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It's funny, Kurt thought. He'd always pictured seeing Karofsky again in his future. Most of his recent nightmares had been revolved around that topic. He always thought that once he saw the evil eyes of his attacker, he would be frozen with fear. But now, as he looked into the face of Dave Karofsky, he wasn't nearly as afraid as he thought he'd be.

The main reason, he realized, was of how Dave was looking at him under his navy beanie. He didn't look murderous. He didn't look like he wanted to jump on Kurt. He just looked… confused. And, as much as this puzzled Kurt, Dave seemed to look… kind.

He saw Dave stretch his neck forward. He heard his name being called.

Blaine whipped his head up, and seeing Kurt's face, dropped his wallet. Kurt assumed he had figured it out because he jumped to Kurt's side and grabbed his hand reassuringly. Kurt didn't even notice because he was still looking at Dave, trying to see if he would give any indication as to what would happen next.

Blaine spoke up. "Kurt," he said. "Kurt, is this—?"

Kurt nodded, his voice temporarily not working due to his dry throat. Dave had his mouth open in surprise. He took off his beanie and began to walk out of a small swinging door on the front counter, but Blaine stopped him.

"You can stay in there or I'll call the police," Blaine said harshly. His voice was more menacing than Kurt had ever heard it before. He didn't think he'd ever seen Blaine this angry before.

"Please," Dave said, and it surprised Kurt. It probably surprised Blaine too because he loosened his grip on Kurt's hand for a moment, but immediately held it tight again. "I-I want to say something. To Kurt."

"After what you did to Kurt, you're asking for a talk?"Blaine spat. "It's ironic, really—"

"Blaine," Kurt interrupted, his voice steadier than he thought it would be.

Dave looked astonished. "Y-your voice… but they said you couldn't talk," he sputtered nervously.

"Yeah, well," Kurt said. "That lasted."

Dave continued staring at him unbelievingly. His eyes drifted down to their linked hands. "You have a boyfriend," he stated.

Kurt scrunched his eyebrows together as Blaine gripped his hand tighter. "Yes," he said warily.

"That's amazing, Kurt," Dave said wholeheartedly.

Kurt almost fell back in surprise. Blaine stepped forward and pointed his finger in Dave's face. "I don't know who you think you are, but Kurt and I are happy and I won't let you hurt him or-or judge him or tease him because—"

"Blaine, stop," Kurt said. Blaine looked back at him in surprise and Kurt noticed his face was nearly as red as the Dalton crest on his scarf. Kurt turned to Dave who was looking at him gratefully. "I want to hear what he has to say."

Kurt stared pointedly into Dave's eyes, trying to let him know that if he wanted to explain himself, he had better start right now.

Dave looked down, took a deep breath and spoke. "I never wanted this to happen."

"Well it did—"

"Blaine," Kurt said sternly. Blaine stayed quiet so Kurt turned back to Dave. "I didn't either. Go on."

"I never wanted things to be like this, Kurt," he repeated. "I was in the closet; I was safe. Then—when I kissed you— everything became different. Because someone knew. A-and I also feel really bad for doing that to you. For harassing you… sexually."

Kurt nodded. Blaine slightly relaxed his clenched jaw.

"Every time I saw some people whispering in the hall, I thought it was about me. I was so scared. I wasn't as brave as you, Kurt. It was my biggest fear that everyone would find out; my family, my friends… everyone."

"I am," Kurt interrupted. "Sosorry, Dave. I had no idea what I was saying. I honestly hate the idea of outing people and I can't believe that I could sink to that level. T-to use someone's sexuality againstthem, especially when they're not comfortable about it with themselves and—"

"Ple-please stop, Kurt," Dave rushed."I understand. You really don't have to apologize. What I did—"

"—was perfectly reasonable. What Idid was… horrible."

Kurt started crying into his hands and Blaine immediately rubbed soothing circles into his back. "Kurt, no, we've talked about this," Blaine whispered.

"You don't have to apologize, Kurt! I hurtyou. I should be in jail because of what I did to you. I feel terrible every day because I felt so guilty. Iwas wrong."

Kurt looked up, and the wind stung his wet cheeks. Dave sounded so genuine and heartfelt that it scared him. Was this the same boy who had harassed him throughout high school? The boy who slushied him, threw him in dumpsters, shoved him around, and stole his first kiss and voice? It couldn't be.

"You changed," Kurt said. "You're different now."

Dave looked relieved to see that Kurt's tears had stopped for the moment. "Yeah, well," he breathed. "Three months of therapy almost every evening will do that to a kid."

"Why aren't you in jail?"Blaine asked.

To Kurt's surprise, Blaine didn't sound so malevolent anymore. He seemed like he genuinely wanted to hear his story.

"Uh, my dad bailed me out," he explained. "My mother was very unenthusiastic about it though."

"What do you mean?" Kurt asked.

"I think my mother—my own mother— saw me as… as a monster. She must've thought I was the disappointment in the family, like, she looked down on me."

Kurt was horrified. "B-because… you're—"

"No! Not because I'm gay," he said hurriedly. "But I attacked you, Kurt. I hurt you and—" Dave took a deep breath and wiped his eyes for any possible tears to fall. "I am so frickin sorry. For everything. I'm sorry I bullied you, and hurt you, and kissedyou, and scared you. I-I, God, I'm just so, so sorry."

"Dave. I don't—"

"You don't have to forgive me. No one should forgive me," Dave said miserably.

Blaine grabbed Kurt's hand. "I can't believe I'm saying this," he started. "But I think he means it. He can't hurt us anymore."

Kurt kissed his boyfriend's hand then looked over to Dave who was very near tears.

"What you did was wrong," said Kurt. "What Idid was wrong."

"Kurt—"Blaine started.

"—and I think that I can forgive the both of us." He paused. "If you can forgive me."

Without hesitation, Dave said: "Of course." Dave looked like he desperately wanted to come out of the shed to confront him. Kurt saw him glance at Blaine before finally giving a nervous smile. "D-did you want skates or…?"

Kurt forced a smile. "No thanks." he grabbed Blaine's shoulder. "I think we're going to leave."

"Your wallet," Dave told Blaine as they were about to leave.

Blaine grabbed his wallet and tucked it into his pocket. He nodded to Dave and took Kurt's hand and began to guide him back to the car. Once they were farther away Blaine whispered: "That was—"

"Kurt! And, uh…Blaine!" Dave called. They turned around to see Dave jogging up to them. "Thank you."

"Kurt hurry up; we're gonna be late!" Blaine paused and Kurt took that time to roll his eyes at himself in the bathroom mirror, just finishing up his hair. "We arelate!"

Kurt walked slowly to the door of Blaine's bathroom and leaned against the doorframe to watch his boyfriend frantically search for his phone.

"Blaine," he said softly. When he realized Blaine hadn't heard him, he called louder. "Blai-ine." Blaine continued to tear apart his desk. "BLAINE XAVIER ANDERSON!" Kurt screamed.

Blaine finally froze his movements and looked over his shoulder. Kurt tugged the corner of his mouth into a smirk, still leaning against the door.

"Yes, Kurt?"Blaine asked, sounding adorably innocent.

Kurt strutted to where Blaine was crouched in front of his desk cabinet and ran his finger soothingly through the gel-masked curls. "Blaine, honey, we're talking about Warbler's practice here, not a Broadway audition."

Matt sat down in the library right after his classes, determined to study until he couldn't see straight anymore. He cracked open his PAGENT textbook and flipped the pages to chapter thirteen, ready to buckle down and memorize every single important date about the French Revolution. He had only gotten to the second paragraph when someone sat down in the chair next to him at the circular wooden table. Matt looked up, ready to tell off whoever it was that they needed to find their own place to study, and saw his boyfriend.

His secretboyfriend.

His boyfriend that nobody knew was gay.

His boyfriend who never showed public displays of affection.

His boyfriend who just grabbed his hand in a very crowded library.

"Zach," Matt hissed, pulling away his hand. "What are you doing?"

Zach laughed loudly, gaining an angry "Shh!" from the librarian.

"I'm holding you hand, silly!" he said, grabbing Zach's hand from under the table and placing it on top once again.

Matt looked around the room quickly and saw two people looking at them. "But…"

"You know, you seem more worried about letting other people see when I'm the one in the closet still."

"You mean… you want to… tell people?" Matt asked hopefully.

"How long has it been? Over a month, right?" Matt nodded dumbly. "I think I've waiting long enough to do this—" He kissed Matt's lips sweetly. "—whenever I want to."

Several people were looking now. Neither could care less.

"Oh!" Carole shrieked. "Kurt, you're finally here!" Kurt laughed as his step-mother pulled him into a giant hug on the doorstep. "Blaine! You too! So good to see you!" Carole squished Blaine into her breast just as she had done with Kurt.

"Carole, it's March, it's still a little chilly," they all heard Burt call. He was probably on the sofa in the living room where the cold drafts were finally reaching him.

Blaine stepped into Kurt's new house and hung his jacket on the coat hooks to the left. He had been here two times before. The first time was two months ago when he dropped Kurt off for his birthday. Kurt had insisted he come inside because Carole was dying to see him again. And Kurt did that face where he folded his lips together into his mouth and widened his eyes. Blaine couldn't say no to that face.

The second time was just two weeks ago, but neither Burt nor Carole knew about that trip. He and Kurt had just come back from Rachel Berry's house party, Kurt's parents on some sort of a business trip. Blaine was completely smashed and Kurt was desperately trying to push him up the stairs.

"This—would—be—much—easier—if—I—still—lived—in—the—basement," Kurt huffed as he all but carried Blaine into his second story bedroom.

"Kuuuuurt. Do you… do—do you remember when we p-played spin the bottle?"Blaine slurred.

Blaine was sure he heard Kurt chuckle a little, but he didn't know why. That wasn't a joke.

"Yes, Blaine, I remember," Kurt laughed. "You probably won't remember it tomorrow morning, though," he mumbled.



"…Never mind," Blaine hiccupped. "I kissed Rachel."

Blaine wasn't sure of all the people he kissed during their game, but he definitely remembered Rachel, Puck, Tina, Kurt, and Sam. Rachel had practically eaten his face until Blaine pulled away and back into Kurt's arms.

He remembered giggling a lot, dancing with Kurt, kissing Kurt, talking a little with Finn, giggling even more with Mercedes, and kissing Kurt some more.

"Oh, I remember," Kurt whispered as he laid Blaine down on his bed.

Through cracked eyes, Blaine could see Kurt walk into his bathroom and fill a cup with water.

"Who'd you kiss, Kurt?"Blaine said almost incoherently, accepting the two pills and water Kurt was giving him.

"Well, let's see," Kurt said. "I kissed you. I kissed Mike, Quinn, Puck, and you some more. I also kissed you quite a bit."

Blaine giggled uncontrollably, nearly spilling the water on his maroon cardigan.

"I loooooooove you, Kurt," Blaine said, sweeping Kurt's lips into a sloppy kiss once again.

"You too, Blaine." Kurt brushed some of his ungelled curls off his forehead and Blaine pushed up into the comforting touch, loving the way it made his scalp tingle. "Drink loads of water and take these Aspirins, okay?"

"Okey dokey artichokey," Blaine giggled.

"Blaine?" Kurt said, pulling Blaine back from his daydreaming.


"You okay over there? You were just staring into space." Kurt pressed a kiss to his cheek.

"Oh, I'm fine. Just a little tired, you know," Blaine said.

Carole started walking down the hallway and into the kitchen, calling over her shoulder, "Finn really loved the soufflé you made him a while ago, Kurt, so I thought I'd make it for his birthday and all, but it looks really different from yours, so I think I did it wrong…"

"Hey! Kurt! Blaine! What's up you guys?" Finn said as he bounded down the stairs. Finn shook Blaine's hand with a warm smile and gave Kurt a bear hug.

"Happy birthday, man," Blaine said.

"I'm coming with you."

"Oh ho ho, no you're not."

"No, Kurt, I am."

"Blaine," Kurt said. "I love you very much and I know you know how much I'd love it if I got to see you every day at McKinley, but I can't let you do this. Not for me."

Kurt had not expected Blaine to react to his news like this. After a long list of pros and cons, diagrams, and heated arguments with himself, Kurt decided it would be best for him to transfer back to McKinley. And that meant having to tell Blaine in what he thought would be a tear-fest with a lot of hugs and kisses.

"I knew you would go back eventually—what with things with Dave being, um, cleared up." Kurt knew Blaine was still a little uncomfortable with that whole situation no matter how many times Kurt told him it was alright. "And I made my decision a long time ago; I'd be leaving with you."

Kurt was speechless for a moment, but he found his voice again. "But I can't do that to you; I can't steal you away from your friends."

Blaine gave a tiny chuckle. "I won't lie and tell you all that stuff didn't cross my mind. I knew what the circumstances would be if I left with you. I'm not just doing this for you, Kurt; I'm doing this for me too.

"Remember when I told you about my old school and my bullies?" Kurt nodded. "I didn't stand up for myself like you did, Kurt. I ran to Dalton. I didn't have courage. I figure, we can stand up to your bullies… together. And, Kurt, I can't stand to be apart from the person that I love."

Kurt launched himself into his boyfriend's arms and hugged him so they couldn't be any closer together even if they tried. He would continue to see Blaine every day; they wouldn't have to deal with the long distance relationship. Although this wasn't the first time Kurt thought it, the fact that he and Blaine would make it for the long haul crossed his mind.

And when Kurt pulled away from his boyfriend and looked into those star-filled eyes, Kurt knew.

I was made for loving him

The fashion of his love

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