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Chapter 3


At first I was shocked. How could she say that? Then I was angry.

How dare she say that to me! Especially given the position she was currently in. Completely unbelievable.

She looked shocked, too. I don't understand why, since the words were not an attack of her character, but of mine instead.

So, I did what I do best in this situation.

I slapped her. Fast and hard.

I knew it was wrong. It's not the way to treat a lady. It wasn't the way I was taught to treat the opposite sex. But the things she said!

My temper was most likely my worst quality. Don't you see why?

She was already a little bruised on one cheek, so I made sure not to hit that side again. She may have been disrespectful and deserved to be taught a lesson, but I didn't want her having more pain than necessary.

That didn't mean I wasn't angry. Oh, I was beyond angry. After everything I did just for her, after everything I had hoped to hear from her when she finally saw me, this was not it. And that upset me. Her reaction brought out my insecurities. So I hid them with anger.

"What the hell?" Her voice was high-pitched and upset. Rightfully so, although I wouldn't openly admit that.

"Don't speak to me like that! I think you're forgetting who's in charge here." I smirked at her, looking over her glorious body once more.

She blushed innocently. My little angel was embarrassed. This beauty had nothing to be insecure about.

"Isabella, you don't know what that blush does to me!" I groaned. She looked gorgeous right now. Her blush stirred feelings in me I didn't know were there. And some that have been there since I first laid eyes on her.

She seemed to be pretty deep in thought, then blushed again.

"Why, Edward?" The way my name fell from her lips was like a sin. It was addicting and wonderful, and I wanted to hear her say it again and again.

A look in her eyes changed. It was like the spark in them went out for a second, before it was replaced with a burning fire. The way her face changed in under a minute, from so warm and innocent to so angry and unbelieving was strange. The look didn't belong on her face. She was too precious for such an ugly look.

Then she seemed scared again. That was another look on her face that I hated. I didn't want my baby to fear me; I wanted her love.

Her eyes changed once more, to a challenging look, before I was distracted by my phone. It started ringing at the worst moment.

Not now! This is more important!

Once again I was brought out of my thoughts. But this time it was because she growled. Growled! And it was sexy.

"Oh, that was hot. Do it again." I moaned against her shoulder. Then, God damnit all, the doorbell started ringing.

And I knew she had a plan, because she looked at the door, back at me, and suddenly opened her mouth. I just barely covered her mouth before she likely started to scream.

That was close.

I kept her mouth covered while I leaned over to one of the end tables and pulled out a cloth. I then pulled out duct tape. I could drug her, but I didn't want to wait for her to wake again. Nor did I want to risk hurting her so dangerously.

I quickly shoved the cloth in her mouth after removing my hand, then I taped over her mouth so she couldn't spit it out.

I heard her sigh and decided I should save her the trouble and warn her before she did something else stupid.

"Don't even think about trying to run away from me. You will regret it. If you think it's bad now, just wait. Make one sound and you'll be begging me. You'll beg for me to stop, to let you free, but it will all be pointless. It will be like hell for you here, don't doubt how much I will hurt you. I don't like doing this, Isabella, but you give me no choice." I stopped and looked at her for a moment and quickly decided I should move the bed.

I pulled it about a foot away from the wall, that way she couldn't shake the headboard. God only knows what would happen it she did that.

The doorbell rang again.

Goodness, impatient much?

I ran out of the room as I hear the doorbell ring, yet again, but made sure to lock the door behind me...just in case.

I got to the door shortly after, god forbid they ring the damn doorbell again, and opened it to reveal none other than my family. Rosalie, Emmett, and Carlisle all stood at my doorstep awaiting entry.

"Come in. Please." I had to act this out well. If anyone could spot a lie, it was Rosalie. She wouldn't put up with any bullshit.

It just had to be her that came. She had been in a bad relationship once. It was that scumbag, Royce King, and he had abused her throughout their relationship. No one knew until she met Emmett. They quickly hit it off, even the family loved her company. She came around whenever she was in town or one of us was nearby, especially if it was Emmett.

One day she came in to town with a fairly new boyfriend. They were staying at a hotel not to far from our house, and he went on a surprise visit to her. He went to the hotel she was at with Royce, and managed to get a key to their room.

He had somehow magically managed to convince them that he was also staying in that room for a night, and that therefore, he would need a spare key.

Rose wouldn't have minded. She enjoyed his company. But when he got there, all hell broke loose. Royce was in the middle of a more violent beating, until Emmett stepped in.

The rest of the story is what one would expect. A punch here, threats there, cops and doctors, etc...

That's another story for later. Anyways.

They all came in and sat in the living room, just a few feet from the hall door to Bella's temporary room. Thank God I moved the bed.

"I just wanted to stop by and see how you were handling this situation, son. I noticed you haven't come in, and we were worried."

"Yes, it's a shame what has happened."

"Poor Bells. I miss that girl!" Emmett seemed to be on the brink of tears. I didn't know he cared so much. I didn't think he even knew her.

But that's Emmett. He cares about everyone around him, whether they were good friends or mere acquaintances. He was a big, lovable, teddy bear. Such a softy.

"Me, too. She was such a nice girl." I spoke again. "It's sad that this happened to her. Who would do this to such an innocent girl?"

I played up the sympathy. I knew that Carlisle especially had a soft spot for Isabella. She was like a daughter he never had, although he's never said that. I could see it in how he looked at her. They got along great from the very beginning.

"She was very sweet. Such a wonderful young lady. Esme misses her dearly." Carlisle spoke. Of course she would. I'm surprised she wasn't here as well.

"Speaking of mom, where is she?"

"She's been at home, trying to keep herself busy. You know how she gets when she's upset, Edward. She'll do anything to stay occupied and forget such traumatic events."

"Right. I forgot about that little detail. I guess it's been so long since something so horrible has happened. Not since...well, with Rose and...never mind." They all looked down at the memory, except for Rose of course. She still held her head high, even after such a terrible experience. I admired her for being able to move on with little complication or too much time stuck in the past, although every once in a while, though she would never admit it, we all see how it affected her.

We talked for a while more. I went on and on about the shame of it all, the misery of the situation, the horror of the crime. It's sad that it came to this. Little did they know that they were all closer than they thought. They subject of their sorrow was a simple stretch down my hallway.

It was about an hour later that I had to kick them out. Figuratively, of course.

Once they were gone, I locked the front door again and put on the alarm system before setting off to my baby once more.

She was deep in thought when I arrived. She didn't even notice me standing there.

"What has you thinking so hard, my pretty little angel? You're not planning another escape, are you?" I made sure to harden my voice a little, making sure she knew I was still in control.

"N-no!" Poor girl was stuttering. How sad. Good.

"I was-I just-FOOD!" Well, that was...unexpected.

I gave a little chuckle. It has been a while since she's eaten. Thank goodness I had the foresight to call and order pizza after my family left. Sausage, just for her. I knew she loved it.

She seemed confused. How could I know that?

Well, I know everything about her.

The doorbell rang again, finally.

"It's about damn time. I'll be right back. Don't go anywhere."

She looked to me, at herself, and a me again. She rolled her eyes while I let out a small laugh. I might as well get some humor from the situation.

I got the pizza, left a generous tip, locked up, and returned to the room in a matter of minutes.

"Took you long enough!" Someone was impatient.

We both let out sighs.

"I'll let that one go."

"Oh, gee, how nice of you. Now how about you let me go?" I gave her a long look. "So I can eat!"

"Or I could just feed you." That could be fun.

"I'm not a child." And cue eye roll. Trust me, babe, I know.

"Oh, I know. But I can't risk you trying to get away again. This pizza may be hot, and it may burn, but it won't stop me from getting you before you leave."

Excuses. I just wanted to feed her.

"I didn't even think about that! But thanks for the idea!"

"Well, now I have a reason to keep you tied up since you know what you could have done."

"Fine, but hurry up, I'm starving!"


I slowly opened the box, savoring the smell, then took out a big piece and fed it to her.

She moaned at the first bite. "More, please!"

Hearing her beg like that, my mind went straight to the gutter. Then..she groaned. Loudly.

I brought the pizza to her mouth in a trance, watching her take a big bite. She got sauce on the side of her mouth. I wanted to lick it off.

"Give me more! God, it's so good!" I lost it there. I spoke without thinking, not that I cared.

She blushed bright red and looked down.

"I would say don't be embarrassed, but that blush is too beautiful. And those sounds..."

I climbed over her and licked the side of her mouth. The pizza was delicious, but it was better coming from her. Then I kissed her. I needed it so badly right now. I was ready for her; I have been for a while now. I grinded against her thigh. She started moving around, probably trying to break free, but all she did was arouse me more.

"God!" Good, so good. Can't wait to finally be in her.

"Please stop, please!" The sound in her voice was awful, and it made me hesitate. I couldn't do anything after hearing the terror in her voice. But I was still incredibley turned on.

"Fine. But only this time. I didn't bring you here just to chat Isabella. Be prepared. Next time I might not be so quick to stop. Or will I? Hmm...I guess we'll find out eventually. But for now, eat. I'll be back."

I got off her, untied her, and left. I needed a shower. A cold one. Very cold. Locking the door behind me, I rushed to my room. Straight to the shower. So maybe it wouldn't be cold this time. I needed release. Next time I just know I won't be able to stop. Not if it is anything like it was tonight.

She was the only one who could make me feel this way. Only she has that kind of control over me. I hate it and love it. I'm always in control, and with her I've nearly lost it, so I try to take it back.

After my shower, I went to grab a late snack, the pizza all but forgotten-no way could I go back in there and trust myself not to do anything-then I went back to my room.

I turned on the television, straight to the news channel. Of course they would have memos about the missing girl who was really right in front of everyone.

I flipped to another channel and settled for watching this cheesy romance movie about a girl who was being pursued by a guy while she was off pursuing another guy. After a while, the boredom got to me, so I shut it off and went to sleep, excited for the day ahead.

That night I had wonderful dreams. And the next morning, I had a plan.


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