Andy woke to strong arms tighten around her, "Time to get up babe, duty calls." Andy groaned and turned around to face him.

"Morning you" She kissed him.

"Morning" Sam smiled "you getting up?"

"What are you doing with your day off?"

"After I drop you off nothing, just gonna hang around here. Might even wash my truck."

"Sam you don't need to give me a ride to work, Jerry said he'd swing by for me he stayed at Traci's last night its on his way. You go back to sleep." Andy climbed out of the bed and kissed him on the forehead "I'll see you tonight."

"That's all I get ?" Sam sat up and pulled Andy back down in a soft slow kiss.

"Okay Sam" Andy pulled back "I really gotta go, Jerry will be here soon and I still have to shower."

"Fine, go on then. I love you." Sam said snuggling back under the blankets.

"Love you too baby" Andy replied heading off to get ready.


Sam couldn't sleep so he went to the kitchen to make Andy coffee he knew she wouldn't eat this early. Andy emerged fully dressed her hair still wet up in a ponytail. "Not having a lie in ?"

"Nah I'm up now, you sure you don't want me to drive you to work ?"

"It's fine Sam" Andy put her arms around his neck, "But thank you. You're always taking care of me ."

"Well someone has too, you can't be left alone for more than an hour."

"Sam!" Andy slapped his bare shoulder. "I am not that bad."

"I'm just kidding" Sam kissed her and walked her backwards until she hit the wall. Deepening the kiss. After a minute or so he pulled back "I hate being off when you're not."

"Well just the way the roster worked out I'm afraid. We both have Saturday off wanna do something?"

"Sure how about we go see Sarah and stay over or we could go see your dad take him out for the day?"

"I'll let you pick, I don't mind either" Andy leaned in and kissed him again. A knock on the front door interrupted, "That's Jerry now"

"Yeah he always knows when to ruin a moment." Sam replied heading to let him in.

"Hey buddy thought you would still be sleeping" Jerry greeted

"Nah she's up I'm up, you got time for a coffee?

"Sure why not, what's your plans for today?"

"Nothing just hanging around here" Sam replied pulling out cups.

"Morning Jerry" Andy said passing through the kitchen.

"Morning Andy I'm just grabbing a coffee"

"Sure no rush, has Traci left already ?"

"She should of but you know Traci, she was still running around in her pj's when I left."

Andy laughed "That's our Traci

A few minutes passed Andy let Sam and Jerry catch up she went and made the bed and gathered up the washing "Andy" Sam called.

Andy came back into the kitchen "we good to go" Jerry asked.

"yeah ready" she turned to Sam and kissed him "I'll see you later."

"Thanks for the coffee, talk later" Jerry yelled on his way out.

"No probs" Sam walked to the door "Andy you be careful out there today"

"I know Sam I love you" she called climbing into Jerry's car.

Sam waved as Jerry pulled off and beeped.

"You want to come meet Chris and Gail for lunch today ?" Traci asked as they walked to their car for the day.

"Can't, going to surprise Sam" Traci pouted, Andy laughed "ask Dov"

"Good idea hey Manboy" Traci yelled at Dov who was walking to his own car. " You want to go meet Chris and Gail for lunch later ?"

"Sure Traci and less of the nicknames. I'll text you okay" Dov replied climbing into his car. Traci and Andy did the same thing and headed off for the day.

It had been a long morning for Sam. He was very rarely off when Andy wasn't he had no idea what to do. He had already washed his truck, done the laundry, cleaned the house and cleaned out he fridge and it was only one thirty. A knock on his front door pulled him out of his thoughts. A woman threw herself at him as soon as he opened it.

"Hey Sammy" Sam put his hands on her waist to steady himself, she kissed him "I knew you'd be happy to see me."

"So uh should I drop you off or drive on ?" Traci watched as Andy glared at the scene in front of her.

Her eyes filled with tears "Drive" Andy replied in a whisper.

"Chris and Gail it is then" Traci pulled away from Sam's ' I'm so gonna kick his ass' she said to herself glancing again at Andy.

"Jess what are you doing here ?" Sam asked pushing her away. "Don't do that again, I thought I made myself pretty clear the last time I wanted nothing more to do with you."

"Ah come on Sammy I'm clean now have been for over a year now."

"What do you want I'm busy" Sam said gruffly

Jess pushed pass him "now that you mention it, I need a place to crash tonight while my dad clears out my old room."

"Nope, no way Jess, my girlfriend will be here later. Not a chance"

"Aw please Sam please. I'll be on my best behaviour, I promise you can say I'm a cousin or something."

Sam sighed " fine one night but I'm calling Andy first" Sam pulled out his phone.

"Andy?" Jess laughed. "What a name."

Sam held the phone to his ear "shut up Jess" it went to voicemail "she must be busy, hey babe it's me I need to talk to you about something call me when you can."

Andy and Traci sat in the car outside the diner "You okay Andy ?" Traci asked full of concern for her friend.

"Yeah there has to be an explanation right ? He wouldn't do that to me, would he ?" She turned to Traci.

"I don't know hun, you should go talk to him. I didn't think he would he seemed so head over heels for you."

"He is, he is" Andy said more to herself than Traci. "He called me there I couldn't answer, I'm not doing it over the phone."

"You want to go inside ?"

"Sure lets eat" Andy said climbing out of the car.

"So how did you clean up ? Sam asked Jess, Andy was still not getting back to him.

"I went into rehab I seen my mom at my cousins wedding . She acted like she didn't know me, I was a mess all skin and bone, she was telling people I was a disgrace and she was ashamed of me . That pushed me to get clean, I miss Kimmy too she blanked me said she couldn't bare to see me like that" Jess said sadly.

"That's rough, I'll try Andy again" Sam said pressing redial. He felt bad for Jess but he wasn't about to get sucked back in again. The call went unanswered again.

"You know what the worst part was ?" Sam looked back at Jess "I lost you."

"Jess I gave you numerous chances to get clean and let me help you, but you just threw that all back in my face, your dads too ."

"I know I'm sorry the drugs came first back then"

"Well I'm happy you got back to yourself again. But I'm happy with Andy and I hope you'll respect that."

Andy's phone rang twice more both she ignored just like the rest of his calls "what's up Andy ?" Dov asked he noticed she was upset about something he also noticed Traci kept glancing worriedly at her

"Just one of them days" she replied with a weak smile. She loved Dov he was a great friend but now was not the time to tell him.

"Are you sure ?" he asked.

"Yep fine, so who's turn is it this week for girls night?" Andy asked changing the subject.

"Gail's" Traci answered

"Cool I'll go shopping for munchies tomorrow ." Gail said. They sat chatting until one by one they got called away Andy and Traci first to go.

Sam paced his living room, Jess watched "I've called her eight times today, she normally gets back to me." He pulled out his phone "something's going on, something's not right" he dialled Andy again. "Andy will you please call me I'm getting worried now call me!" He put his phone away and pulled it straight back out. "I'll call Epstein he was on today. Epstein, you seen Andy today ?"

"Yeah we met for lunch she was a little out of it. Why?"

"What do you mean a little out of it ?" Sam asked.

"She was upset something was bothering her."

"Do you know where she is now?"

Dov looked around the bullpen "yep she's here at the station, her and Traci are doing up some reports before we finish."

"Alright thanks Epstein" Sam hung up. "Nash is her best friend she was paired with her today something is defiantly going on. She's not answering me either. Epstein said she was upset I need to get down there."

"Why?" Jess asked "she'll call if she wanted you to know what's going on. Maybe her and this Nash had a fight or something."

"Nah" Sam shook his head. "Andy and Traci don't fight, they never have not as long as I've known them. You and me are going for a ride lets go" he pulled Jess to her feet and out to his truck.

"Hey Andy" Dov yelled "Sam's looking for you, he just called me."

"Is he what did you tell him ?"

"That you guys were here" Dov looked confused at her

"Damn it Dov" Andy yelled.

"Sorry I didn't know I was meant to lie" Dov replied a little Angry

"Sorry not your fault, if he calls again you know nothing of my whereabouts"

"Okay I'm on it but you will be telling me everything."

"Trac you coming for a drink ?" Andy asked.

"Yeah sure Jerry's working late and Leo won't be back until Sunday, I'm all yours."

"Dov are you coming too ?"

"Yeah going with Chris and Gail, I'll see you guys there" Andy and Traci went to get ready to follow them over.

Sam pulled into the station the lot looking to see if Traci's car was still there, seen it was he shut off the engine "you stay here" he said climbing out. Going into the station he looked around then headed to the locker rooms, he pushed the door open a little bit "Andy ?" he called. Andy scattered into the shower rooms.

"Nobody here but me Sam" Traci yelled back.

"You decent ?"


Sam went into her "where's Andy ?"

"She left about ten minutes ago, said she was heading home" Traci lied.

"What is up with her today Nash ? I called a dozen times."

"Don't ask me (you cheating bastard Traci said in her head) she was fine with me today."

"Okay ask her to please call me if you hear from her. I'm really worried now this is not like her, Epstein said she was upset."

"Well she wasn't with me, like I said she was fine but I'll tell her to call you if she calls me."

"Thanks" Sam left and went to his truck fuming 'what the hell is going on Andy where are you ?' He said to himself.

"She's not here?" Jess asked Sam as he climbed back into the truck.

"No she left already" Sam slammed the door and it shook the whole truck.

Andy walked out of the shower rooms "Thanks for that Trac I couldn't deal with him now"

"That's what best friends are for we ready to head for a drink ? Dov and Chris kept us seats"

"Yep lets go." They made their way out to Traci's car "you think I could get her on something?"

"Like what?" Traci asked slightly amused.

"Murder maybe" they both laughed and climbed into Traci's car pulling off to the Penny

Sam sat in his truck thinking, he looked up when he heard Andy's laugh. He sat watching as she climbed into Traci's car with her and head off towards the Penny. "What the hell is going on" he yelled "why would Nash lie to me ?" He added starting up the truck.

"Oh maybe now I should mention there was a squad car behind me when I threw myself at you" Jess said.

Sam whipped his head around "what ? Did you see the number on the car ?"

"15-09 I think not sure, but it was two girls. They didn't look too happy to see you holding onto me" Jess smirked to herself out the window.

"Damn it Jess you couldn't of told me that earlier it all makes sense now."

"What does ?" she asked.

"She's ignoring me coz she seen you kiss me. That is Andy's car" Sam practically yelled. "Jess I swear to god if I don't fix this I will kill you. Stay here" he barked as he pulled into the penny's lot.

Inside Andy and Dov sat laughing and watching Traci kick Chris's ass in darts, Gail was sat at the bar with her brother. "So tell me what happened ?" Dov asked Andy.

Andy was about to tell him when she looked over his shoulder "uh-oh" she said leaning across the table Sam stood staring at her not a foot away. "Dov give me your car keys catch a ride home with Chris. please I'll pick you up in the morning please, I need to bail like right now."

"Why ?" Dov asked confused again "what's going on ?"

"Sam cheated on me okay now please" she held out her hand. Sam came beside Dov.

Dov handed her his keys while glaring at Sam "call me when you get home safe."

"I will thank you, gotta go" Andy snatched the keys off him. She went the opposite side Sam was on.

Sam was in front of her again " I think we need to talk Andy."

"No we don't night" Andy slipped by him.

"Andy" Sam stopped her.

"No Sam I said goodnight."

"Will you just tell me what's wrong?" Sam was getting annoyed now

"Nothing I'm tired" she said pulling the door open.

Sam pulled her aside "Andy just stop"

Andy folded her arms across her chest "what Sam ?"

"I know why you're upset will you just let me explain."

"No Sam no explaining. I pulled up to see your arms around another woman and kiss her, its pretty simple" Andy looked away she had tears in her eyes.

"It wasn't what it looked like, she threw herself at me I had my hands there to steady myself."

"Oh yeah did she fall on your lips too ?" the tears couldn't be held back any longer

"No she kissed me Andy, she's my ex she just turned up you have to believe me . I love you" he said wiping the tears that had fallen from her eyes. "I would never do anything to hurt you. She's in my truck I can go get her get her to explain it to you herself."

"No I'm good Sam I'm going home" Andy started to move to Dov's car.

"Andy please it's exactly how I explained it" Sam stepped towards her , seeing she didn't move back he pulled her into his chest. "I love you Andy, I don't want anyone else. she's gone tomorrow I promise."

Andy closed her eyes Sam's voice was shaky like he was about to cry she put her arms around his neck "you promise nothing happened ?"

Andy I swear on my life and anyone else's nothing happened. I've been trying to call you all day, I called Traci and Epstein too. Even if you hadn't of seen it I was going to tell you."

Andy looked up at Sam he was telling the truth, she could tell from the sadness on his face "I'm sorry, I overreacted as usual."

"It's fine babe" Sam pulled her closer. "I would of acted the same way. You want to give Epstein his keys back and let me take you home ?"

"I don't really want to see her Sam, I'll just see you in the morning okay." she leaned up and kissed him I better go I love you" she said opening the driver side door.

"Love you too text me when you get home and let Epstein know we're good I let the glaring in there go this time" Sam smiled letting her know it was a joke. Sam stood and waited until she pulled away before walking back to his truck.

Jess sat watching from the truck smiling "this is going to be so easy" she smirked "he'll be mine by the end of the week."