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I'm back in the bathroom where I wrote to you last time.

The facet is dripping. The tap water is slowly hitting the sink's bottom and then it is pulled down the drain. It reminds me of myself and this love square. (Square? I'll get to that later.)

The facet is Leon and the drain is Steve and I am water that just won't go where it belongs, which is to the drain. I know that I should select Steve over Leon, but something in my mind is saying no. Something in my heart is crying for Leon S. Kennedy. Something wants both even though that is not possible. Being with the ex-cop isn't possible either.. anymore.

The sad thing is I had finally made up my mind to be with Leon when she came back. She being the infamous Ada Wong, his previous love interest. An ex-spy for Umbrella who lied to him, betrayed him and at the same time, fell in love with him. She's not worthy of him. She doesn't deserve his arms around her on the cold nights and furthermore, how can he know she won't just cast him aside once Wesker comes around?

Leon can't and yet he's taking the risk. Why? As I've said before and as you probably know: old love dies hard or in some cases, doesn't even die. It didn't die for them..

It hurts me just thinking about it. I willingly took Kennedy as a fallback boy, aka a cheap fling, and now I'm suddenly shocked when his true love emerges and he chooses Ada? Wasn't I supposed to do that with Steve? Wasn't I--

Forget it. It's pointless. I feel like a tennis ball being bounced back and forth and back and forth until the skin surrounding me has burned off. Did you ever feel this way about Jill? How did you know that Jill was the one? How did you know to propose to her last weekend? How?

It started out with me being the sought after one and now it's ended, before it really even started, with me being forced to Steve. I spent a whole month trying to decide which one and what I've discovered is that the one I truly love is the one who got tired of waiting. I probably shouldn't have given him disaffective stares and I probably shouldn't have hinted that he was in some possible way. But I didn't know.

It's funny how I get second chances in the battle field all the time but when it comes to love, I don't even get one chance.

I suppose I have my chance now to shine, I have Steve. But something's not right and I keep thinking Leon was the one. The real one. What to do, what to do.

Thanks for listening.. again. I hope you get this soon and I hope you let me know your thoughts, Chris.



Once again, I folded the envelope in half and got up, leaving the room. I kicked the note underneath my brother's door and walked back to my room, feeling worse than before. Leon. Steve. Leon. Steve. Eenie.. meanie.. miny.. moe.