Author's Notes: my very first story in the Suits' fandom! I haven't seen the last four episodes or so, so please no spoilers in the reviews. thanks.

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One conversation and it all capsizes.

One confrontation and it's all over.

Everything he has been working for is collapsing in front of his own eyes and there's nothing Mike can do to fix it.

He wants to tell Rachel the truth. He wants to so badly that it hurts. It hurts in the back of his mind when she questions him about his score on the LSAT's. A score on a test he did not take.

So when Rachel confronts him about his change of tune, when she realizes that he was the one who was helping people cheat, Mike knows that it will not end well. Nothing ever does.

Somewhere, in that big brain of his, Mike knew that someone would figure out about his past, the past that he tried so hard to keep hidden. He was just glad that it wasn't Louis… or Jessica for that matter. But now that Rachel thought he was both a liar and a cheater… well things are about to go from bad to worse. And they do. In a way that Mike never knew was possible.

Mike knows he should have told Rachel the truth. He should have told her the minute that he decided to help her with the LSATs. But he didn't. He thought that if she just studied honestly and didn't try to cheat, then she would remain oblivious to his secret. He couldn't have been more wrong.

He was swimming in dangerous waters just by helping her with the LSATs. Mike knew that Rachel would ask him about his test, he knew that she would ask her friend Theresa how she did it… how she went from bombing the test to acing it. Mike just never expected Theresa to tell her the truth. He never expected that Rachel would want to cheat as well.

He wanted to be honest with Rachel. He wanted to tell her all about himself, but he couldn't. He couldn't because he cared too damn much about his job to risk telling her. His job that shouldn't even be his to begin with. A job that seemed too good to be true. Everything at Pearson Hardman seemed too good to be true actually.

Rachel hadn't even given him a chance to explain. After hearing about what he used to do for a living, she had gone berserk and had accused him of manipulating her. Mike had done no such thing of course, but she didn't believe him. She didn't believe a word he said, and would continue to unless Mike thought of something that would actually work.

He racked and racked his brain, but came up with nothing. Every single idea that ran through his head was either too cheesy or too stupid to work. So he did nothing. He didn't talk to her for about a week, and she would give him these looks every time they would pass each other in the building.

After about two days or so, he realized something. Harvey had wanted him to do something, something that was not in his line of expertise. Mike would have gone to Rachel for help, if she was still talking to him. So here he was, mentally panicking because he had no idea what to do. This is when he had his epiphany… He realized that his plan of silence was the stupidest plan ever.

Why would he even think that saying nothing would help his situation? Silence isn't the answer, it never was to begin with. Mike thought about confronting Rachel himself at the end of the day, but it never happened. It never happened because Rachel began avoiding him. She would make it her personal mission to not run into him, or talk to him at all. It was very frustrating.

So he kept trying. Every day when he wasn't doing something for either Harvey or Louis (Which wasn't very often) he was looking for Rachel. He knew it wouldn't provide success, but he had to try anyways. If he didn't, then he would lose the one person who he was actually friends with in the firm.