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Going back home to have a shower was magical. I actually can't believe how much I love this boy – only after a few days. It scares me to think of it like that – many people wouldn't believe this is reality. I don't. But it's nice to think that love at first sight can actually happen.

That shower, which I think was the hottest shower I've ever experienced – and that's not even because of the water. Chris was beside me the whole time. Smashing me against the walls and kissing me heavily. It may actually be that I was more worked up about Chris after we'd finished. Then again, I never wanted to stop. Ever.

Soon, however, we had to go back to work. Unfortunately. And the car journey seemed shorter than usual to me. It's probably because I just wanted Chris all to myself way too much.

"Oh Darren I almost forgot!" Chris opened my door and let me out of the car. He had been driving, although I would have been happy to take the wheel.

"Mhm, what is it my love?" I smiled over at him as I placed my hand in his and we walked towards the studio.

"Umm..." Chris looked down at our hands intertwined and back up at me "...damn you! How can you have this effect on me all the time! I've gone and forgotten again" he laughed.

"Oh. I'm sorry" I laughed with him and let go of his hand.

Before my pinkie finger managed to get free Chris had taken it back into his hand.

"Don't you dare. This is perfect" Chris sighed happily as we reached the set he was filming on. "Oh I remember what it was now!" he turned to me and let my hand go "I was talking to Ryan about us and stuff. And he said that he won't bother trying to keep 'us' public as we don't want that" he always made me smile with his little inverted comma hand gestures. He turned to walk over to Lea and Amber.

I smiled to myself. Everything was going perfectly at the moment. Although I wanted to do something to express just how much I appreciated this coming at this moment in my life. Something simple, special and sweet. Oh well, I would think of something.


As I walked over to Lea and Amber I could see them both smirk at me. Then I remember about the public kiss – everyone would know by now. News does travel fast around here. So I went up to them casually. I had nothing to hide – well actually everything was out in the open.

"So Chris" Lea started

"Oh hi guys, how's it going?" I had nothing to hide. I had nothing to be embarrassed about.

"I was talking to Darren earlier. He seemed pretty happy about something." Lea told me

"And then..." Amber continued "we heard something from Ryan"

"Yeah" I went along with it

These two were so cute trying to get me to spill everything to them. As if I was the gossip. They clearly didn't think that I was actually scared of everyone finding out. Scared – but so happy and relieved. I wanted the world to know. But this wouldn't give me or Darren, for that matter, any good press about being gay.

"Well we know about the restaurant" Lea and Amber shrieked at me together. I got taken back with the force of it.

"Ok ok ok" I waved my arms around "I know it sounds bad"

They looked at one another and then back at me "No! No! No! We think it's adorable. You two are so adorable"

I must have looked surprised "really? Wow you guys are unpredictable"

"Were just worried about the press really" Lea said quietly, leaning in so only us three could hear

The press! That was what it was! I turned around to find Darren. I was hoping he would be standing by the door where we were before. But he had moved over to his seat. When I looked at him I was moved by the sheer look in his eyes. He was staring at me – not a creepy staring – but a loving one. He was just looking at me with his chin cupped in his hand. For a moment I couldn't breathe.

"Excuse me for a moment ladies"

I kept my eyes locked on Darren's as I jogged up to him. He continued to stare at me while I did so. Probably admiring my figure as my shirt moved to reveal my skin quickly. I stopped right next to him. He's tilted his head up to be able to stare in my eyes still. I couldn't actually think of anything else to do but kiss him.

I think there must have been quite a few coughs or tuts from the sides of us. Neither of us cared.

"Hey" I stopped – I knew he wouldn't do. "I know what I forgot now by the way – Ryan said to be wary of the paps" he smiled and still looked at me before kissing me again.

"Nothing can change my mood at the moment" he always managed to make me feel weak.

Ryan shouted everyone on set. So I knew I had to move. I didn't want to though. I never wanted to move more than 3 inches away from Darren.


Chris wasn't moving. I wasn't going to tell him to move. Someone better come take him away from me before I kiss him stupid.

Luckily Ryan personally came and dragged him away. He mouthed to me 'sorry' and continued to speak through his bull horn before Chris actually snapped out of his gaze. It was funny how Chris could actually stare at me for that long. It was like he was taking an extremely complex picture of me in his head.

Filming went slower than I wanted it too. I needed to sleep, or at least rest my eyes for a while. Chris came back to me after he'd finished his scene. Well, it was the end of the day after all. I'd gotten up to be ready to leave as swiftly as possible. But Lea and Amber came up behind Chris – clearly wanting to tell us both something.

Chris pecked me on the cheek and smiled. I was hoping for more – but we had time at home. Amber and Lea stayed behind Chris up until this point. I coughed and looked behind him. As if to signal that they were there as I didn't think he knew.

They smiled at us both "we wanted to invite you to the cinema tonight. We don't know what were watching – but we thought you might like to have a normal night out with your friends" Amber said.

"Yeah, after all you're always wrapped up in each other" Lea smirked "and if it doesn't seem appealing yet – just remember the making out in the back row. That gets Chris every time" she winked.

Chris blushed. Actually, I think I may have done too.

"I think we'll have to –" I started. Wanting to get home this wasn't my favourite plan of the evening.

"Of course we'll come" Chris cut me off. Clearly he had other plans.

"Brilliant! 7:30! Be there!" they exclaimed and walked off to their car.

I didn't want to argue with Chris about this. But if I fell asleep in the cinema – it wasn't my fault. So I decided to ask him for a private chat.


"Chris? Can I talk to you?" Darren asked me.

"Sure what's up?" I smiled at him.

After Darren had obviously not wanted to go out with Lea and Amber – I wanted to know why. I wasn't particularly happy about him doing that. But then, there was probably a perfectly good reason.

"Ok, so. I just wanted to let you know that I'm not really happy about going to the cinema tonight. I miss you. And I wanted to actually sleep early tonight, like you did the other night. It would be good for both of us. But I guess if you want to go make out with me, we can do it there. But I still think private is better until we sort all this publicity out."

I was pretty upset by this point.

"Hold on. You think this is all about me making out with you? I still have a life Darren. I don't need you 24/7. I think we need to have this discussion. I think we need to go out and have fun – with our friends. Just so we can socialise. We'll get bored with just us!"

"You see. I only need you, but I guess we need to talk to other people too. I just don't know. I have all these feelings for you, and I find them a little overwhelming" Darren looked to the floor.

I smiled sweetly at him "Ok, what were going to do is..." Darren looked back at me hopefully "...were going with Lea and Amber. And you and me? Were not allowed to make out"

"Wait... what?" Darren blurted out.

"Nope. That's final. Our lips are not touching until we get home tonight" I giggled. This was going to be interesting.