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Chapter 24

Bumblebee stood where he was in shock as he watch his teammates and the Decepticons that had protected him with their lives fight his Sire. Why on Cybertron would everyone defend him even though it was known that he was a Decepticon Prince? Bumblebee would dwell on that later as for right now he need to help his friends and family take down The Fallen and make sure that he would stay down.

Optimus ducked just in time as a sword came straight for his head missing it by a millimeter. The young Prime knew that when Megatron asked him to help him stop his mate Optimus knew that he couldn't refuse due to the fact that as long as The Fallen was online Bumblebee would never be safe and Optimus would do anything to protect Bumblebee who was the little brother of the team.

Bulkhead wince as he was thrown back several feet by his best friend's sire. Bulkhead knew the reason why Bumblebee didn't tell anyone that he was meeting The Fallen in hopes of protecting everyone that Bumblebee cared about.

Prowl threw his shurikens at The Fallen only to see the Fallen catch them and throw them right back at him. Prowl was a little upset that Bumblebee had kept his meeting with The Fallen a secret but understood that Bumblebee was kind and caring to a fault and didn't want anyone to die because of him.

Ratchet was busy trying to save Scar's life. It turns out that the sword that was rammed through his chassis had only nicked his spark and Scar knew to play dead to fool His master.

Ratchet couldn't understand why Scar would protect Bumblebee but the medic knew when he heard that Bumblebee as a newsparked sparkling hadn't screamed in terror at Scar like most sparklings did when they saw the assassin.

"You hang on there kid you hear me." Ratchet told the scared mech as he opened his chassis and began working on Scar to save his life all the while while fighting was going on around them.

Team Charr did their best as they tried to help the Autobots that had become a family to their young prince. The team could see just why YellowJacket was very protective of the Earthbound Autobots. They were willing to put their lives on the line for someone that was born a Decepticon and was the Prince of them as well.

Strika unleashed a battalion of missiles at The Fallen hoping to have at least one of them hit him and give the others time to attack. She was disappointed when The Fallen dodged all of the missiles and sent a blast of energy back at her which she also dodged.

The massive femme commander saw that her team was also having trouble taking on The Fallen as well seeing as they were out cold several feet away. Some would say that this battle was suicide but Strika knew that she would fight for Lord Megatron and YellowJacket who was so young to have go through what he was going through. Somehow through everything The Prince had managed to remain loyal to both faction seeing at both factions had a say in how he was raised.

Lugnut and Blitzwing were firing everything that they had at the King of the Decepticons only to miss as the Evil Decepticon was able to dodge everything that was thrown at him and still take on the Autobots.

Megatron had been injured and was being taken care of by Oilslick who was having a hard time getting the Decepticon leader to stay still.

The Jettwins were protecting Bumblebee the best that they could for him sire but were failing. They had never really had a chance to fight Decepticons like the Fallen and had only had 2 or 3 training sessions with Megatron and his men but it was not enough to help the flying Autobots as they were flung out of the way by The Fallen's energy blast leaving Bumblebee defenseless.

Bumblebee stood in terror as he saw his friends and teammates be defeated. He had a chance to leave but he wouldn't leave his friends to die not when they had defended him with everything that they had.

"Well my son it seems that it is just you and me. Finally I can get rid of a pain in my side forever." The Fallen evilly said as he drew out his sword and raised it above his head and just as he was about to deal the fatal blow to a shell shocked Bumblebee and sword came out of nowhere and blocked the descending sword just before it would strike Bumblebee.

Bumblebee onlined his optic that he didn't know he offlined to see Sentinel holding back The Fallen with his lance. That shocked him the most was that Sentinel was protecting him. Why would he do that when Sentinel made it clear that he didn't trust Bumblebee?

"What do you think you are waiting for Bumbler? Get out of here!" Sentinel yelled as he prevented the Fallen from getting close to Bumblebee.

"Not going to happen Sentinel. I am not abandoning my friends, family and teammates to My so called sire. I may be a Decepticon but I was raised as a Autobot and if there is one thing that I remember from living with the Autobots it's we don't leave anyone behind no matter the situation." Bumblebee told the Elite Guard officer and activated his stingers and shot a stream of electricity at his sire.

The Fallen reel back in pain and was shocked that his son has so much power. Maybe he was wrong in thinking that his son was weak. The Fallen got his answer at just how strong his offspring was when he found himself on the ground with a bleeding lip and saw that his son was standing over him.

"You have ruined so many lives but no more." Bumblebee told his sire as he placed his stingers on The Fallen's chassis write where his spark was.

"Do you really think that you can kill me YellowJacket? You have been raised b Autobots your entire live and have developed their sense of life for all beings." The Fallen smirked at his son sure that he couldn't kill him.

Bumblebee looked at his sire for a moment before saying. "You're right about the fact that I can't kill you but that doesn't stop someone else who's life you made terrible." Bumblebee then got off his sire's chassis and allowed the bot that would take the Fallen's life to take his place.

The Fallen's optics widened at who the bot was that was going to kill him. It was is own mate Megatron.

"You have ruined my life and the life of our son. You also are so evil that you would kill your own men and force a spark merge on your own mate. I have talked with the Decepticons that were loyal to you and they have all said that you need to be deactivated and I am the one to do seeing as I really am the only one that has taken a life and I would never allow my son to kill his own sire." Megatron told his mate as he raised his sword and without warning plunged it deep into the Fallen's chassis ending the life of a very evil mech that had caused so many so much pain.

Several weeks later.

Bumblebee looked at Cybertron out of the window of his office. It had been a few weeks since the Death of The Fallen and things were starting to get better for both factions.

With the Fallen gone and those who were loyal to his cause rounded up and place in holding cells as many of the Decepticons found that they no longer wanted to fight and surrendered.

Megatron himself was one of the first to surrender but Ultra Magnus told him that he was need to control the Decepticon as it looked like there was going to be peace someday.

Bumblebee was asked to be a medium between the two factions as he was from both worlds being the son of the new leader of the Decepticons and raised by Autobots so that made him the perfect ambassador for the factions and he would have a fair option.

Team Charr became the official bodyguards to Bumblebee and sometimes they took their jobs a little to seriously that it drove Bumblebee nuts but he knew it was not just out of loyalty but love as Strika sometimes forgot that he wasn't her sparkling and she treated him like she was.

Optimus and his team remained on Earth to created an alliance with The humans.

Sari became the ambassador of Earth to Cybertron due to her heritage.

Scar recovered from his injuries and turned himself over to the Autobots to be pay for his crimes but thanks to Megatron and Bumblebee his sentence was reduced and once he was free he would work under the watchful optics of Ultra Magnus who saw something in the young assassin.

Sentinel returned to his position as 2nd in command of the Elite Guard with a new view point on Decepticons and how they should be treated.

Jetfire and Jetstorm also became ambassadors to Cybertron only their job was to educate the young Autobots on just because you were a flying Autobot didn't make you a Decepticon.

Lugnut and Blitzwing stayed with Megatron as they had since the war started.

Bumblebee was brought out of his thoughts when he heard the door open and a young Elite Guard came with a stack of paperwork.

"Forgive my intruding but here is the paperwork that you requested your highness." The mech said as he placed the paperwork on the table.

"Thank you and please for the last time just call me Bumblebee."

"I will try Sir." The mech replied before leaving the room.

Bumblebee let out a sigh and decided to get busy with the paperwork on everything he needed to know about being a Diplomat as he had his first meeting with the Autobot Counsel and The Decepticon Alliance in a few days. Bumblebee just prayed that he would be true to both factions. Some how he knew that he was just what the war needed and would do his best in helping stop the fighting that would still go one even when most of the Decepticons were tired of fighting there would still be those that would refuse to call a truce.

Bumblebee knew that maybe not in his generation but in the next generation the war would be over with the careful planning and joint effort of both factions.

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