The amazingness of tonight's episode inspired me. I wanted to write a little 11/River drabble thing, but I couldn't keep it under 100 words, so I went for 500 words instead. It's my idea of a little summary of the last time the Doctor sees River – that inevitable day when their paths cross, and he is a stranger to her. I hope you like it, and please review!

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The Day the Doctor Died

He is her future now; she will see him again, and again, and again. She will try to kill him, she will save him, she will love him. The Doctor has known for a long time that she is his past; they are both travelling in the wrong direction – away from each other. He once swore to himself he would never again fall in love. It hurts too much, people get hurt... Him, perhaps most of all. But she... She's different. She is everything he is, and everything he isn't. Everything he likes, and everything he doesn't. She is a constant, unravelling, unwinding, never ending mystery. Every time he discovers the answer to a question about her, he is given a thousand more questions to ask.

He only realised once he was in too deep. His hearts already skipped two beats whenever his eyes alighted on that suggestive smile and sultry 'hello, sweetie'. His breath was already catching every time he saw that glimmer of familiarity in her eyes, every time she pulled the trigger to save his life. He was already at the point where his palms were sweating and his brain wouldn't form coherent sentences when he realised. He was in love with her. And somehow, that was okay. Because they'd always been heading for this. Heartbreak was inevitable.

When the Doctor first met River Song, she was in love with him, and had been for a long time. She whispered his name in his ear and died for him. When River Song first met the Doctor, he was in love with her, and had been for a long time. But she also broke his hearts that day, both of them splintering down the middle. Because when she left, he knew she was going to see him again. But he was never going to see her again. Because that was the first time River ever saw the Doctor, and the last time he ever saw her.

The Doctor had loved many women in his long life, but he had never loved anyone the way he loved her. He was in love with her; that had never happened before. He had loved, but never fallen in love. Until he met River Song. And that was the tragic thing, the story of his life... The only woman the Doctor ever truly loved, and was loved by in return, and they were travelling in opposite directions. Every time he saw her, she knew less and less about him. Every time he saw her, she loved him less and less. And that day – the day he saw River Song and there was no suggestive smile, no sultry 'hello, sweetie', no glimmer of familiarity in her eyes, no gunshot saving his life, that was the day the Doctor died.

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