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Harry Potter sighed as he slumped into the chair and watched the fire with blank eyes. He still had trouble believing that Fudge and the members of the Wizengamot had actually expelled him. It was still hard to believe and he had been there although he had to admit that Dumbledore had actually seemed more shocked than he had been when Fudge had grinned down on them as he snapped his phoenix core wand. All of the kids had been suitably outraged on his behalf that however hadn't stopped them from preparing themselves for returning to Hogwarts though he thought bitterly.

Sirius walked into the room and sat down at a nearby chair and smiled sadly at his godson. The escapee was running through a variety of emotions some of which he was ashamed to admit feeling. He was sad and angry that James and Lily's child was being kept out of Hogwarts, and yet he was glad too. Because it meant that he could spend time with the boy and protect him like he hadn't been able to do so far. "Hey pup," he greeted, "you alright," he questioned.

"Just wondering," Harry replied as his green eyes stared into the fire.

"And what could you be wondering about so deeply pup?" Sirius questioned with interest.

"Why do we even bother?" Harry questioned his godfather finally turning to look at the dark haired man. "You're a wanted criminal for killing someone that's still alive, Remus is hated because of what he is, and then there's me and what they think of me." He said with a bitterness that no one should have.

Sirius nodded in understanding of what the boy was asking. "We do what we have to because it's the right thing to do." He explained to the angry and confused teenager before him.

"And if we told them to just leave us alone?" Harry questioned with curiosity. "What if we just packed our bags grabbed Remus and left? The Ministry obviously doesn't want us around, and the only person that Voldemort is actually scared of is Dumbledore, so why are we killing ourselves over all of this? It's not like I stand a chance against him, the few times I've run into him I've been lucky that he was weakened and underestimated me."

"So what are you thinking of pup?" Sirius grumbled at the boy. "I can't just leave here and walk around town like nothing's happened, I happen to be wanted remember?"

"Why not," Harry questioned stubbornly, "why can't we just leave England and settle down someplace nice and quiet?"

Sirius opened his mouth to respond but couldn't come up with a decent answer for the raven headed teen. "What about your friends though?" He finally managed to croak out. When he was growing up he could never even consider running out on his friends.

Harry flinched at this. "I want to be with them Sirius, I really do, but they're going to Hogwarts and I'm stuck in here with you inside this creepy old house. I would rather go back to Hogwarts but I can't. I need to find another way than the one I've been using though."

Sirius nodded his head in acceptance, he would do what Harry needed, and Harry didn't need to be trapped in this house. "Alright pup, we'll do it, let me talk to Mooney and we'll get out of here in a few days. Keep it under your hat though, I want to do this without anyone making a fuss." Inside he was wondering how he was going to sneak Harry away from the house where not only was the infamous Mad-Eye-Moody constantly coming over, but also the overprotective mother hen Molly Weasley. He wasn't really sure which of the two would actually be more difficult to slip past the more he thought about it.

In the end it had been disturbingly easy to get out for the group. Remus had taken some convincing, but after asking what James and Lily would have wanted for Harry the werewolf had conceded in helping with the hair brained scheme that his friend had managed to come up with.

They had left fifteen minutes after the Order had left for the train station. Harry had packed his trunk under the excuse that it would make it easier for Ron to find his own things getting nods of approval from Mrs. Weasley and Hermione. Before they walked out the doors of Black Manor his friends had both stopped and given him comforting hugs before they had been bustled out the doors by Mrs. Weasley and Mad-Eye Moody.

Once those two were gone it was rather simple for the two Marauders to disable Tonks and Hestia. The Marauders had looked down at the stunned pair of women with sad smiles before they gathered their things together and easily slipped out the doors. Once they were on the porch Sirius turned into Padfoot, while Remus canceled the various tracking charms on Harry. They had hailed the Knight bus to take them to the Chunnel, and once in France they had moved by muggle methods to Spain, where Remus had acquired tickets on a ship that would take them to the States.

None of the members of the Order having wanted to be around the emotional teenager that was Harry had managed to delay returning to headquarters since they had other things to do. Neither Dumbledore nor McGonagall were there either, as they were busy doing last minute preparations for the start of a new term. Because of this no one noticed the fact that Harry, or the remaining Marauders were gone and that the guards were unconscious. Not until a grocery laden Mrs. Weasley barged into the house, and dropped a bag of flour over the Auror and Hit Witch that is. It was nearly an hour later, that the group found a note from the group explaining that they couldn't remain and fight for people where they were not wanted. They then had to wait until after the Hogwarts opening feast before they could get Dumbledore, McGonagall, and Snape to join them and explain everything that they knew.

Dumbledore had returned to his offices to inspect his various devices, only to see that all the ones showing where Harry was had been disabled though the health ones were still in working condition. He could tell that Harry was alive and healthy, but he couldn't tell where the young man was currently hiding. This meant that the Marauders had found all of his spells or that they had moved far beyond their range. He would have to station people at Diagon Ally, Hogsmeade, and any other place that the Marauders might try and run to. Ever since Fudge had decided to make this power play things had not gone as he had hoped. He had planned on using this school year as an excuse to strengthen the boy's loyalty to him by allowing Umbridge into his school and allow her to persecute Harry and a few others. Because of the ruling though, that plan was no longer useable, and he would need another plan. Because of Fudge, he couldn't even slowly wear the boy's mental defenses away because they weren't going to be where anyone could deal with them. He had thought that by allowing Harry to study the magical theory and potions that he would manage to stay on his good side. By disappearing like he had though, he had made things much more difficult. The loss of the brother wand to Voldemort's wand was also a harsh blow to their side. He sincerely doubted that Fawkes was going to be giving up another feather for a wand anytime soon. A check of other items had shown that the boy had also managed to reacquire his vault key from Mrs. Weasley a day or two ago. He wasn't sure that this could get much worse. Without Harry there was much that they now were unable to do. The old wizard was going to be forced to wait and see what the next move of the various players in the game were so that he could determine his next move in how to deal with them. There was now Harry and the Marauders, Voldemort, and the Ministry in this game for the future of the British Wizarding World. He idly wondered who would crack under the pressure first. He personally bet that it was the Ministry that folded first.

Remus, Harry and Padfoot watched from the deck of the ship as they saw the country that they were steadily approaching. A statue of a woman holding a torch loomed into their vision. "The Statue of Liberty," Remus explained to Harry and Padfoot. "It has a very interesting history, I wish we had the time right now to see it but we have other things to do instead. The two of you need to either swim or fly off the boat before customs gets here. I happen to have a passport and travel papers the two of you don't."

The two illegals nodded and Padfoot quietly slipped into the water and began to head for shore. Harry meanwhile draped his cloak, mounted his broom and began flying near the ship, but high enough over the water that he would not make any ripples on the water. Harry then listened, as first the captain and then Remus dealt with the inspector. After they were done Remus and the Captain exchanged some money and Remus gestured for the unseen Harry to rejoin him on the deck.

"Well that was fun," Remus said with a weak grin as the teen reappeared next to his protector. The werewolf obviously disliked the tricks and shady deals that were required of them. For Harry though, he was willing to do whatever it took to keep him safe.

The pair waited as the ship docked, and then made their way down a busy street and found themselves looking around in shock and awe at tall of the things around them. They stopped in a Subway restaurant, and ordered some sandwiches. The two then headed out to meet with Sirius at the assigned place. It was a small out of the way park that they met at and sat down to eat. They would have to decide on their next move, but for the moment they were getting some food and reveling in the fact that they had actually managed to get here without getting caught. They had managed to slip out of England, and into the States without any major problems. Not only that, but they had managed to do it without Dumbledore, the Ministry, or Voldemort being aware before it was too late for them to do anything. The group had nearly finished their meal when everything seemed to blow up in their faces though.

Several explosions happened as a creature made of rock and a man hovering on a flying carpet began tearing through the area. "Fear me you foolish Americans!" The man shouted loudly. "Gaze upon me and fear the Arabian Mystic!" He shouted as he waved his hands and the sand and gravel at a nearby playground turned into small tornado's until they formed into smaller creatures.

"Golems!" Remus said in surprise as he drew his wand.

"Just what we don't need." Sirius grumbled, as he held his own wand at the ready. The two men had quickly placed Harry in between them as they prepared themselves for the creatures if they decided to attack them. The creatures snarled at them and raised their hands and fired small fragments of sand and rock at the group. Remus created a shield while Sirius cast a cushioning charm that destroyed most of the destructive power of the attacks.

Harry grabbed a fallen stick and held it at the ready, unsure if this was going to be of any real help against what they were facing. 'Still, it was better than nothing.' He thought to himself as he nervously readied himself for whatever it was that happened next. Secretly he was wishing for his wand or the twins and some bludgers.

"Remus, try that decay spell that you used on Lucius's fancy family statue that he had delivered to school in 3rd year." Sirius said grimly as he got his wand in the ready position.

"Are you sure about that Sirius? That spell takes several moments to cast." Remus warned his friend.

"I'll do my best to cover you." The dark haired wizard returned, as he fired several banishing charms to send another attack away from them. The rocks that struck the golems were actually absorbed back into the bodies of the creatures. Remus nodded and began muttering and waving his wand around, he then sent a final jab at one of the creatures and they watched as the various rocks that made the creature up cracked and crumbled making the creature wobble around. The three cheered as the creature fell, only to watch in surprise and disbelief as it rebuilt itself.

"So much for that idea." Harry said, he then turned to Remus. "Can you break it apart again and then transfigure the parts into something else? It looks like they need rocks and sand to move around."

The two wizards shrugged and tried the young man's idea and flung several curses at the creatures. Sirius waved his wand at a nearby water fountain and watched as it spewed water at the creature making it seem to melt as the sand and dirt turned to mud. "Now," Sirius commanded and the two waved their wands and the sand shifted into a giant mirror. The rock creature looked at its ally for a moment before it began spewing even more rock attacks at the three.

"This is getting ridiculous!" Remus complained, as he batted aside several rocks Sirius had transfigured into flowers while trying to hit the creature. His attacks appeared to have little effect on the creature though, as if it was gaining an immunity to their magic. The creature was now amongst them, and grabbed both wizards by their wand arms and both men cried in pain as the vice like grip held them.

"Harry, get out of here." Sirius ordered through gritted teeth, as he battered uselessly against the stone that was holding him in an ever tightening grip.

"And so fall all enemies of the Arabian Mystic." The man upon the carpet said smugly from where he had watched the short battle between his golems and the two wizards.

He then turned toward his giant Golem. "Come my pet, we will destroy this city and all its inhabitants and with the power of the fallen souls we capture we shall make a new world."

"I think not." A new voice said grimly, as a magical bolt erupted from above them and struck the giant Golem knocking it back.

"Who dares to challenge the Arabian Mystic." The man spat turning to look toward the sky.

A man dressed in dark pants and boots, a blue tunic, a yellow sash, and a red cape with gold trim on it was there to face him. The man was a tall white man, with a thin mustache, and dark hair with a large white streak on either side. "I do, I am Doctor Strange and I am here to stop you."

"Hah, the infamous American with a few parlor tricks." The Arabian Mystic shot back at him. "I have heard of you, and know that you are useless unless you have your toys. You are not a true magic users like myself, who creates or enchants their weapons." The Arabian Mystic boasted.

"We shall see who is truly the greater mystic then." Dr. Strange said, as they began trading shots with each other. If the wizards had been watching they would have been shocked to note that the pair were battling without wands and were throwing magical energy at each other.

Harry using his stick was slamming it uselessly into the side of the creature that was holding the last true links to his family.

"It's no use pup, nothing is going make this thing let us go." Sirius grunted to the boy.

"Harry you need to get out of here while you can." Remus said. "Find someplace safe or return to England. It's your choice, but live your life the way you want to." The werewolf advised the boy.

"No," Harry shouted back at them. "I am not losing you two now that I got you." Harry's eyes sparked with raw magical power and he slammed his hands into the golem and it shattered. The force of the spell flew through the creature holding the Marauders and slammed into the giant Golem behind it.

The Arabian Mystic and Dr. Strange both stopped their battle as they watched the two golems feel the effects from the attack. One was shattered, and the other was cracked along the waist. "No, this cannot be happening!" The Arabian Mystic cried out in shock and anger, as he turned to see his damaged creature.

"But it has." Dr. Strange said as he fired a bolt of mystic energy at the other magic user. "Those who use the souls of others must be prepared to pay the price." The Arabian Mystic cried out in pain, as the bolt burned him and he fell weakly onto his magic carpet. Turning Dr. Strange then fired a large bolt of magical power towards the giant Golem which wavered for a moment before shattering leaving a cloud of dust. The Sorcerer Supreme slowly lowered himself to the ground and observed those that had helped him. Two trained wand magic users and a boy with so much potential were all holding each other in relief over surviving the fight.

"Well fought my friends." Dr. Strange said cordially to the group. "Had those creatures managed to wander the streets they would likely have killed many and added to his power. Because of your stopping them you gave me the chance to stop him and you even damaged his soul container that was his giant Golem." He added.

"A dangerous task." Remus said, as he examined the remains from where he was sitting. "A type of dark magic that used Golems, Soul Magic, and Power Containment. Seperat they are each dangerous fields of magic, combined they are a deadly type of magic. I remember talking to a wizard about similar such pieces of magical theory before when I was in France. I never thought anyone would actually have it in them to kill the people required to keep such things going though."

"Yes, it is a shame that someone would have so little regard for life." Dr. Strange said in agreement. "He planned to use the power from those souls to change the world so that magic became the primary used method in the world again with science falling by the wayside, with him as a ruler of the world." He eyed the group over and watched as the two men healed each other with their wands while the boy watched them and him cautiously. "I wish that I had more time to talk with you, but perhaps you can come to my house later. I wish I could take you there, but I must first deal with this magic user who thought himself able to change the very laws of life to suite his own selfish wants and desires." He handed Sirius a piece of paper with his address. "We have much we can talk about I believe. Come to me when you are ready to talk. The boy has much potential, bring him, for I have much to discuss with him."

The wizard nodded his head as he glanced down at the paper and saw an address. The group was distracted as they saw the man create a shimmering portal that sucked the dark magic user his flying carpet and a majority of the giant golem away. Dr. Strange gave a wave to the group his eyes resting on Harry for a moment before he stepped into the portal and disappeared. "Okay, let's get out of here before the Yank version of the Aurors and Obliviators show up and try to arrest me, or blame for this mess." Sirius told the others ushering them on.