damn witch, what was that for, we were only kissing, "Damon said jumping back on his side of the bed and rubbing his left cheek. "I dare you to kiss me."

"On the cheek, that's where I was aiming for," Bonnie said huffing.

"But I wanted it on the lips," Damon pouted folding his arms.

"Huh, you're such a big baby, you dared me to kiss you, you didn't say where, so that means I had the right to kiss you wherever I wanted to," she said putting her hair back in place.

"Fine judgey have it your way, even you got to admit it was a damn good kiss though," he said being smugly.

"Whatever just do not touch me with your lips again."

"Okay Bunny Bon, whatever you say," Damon said wrapping her in a squeezing hug.

"Huh, Damon! What did I say?"

"What? You said not to touch you with my lips, really Bonnie you do not know what you're missing out on, even though you did get a taste of my lusciousness," he said nibbling on her ear before she pushed him away.

She was getting irritated with him, "Damon can you please be serious for a while and calm down."

"Fine, what do you want to do now?"

"How about we talk for a while and see where it goes from there, since we're stuck in here together until the next day," she said calmly.

"Bonnie that's boring, let's do something else," he whined.

"No because if we do anything else you want to do, I'm gonna end up killing you!" she yelled at him, while Damon leaned back.

"Talking's good, it's a good way to let out your feelings, it's a way to cleanse the soul."

"And here I wonder if you have anyone of those," she smirked at him.

"Anyways, so what do you want to talk about?"

"Oh I don't know how in the hell did you become this way, did this attitude come with the vampire form or something?"

"Something like that, it's actually a good thing because I felt so trap in my human form," he replied being sarcastic.

"No really," Bonnie was being sarcastic back at him.

"No not really, my human self was a whole other person," Damon said while laying back on his bed with his hands tucked behind his head.

"Really, well tell me about this whole other person," Bonnie asked while also getting comfortable herself.

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