Hi everyone! I read so many Gwack fictions and I wanted to write my own. This is going to be from Gwen's POV. Basically, COE never happened so Arwen was never born, Ianto had married Martha and Owen and Tosh never died. Soooo... enjoy!

I cowered into the corner. I'd never seen him like this before his eyes full of anger.

"Its me or Captain Jack bollocks and your bloody touchwood team Gwen!"

"Dont you dare make me choose." I said sternly, standing up.

Next thing I know I'm on the floor again with a smack round the face and being kicked in the stoumach, blood falling from my mouth. Rhys heads to the kitchen throwing everything around in anger. He heads to the knife draw and finds the sharpest, examining it carefully. I grabbed my phone and quickly typed "Help. Rhys. Knife." and sent it to Jack. Rhys turned to me with pure evil in his eyes. "What if you suddenly became 'preocupied' Gwen? Maybe you couldnt go to work... Then they'd never see you again, your little freaky friends." He said, slowly walking towards me. I scrambled back, hitting the wall, he grabbed my head and pushed it backwards and placing the knife under my chin as it dug into the side of my neck.

"Please Rhys." I whispered, tears streaming from my eyes.

He dug it in further, his teeth gritting.


The door had been kicked in and Jack, Tosh, Owen, Martha and Ianto came running in. Owen ripped the knife from his hand as Ianto and Jack picked him up and slammed him against the wall, knocking him out. Martha and Tosh came running over to me, Martha checked me over and Tosh held my hand, making sure I was ok. But Rhys wasnt as knocked out as we thought. He stood up stumbling, now in the kitchen.

"Well lookie here, its team Torchwood!"

"Shutup Rhys." I managed to blurt out.

"Dont you dare say a word you fucking whore!"


Jack punched him square in the nose, making him fall to the ground.

"Dont you dare say anything about her like that. Otherwise I will see you dealed with." Jack shouted, seething in anger. He dropped his gun, rushing to my side. "Tosh, Martha, Ianto. Take her back to the SUV, me and Owen are gonna deal with this clown."

We made our way outside and sat in the SUV, squeezing in, for about 5 minutes before Owen and Jack, they sat in the front as Jack was rubbing his head.

"You ok Jack?" I questioned.

"Your loony of a husband just killed me."

"Shit" I mumbled

Jack smiled. "Come on lets get everyone home."

Once we had dropped everyone home, it was just me and Jack in the front of the SUV.

I sighed and turned to Jack. "Guess you better drop me off at the train station then. Shit, better sort out some sort of permanent train card, getting a train everyday from Swansea."

Jack looked at me, confused. "Gwen sweetheart, what are you talking about?"

"Well I'm gonna have to go and stay with my parents back in Swansea havent I? I have nowhere else to go Jack, unless I go back to the flat and stay on the so-"

"Stop rambling, I thought it was clear your coming back to the hub?"

"No Jack I cant do that. Where will I stay? I have no stuff and I will be getting in your way all the time."

At this point the we had arrived, pulling into the hub's garage, he leaned over and kissed my on the forehead.

We got out of the car, heading up into the hub. I couldnt be bothered to argue when he told me to go to his bed, and that we'd sort everything out in the morning. I trailed my way to his office about to climb down the ladder into his bedroom when something caught my eye. It was a picture from Martha and Ianto's wedding. I picked up the frame. Jack was Ianto's best man and I was Martha's maid of honour. Ever since she had joined Torchwood, Me, her and Tosh had become so close especially Me and Martha. That girl was like a sister to me, and I was honoured to stand next to her as she married my little Ianto, he had become like a little brother to me. Me and Jack stood there beaming as she walked down the aisle, she looked stunning. And there we were in the photo, all outside the church, it went, Me, Jack, Martha, Ianto, Tosh then Owen. Torchwood 3, it was us. I refused to let Rhys to come to the wedding that day, we had a argument, he said once again I had too much to do with Torchwood, he didnt understand how this wasnt just about Torchwood, Martha and Ianto were my bestfriends. Rhys. Oh god, it flashed back in my mind, the knife. I put the photo back on Jack's desk and sat down on the sofa. I must have fallen asleep because I rolled over to see Jack's clock, it was half past two! I went to rub my eyes to find a sticky note stuck to my head.

'went to bed sleeping beauty, love you x'


I headed back over to the hole in the floor and climbed down the ladder, and as I expected Jack was awake, slightly sat up, eyes open, he said nothing just silent. I walked over and snuggled into his bed and rested my head and one of my hands on his chest as he put his arm round my shoulder and kissed me on the head. We sat up for about a hour and a halfminutes talking about everything. Martha and Ianto and how happy they were, and how we had noticed that Owen was starting to finally notice Tosh.

"Fancy a drink?" I whispered.

"Why not?" He smiled.

So I trailed into main part of the hub, heading towards the little fridge next to Ianto's coffee machine and took two beers from it, shutting the door behind with my arse.

I felt pain in my gut and fell to the floor, the beers smashing across the concrete. Again the several sharp pains in my tummy, before I had the energy to realise I was being kicked, my hair was pulled back, pulling my head with it. Oh my god one of the weevils must have got out I thought. I managed to gather the energy to scream out. A hand was placed on my mouth and my screams became muffled. I felt the attackers other hand going towards my waist, as I felt my underwear ripped from me, I stopped my screams and my arms were pinned down and next thing I know... I was being raped. I struggled and squirmed and eventually started to scream again, louder than ever. Please here me Jack.

"Captain Jack Bollocks aint here to save ya now sweetheart."

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