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I woke with a start. My alarm clock was blaring in my ear. Reaching over, I slammed my hand on the snooze button and lay back down. I was having the most amazing dream of my angel. I dreamed of her every night. She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen, and I knew from the first moment I saw her that she was the one for me. Well, maybe not the first time.

I never thought a woman would capture me so completely, so easily. I couldn't stand the how she changed me. I loved her for it. I hated her for it. She was everything and nothing to me. She was everything I wanted, needed, and she didn't even know I existed.

I thought back over the day I first saw her. I was just coming back from a trip to Florida, where I went to see a man who had sent in a CD of his music. He had amazing talent, and later we had put him in our orchestra. Yes, our company had an orchestra just like Carlisle owned a hospital for those children with Celiac Disease. He also works as a surgeon. Esme started the company with her home decorating business, and from there it expanded into something we all take part in and we are all part owners of the company. It's a family business.

Anyways, Isabella. Always on my mind. Especially the first day I met her.


"Edward! My man! How's it hangin'?" Emmett. He's one of my best, and loudest, friends. He has dark, curly hair, and muscles that could put any man to shame. There were huge, almost too big, really. He heads the sports department of our company, Cullen Inc. Yeah, we have that too. His wife, Rosalie, was a professional volleyball player, and a total bitch. If you don't know her, that is. She can be nice if she wants to be.

"Pretty good, Em. How about you?" I continued walking as he droned on about his life and how perfect it was. Lucky bastard. He had the golden wife, a great job, and a beautiful home. They were even thinking of starting a family soon. Now, I'm not rushing to get married or start a family or anything, but it's just been too long if you know what I mean.

"Listen, Em, I gotta go. Big meeting with Carlisle and a few other department leaders. Apparently there is some major project going on that I've only just heard about. I'll talk to you later, man."

"Sure, see ya, Bro. Have fun with the big guys."

Yeah, fun. Note my sarcasm. My life has been so devoid of fun lately. The only pleasure I get in life is from my job. And I do mean the only pleasure. So, life kind of sucks right now. I haven't been with anyone in three months, since my last girlfriend cheated on me. I've been off my game.

I took in my surroundings as I walked to the meeting room. The elegant carpets and paintings, pictures of our previous clients hanging on the walls and in our offices even. We have them so that new clients would know exactly how good we were.

Many of our clients don't realize that some of the most famous people in America, sometimes in the world, were people that we helped get started. Not that we brag about on television or in magazines, stuff like that. But we would appreciate a little credit for our work. And some of our clients didn't get very far. They were popular among the state or city. We did the best with what we had. Not everyone was cut out for the artistic lifestyle.

The meeting was on the third floor, and I was on the tenth. I had to grab some papers from my office, and now I'm on my way back. I was waiting for the elevator, bored out of my mind. It takes me a while before I really wake up and show the enthusiasm I have for my job. I really do love it. Just…it's easier to love after lunch, when I'm actually awake.

Once the elevator arrived, I stepped in and began my slow journey down to floor three. At floor seven, the elevator stopped to pick someone up. The doors opened…and I was speechless.

The girl, no, the woman who just entered, was completely breathtaking. Literally. I stopped breathing and just stared. I stared, until she turned and looked at me. Then I quickly turned my head to face the door, slightly blushing. You would be too if you just got caught ogling an angel.

She spoke to me, and her voice was like bells, sweetly and softly ringing in my ears. "Umm….hi. I'm Isabella, uh, Bella Swan." Isabella. So beautiful. Her name was perfect.

"Edward Cullen. Nice to meet you." I was polite, formal. After all, she could be a client. We have to maintain a certain professional image when dealing with our clients.

"You, too. Nice to meet you…too. Um. Yeah." She was blushing, and it was beautiful. But, she was blushing. And that look on her face. Well, it was just too innocent. I knew her kind of women, and I hated them. It was a shame, really, that something so beautiful could be such a stereotypical girl. I knew it was too good to be true.

Women were always throwing themselves at me. I knew I looked good, and some women were genuinely interested in my personality, but most just wanted the fame from my family name, and the money that my name brought with it. And she was just like them, I could tell.

So I kept a cool demeanor towards her and felt the familiar feeling of despair. I had let myself hope, based solely on her looks, that she was different. That should have been my first clue. Someone who looks so great must be looking out only for herself, using others to get what she wants.

It's too bad.

Once we arrived on my floor, I stepped off and was about to say goodbye-you know, polite to the clients-but I was surprised to see she was getting off as well. Hmmm…

I was even more surprised when she followed me to the meeting room. I was about to ask her what she was trying to pull when Jasper came over.

"Hey man. Good to see you back. Ah, Ms. Swan, good, you're here. Edward, this is Bella, my new assistant. Bella, this is my brother, Edward. He is also the head of the music department. You should hear him play. He's a genius."

"Um, we already met, actually. In the elevator."

"Yes, Isabella and I have met. Shall we go in?"

"Hey, Edward, just a sec. Bella, I'll see you in there." She gave Jasper a look and turned to leave. After she had gone in, I turned to Jasper, waiting to hear what he had to say. He was another one of my best friends, and I could talk to him and Emmett about anything. He was adopted into our family when he was thirteen. Rosalie is his cousin, and they reconnected when he was fifteen. They were close when they were young, and he went into foster care when he was ten. They had been separated for five years and when they met again they acted as if it had only been a few weeks. Of course they had a lot to catch up on, but they still got along like they used to. At least, that's what he said. I wouldn't really know, since I didn't meet him until Carlisle and Esme decided to adopt him. And that's how Rose met Emmett.

"What's up?"

"Good question. What's up with you? Why are you acting like that? To Bella, of all people."

"Well, Bella, she is like every other woman out there. Let's just leave it at that."

"Bella? No way, man. Not her. I don't know why you would think that. Did she ask you out? Hit on you?" He asked with wide, surprised eyes. I shook my head no and was ready to explain when he spoke again, cutting me off before I could start. "She's nothing like them. Dude, don't be an ass until you get to know her. Then you can decide. For now, let's just get this meeting over with."

"Yeah, let's go. We can finish this conversation later."

He gave me a look, to which I stared right back at him with the same intensity, although he was showing disapproval, and I was glaring. I don't know why he doubts me. I know these women, I know their type.

Two hours later, the meeting was over and Jasper and I went to lunch. It was about time, too. I was starving. When we were sitting down, he told me all about Isabella. And as much as I hate to say it, I didn't believe him then. So I continued to keep a formal and cold demeanor around her. I didn't want her thinking I was leading her on like every other woman claims.

So we went about our days, and the longer it was, the more I realized I was wrong. I slowly began learning about Bella by listening to her speak when I was walking past her or watching her go about her day. She never did what I expected. When Jessica, the office gossip, was talking with Bella, she just pushed her away. Kindly, though. But Jessica was to absorbed in her own thoughts to realize and eventually Bella just ignored her. Not that Jessica noticed. Every time a guy would ask her out she would turn them down. Granted, they weren't the best looking or the most gentlemanly either, but she almost never went on a date. When she did, she didn't gossip like I expected. The only time she would talk about it was when that annoying pixie like girl, Alice, would force answers out of her with threats of shopping. Oh, yeah, Bella hated shopping. When I learned that, I finally decided to start listening to what Jasper had to say. I mean, come on. What woman doesn't like shopping, especially with someone else's money. Eventually I learned she was different. It surprised me and changed how I felt about her, leaving me very confused.

It was two years before I finally admitted to myself that I loved her. It was at the same time that I realized how much I hated her.


I was wrenched from my reminiscing by my alarm clock. Groaning, I finally got up and shut it off. I always set it ten minutes early so that I can wake up before I had to get out of bed. I usually spent that time daydreaming, reminiscing, or thinking about my dreams. All of which involved Isabella. She was in every thought of mine.

It's been a while since I thought of that day, but I have thought of it many times. It has been three years since that day and one year since I figured out my love for her. Everyday I would keep a distance from Isabella, emotionally and physically. Jasper always tried to get me to be nicer to her, but I didn't want her thinking I was coming on to her, like many women have convinced themselves of before. It was sad how desperate they came off as. And all I felt for them was pity because they were so desperate for fame and money that they were willing to do anything for it.

But she was different. I never wanted to admit it, admit I was wrong, so I didn't. Instead I was still cold to her, even angry at the way she affects me. I hated it how easily she could change the way I felt. I still acted the same as I did that first day because I was so upset with her. But I also needed to know more about her. My mind was in jumbles.

Every time I was on her floor I would make sure I saw her, take the long way around just to see her. I even started going to lunch with Jasper almost everyday just so I could pass her office. He was suspicious at first but I just told him that we didn't spend enough time together. Then he pointed out that we had lunch every Wednesday and Friday, then brunch with our parents on Sunday. Smart ass. I knew that, I just wasn't going to tell him my real reasoning. So I spent my time watching her from afar. And it was horrible.

Eventually I had to know everything about her. Her favorite books, movies, drinks, everything. I followed her home once, just to see where she lived. I even went inside with the spare key I found above her door frame. I went through her rooms, trying to find out as much as I could about my beauty. Every little detail was stored in the back of my mind for later. I came back multiple times. I'll admit, her place was impressive, but not like where I lived. I could give her so much more, anything she wanted.

I wanted her here, with me. I wanted to wake beside my angel in the mornings, fall asleep with her at nights. I wanted a life with her and I was going to get it.

I went about my morning routine, still thinking about Isabella. How every time I was around she never looked at me. It was beyond maddening. Occasionally I saw her glance at me, but she always blushed and looked down when I caught her. That only happened a handful of times at most. It wasn't enough for me.

I would watch as Tyler and Mike would ask her out and she would always respectfully decline. I worried that one day she would say yes, and I wouldn't get my chance with her. She never noticed me or my efforts, not like I changed too much though. Just a few subtle changes, like the cologne I wore, the way I dressed. I wore nicer suits, now that I was aiming to impress. But hey, I couldn't raise any suspicions. Company relationships are frowned upon.
Okay, so that wasn't really why I didn't do anything about my feelings, but it's what I told myself. My real thoughts? Well...what if she rejected me like she did them? Could I handle it? Probably not.

So I came up with a plan. I would make her mine before it was too late. Lately, I could tell that Mike had been wearing her down. She was closer to saying yes. I wasn't going to let that happen. So today I was going in to work alone, and leaving with the love of my life. Whether she wanted it or not.


Once I arrived at work, I got started on step one of my plan. I had to get to the cameras. I was going to make sure that a few of them had a 'malfunction' while I was executing the final step of the plan. The final step being 'take'. three of the cameras were going to stop recording for unknown reasons for twenty minutes. More than enough time for everything to play out. Next, I had to get rid of that pesky girl, Alice. Once she is out of the way it will easy to get Isabella alone.

I set about my way to the security office. It was empty when I arrived. Perfect. I quickly entered a program to turn off the cameras at six, then to turn back on at six-twenty. It's so simple that no one will guess how to fix it. It will be long enough for them to think something has gone wrong, but not long enough for them to call an emergency up to the tech team. They will try to fix it themselves first, not wanting to alert anyone to their problems, and then when they come on they will think that they fixed it. It's almost foolproof. These security guards don't always report everything right away, therefore this should go perfectly.

By the time lunch came I had a plan to get Alice out of here. I was going to tell her that Tanya wanted her to go meet a client, and I even had a man ready to play the part. All I had to do was call when she was on her way and all would be good. Tanya was a ditz so I just had to tell her Alice went home sick or something. She believes anything I say.

So after having this all planned out you could imagine my surprise that Alice had already left. She had gotten a call about a friend who was in the hospital, or something like that. It had to be a sign. It was too perfect, today was going better than I had planned.

Later in the day I was beyond pissed to find that vile Newton kid talking to my baby. I had purposefully messed with Jessica's computer and had told mike to go fix it so he would be out of my way when I needed. I knew that she had a thing for him, and he would get with anyone who was willing to spread their legs, so it was the perfect distraction for them. This way he couldn't catch up with my love before she left.

By the time the day was over I had managed to make Isabella one of the last people here. Jasper and I being the only others, but they didn't know I was still there. He thought I had left after I mentioned a meeting to him and reminded him to get his paperwork together. I knew about this meeting, and I knew that he hadn't heard of it yet. I told him what the meeting was about and he used that moment to get ready, just like I knew he would. He liked being prepared as soon as possible, even if the meeting was still a week away he would want to be ready. He sent Isabella gather information and print off a few copies of charts showing this past months business and client meetings with the wanna be writers, while he went and made a few last minute calls.

I sat in a car I had rented, under a false alias of course, and waited for my moment.

Fifteen minutes had passed when Jasper had walked out. Isabella was not with him and I let out a relieved breath. There was always a chance she would have asked him to wait, but I was right in assuming she would have told him to go on without her, reassuring him that she would only be a minute. That was the only part of my plan I had worries about.

She came out of the building just as Jasper had left the parking lot. The guards had left right after him, with my permission. They thought he was the last to leave.

Isabella walked right by me, not even noticing. I thought about how utterly clueless she was. She was so naïve, never knowing what others truly thought of her. She thought she was plain and boring, but she was amazing. Her long legs, her long, wavy chestnut hair that went to the middle of her back, just above her elbows, and her eyes. Her eyes were pools of chocolate brown, deep and dark, seeing everything and somehow nothing. I could get lost in her eyes. Then there was the rest of her body. Her beautiful figure, every curve so perfect, like it was made for me. She was about five foot seven, so small compared to my six foot two height.

I couldn't wait to have her. She was always taunting me. The way she dressed, the way she would show too much skin yet not enough. Just enough to tease me, it was driving me crazy. And now I would be able to have her. All to myself.

I got out of the car and walked behind her. She was digging through her purse looking for something. When she pulled out her keys and phone I knew I had to act. The cameras were about to come back on and she was already in the process of making a call.

Now or never.

What a stupid saying, never is not a choice anymore. I was going to take her. I loved her and it was time she was mine.

It's her fault I feel this way, and now she has to face the consequences. She couldn't have been like other women, no, she had to be perfect and then ignore me. I wasn't going to stand for that.

I pulled out my knife and put it up to her throat while I used my other hand to cover her mouth.

"Put your keys and your phone in my pocket," I growled. She wasn't listening, and I was running out of time. "NOW!" I yelled, a little louder than I wanted to. I didn't need anyone outside to hear us if they are walking to close, which I doubt, but I can't take chances. It took her a few seconds to reach behind her and find my pocket, during which she managed to get me hard. She brushed her hand up against me; even the tiniest touches from her felt so good. It irritated me that she could do this to me.

"Good girl," I said once she was done. "Now, I want you to keep quiet and walk with me. If you make even the tiniest sound I won't hesitate to slit your throat, am I clear?" That was a lie. I wouldn't kill her. Hurt her, yes, but only if she didn't listen to me.

"Y-yes, I un-understand." She was stuttering and I almost felt guilty. She was scared, of course she was, but I had to do this to save her from those hideous creatures like Mike. All he wants is to get in her pants then leave her. I want more than that, and I can take care of her, unlike him.

When we got to the car I blindfolded her and tied her hands. I hadn't yet put on my mask and I couldn't have her trying to escape. I threw her in the back, just reminding her who was in charge here. I drove us to my house, about an hour and a half away. I had an apartment in town, but when I had a lot of time off I liked to stay in my house. It was quiet and secluded and absolutely perfect for keeping my Isabella.

About half way there she spoke. "Where are you taking me? Who are you?" I told her not to talk! I was still upset by how easily my body reacted to her. Besides, I couldn't answer her questions yet, she wasn't ready to know.

"What did I tell you! You are not to talk! Say one more word and I will hurt you!" She needed to know who had control. She needed to learn it now. What I say goes, it's for the best.

When we pulled onto my long driveway, I pulled out my mask from the glove compartment and put it on. It covered everything except my mouth. I parked and got out of the car. Opening her door, I pulled her out and threw her over my shoulder. She was as light as a feather and I loved carrying her. I took her in the house and up to the second floor, down the hallway and to her temporary room. I'll let her stay here for a day or two until she gets used to being here, then I will move her to my, no our, room. We arrived to the guest room and dropped her unceremoniously to the floor. She landed with a thud. I leaned down and pulled off her blindfold. Time to teach her who's boss. I will be in control here.

"Are you ever going to show me your face or are you just going to hide it whenever I'm around? Are you that disgusted by your looks?" Damn, she really needs to shut her mouth. I thought this would be easy, that she would listen. That comment really pissed me off because it was too close to home. I wasn't ashamed of my looks, but I thought she might not like them. She might think of me as ugly, hideous, and I couldn't have that.

"Shut the hell up!" Then I smacked her. That ought to keep her quiet. Maybe she won't make such stupid comments now. "You listen and you listen well. I'm in charge here and you won't talk to me like that. I'll show you my face when and only when I want to." Then I hit her again, so she knew I was serious about this.

Then I picked her up and backed her into a wall. I kissed her next, something I've wanted to do for a long time. It was so good, so much better than I ever could have dreamed of, and trust me, I would dream of it. A lot. She tried to move away from me, but I held her still. She was just nervous, not used to it. Eventually she stopped fighting me.

"I'm leaving, but I'll be back soon." She didn't look happy about that. Well too damn bad. "When I come back I want you to be more willing. We both know you can do better than pretending to be a corpse. If not then daddy might just have to suffer for your stubbornness." I couldn't do any permanent damage to my baby, but her father on the other hand...he was of no importance to me. She started crying and slowly nodded her head yes. I kissed her quickly one more time before leaving. I walked out that door and went to my room where I proceeded to take a shower. A cold one. That kiss made me so hard. I've been waiting so long for my chance to kiss her, and it finally happened.

I'm tired of waiting. By the time I move her to my room, I will have made her mine.


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