Sorry for not updating. I've been out of town. So yeah.

I've started writing another Pokemon Adventures based story that I shall call Pokemon Hunters. I haven't wrote much and I started it yesterday when I was watching Pokemon 4Ever, which was a good, cheesy movie. So I based it off of both. XD


Chapter Six, Known


When Green says he wants angels to be known, he will do anything to get it.

Like making his self the leader of the rebels.

Or like commanding Ruby to do what he is doing right now.


Ruby had flew into the air and now was standing in the air. He looked down, then back up. When he looked down again, his eyes were glowing purple. A purple haze appeared over everything. That's when I remembered everything.

The kiss,



And why I couldn't remember my name.

I am Blue. That's my name. I groaned and Green looked at me. I could tell he was worried. Red looked more worried and said something to Green that I didn't get. Green just nodded and Red ran at him, trying to punch him for something. Green just dodged and looked at him as the haze disappeared. I looked toward Ruby and saw him close his eyes as he started to glow red. I looked at Sapphire as she watched in horror as Ruby fell. Then he disappeared, leaving Ruby a Ruby colored light in the sky.

"I'm going to kill you Green!" Red called as he hit the ground. He was mad. Ruby was dead.

"I didn't know."

"You didn't know bookworm!" Red cried. Green just stared at him. Sapphire was staring at the sky with tears in her eyes.

"Well, well." A voice said. I turned and saw Giovanni. He was looking at Green. "Killed one of your own. How shameful. You see what you have done? This is why we are apart from humans!" Giovanni stepped in front of Green. "That's what happened to your father. He died rebelling against us!" Green gasped and looked at Giovanni.

"I am glad to follow my father's footsteps." Giovanni was about laugh. He motioned for a boy to walk forward. He walked forward, pulling a girl with him. She tried to escape, but she had stopped.

"Green Oak, meet Daisy Oak, your sister." Green looked at Giovanni.

"I have a sister?" I could see how she was his sister. Giovanni nodded.

"Yes. You do." Green glared at Giovanni. He looked at him as Giovanni's hand reached for his neck. I knew Green had gave up. I think he knew that if he resisted, Daisy would be dead. As Giovanni placed his hand on Green's neck, Cyrus fell. I smiled.

"I-I'm not dead yet!"

There was Ruby. Smirking and holding his hand on his arm. And Silver stood next to him. Giovanni growled and Green looked up. I looked and saw that the Ruby colored light wasn't there. This was a power I hadn't expected. Gold flew down. He smirked.

Green stared at Giovanni.

"One more step and he dies. So does the girl!" The boy didn't look like he was a killer. He didn't really look like he wanted to. I looked at Green as he looked at me, his eyes telling me that everything would be ok. I didn't think so. Green sighed as Gold took a step forward and Giovanni attempted to kill him. Green tried to get free. Then Giovanni let go. He fell to the ground, trying to get his breath back. Even angels need air. I didn't move and Gold stepped back. Cyrus stood up and Giovanni snapped. "Reverse the effect of Ruby please." Cyrus nodded and stepped forward.

"N-no... Please... No." Green muttered. Cyrus smirked and flew into the air, ignoring the boy. He tried to stand, but Giovanni glared at him. Then we heard a voice.

"Father. Enough is enough. Let them go."

I think it's short this time. Sorry. XD