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Chapter 1

A young, pink-haired child hummed cheerfully as she trudged through the snow alongside her father down the semi-busy streets of Konohagakure's marketplace, paying no heed to the cold breeze biting at her exposed face. The pair was making their way in the general direction of the major clan compounds, intending to do business for one of the clan heads. Sakura giggled happily as she stuck out her tongue in an attempt to catch the soft snowflakes that were drifting slowly from the sky overhead. She was excited at finally getting to witness her first snowfall, one of the very few snowfalls to take place in the Fire Country. Her father chuckled at her antics and took her tiny, glove-cladded hand in his own, gently urging her to move along faster.

"Come on now, Sakura. We don't want to keep the Hyuga head waiting, now do we?"

Sakura turned her emerald eyes to her father before she cracked an adorable smile and shook her head furiously, causing her baby pink locks to fly around her face.

"No! That would be very bad!"

Kizashi just laughed again, agreeing, as he watched Sakura quicken her pace through the snow, trying to reach their destination faster. He shook his head, smiling, before he gave in to the insisting tugging and hurried after her down the roads toward the Hyuga compound.


Sakura wandered aimlessly through the large corridors of the vast Hyuga mansion, waiting impatiently for her father to finish with his business with the clan head so that they could go home and play. She sighed as she scuffed her sock-cladded foot against the glossy, clean floor of the hallway as she passed another set of doors on her exploration of the household.

She wished she had someone to play with.

Even though she knew mostly everyone in the Hyuga compound were too busy and probably not in the mood - it was only recently that the Hyuga incident took place, so maybe they were still in shock or grief. The heiress did get kidnapped and someone did die, after all (at least that's what she overheard from her father)- and even though she knew her father wanted her to stay put and wait for him, she was tired of staying in that boring room. Even more so that she was just too bored by herself. She desperately wanted -no needed someone to play with.

Sakura sighed once more as she turned yet another corner-

-and promptly froze. Her bright emerald eyes widened in surprise and curiosity at the soft sound of someone crying. It sounded like a child, too! She strained her ears to hear it better and began to slowly move in the direction the sound was emitting from. She peeked into half opened rooms along her way, but to her disappointment, all were empty. She checked through more doors as the sound grew louder, until she stood in triumph at the single last set at the end of the hallway. The faint crying had grown into steady sobbing as Sakura mustered up her courage and reached out to slowly push open the sliding screen. She popped her pink-haired head through and let her bright eyes scan the room.

There! Sakura's gaze fixated on the small figure curled up in the corner of the large dojo-like room. She began to wonder if it was boy or a girl, especially with the long hair since she couldn't tell because the child's face was buried in its arms. The figure's body was shaking violently from the force of its cries, and Sakura couldn't help but feel sad for the child. She looked over her shoulder to check the halls if anyone was coming, before she made up her mind and silently slipped into the room. She crept quietly toward the figure until she was standing in front of it, tilting her head in question, before she decided to speak up.

"Ano…Why are you crying?"

The other child's head jerked up at the sound of her voice and Sakura's gaze was met with the beautiful pearl-coloured eyes that all Hyuga's possessed, though this one had a pretty tint of lavender to it. The child actually turned out to be a boy, who was currently trying to cover his forehead while trying to wipe his tears while also trying to glare daggers into her poor little three year-old body all at the same time. Sakura ignored that. Thank Kami-sama! Her wishes were heard!

"Who are you?" The boy snapped sharply. Sakura blinked, before smiling and holding out her hand.

"I'm Sakura! What's your name?" She chirped happily. Her bright attitude seemed to catch the boy off guard.

A strange expression Sakura couldn't figure out crossed his pale features. He didn't take her hand, but he did tell her his name, although albeit hesitantly.

"I am…Neji."

Sakura smiled at him, before she knelt in front of him and offered him the handkerchief she had pulled from her pocket.

"Nice to meet you, Neji-kun! But you know, my mommy said boys aren't supposed to cry."

Neji flushed in embarrassment at her statement and hurriedly rubbed his hand across his eyes, trying to get rid of the non-existent remaining teardrops on his face. This caused the pink-haired girl in front of him to giggle. Neji promptly glared darkly at her. Sakura, once again, ignored his hostility and grabbed his hand, tugging him to his feet against his will. She grinned as she lead Neji out the room and out down the hallway.

"Come on, Neji-kun! Let's go play outside! It's snowing!"

The said boy said nothing as he wordlessly followed after the pinkette, but took her hand anyway when he knew they were going the wrong way and urged her in the actual direction. Sakura giggled happily as their destination of the garden appeared in their line of vision and she hurriedly bounded to open the sliding door to enter the snowy abyss outside. Sakura grinned mischievously at Neji.

"I bet I could beat you in a snowball fight, Neji-kun!"

The brown-haired boy smirked.

"You're on."

Thus began a war between the two children.


Their laughter echoed over the garden as Neji and Sakura plopped down beside each other tiredly on the porch after all their activities in the snow. The pair made snow people (snow children, according to their size), forts and numerous snow angels. It went up to the point that the small secluded part of the garden they were in was littered with them. Sakura smiled and leaned back, staring out at the cloudy sky. She turned to Neji.

"That was fun, wasn't it, Neji-kun?"

The older boy nodded silently with a soft smile playing around his lips.

"Yes," he answered simply. A satisfied grin crossed her babyish features and the pinkette sighed in content.

"I'm glad."

Neji shot her a questioning glance, but Sakura merely shook her head and giggled happily. Their comfortable silence after that was abruptly broken by the anxious calls of their guardians. Sakura pouted at hearing her father, before making a move to get up. She blinked in surprise, however, because Neji held out his hand for her to take and when she took it, he pulled her up with ease. Sakura smiled and took his hand in hers again, kicking off the shoes they borrowed offhandedly, before they hurried to meet up with the adults. As soon as Sakura's father caught sight of the pair he broke out in a relieved smile.

"Sakura! There you are!"

The pink-haired girl smiled, but moved to hide shyly behind the boy at her side when she saw the tall intimidating figure of the Hyuga head, Hyuga Hiashi, standing beside her father. She saw his cold pearl eyes calculating and assessing her and Neji, as if trying to figure out their relation with each other, and she shivered involuntarily. Neji bowed.


Hiashi didn't give any indication he heard him, but simply gestured for the boy to join his side. Sakura and Neji exchanged glances, before he released her hand and took his spot beside the head. Kizashi smiled apologetically and took Sakura's hand in his larger one, giving a nod to the other man.

"Thank you for your time, Hyuga-sama,"

"And you, Haruno-san."

Kizashi smiled, and began leading Sakura to the door so that they could leave. Sakura turned to Neji, who was watching them go, and waved at him. She smiled as he hesitantly waved back and she yelled something to him before she and her father disappeared down the path and down the road to their home on the other side of the village.

"I'm glad you're not sad anymore, Neji-kun!"

Neji blinked and allowed one full, genuine smile light up his young features for the first time since his father died. His smile grew wider when a realization hit him.

She didn't care about his forehead.

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