Disclaimer: I do not own the Eragon series or any of the characters mentioned in this story.

Eragon raised Glaedr's Eldunari over his head, presenting it to the new day. And, suddenly, the world around him began to change. Colors blurred until they were one continuous mass, then swirled around him, making him dizzy. He felt as though he was being picked up and thrown.

Saphira, do you feel that, too? He asked.

Yes, she replied after a moment.

Eragon tried to turn so he could see her, but he was pinned in place. What's happening to us? He wondered.

Then it stopped. A landscape began to form, but it was not that of Feinster. Instead, they were standing on a hill overlooking a flat plain. In the distance, there were glittering shapes in the sky.

Saphira, he asked, What's going on over there?

I… I think… I think those are dragons, she replied uncertaintly.

Let's get closer, Eragon replied, jumping on her back. As they got closer, he could clearly see what it was. I don't believe it! He cried. Somehow, we've been transported back to the war between the elves and the dragons!