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Chapter 24: We Meet Again

Alice stood on the balcony, which overlooked the sea. The sky brimmed with a deep blue and the sunshine was just right; not too strong, but warm and kind. Placed on the balcony chair was her beloved violin, the same one she's had from high school. It held so many memories. She smiled and picked up her violin playing Salut D'Amour. The sweet melody Alice played could reach the ears of the children playing in the streets.

"Where's that pretty sound coming from?" asked a little girl. She stopped for a moment and put her jump rope on the ground. Her brother came up next to her.

"I dunno. It must be Alice nee-chan," he answered. The little girl made an "o" with her mouth and smiled. "She's been playing more recently! I love it when Alice nee-chan plays her violin!"

Suddenly a tall man with a small lizard tattoo came behind the two children. "So do I," he said. The boy jumped and stood in front of his sister. Only did he let his guard down when he noticed it wasn't a stranger.

The boy wiped his brow. "Phew! Gray nii-chan! You scared us!" Gray gave a warm and handsome smile to the two children.

"You're back Gray nii-chan! You're back!" the little girl gave him a hug.

Gray laughed. "Yes, I'm back!"

The little girl giggled. "Sooooo, why are you here? Are you going out with Alice nee-chan?" Gray couldn't help but blush. Just hearing her name still made him nervous. "I'm not, I'm just here to bring her back," he answered.

"Bring her back?" asked the little girl.

Gray nodded. "Yes, I'm bringing her back to umm…"

"To who?"

"Someone very important to her," answered Gray, trying not to give away too much information to the children. The brother frowned and looked at Gray suspiciously.

"You're really taking her to someone?" he asked. Gray didn't know what to say the cute children. "Um well…"

"He's taking her back to her lover!"

"Vivaldi nee-san!" The little girl ran over to the purple haired woman who wore stylish clothing and high heel boots.

Vivaldi gave her a smile and hug. "No need to hide it from neighbors Gray," said Vivaldi. Gray sighed. "I just want to keep it a surprise for the two of them," he said.

Vivaldi shook her head. "No wonder you're never truly going to get over her," she muttered.

"What was that?" Gray glared at Vivaldi. "Oh nothing," she said and cleared her throat. "Well, we must get going children! We're on a tight schedule." The two siblings gave pouty faces before running off to the playground down the street.

"Now let's get going Gray!"

7 years ago…

"Good bye," said Julius.

Through her tears Alice smiled as Blood pulled her away. "No, it's not good bye, it's see you later!" shouted Alice. She waved to him before disappearing in the crowd with Blood.

Julius walked to the bus stop terminal in a daze. Alice was gone. He could never get the chance to see her again. He sat the bus stop for the longest time before a shadow loomed over him.

"How long have you been here?" Ace stood in front of him nonchalantly. Although his actions didn't seem comforting, his eyes showed his concern for his best friend.

Julius was in a trance. He kept replaying the scene. Alice left. Alice was gone. He looked up to Ace. "I…" He suddenly felt his eyes water and he tried rubbing the tears away with the back of his hand, but they kept coming. Ace sighed. "Come on, I'll treat you to dinner."

Ace pulled Julius up and dragged him onto the bus. Julius silently followed his friend and the rest of the night, he didn't say anything. Soon, the years crept up and time passed quickly.

Two years later…. A short email received from Blood only saying how she's doing…

Three years later… A phone call from Peter that the wedding between Alice and Blood was canceled…

Four years later… A picture of Alice sent by Boris…

Julius received snippets of Alice's life in America. After graduating from college, Julius was already running a successful clockwork business and became rich businessman. He was well known throughout the business world, especially for his handsome features, which even became more defined after high school.

However, Julius was never the same after Alice left. His heart felt heavy and empty. It only lightened after he heard about the wedding cancellation, but he could never get a hold of Alice's whereabouts. Julius was a workaholic and didn't give himself enough time to look for Alice.

There were times he felt like giving up his love on Alice, but he wasn't going to give up. Not now.

Alice only remembered crying as she boarded the plane with Blood, his family, and her family. It tore at Mrs. Liddell's heart to see her daughter so heartbroken, but she was firm with their decision. It was decided that she would marry Blood after graduating high school. Blood, on the other hand, wasn't looking forward to this marriage.

All his advances he made towards Alice ended in failure. The last time he tried to kiss her, she dumped tea onto his head. It made Blood furious that he couldn't woo Alice with his playboy skills, but he had to admit defeat. Alice loved Julius. It was impossible to break their bond, even if they had no contact with each other.

So, the night before their wedding, Blood requested that the wedding be canceled. Alice was shocked, but didn't protest. The Dupres were embarrassed at their son's action, but realized how miserable Alice looked. But, the Liddells were angry at their daughter.

"How could you let this opportunity go?" Mrs. Liddell shouted. She was nothing like the mother who raised Alice. Alice missed Mrs. Monrey. She was kinder and actually treated her like a daughter.

In the end, Blood caught the attention of Lorina and the two soon married a year after. While sitting listlessly in her room, Alice felt a spark of hope. Maybe, just maybe… I can find him and see him… Then we can be together again!

Alice began preparations to see Julius after graduating high school, but Mrs. Liddell forbade her from leaving. It was a nasty argument and it forced Alice to live in the quiet countryside of Japan, secluded from society.

But now, a full grown twenty-two year old woman, Alice was ready to find Julius. Her mother already passed away, so she was considered free. As bad as it sounds, Alice never considered Mrs. Liddell to be her mother. It would always be Mrs. Monrey who would be her real mother in heart.

Alice played her violin passionately. Suddenly, her doorbell rang. "I'm coming!" she shouted. She put away her instrument and walked downstairs to open the door.

"Alice!" Vivaldi gave Alice a strong hug, nearly sucking the life out of Alice. "He-ey t-there Vva-aldi," gasped Alice.

"You're crushing her," said Gray. He pulled the two apart and Vivaldi gave an "hmph" to Gray. "Now I want a hug," he said. Gray pulled her into his chest and gave her a gentle hug. Alice breathed in deeply and smiled.

"It's good seeing you guys again," she said. It's been about three months since she's seen Gray and Vivaldi. Although she already met up with most of her old friends, she wasn't ready to see Julius at the time due to her circumstances with the Liddell family.

"Are we going soon?" asked Alice. "I have my bags ready." She pointed to the two luggage bags that were sitting at the stairway.

Gray nodded his head and took her baggage. "I have so many things to tell you Alice!" said Vivaldi. Alice laughed, thinking about how Vivaldi hasn't really changed since her younger days.

Alice looked out the car window as Vivaldi continued talking. Almost there…Julius…

Julius sighed and put his head down on his table. It was another busy day for Monrey Corporation. What started out as a small office space grew into a huge corporation that became the center of attention.

Ace and Gowland walked into his office which was cluttered with paperwork and clocks. "Hey you still alive?' asked Ace. He poked Julius's head and Julius gave a grunt. "Hm, he seems okay," said Gowland. The older man also poked Julius's head. He was hoping Julius would help him out with his amusement part industry, but it seems like Julius didn't have the knack for riding er—creating new ride designs. So in the end, Gowland decided to let Boris help out with his park.

Julius propped his head up and took a sip of his coffee before looking at the two with a dark expression. "Go away," he muttered before typing something up on the computer.

"Aw~ Julius-chan! You're so mean," whined Ace. He tried giving him a hug, but he just shoved Ace away. "You're bothersome, I need to work," said Julius.

Gowland gave a deep frown as his brows furrowed. Julius has been a workaholic since Alice left. He's still in love with her, but he doesn't want to take that extra step forward to find her. Gowland sighed and walked to the outlet. "Lights out Julius," and with that said, he pulled out plug. Julius's computer made a weird noise before it shut down.

"Shit! What did you just do?" Julius cussed at the two. Ace snickered. "Naughty Julius! No cussing while working! And why don't you take a break?"

Julius leaned back into his seat and covered his face with his palms. "If I take a break, will you stop bothering tomorrow?" asked Julius.

Before Ace could respond, he received a text message. It was from Gray.

Alice will be arriving tonight at around 10. Where should we let them meet?

Ace smirked and texted Gray back. "Hmm…. I guess I'll leave you alone tomorrow. But, how about you head home soon? It's already 9:43. It's getting really late."

Julius looked at the clock. "I guess so. I'll see you two later then." Julius put his coat on and briefcase before leaving the room.

Ace gave a high five to Gowland. "Mission accomplished," laughed Ace. Gowland smiled. "It'd be nice for them to finally see each other after all these years."

"White, don't forget to process these papers for tomorrow morning," said Julius. He gave some files to White who began filing them electronically on the computer. "No problem Julius," he said.

"Oh yeah and Julius," said White. Julius stopped and turned around. "What is it?"

"Take care," he smiled. Julius gave him a weird look before exiting the office building. It was particularly crowded this evening, but there wasn't a lot of people at the train station. Most people were either at home, working, or eating at restaurants.

Julius arrived at the station just in time. He looked at his watch. 9:58 p.m. The train arrived. Julius stepped inside and froze.

Right in front of him was Alice, who was sitting and reading a book.

It was only when Julius dropped his briefcase the couple looked at each other.

"Julius?" Alice put her book down and stood up. It was just the two of them in the train.

Julius froze. He didn't know what to do or say. Alice has definitely grown. She no longer looked like a little girl, but a woman. Her long brunette hair shined under the light and her teal eyes were as beautiful as ever. Julius felt his heart race as he walked towards her.

"Alice, is that really you?" Julius closed the gap between them and cupped her face with his right hand. Alice couldn't help but give a dazzling smile. "It's me." She blushed as Julius cupped her face. He looked more handsome than ever. His dark hair and attractive face caused her heart to beat faster as well.

The two of them stood in silence for the longest time.

She's back.

He's here.

The tension snapped and Julius hugged Alice tightly and Alice did the same. "I missed you so much Alice!"

"I missed you so much too!" Alice felt tears of happiness roll down her cheeks. "I love you, Julius."

Alice waited for his response, but instead he gave her a passionate kiss. He pushed her against the side of the train's entrance. His kiss made Alice feel warm all over. She kissed him back just as passionately and two stayed that way until they both ran out of breath. Still trapped in Julius's arms, she put her head against his chest, listening to his loud heart beats. Julius pulled away and allowed a small gap between them.

Alice was still breathing heavily as Julius gave a huge grin. "I love you, too," he said. The train made an abrupt stop and Alice stumbled onto Julius. She was about to get off of him, but he pulled her back. "I'm not letting you go." Alice smiled and leaned on him.

After two more stops, the two of them got off the train. Julius and Alice held hands as they walked back to his apartment. This would be the last time they would ever separate. The kiss they shared that night was no longer forbidden. No longer did they have to hide their true feelings. Just as fate planned, the two could be together forever.

The End

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