Prologue. Safe and wanting

She ran. Ran not just to run, but because she was chased by someone who would hurt her. She was getting tired. The person following her was catching up quick. She couldn't see the symbol on his head, but she knew he was her enemy. A boy's figure appeared and he lead her to safety. But when she looked up, he was gone.

He watched her from his spot on top of the building and his wings lightly shone in the little light that was there that night. The black haired male smirked and fix his hat. He watched the girl as she looked around for the person who saved her. He turned and jumped off the building.

Chapter one. Angels.

"Sapphire!" Someone called. The girl looked up and looked at whoever called her name. She smiled and started talking to her friend.

In this world, there are no men.

Men are Angels.

Women are Human.

Sapphire laughed as her friend told her a joke.

"What if men were real?" She asked. Then Sapphire looked at her.

"Yellow, why did you ask?" She asked. Yellow blushed.

"I think it would be cool." She looked at the sky.

The angel that saved Sapphire that night watched her from the clouds. He hid his wings. Someone watched over and sat with him.

"Hey Ruby. What are you doing?" Ruby looked up.

"Hey Emerald." Emerald smiled. He waited for a answer. Ruby sat up. "Nothing." A group of boys walked over, laughing evilly.

"Look who it is boys." The group leader said. Ruby glared at him. "The angel who wants to be human." They laughed.

Sapphire and friends walked toward her house. They talked. Sapphire gasped and ran forward. Ruby was laying there, dead or asleep. Sapphire looked at him and she put her ear near his heart. By now her friends were around him. Sapphire smiled.

"He's not dead." Yellow looked at Sapphire.

"How do you know that's a boy since you never have seen one?" She asked. Sapphire blushed.

"I just know."

"Ruby. Awake. You have to get up!" Ruby heard the voice of Emerald. He sat up slowly and groaned. Emerald wasn't the only one in the room. A boy sat in a chair reading a book, another boy with a fishing rod sat nearby. There were many others. The boy with the book looked up.

"What where you doing in the human world?" He growled. Ruby sighed.

"I was attacked." The boy's face didn't change.

"Attacked? By who?"

"Who was he? He was kind of cute!" Blue said. Sapphire blushed as she sighed. She did her homework from school. She sighed and looked at the roof. She gasped as a boy came though the roof. Blue heard her gasp and ran to the room, seeing the boy place two fingers on her head. Her eyes were glowing. Blue fell down and the boy had looked at her. Then he looked back at Sapphire. He carefully placed her down and then walked over to Blue. He knelled down and studied her.

"You seem pesky." He muttered as he stood. He helped her stand, then was about to do what he did to Sapphire when Blue grabbed his hands.

"Who are you?" She asked. He smirked.

"Green, but you won't remember that for long or this." Then he moved closer to her. She looked at him as he quickly kissed her, making her drop his hands. He placed two fingers on her head and she forgot everything other than one name.


"Blue? Why are you on the ground?" Sapphire asked. Blue shook her head and stood.

"I can't remember." She muttered as she stood, a bit dizzy.

"Green! Why did you do that?" His friend asked. Green sighed.

"She wouldn't let go." The red head glared at him.

"Whatever." He muttered. Green smirked.

"See you later Silver. Don't be stupid."

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