I Remember You

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When Dr. Ludwig walked out of the room, she met Niall and Bill waiting for her. They both looked at her; waiting to hear the news. Her eyes left their faces for a fleeting moment and if they had looked away, they would have missed it. She looked sadly at the two 'men'. She never thought that she would see the day when a vampire and a fairy would stand together, even if the time was a tragic one.

She shook her head sullenly. "She's waiting." She stepped to the side and motioned for them to go into the room. She kept her head down the entire time. She could not bear to look into their eyes.

When they entered the room, Niall and Bill had to catch their breaths. Niall stood at the foot of the bed; placing his hand on her foot. He was sending her his essence in order to ease her pain and to make the journey an easier one. He played the role of the strong grandfather well though his heart was breaking; no it was shattering. He loved her more than he thought possible; enough to do anything for her without expecting anything in return. Her happiness is all that he has ever wanted but this, watching her die, was more than he could handle. He never expected to feel such pain. He hated to admit it but he didn't feel this way when he'd lost his son.

Bill slowly walked to the side of her bed and kneeled down. She was covered in bandages. Her eyes were black and swollen; almost swollen shut but he knew that she could see him, feel him. Though there were bruises on her face and her arms, she was still the most beautiful creature he had ever seen. Her chest was rising and falling so slowly that it terrified him. When she rolled her head to face the man that she once loved so dearly, he gripped her hand into his, bloody tears fell from his cool brown eyes. He rested his head on hers as he cried for her softly.

She took her hand from him and began caressing his head. She was doing her best to soothe his pain when she was suffering with her own. When he looked up at her, she gave him the same smile that she bestowed upon him when they'd first met at Merlotte's.

"My dear, sweet Bill," she said to him softly. Her blue eyes glittered through the swollen slits as she looked at him. Her voice was faint but he heard her just the same. "You know that I love you."

"Sookie," he said with a choked voice. "I have failed you … yet again. I fought and fought for you but it was too little, too late." He would never have done such things for another human but he owed Sookie everything. She made him remember his humanity. She made him feel like a man when everyone else saw him as a monster. She taught him that he was able to love again. She had given him the greatest of gifts and he had only ever caused her pain.

Stroking his head, Sookie gave him a weak smile. "You've never let me down Bill. Even when I hated you, I knew that you would always be there for me. You've always been there for me. You're my knight in shining armor. No matter what happens, you must remember that; even if I don't remember you."

"What do you mean?"

She sighed and said, "That doesn't matter. When I'm gone, you'll have to be strong and carry on as you always have."

When he looked at her, sobs of pain escaped his tortured body. "Don't leave me Sookie."

Only a smile.

"Make me a promise Bill."

He looked at her; only nodding.

"Promise?" she said. A nod was not good enough. She had to hear him say it.

"Anything," he barely whispered.

"You won't meet the sun?"

Bill sobbed even harder. She was taking his only source of comfort. His body filled with pain and remorse at the thought of walking this world forever without ever seeing her again. He would have to remember the bad things that he had done to her for all eternity. The memories of how he had hurt her were the only memories that he would have forever. He would have to live with the memories of how he had failed her time and time again. She kept stroking his head through his pain.

"There were good memories too Bill."

He looked her startled. She read his mind.

"The bad parts were just mistakes. We can't hold onto to the bad. If that's how we live our lives, we'll never be happy. We just have to let it go. Don't you want to be happy? I'm happy. I want you to be happy. I want you to love again. I want you to smile again. I want you to live again. You can do that for me by making this promise to me. Will you promise me?"

Niall kept his hand on Sookie's foot; tears falling from his beautiful eyes.

A flash of pain rushed through her body. She stiffened and winced. Her breathing became shallower. Tears fell from her eyes. She squeezed his hand as the pain ravaged her body.

"Do you need Dr. Ludwig?" Bill asked as he stood quickly; still holding onto Sookie's hand.

She could barely shake her head no. Her eyes stayed closed and the pain was evident as it took over her face.

"I promise Sookie."

The room then fell silent. Only the faint sounds of Sookie's breathing could be heard. For the next few minutes she held on. She had to hold on. She wanted to see him one last time. She knew that something bad was happening to him. She could feel it. It was not her pain that she was concerned about. It was his. When Niall came for her, Eric was being detained. She could hear him calling her name over and over again.

He was begging for her to hold on. 'Please wait for me,' she heard him call out.

She waited.

The time had come.

He had come.

"Eric," she whispered. She opened her eyes fully for the first time. She had to see her husband. Her lover, her warrior, her protector; he appeared at the door. He was as handsome as ever. Love filled her heart. "I waited for you."

With tender love and care, Eric was instantly in bed with her and holding her in his arms. He stroked her head as he kissed her. "My beloved," he whispered; his cool breath felt soothing against her bruised, hot cheek. "I'm here now. It's over."

She settled into his arms and leaned her head onto his chest. She always loved it when he would cradle her in his arms. That is where she always felt safest …in his arms. "Good. I knew that you'd come. I knew that nothing would keep you from seeing me." Her warm tears fell onto his chest.

With great care, Eric pulled her closer to him. "I'm so sorry, my beloved."

With all of the energy that she could muster, she lifted her head to look into his beautiful blue eyes. She put her hand on his cheek and kissed his perfectly soft lips. Her Viking, her warrior, her protector; her everything; he'd made everything better. He always made everything so much better.

Eric brushed his lips across her forehead as he felt the life slowly leaving her body. The soul that he loved so much would soon be gone. The jokes that they shared would no longer be funny. When he would remember them, they would only make him miss her even more. He had no one that he could share his nights with. He would no longer smell the sun in her hair or on her perfectly tanned body. One of his greatest joys would soon be gone. His only love was leaving him.

He kept looking into her eyes. He wanted her to drink from him. It took more willpower than he thought possible to not force her to drink from him. He could make her drink but she would hate him and that is a punishment that he could not stand to bear. As he looked at her, he remembered his promise. Bloody tears fell onto her face.

Wiping the tears from her husband's face, she said, "Don't cry for me, baby." Bill was standing behind Eric. Niall was still standing at the foot of the bed with his hand lovingly on her foot. "You've made me so happy."

They were supposed to have forever. There was so much more for them to do together. There were places they'd never been. She'd never seen his homeland. It's not time. She can't leave.

"Don't leave me."

"Don't meet the sun." She kissed him again, this time her eyes were closed. "Pam needs you. I need for you to be strong." Her breaths were becoming slower and slower. "Promise me Eric."

He only looked at her.

"Tell Pam that I love her. Tell Jason. Tell Sam that I forgive him."

He only looked at her.

Sookie opened her eyes and looked deeply into his. Sorrow and sadness filled her. "Promise me, Eric." She had fear on her face because she could see that he had planned to meet the sun that very morning. "Please, don't meet the sun."

How could he say no to the woman that has loved him despite the many problems that they've had? How could he say no to her when she'd made so many sacrifices for them? How could this be the last time that he looks into those blue eyes? How could it be possible that he would never hold her in his arms again? How could he tell her no?

Still looking at him, blinking back the tears, she waited. "Please."

"I promise."

A relieved sigh escaped her mouth as a small smile appeared on her face. Her small hand was still on his face. She lovingly stroked his face and looked into his eyes. She wanted to drown in those eyes. She loves him. Her heart was aching because she waited too long to prove just how much.

Her blue eyes were fading and he could feel the life leaving her. He felt that part of himself which was Sookie, slowly dying. Her eyes were taking him in; every crease, every smile. She was taking every story with her, every kiss, and every touch. It was almost as if she was trying to take all of the memories that were of them with her. The small hand slowly fell from his face and landed onto his chest. Bill moved in quickly and kneeled at her side. She looked down at Bill and gave him one last smile.

Bill raised his eyebrows and looked her as if to ask, 'Are you leaving?'

She only looked at him with that same smile on her face that she'd given him only a short time ago. She looked at Niall, who stood at the foot of the bed silently. He gave his granddaughter a smile and a nod. Sookie returned her attentions back to Bill and nodded. Bill's body slumped to the floor as his tears flowed freely.

She returned her eyes to Eric. She swallowed before she spoke. "My dear husband; I've always loved you. I'm so sorry." She smiled at him one last time and closed her eyes. Her breaths were faint. Her chest was barely moving.

Eric held her tightly to his chest as if he was trying to push her inside of himself. He rocked her back and forth. "Don't leave me, Sookie. I love you." He held her away from him and kissed her.

Her last breath was one simple word, "Eric."