This fanfic, is in POV's of either *CHRIS* or *DARREN*

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This morning I was awoken by my phone ringing. Usually I was awake at the same time every day so this seemed strange to have been woken. The only explanation must have been that I shouldn't be awake yet.

"Hey Chris"

"Hey Ryan, it's..." I glanced at my alarm clock, trying to refocus on the seemingly so small and blurry numbers "3am" finished my sentence.

"What the hell is wrong?" I continued

"Hey, nothing to be worried about I just wanted to remind you about the auditions for Blaine this afternoon? I know what you're like for forgetting important things like this. You need to be there, we need to make sure that the guy we pick has chemistry with you"

"Of course I haven't forgotten, who do you think I am. I'll see you later"

I wouldn't tell Ryan this but I had actually forgotten about the auditions, I don't usually go into work on a Monday, It's my day off, but hey, sometimes you can't avoid the inevitable. I would, of course be needed for the Blaine auditions. He was, after all going to end up being in a relationship with Kurt so the actor chosen would need to have a close relationship with me as well.

I have to be honest, after Ryan rang; all I could think about was who would be at the auditions. Some extremely famous people could turn up! This made me more excited. Although I can't imagine acting against Daniel Radcliffe or anyone like that. I would never compare...

To take my mind off of things I decided to go into my oversized kitchen that I never used. I have never been a good cook. When attempt to cook anything, it almost always comes out of the oven burnt. For breakfast I decided on toast, as I placed the bread in the two slicer, I took my laptop from my side table, and took a seat on my luxurious armchair. I shook the mouse, and I saw a new email pop up.

From Cory Monteith

To Chris Colfer
Date 5th April 2010 2.19AM


Hey Chris, I'm sorry it's so early. ACTUALLY I'm soooooo not. You have to check this out. As you can see from the time I sent this, I'm late to bed tonight. I've been watching this [LINK]. Just please check this out. Oh and you may or may not want to know that the reason I've been watching this is because, I may or may not have been tipped out BY RYAN that the main character in this is auditioning tomorrow – oh actually TODAY.

Anyway Just please check it out!


'This better be good Cory' I whispered to myself.

The link, which I'd opened earlier in a new tab, was for A Very Potter Musical. Now, before I even pressed play, I guessed that it had something to do with Harry Potter? Maybe? I don't know yet.

-3 hours later –

Now I love Harry Potter and everything, but, Omg that was so much better! Cory said something about the guy playing Harry auditioning today! He is so cute, there is absolutely no way I am not making sure that he gets the part. I mean he's cute and everything, but he's also a great actor and brilliant singer. Even Ryan's going to love him, I'm sure of it! My phone started ringing and who to call but him himself Ryan Murphy.

"Hey Ryan, this is a better time to call – don't you think?" It was nearing on 8am

"Yes, ha-ha Chris whatever you say. Cory just told me that you already know who my secret weapon is?" I thought for a couple of minutes, who could he be talking about? Ummm... Nope I have no idea what my crazy boss is on about.

"I'm lost, what?"

"Darren Criss? Ring a bell?" Darren Criss? Who?

"Umm... Sorry no..."

"A Very Potter Musical?"

"Oh right of course! Yes I've been watching AVPM since 4am, thanks to you I couldn't sleep."

"Oh so you're abbreviating A Very Potter Musical to AVPM – You're already a fan?"

"Omg yes- have you seen it? It's amazing!"

"Of course I've seen it. All normal people have"

"Right" How the hell had I not seen this sooner?

"Chris, I have to go, you've used up all my credit. See you at one"

After Ryan's phone call, I decided to do all possible research on AVPM. Darren Criss seemed pretty down to earth and normal. He seemed funny and happy. I reckoned we could get on. Infact we could be best friends looking at what he was like on camera. I would, of course have to get on with the off camera version, but I'm sure he can't act that charm. After about 5minutes I found AVPS and continued the rest of the morning watching that. It was just as good as the first one, maybe better, seeing as Darren wrote all the songs. I was warming even stronger to him.

-At the studio-

"Next please" Ryan's voice filled the hall where the auditions where taking place.

I'd missed the first audition, but that didn't matter. As long as it wasn't Darren Criss.

I greeted Ryan and took the place beside him. Ryan then told me how this was going to work. How I would just sit and listen, if I liked the person, then to draw a star on my piece of paper so Ryan could decide who to bring back for the call backs.

After a few auditions of, well, to put it frankly, rubbish singers, Darren Criss was shown in. Immediately I decided he was the 'Blaine' we were looking for. He was, as I already knew, talented, smart, funny, and incredibly good looking. This then made me draw the biggest star I could possible made on my A5 piece of paper. Ryan's face told me that he knew this would happen. After all Ryan knew me all too well. I was a sucker for curly hair. And Darren had heaps of the stuff. I loved it.

Darren began to sing. I was speechless. All the auditionees had to sing to me, I was after all the love interest, it made sense. I honestly don't think that Darren knew what he was doing to me but I think I almost fainted. He was perfect. Ryan had to pick him.


My audition went pretty smoothly I think. Chris seemed to be enjoying my performance, and he started writing something down as soon as I came on. Good sign? I think so.

-After the auditions-


"I think we've found our Blaine"

After the auditions, which took 5hours of my day off May I add, Ryan and I decided to get some dinner. We only went to a cafe, but Ryan was buying so I really didn't care.

"Really, we've still got the call backs yet" I stated

"Did you not even realise that the only person you drew a star for was Darren?"

I blushed; I reckon that I will always blush at that name forever now.

"Umm.. Right of course I knew that. He was amazing though, you have to say"

"Yes he was and I knew you would always pick him, that's why I asked him to audition. Because I knew he would be perfect"

"Ryan, shut up" I really was blushing now, It was hard to hide.

"So after the audition I told Darren he got the job..."

I jumped up and down like a little school girl. I didn't even care I was in public with my boss. This was the best news I've EVER HEARD.

"..He starts tomorrow" Ryan finished.

-The next day-

"Hey Chris" I looked up from my script; I'd been so involved all day that I hadn't had the chance to go and introduce myself to Darren but here he was staring down at me.

"Uhh... Oh, hi Darren" I have to admit I was a bit startled.

"So, um, this is a bit awkward, but we have a kissing scene in about, well literally now"

That did it, I was scared now.

"Right ok, let's do it then, I mean kiss, I mean as Kurt and Blaine, not right now..." I was making this worst.

"You're cute" Did he have to be this perfect? I was speechless again!

"Umm.. Thanks you kind of cute too"


"Hello, your supermegafoxyawesomehot!"

"You watched that huh"

"All normal people have" I laughed a little at quoting both AVPM and Ryan Murphy.

"Ha-ha of course"

"Were here – the Dalton set" I can't believe we get on so well. I swear it's been a blur going from the other side of the studio to here. I wasn't certain earlier, but now I am, we ARE going to be best friends.