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"Then I guess they made a mistake."

The words had barely left my mind before I heard a low growl coming from Paul. I looked at him and gasped. He looked thoroughly pissed off, only this time it wasn't at Victoria or anyone else, this time it was at me. I swallowed loudly when I saw his jaw clench and his eyes burning with an intensity that made me weak in the knees. He started to slowly walk towards me and I instinctively took a step back. He looked absolutely feral, like he was stalking his prey, and I felt a shiver run down my back at the thought that I was the prey in his sights.

Suddenly my back came in contact with something, and I realized I had backed myself straight into a wall. Paul's lips curled up in an animalistic grin when he saw my predicament. The muscles were rippling under his skin, and the slow pace he was moving in allowed me to see every gorgeous inch of him. He was beyond beautiful, the feral glint in his eyes only adding to his bad boy look, and I found myself wishing he would get to me faster.

I still wasn't sure what he intended to do with me, but surprisingly I wasn't scared. I still felt unbelievably safe in his and Jared's presence, and I knew they would never hurt me. I could feel the heat emanating from Paul's body as he got closer to me, and my eyes were transfixed on his every movement.

"You think the spirits made a mistake?" Paul asked in a low voice, and placed his hands against the wall, effectively caging me in. I hoped he wasn't expecting an answer because I was unable to form words. He wasn't touching me, but his proximity was intoxicating and all I could do was swallow loudly again, which earned me a delicious chuckle.

"I think it's time to set a few things straight, little girl," he said. "We belong to you in spirit and in flesh, and you belong to us." I wanted to argue that I wasn't a possession for anyone to claim, I was my own being, but deep inside I knew he was right; I was theirs. They might deserve better than me, but it didn't make it any less true. I belonged to them.

It didn't matter though, I needed to protect them from the destruction that followed me. I had never felt anything like they made me feel, and that made me even more determined to stick to my guns and get as far away from them as possible.

Why couldn't they see that they were better off without me? The thought of leaving them made my chest ache, but the thought of them getting caught in the crossfire and ending up as pawns in Victoria's sick game made me ill. I needed to keep them safe.

Paul was studying me, and I guess he saw my inner struggles through my eyes because he snarled and pushed his body close to mine.

"I can see that mind of yours going a hundred miles an hour, but it's time to stop thinking and start feeling," he said, accentuating his words by bending his knees and thrusting his erection against my core.

Holy hell, he felt good.

"I'm going to shut that fucking brain up," he growled, and I could feel the vibrations reverberate through my entire body. "You'll only be able to think about where you want us and how hard you want to be fucked."

Oh yes, please.

I felt my feet leave the ground and instinctively wrapped my legs around him, enjoying the feel of body against mine. His lips were on mine in a fierce kiss, his hands grouping my ass, pressing me towards him. He was controlling every inch of me and it was the hottest thing I'd ever experienced. He broke the kiss and started to suck the point where my neck met my shoulder, and I heard myself moan loudly.

All of a sudden there was a ripping sound and I felt air hitting my chest. I realized he'd torn my shirt clean off my body, and my bra quickly followed. This wasn't going to be slow and gentle. He was going to fuck me hard, and I was almost shaking with the need to have him inside me. The effect he had on me was amazing; I'd never been more turned on in my life.

"Jared, come here and take her pants off," Paul ordered, shifting me in his arms so my legs were no longer around him. He was holding me up under my arms as if I was light as a feather, and somehow still managing to nibble at my breasts at the same time. The sheer strength he possessed overwhelmed me and a whimper escaped my lips.

"Are you okay, Bella?" Jared asked in a concerned voice.

"She's fine," Paul answered in my stead. "Now take the fucking pants off!"

"Yes," I hissed, sensing that Jared needed to know that I was a willing participant. As soon as he met my eyes a smile spread across his beautiful face, and my jeans and panties were gone.

"You like it when he's rough with you," Jared said in amazement. I could only nod slightly and moan in response, when I felt Paul lifting me up higher. He pressed me back against the wall, only this time my legs were on his shoulders and his face was right in front of my pussy. He wasted no time and thrust his tongue into me causing me to cry out.

I frantically held on to his head for support as he worked me over with that devilish tongue of his.

Dear god, he was talented.

My clit was licked, nipped, sucked, and flicked to the point where I feared I might cry from the intensity. He was growling constantly, and the vibrations added to the frenzy I felt. His fingers were digging into my ass cheeks and I knew I would have bruises later, but I couldn't care less.

My orgasm hit me fast and hard, and I was crying out my release. I heard someone say 'fuck', but for the life of me I couldn't tell if it was me or Jared. I was starting to come down from my high, but Paul didn't slow down his actions.

"S-s-sensitive," I stammered, but he didn't relent. His tongue continued with the frantic pace, and he didn't even seem to notice that I was tearing at his hair. I could feel the coil in my stomach tighten, and once again I fell over the edge. The intensity of the second orgasm was insane, I'd never felt anything like it. It came in waves,and as soon as I thought the pleasure was starting to diminish it increased again. I lost track of how many times I came. When Paul finally slowed his movements down, I was panting hard and my voice was hoarse from screaming.

He lifted me off of his shoulders, but mercifully didn't put me down on my feet. My whole body felt like jelly and I wouldn't have been able to stand on my own. He carried me over to the area rug in front of the couch where I saw Jared sitting, cock in hand, slowly stroking it.

Fuck that was a beautiful sight.

Paul dropped me on the rug, and I gracelessly slumped down on my ass. I glared at him, but he only smirked back and started to unzip his pants.

"Get up on all fours," he commanded, and I quickly obeyed. There was something incredibly arousing about him calling the shots, and I had no problems submitting to him at all. I heard the sounds of foil being ripped open and turned my head to see Paul rolling a condom over his impressive cock. I was practically whimpering with need to feel him, and thankfully I didn't have to wait long.

"Is this what you want, baby?" Paul asked, lining himself up against my entrance. "You want to feel my cock in you pussy?"

"Yes," I moaned, and he pushed himself into me.

"Fuck," he exclaimed. "You feel so good around my cock, baby."

Oooh, I loved the dirty talking.

"Look at Jared over there," Paul said. "I think you need to take care of him as well, don't you?"

"Mmm." Was the only thing I managed to get out.

"Jared, come on over here," Paul ordered. "Fuck her mouth while I fuck her pussy."

Oh, god.

Jared got up and walked in front of me. I raised myself up a bit and took his cock in my mouth. I tried to concentrate and make it pleasurable for Jared, but it was hard to focus with Paul pounding into me. I let the motion of his thrusts work for me, and taking Jared in deeper every time Paul was into the hilt in me. By the sounds of Jared's moans I must have been doing something right even if my focus was split.

"That's it, make him come in your mouth," Paul said, adding a swiveling movement with his hips that made him hit my sweet spot. I moaned around Jared, and that was enough to send him over the edge. He twitched in my mouth, and I eagerly swallowed everything he gave me.

As soon as Jared was finished, Paul pulled me up on my knees so I was leaning back against him. The change in angle caused me to explode and I was contracting around him, making him growl. The growl sent more vibrations through me, and prolonged my orgasm. Paul let out a roar and suddenly sank his teeth into my neck. The intense pain of his bite made me shiver, and strangely enough caused me to orgasm again.

I screamed and cried, the emotions running through me too powerful to handle. The pleasure and the pain were intense, but the feelings of being owned were extreme. I felt like I was exactly where I belonged for the first time in my life. I felt safe and loved.

Paul pulled out of me, licked the wound on my neck and nestled me into his lap. He rocked me as I cried, and I suddenly understood what he'd been talking about earlier. I did belong to him, and he belonged to me. We deserved each other, and we would face anything together.

"That's it, baby," he whispered in my ear. "You feel it now. You're mine, and I am yours."

This time the words didn't make me want to assert my independence. I knew with absolute certainty that he was right; I belonged to them as surely as they belonged to me.


I sat watching Bella throw her head back, laughing at something Angela said. It warmed my heart to see her so happy, and I knew that Paul felt the same way. Things had changed after he marked her earlier. It seemed as if a weight had been lifted off Bella's shoulders, and she had finally let us in. She'd told us that she'd never felt as if she fit in anywhere, and for the first time in her life she felt that she truly belonged somewhere. With us.

I was amazed that the marking had that effect on her, and I wondered briefly if my mark would have the same impact. I'd been a little worried about how she would react to Paul marking her without talking to her about it first, but she quickly put my worries to rest. She had a lot of questions about the significance of the marking and why I hadn't done it when we had made love in the morning.

We explained to her that it was part of the wolf claiming his mate, and that the wolf inside of us let us know when the time was right. I hadn't felt the need to mark her yet, and we'd speculated that maybe she needed Paul's wolf more than mine at the moment. Strangely enough I didn't feel left out, or jealous. I was genuinely happy for them, and I felt sure that my turn would come.

There were so many things about the double imprint that were a mystery to us, and the elders were going through all of the old records, trying to find anything to explain the unique occurrence.

"Hey, baby, having fun?" I heard Paul asking Bella while walking up to her and wrapping his arms around her waist.

She leaned into him and tilted her head back. "I am," she answered, sounding a little surprised by the fact. "I can't believe Angela is here, and knows everything about wolves and vampires. It's so surreal."

"Tell me about it," Angela retorted. "Imagine my surprise when I found out what the Cullens were, and that my friend from high school was involved in a world I didn't even know existed." She smiled, probably thinking back at her reaction to Embry imprinting on her a couple of years ago. After the initial shock had subsided, she'd been more troubled about Bella than anything else.

Jake and Angela shared a special bond in their love and concern of the human girl getting tangled up with vampires and practically disappearing off the face of the earth. They worried about her and were always relieved when Chief Swan informed them that he'd received one of Bella's occasional phone calls.

I had to stop myself from thinking of Chief Swan because that would inevitably lead to thoughts of the leech that was after Bella. All of those thoughts were banished tonight. After the emotional day we'd had, we decided that we needed to relax and have a little fun. Bella didn't want the rest of the pack to know about her 'vampire situation' just yet, there would be time to deal with it later.

We gathered the pack and the imprints and threw an impromptu bonfire, celebrating our new imprint. Everyone was confused about how the double imprint was supposed to work, but they were happy for us nonetheless. Jake and Angela were naturally ecstatic with the fact that Bella was back in their lives.

It was no secret that Jake had been in love with Bella before he phased, and that he'd wished he would imprint on her when he saw her again. During the four years that had followed since then, Jake had moved on. He still had feelings for Bella, but they were no longer the all-consuming ones of a teenage boy. His first reaction to our imprinting on her had been jealousy and sadness, but he seemed to be more accepting of it today. There was no doubt in my mind that he would always love her, and the knowledge that he would do just about anything for her warmed my heart.

Emily was her usual kindhearted soul and welcomed Bella with open arms. Both Emily and Angela were happy to have another female around, and when Emily figured out that Bella could cook she quickly became her new best friend.

Embry and Sam were obviously happy that their imprints were happy. Sam had made a quiet observation earlier about the positive impact that Bella seemed to have on everyone, and he thought it would benefit the pack as a whole. Imprinted wolves are more stable, and god knows Paul needed some stability.

Seth had instantly started to treat Bella as his sister, probably due to the fact that his mother had been close to Chief Swan. We'd all been waiting for them to either get married or move in together, unfortunately that would never happen, but in Seth's eyes, Bella was his sister. Leah was a whole other story. She was being her usual standoffish self when it came to new people, and she'd hardly spared Bella a second glance.

Our resident goof-ball, Quil, was unusually quiet. I'd expected him to crack jokes, and tease us about the three-way imprint, but he kept looking at us with an odd expression on his face. When confronted about his weird behavior, he'd admitted that watching the imprint taking place between Paul and Bella had made an impact on him. He realized that he would like to experience it for himself one day.

Collin and Brady, the youngest of the pack, had quickly descended upon me, intent on getting me to phase so they could see for themselves exactly what had happened between us, since they saw us last night. They were horny bastards, and the thought of threesomes was beyond thrilling to them. The fact that Bella was, in their words, 'smoking hot' didn't help things. They were running around, trying to show each other up in front of her, hoping to impress her. As long as they didn't take things further, Paul and I were able to laugh at their antics, but they were walking a fine line.

It was starting to get late and the moon was bright in the sky, beautifully reflected in the ocean. We all huddled together around the bonfire, talking, joking, and simply having a wonderful time. Bella was sitting between Paul and me, holding our hands. The magnitude of the bond that had already formed between us was remarkable, and I felt at peace.

That peace was quickly shattered however, by howling in the distance, alerting us to danger. With the exception of me and Paul, everyone had taken turns on patrols tonight to allow everyone to participate in the celebration. At this moment it was Quil and Seth that were out there, and the howls they were letting out spoke of vampires in the area.

"Brady, Collin, you stay here with the women," Sam ordered. "The rest of you come with me."

Bella looked at me and Paul with worry clearly written in her eyes.

"We'll be okay, baby," Paul told her. "There are eight of us, there's no way a leech would get the drop on us."

"Stay here with Brady and Collin and we'll be back as soon as possible," I said, pleading with her to stay put where she was safe. Thankfully she nodded and gave us each a quick kiss before we took off towards the woods, phasing as soon as we reached the tree line.

"Leech." Quil's voice was the first I heard. I saw through his eyes how he and Seth were in hot pursuit of something moving extremely fast. I couldn't quite make it out, but I knew by the smell that it was definitely a vampire.

"It's a new one, never seen it before," Seth said, and showed us an image of a young man with bright red eyes.

"We're on our way, try to keep up with him, but don't engage on your own," Sam ordered.

We raced through the woods, everyone's thoughts focused on catching the bloodsucker, when Quil suddenly cursed. "Fuck, there's two of them!"

We saw a flash of red to the left of him and the scent of the second vampire was alarmingly familiar. It was the redhead that was after Bella. Paul and I both growled and our minds instantly started to replay some of the things Bella had told us.

"What the fuck?"

"Are you kidding me?"

"Why didn't you tell us?"

The stunned thoughts of the others assaulted us when they realized what they heard. Most of them had only known Bella for a short amount of time, but as an imprint she was instantly under the packs protection, and the thought of someone hurting one of our own was horrifying. On top of that, Chief Swan had been a good friend to the tribe, and the knowledge that he was killed by the vampire in front of us sent everyone in to overdrive.

We ran faster than we ever had, Quil and Seth still on the male's trail, while the rest of us took after the redhead.

"Damn it!" Quil yelled when he'd been close to getting a bite in on the bloodsucker who managed to twist out of the way in the last second.

Paul snapped his jaws and let out a roar when he only got a piece of the redhead's shirt in his mouth. He spat it out in disgust and if the situation hadn't been so serious I would have laughed at his repulsed thoughts.

We continued the chase and were soon joined by Quil and Seth who had been forced to abandon the male when he jumped in the ocean. We had no chance of catching up to a leech in the water, and since it looked as if he took off in the opposite direction of La Push we focused our attention on getting the redhead.

"Fuck, she's a slippery one," Jake growled. We were becoming more and more frustrated. Every time we were getting close to catching her, or surrounding her, she somehow managed to get away without a scratch on her.

"How the fuck does she do that?" Leah was the fastest of us all and she was not happy about the fact that she wasn't able to get a hold of the leech.

"Fuck, Collin!" Brady's voice was suddenly in our minds and we saw Collin soar through the air, landing against a cliff.

"What's happening, Brady?" Sam demanded.

"Leech showed up out of the blue, Collin didn't have time to phase before he got to him. I'm trying...fuck." We watched with horror as a leech with dreadlocks got his hands on Collin and then he was flying through the air as well. He landed at the edge of the forest, grunting as made impact with the ground, the air forced out of his lungs. The leech was on him instantly, crushing his hind legs. Collin's screams of pain mixed in with the screams of the girls who were now left unprotected.

"Leave him alone!" Bella yelled, taking a step closer to the leech. Paul and I were growling and our paws were hitting the ground with unparalleled speed in our need to get back to her. Sam and Embry were hot on our heels, their minds racing with thoughts of Emily and Angela in the presence of a vampire.

"What do you want, Laurent?" We heard Bella ask.

"Does she know him?" Seth asked confused.

Collin was able to lift his head a little so we could see what was taking place before him. Bella was standing in front of Emily and Angela, seemingly protecting them from the leech. Sam and Embry's thoughts were filled with love for Bella for wanting to shield their imprints. Paul and I were terrified.

"Why I want you of course, Bella," the vampire said with an odd accent.

"Victoria sent you." It wasn't a question, she already knew the answer.

"Fuck, this whole chase was just a ruse to get us away from her," Paul came to the same conclusion that I just did, and I wanted to kick myself for not thinking of it sooner. I prayed that we would get there in time, but we were still too fucking far away.

"Yes, seems as if you changed the rules of the game, Bella," the leech said with a smirk. "Victoria is not happy with you. I should just kill you now; I would be doing you a favor."

"So do it," Bella said, and I swear to god my heart almost jumped out of my chest. "Just promise you'll leave everyone else alone." Her eyes were burning into the leech's and I marveled at her courage, while cursing it at the same time.

"Ah, but I'm supposed to bring you to her," he said, seemingly contemplating her offer.

"Do you always do the things you're supposed to do, Laurent?"

"That's it, baby, keep him talking a little longer," Paul encouraged her in his mind.

We were getting closer, and if she could manage to distract him long enough we'd be able to get there before anyone else got hurt.

"I can't move," Collin said, feeling frustrated that he was so close and yet wasn't able to do anything except show us what was happening.

"It's okay, Collin, we're almost there," Sam said, and hope started to be mixed in with our fearful thoughts. We would get there in time and take the leech down, and then we would take care of the redhead.

The leech's head suddenly snapped up and his eyes trained in our direction. Damn, he knew we were coming.

I'm sorry, Bella, but we're about to have company, time to get out of here" he said, and in the blink of an eye swooped her up in his arms and took off running.

"Bella!" Emily and Angela were both shouting and crying. Collin was beating himself up over his inability to move. Paul and I both howled in frustration and fear. We were so close.

We raced through La Push, Sam and Embry staying behind with their imprints, taking care of Collin and Brady. The rest of us were furiously running and following the trail of the soon to be dead bloodsucker. After a while the scent veered off towards the highway and then it was gone. He must have had a car waiting for him.

Paul and I looked at each other. The pain we both felt was excruciating. Our imprint was gone. Bella was gone. The highway was eerily silent, and the animals in the woods seemed to have scurried off.

The only sounds that could be heard were the haunting howls of a pack of wolves.