Andy woke up the next morning in a very good mood. Not caring that it was Sam she was snuggled up to she slid out of his hold and skipped to the shower grabbing her phone on the way, once in the bathroom she text Traci 'hey you up?'

'Yeah what can I do for you at this hour?'

'I got some news for you but it's a secret meet me in the locker rooms at 5.45 :)'

'Oooh I like morning gossip I'll c ya then :)'

Andy put her phone down and jumped into the shower. She quickly washed herself and jumped out, drying herself off she pulled on the clothes she had laid out and skipped down to the kitchen.

She arrived back five minutes later with two cups of coffee, setting them down on the bedside locker and climbed onto the bed "Sam," she said quietly.

"Mmh," he mumbled sleepily and rolled over.

"Time to get up," she said.

"What time is it?"

"Five-twenty I wanna meet Traci at quarter to six do you wanna follow me? I can walk."

Sam sat up and rubbed his eyes "nah I'm up now I'll be ready in ten minutes."

Andy handed him a cup "here," she smiled.

"Thanks- I could get used to this, I see you're still in a good mood."

"Well it's not every day the man you're so in love with asks you to marry him," she said excitedly.

"So you're gonna move in here?" Sam asked.

"Yeah I'll get to work on selling my apartment- I'll call an agency on my lunch."

"Andy I was kidding you don't have to do anything now you can wait a while- you know until I get you the real ring and ask you properly."

Andy kissed him to shut him up "I want to- we're getting a fresh start now get that butt out of bed I'm bursting to tell Traci." Sam laughed and headed for his shower.

"So what's this news?" Traci attacked as soon as she had a foot in the door.

Andy looked around to make sure it was just the two of them "Sam asked me to marry him!" She squealed excitedly.

"What! Seriously?" Traci shrieked.

"Yes really!" Andy giggled.

"How did he do it? I want every detail," Traci said pulled Andy to sit down.

"Well it was kinda an accident," Andy started.

"An accident?" Traci asked pulling a face.

Andy sighed "Jess took some money on him that he'd been saving for a ring, he was angry and let it slip."

"What?" Traci gasped "that bitch- so what happened?"

"I told him I didn't care I didn't need a ring to know he loved me that he could give me the ring off a can and I'd still say yes."

"Aww Andy that is so romantic- so did he get down on one knee?"

Andy laughed "no he just said so will you marry me and gave me this," Andy help up her hand showing Traci the ring he had given her last night.

"Wow, where did he pull that from?"

"He's always worn it- he gave it to me until he gets the ring he picked which I told him I didn't care about but he wants to do it properly and in front of our friends."

"Oh Andy I'm so happy for you congrats," Traci pulled her into a hug.

"And I'm moving in," Andy said proudly.

"Well no one deserves it more than you- we better get changed or Frank will kill us."

Sam stood at the back of the parade room with Jerry "so I did it last night," he said casually.

"Did what?" Jerry asked looking up from his file while taking a sip of his coffee.

"I asked Andy to marry me," Sam replied with a smirk knowing exactly what would happen next.

Jerry spit his coffee on the floor "Sam my man congrats," he said pulling him into a man hug. "I thought you were still saving."

"Yeah well Jess put an end to that- she stole it last night," he grumbled.

"What! All of it?" Jerry yelled.

"Most of it- I was pissed Andy was there and I let it slip it wasn't the way I planned it," he sighed.

"As long as she said yes- she did say yes?" Jerry asked worried he'd put his foot in it.

"Yeah she did," Sam laughed "she said she didn't care about a ring she'd say yes no matter what I gave her.

"She's a keeper Sammy- so are you guys making it official?"

"No just between me and you for now."

"Got it well congrats again I'm assuming Andy is in telling Traci I heard them giggling when I passed the locker rooms."

Sam laughed "yeah I heard it from our locker rooms so she must have- anyway I'll be getting the ring Traci picked out and I'll be doing it properly in front of all our friends might do it here," he said nodding around the parade room "Traci said the Penny was too tacky."

"Yeah here is better well I wanna be there when you pop it for real," Jerry said clapping him on the shoulders.

"You will," Sam replied.

"Will she be expecting it though?" Jerry asked after a minute.

"No no at the penny she would you know how private she is around here- she wouldn't expect me to do it here." Sam smiled as Andy and Traci walked by and slid into their seats.

Jess stumbled into Sam's house with a bottle of vodka in one hand and a man's hand in the other "sshh," she giggled putting her finger over her mouth and tiptoed through the house. She stopped and pushed Sam's bedroom door open "all clear!" she yelled. She grabbed the guy once he was close enough and shoved him onto the bed climbing on top of him.

Sam was paired with Chris while Andy was with Traci. Dispatch to all units we have a 2.14 in progress at 3375 Ashberry Drive a neighbour called it in

"15-09 on route"

"Shit that's my house Radio it in Diaz," Sam said as he flipped the lights and sirens on.

Chris grabbed the radio "dispatch this is 15-05 on route that house is officer Swarek's residence."

"Copy 15-05, 15-09 is already on route."

"Shit that's Andy and Traci," Sam said as he sped up and raced to his house.

Jess rolled over in the bed to find it empty she sat up and gasped his room was thrashed "shit shit shit!" she grabbed the sheet and jumped out of the bed running to the living room. The house was totally trashed too "shit shit!" she yelled pulling on her clothes and racing out the back door just as Andy and Traci burst through the front yelling police.

Andy and Traci cleared the house and came together in the kitchen "Sam is gonna be sooo pissed," Andy groaned.

"They really did a number on the place," Traci said looking around.

"Yeah everything is gone his flat screens his stereo's the dvd players, this has to be Jess there's no sign of forced entry."

"Think Andy- can you notice anything else that might be missing?" Trac asked jotting what she had just said down.

Andy looked around "there was a jar of money on the fireplace but I can't be sure if that was there this morning.

"Andy!" Sam yelled as he and Chris ran through the door. "God damn it!" He yelled taking in the sight of his house.

Andy cringed as he continued to yell "in here Sam!" she yelled. Sam made his way to meet them in the kitchen "I'm sorry Sam it looks like it was Jess no sign of forced entry," Andy said.

"Are you sure?" Sam asked looking around his kitchen.

"Yeah," Andy nodded "I made that bed before we left and now it's all over the place there's a pair of underwear that don't belong to me and a man's belt on the floor in there."

"She had sex in my bed?" Sam asked disgusted. Andy bit her lip and nodded she knew he was about to blow "I'll kill her when I get my hands on her!" He yelled.

"Uh Sam there's a bottle of vodka in the shower and a white substance by the sink I think it might be cocaine," Chris said from behind them.

"That's it!" Sam yelled and pulled his radio "dispatch we are now looking for a female a Jessica Boland early thirties blonde hair 5,4' sallow skin and an unknown male- both believed to be intoxicated and under the influence of drugs," he sighed and sat on the nearest chair.

"Copy that," dispatch replied.

Sam punched the counter top "Sam don't everything will be okay," Andy said and rubbed his back- jumping away when he shot up out of his seat.

"Okay? How in the hell will it be okay? Are you blind as well as stupid Andy everything is gone! He yelled immediately regretting it.

Andy was taken back she looked at him stunned along with Traci and Chris they'd never heard him speak to Andy like that before even when he was pissed.

"I'll uh go call the locksmith it'll be safer since she has a key," Chris said and slipped out of the kitchen.

"Yeah I'll just…. wait outside we're done now," Traci said and walked out of the kitchen leaving the two of them alone.

Andy stared at him for another few seconds before she looked away and cleared her throat "make a list of what's missing and give it to Traci," she put a pad in front of him "I already got what I could," she said and walked out of the kitchen.

"Andy wait!" Sam said grabbing her arm "I'm sorry."

She pulled away from him "I better get back," she said and hurried out the door.

Sam sighed and dropped his head onto his arms he knew he shouldn't have said what he said but he couldn't help it he was pissed, sitting up straight again he smiled as he went through the list everything was there she hadn't missed one thing- groaning he stood up he knew he had a lot of grovelling to do.

"So are you guys good?" Traci asked as they drove back to the station.

"I left right after you he said he was sorry but I just said I have to go," she sighed "we'll talk later."

Traci shot her a worried look "I know you Andy don't over analyse it he was pissed he didn't mean it."

"He didn't need to call me stupid I was only trying to help," Andy grumbled.

"He's a man Andy they don't think they just blurt out stupid things I bet he's kicking himself now," Traci replied.

"And so he should be I tell ya he'll be sleeping alone tonight," she giggled.

"That's my girl make him pay," Traci laughed.

An hour later Andy and Traci were back on the street driving around, going pass the park Andy happened to look up "Trac stop," she said as she looked at a woman passed out on a nearby bench "I think that's Jess," she said leaning forward to get a closer look "it is her," she said and climbed out Traci following her.

"She looks totally out of it," Traci said when they stopped in front of her.

"Yeah she's probably high as a kite so be prepared for her to lash out," Andy said and leaned closer to her "Jess," she said and shook her.

Jess groaned and opened her eyes spotting the uniform before any faces she lashed out and punched Andy right in the eye "leave me alone!" she screeched and tried to jump up.

"Hey calm down," Traci said and grabbed her.

"I didn't mean for it to happen I swear," she cried "he was gone when I woke up and so was all Sammy's stuff!"

"Okay calm down," Traci said leading her to the car "we're just going to go to the station and have a little talk," she said cuffing her and placing her in the back of the cruiser.

She walked back to Andy who was rubbing her eye and blinking "are you okay?" Traci said looking at her face.

"Yeah I'm fine stings like a bitch though," she giggled "I'm telling you to be prepared and I'm the one that gets punched."

"So we're adding assault of a police officer?" Traci asked.

"We'll see what she tells us first before we bring it up," Andy said as they walked to the car.

Pulling up at the station they got out of the car just as Sam and Chris pulled up "I'll get her inside and into holding," Andy said pulling Jess out and leading her to the doors.

"That Jess?" Sam asked when they got out of their cruiser.

"Yeah," Traci nodded "Andy found her on a park bench passed out and totally out of it."

"Has she said anything?" Chris asked.

"Just that he was gone with all the stuff when she woke up she's still pretty out of it so we're gonna let her sleep it off for a while," Traci said and made her way inside.

"How's Andy doing after…" Sam trailed off.

"You're in the dog house Swarek!" Traci called back and kept walking.

"Great," Sam muttered he hoped in the last few hours she'd calmed down.

Traci followed Andy in to booking and saw Jess already asleep in a cell Andy watching her through the little window "you want let her sleep it off until morning?" she said stopping beside her.

Andy looked at the clock on the wall "yeah shift is finished now and we won't be getting anything out of her tonight she hasn't a clue what her name is at the moment."

"You want to go the penny I told Chris and Dov we would," Traci asked trying to cheer her up.

"Yeah but just for one I told my dad I stop in," she lied she knew Sam and Jerry always went on a Thursday night and didn't really want to be around him.

"Okay one it is then I'll drop you off at Tommy's," Traci said as they went to lock away their guns.

"Hey Andy," Chris called as they came out of the locker rooms "Sam's looking for you here's the new key to his house... I waited for the locksmith, are you guys coming the Penny?"

"Yeah we'll be there in about ten minutes Traci replied and looked to Andy who was looking towards the men's locker room "Andy go talk to him," she laughed.

Andy shook her head "no let's go," she said and pulled her along.

In the Penny Andy and Dov were playing darts and having a laugh when Sam and Jerry walked in he took a seat at the bar and watched her she was laughing that was good sign he said to himself. He ordered a drink for him and Jerry and continued to watch her. She spotted him and he smiled, getting a weak smile back from her he watched her pick up her drink and down it before grabbing her bag and slinging it over her shoulder. She hugged Traci and then the boys before heading out the back exit "I'll be back in a sec Jer," he said and ran after her.

"Come back in a better mood Sammy," he yelled after him causing Traci to giggle.

"Andy!" He yelled across the lot when he got outside.

She rolled her eyes and stopped walking "I knew it," she muttered she knew she couldn't get away without him coming after her turning around she waited for him to catch up to her.

"Where are you going?" He asked when he stopped in front of her.

"Home," she said and brushed her hair out of her face.

Sam hadn't seen her since his house this moring he wasn't close enough to see her back eye in the Penny "what happened to your eye?" he asked stepping closer to her.

"Jess punched me when I woke her up it's fine doesn't even hurt anymore," she muttered.

"She what?" He yelled "Andy why haven't you told me about this- it looks bad," he said taking her chin and tilting her face so he could see better "Andy about earlier I'm sor-"

"I know you were pissed Sam can we not do this now?" she said and pulled away from him "I gotta go."

"Andy come on I said I was sorry!" He called after her.

"I know," she called back and kept walking.

Sam jogged after "babe please let me explain."

Andy stopped again "there is nothing to explain you were pissed you took it out on me I get it, am I not allowed to be pissed too? You expect me to forget about it and go on as if you didn't call me stupid in front of my friends- people I work with?"

"Baby I'm sorry I kno-" she cut him off again.

"No Sam no baby," she yelled "I am pissed at you deal with it leave me alone until I'm ready," she snapped and started walking.

"Let Nash or someone give you a ride Andy you shouldn't be walking!" he yelled after her knowing she wasn't going to give in.

"I'll be fine," she yelled back and turned the corner.

Sam sighed "damn it," he muttered and walked back inside.

"Still in the dog house?" Traci asked as he walked to his seat.

"Yup more than earlier I think," he muttered.

"You know her Sammy leave her to cool off and call her in the morning," Jerry chuckled.

Sam nodded and grabbed his beer "yeah," he sighed and downed it.

Andy walked in her front door and threw her keys on the table, kicking off her shoes she walked to the freezer and grabbed a tub of ice-cream getting a spoon from the drawer she walked back to the sofa and fell onto it, grabbing the remote she flicked on the tv just as a film was starting "nice something to cheer me up," she said as billy Madison appeared on the screen. Throwing the lid on the coffee table she settled into the sofa and dug the spoon into the ice-cream.

An hour later she was giggling at the tv when her phone rang, pulling it from her pocket she smiled as Sam flashed on the screen "hello."

"Hey are you still up?"

"Would I be talking to you if I wasn't?" she replied

"…. Can I come over?" he asked after a minute.

Andy smiled she wasn't in a bad mood anymore "you have your key," she said and hung up- smiling again she put the phone down and counted to twenty.

Sam sighed in relief after she hung up- he climbed out of his truck and made his way inside he was already outside he was going to try even if she said no. Taking the two flights of stairs to her apartment he dug out his keys and let himself in smiling when he heard her laugh "what's so funny?" He said leaning on the doorframe.

"How'd I know you were already outside?" she said rolling a bit to look back at him.

"Coz you know me," he chuckled and walked over to her he smiled when Andy leaned forward to let him in behind her, sitting down she lay on his legs "what are you watching?"

"Billy Madison," she replied "it's almost over- you staying here tonight?" She asked.

"Yeah if I' allowed to," he replied and placed an arm over her waist.

Andy smiled and rolled to face him "you're allowed," she said and leaned up to kiss him "your place is still trashed anyway," she said when she pulled back.

Sam dipped his head and kissed her softly- running his hand along her cheek holding her there as he deepened it. Andy moaned into his mouth and moved so she was sitting up, wrapping his arm around her waist he pulled her onto him.

"What was that for?" she giggled when he pulled back.

"Because I love ya and I'm sorry," he said kissing her again.

"You're lucky I love you," she giggled and snuggled into him.

"That I am baby that I am," he said pulling her closer.

The next morning Andy rolled over and shut off her alarm "why are you getting up so early babe?" A sleepy Sam asked squinting to read the time on the bedside clock.

"I have something to do before shift you go back to sleep I'll see ya when you come in," she kissed him on the head and rolled out of the bed.

"What have you to do?" He asked sitting up in the bed.

"Something," she replied and closed the bathroom door- Sam shrugged and lay back down falling back asleep.

Once she was showered and dressed she tiptoed out of the bedroom and down to the kitchen, grabbing some coffee in her travel mug she grabbed her bag and walked out the door.

Arriving at the station she went to the locker rooms and changed into her uniform before going down to booking "hey," she greeted the officer on the desk "has she woken up at all?" She asked peering in at Jess.

"Woke up screaming a few times I think was coming down she's fine now sleeping soundly," the officer replied.

Andy nodded "I'm going to take her for an interview now can you open the door please?" She asked.

"Sure I'll be glad to see the back of her she has some set of lungs that girl," he chuckled and opened the door for her.

"Thanks," she smiled and walked inside "Jess, hey Jess," she said shaking her. Jess groaned and rolled over "time for your interview," Andy said shaking her again.

"Give me a minute to wake up," Jess grumbled and sat up on the side of the bed.

A minute later Andy took her arm "up we get," she said pulling her to her feet.

Once settled in interview Andy started "so who was the guy you brought back to Sam's?"

"I wasn't there to bring any guy back," Jess grumbled.

"Oh come on Jess I could smell your perfume the second I walked into the bedroom."

"How do you know I wasn't in there with Sammy?" She said with a wicked smile.

Andy smiled back "because Jess I stayed there the night before and we went to work together and you told me you were there with a guy so again who was the guy that stole all Sam's stuff?"

Jess sighed she didn't see the point in lying "Don Fletcher," she replied "I met him in a club he had stuff on him I didn't touch it but the next thing I knew it was light out and I was alone in bed naked."

"So you're saying you were drugged? Andy asked.

Jess shook her head "no I was drinking vodka so I more than likely took it myself," she sighed "Andy honestly I didn't know he's steal stuff I expected him to still be there when I woke up we got along great."

"Did he say where he lived or anything?"

"Hastings I think I can't remember but he did say he worked in the newspaper booth on fifth."

Andy nodded and stood up "aright I'll make a deal with you," she said pacing the room "I'm going to check out this guy Don if I come back with the right guy and Sam's stuff you can walk."

"Really thank yo-" Jess started but was cut off.

"On one condition to go with it," Andy leaned on the table "you leave here and never come back leaving Sam and me to be happy."

Jess nodded "I will I promise… thanks Andy."

Andy stood back from the table "sit tight I'll be back soon do you want drink or food before I go?"

"Yeah both please," Jess replied.

Andy walked to the break room and saw Traci in the corner "hey," she called as she walked to the vending machine.

"Hey," Traci took her coffee and walked over to her "what brings you here so early? I stayed at Jerry's last night so I have an excuse."

Andy laughed "I wanted to interview Jess and get her out of the way before Sam came in," Andy replied.

"Did she tell you anything?" Traci asked.

"Yeah she gave me a name, so I'm gonna check it out after parade you wanna come?"

"Go Andy, sure better hope we're paired together though."

"Ah we'll switch it'll be fine," Andy grabbed her food and drink "I'll see ya in parade," she called. Walking back to the room she handed Jess the food and sat down "do you still have feelings for Sam?" She asked a few minutes later.

Jess looked to the floor and nodded "yeah," she smiled "he's a really great guy gave me everything I could ever ask for until I messed us up, who knows what would have happened if I didn't get involved in drugs- I always wondered would we still be together… you're very lucky Andy he really is one in a million," she smiled again "don't let him go," she said and dug into her sandwich.

Andy stood up "I don't intend to," she said "I have to go now but as soon as I get this guy I'll be back for you," she said and walked out of the room.

She was happy Frank had paired her with Dov and Traci with Chris the guys wouldn't have a problem swapping over for an hour. Grabbing her cruiser keys she and Dov walked outside closely followed by Traci and Chris "hey guys me and Trac need to follow up a lead from Sam's house can you swap with us for a while?" she asked.

"Sure but we're coming," Chris said taking the keys from Traci.

"Yeah you two might need back up," Dov said climbing into the passenger side.

Andy and Traci laughed before climbing into the cruiser together.

Pulling up outside Don's house Andy and Traci walked up to the door and knocked "go with it," Andy muttered as someone approached "hi," she smiled when a shabby looking man opened the door.

"Help you?" he grunted.

"Yeah actually you can are you Don Fletcher?" Traci asked.

"Yeah," he grunted again.

"I understand you were in the company of a Jessica Boland the other night she's wanted for questioning would you have any idea where she might be?" Andy asked.

"Uh no I was on a date with her but I left her at her front door haven't heard from her since," he said nervously.

Andy nodded "okay thanks anyway, actually we'll need you to come down to the station and sign a statement just to have in paper what you told us you'll be in and out," she smiled.

"Right," Don nodded "I'll get my coat," he said and turned to a rack behind him "will you guys give me a ride home when I'm done?"

"Sure no problem," Traci replied trying not to laugh.

"So what's she wanted for?" Don asked as they drove to the station.

"Oh breaking into a police officer's house," Andy replied cheerfully.

"Oh," he said and his eyes widened.

"Something the matter Mr Fletcher?" Traci asked looking at him through the mirror.

"Uh no just surprised is all she didn't seem like the type," he said quickly.

"Well you never can tell Officer Nash can you?" Andy asked "everyone is capable of anything."

"Yeah I agree Officer McNally you never can tell what people are thinking these days," Traci said as they pulled into the station.

Getting him settled into an interview room Andy and Traci finally burst out laughing "d-did you see his face!" Traci laughed "oh my god I can't breathe," she giggled and held her sides.

Andy was in hysterics "I know he really is clueless anyway can you get Jess into the observation room… and grab the belt from the evidence room."

Traci nodded and continued to laugh as she walked towards the interview room Jess was in.

A few minutes later Traci arrived with Jess "did you find him?" she asked hopeful.

"You tell me," Andy said and nodded towards the glass.

"Yeah yeah that's him!" she yelled "that's the son of a bitch right there."

"Are you sure Jess? This deal doesn't work if you say yes just to get out of here, if he's not the guy I will find you," Andy said seriously.

"No I swear it's him he has a tattoo on his neck a dragon I think check it out," Jess replied.

Andy nodded and walked outside with Traci "what deal?" Traci asked raising an eyebrow.

"I'll tell you later," Andy said pulling the door open "sorry to keep you waiting Mr Fletcher we just have a few questions then you'll be off okay?" she said and slipped into the seat across from him making sure to look for a tattoo as she passed him.

"Will it take long I have to get to work soon."

"If you cooperate it won't," Traci said and sat beside Andy.

"So Mr Fletcher you neglected to tell us you slept with Ms Boland," Andy said.

"What how'd you know tha- I mean I didn't," he said and darted his eyes to the floor.

"You forgot something," Traci said placing the belt on the table.

"I…um…I… so I slept with her you can't charge me for that," he said.

"You told us you left her at the door," Andy said.

"So I didn't think it was a big deal," he muttered.

"You were in the house the house that got robbed," Andy said loudly.

"So I didn't take anything," he yelled.

"So it if we run your prints they won't match the ones we pulled from the scene?" Traci asked.

"Come on Mr Fletcher, Ms Boland wakes up to find you gone and the house trashed," Andy said.

He sighed "fine," he muttered "you win I was there I waited until she was sleeping and then took a load of stuff- you got me!" he yelled and threw his hands up in the air.

"Why did you take the stuff in the first place?" Traci asked.

"For drugs alright I'm a little low at the moment."

"Where's the stuff now?" Andy asked "I know you wouldn't have time to sell it all with it being so recent we know the way you lot think."

"In my house," he muttered.

Andy smiled widely as a plan formed in her head "alright," she stood up and shoved some paper in front of him "write down everything word for word and sign it."

"What'll happen to me now?" he asked picking up the pen.

"You'll go for a bail hearing tomorrow it should go in your favour because you came in willingly," Traci answered and stood up "don't leave anything out this time," she said and followed Andy out of the room. "I know that look," she said as soon as the door closed.

Andy laughed "I have a plan can you help me?"

"Why do I get the feeling I'll regret this?" Traci groaned.

"You won't I'll buy you a few beers after shift I'll need the guys too," Andy said as they went back into Jess.

Andy got her statement and got her to sign it "that's you done and Jess I meant what I said," Andy said and stood up "I ever see you back here you'll end up in there," she said nodding to the cells.

"I won't I'm gonna go back to Vancouver to see if I can get back into college I'll be gone in a few days… thanks Andy I know I wasn't the easiest person to deal with," she moved awkwardly as if she was going to hug her.

Andy smiled and pulled her into a hug "if things were different we could have been friends, look after yourself Jess and get into a group for the drugs I have friends up there I'll be checking in on you."

Jess smiled and pulled back "I will Andy and thanks again… tell Sammy I'm sorry and thanks for all he did letting me stay and all- oh here's the key back," she said and pulled it from her bag "and the uh money I took," she said handing her back the money Sam had for the ring.

She took it and smiled "I'll tell him- go on," she said nodding to the door.

As she walked back to find Traci she rounded the corner and Sam appeared "hey beautiful," he said happily and kissed her.

"Wow that time already," she said looking at her watch.

"Did you get done what you needed to do?" he asked as they walked along the hallway.

"Yeah I had to do something for my dad," she smiled "hey I'm gonna go for a drink with the guys after shift do you want to pick me when you're finished here?"

"Sure babe what are you doing now?"

"Just finished interviewing a guy so me and Trac are gonna head for lunch I'm starved I'll see you before I go later," she kissed him quickly and went off to find Traci.

An hour or so after shift Traci groaned as they pulled up at Sam's "Andy I am actually so tired right now do we have to do this?"

"Yes we're almost done come on Trac then we can get to the penny and drink as much as you like on me," she said excitedly as she climbed out of the car- four more cars pulling up behind Traci's.

"How much stuff is in here?" Dov groaned as he climbed out of the car Sue lent him.

"A lot," she giggled and opened the front door.

"Andy I'm sure half of this stuff can be thrown out," Chris said as he walked by her with a few boxes.

"Why in the hell did I agree to this?" Gail whined as she carried a box in.

"Because you love me," Andy giggled.

"I don't love you why am I here?" Noelle muttered as she passed with boxes.

"Because you love Sam," She jumped and clapped her hands as Jerry and Ollie pulled up and carried stuff up the steps "did you get it all?"

"Don't worry McNally we never fail," Ollie replied.

"Yeah chill Andy we got this," Jerry chuckled.

"Right everyone first I wanna say thank you so much for helping me and secondly there's beers in the fridge who wants one?" Andy asked.

"Me!" everyone yelled and burst out laughing.

Two hours later they were all flaked out all over Sam's living room.

"Man I'll need a week off after that," Dov groaned.

"Yeah I've never worked so hard," Gail whined.

Andy giggled "it'll be worth it later… for me."

"Eww keep that stuff to yourself," Traci giggled and threw a pillow at here

"Right if our services are no longer needed I think I shall drop my car off and head to the Penny," Jerry said and stood up followed by Noelle and Ollie.

"See you Rooks there!" Ollie called on his way out.

"So how are we doing this?" Dov asked.

"Well we're all off tomorrow so how about Traci, you follow Dov home and after he drops off Sue's car bring him to mine and you can leave your car there," Chis said "Gail you can too then we can all walk from mine to the Penny- I'll pick you two up tomorrow and bring you back for your cars."

"You're a genius," Traci laughed "let's go Epstein oh Chris! You alright to give Andy a ride to yours?"

"Yep see you two there!" He called after him.

"I'll meet you there too," Gail called and walked out to her car.

Andy didn't even notice anyone talking or leaving she looked around with a massive grin on her face "so you happy?" Chris asked nudging her.

"Very, let's go get our drink on," she giggled and walked out to his car with him.

Sam groaned as he passed the Penny and saw them all go in, he cursed Wilson for asking him to swap shifts "that should be me in there," he muttered and kept on driving "three more hours," he muttered.

In the Penny Andy had ordered a round of drinks and was passing them out, she grabbed her own beer and held it up "to all you awesome awesome guys for helping me today so thank you and cheers," she said.

"Cheers!" they all replied and clinked bottles and glasses.

Andy was in the bathroom with Gail when her phone beeped pulling out she smiled at Sam's name on the screen be there in 5 babe I'm wrecked won't be stopping in if you wanna stay out let me know love ya xx "aww Sam's finished now he wants to go straight home."

"Aww poor baby," Gail laughed.

"Oh I can't wait to see his face, night Gail," she said and hugged her "I better go say bye to everyone."

"Night Andy and let me know how it goes!" She yelled after her.

"Hey guys I gotta go," Andy said when she got back to the table "Sam's finished now and wants to go straight home."

"Well what are you waiting for?" Ollie chuckled.

"I'm going I'm going night everyone and thanks again."

Jerry jumped up and hugged her "anytime McNally now go give Sammy a heart attack," he chuckled and kissed her on the head.

"Bye guys," she called and ran outside. Sam was just pulling up when she got out "hey," she said and climbed into his truck.

"Hey you have fun?" he said leaning over to kiss her.

"Yeah good night," she replied.

Sam nodded "good," he yawned.

"Aww is my baby tired," she laughed.

"Yep I'm going home to clean some of that mess get a shower and go to bed," he said as he drove out of the lot.

"Yeah I'm kinda tried too but I'll help ya," she said trying to hold back a smile.

When they pulled up Andy couldn't contain her excitement she held back an excited squeal as he opened the front door. She had to bite her lip as he walked into the living room and stopped in his tracks.

"What the?" he looked around in amazement and turned to Andy who stood with a grin on her face "Andy?" He said raising an eyebrow.

"What?" she squeaked trying not to laugh with excitement his face was priceless.

"All my stuff is back" he said.

"Oh is it?" she said casually and looked in to the room "so it is," she said and looked back at him.

"So how did it get there?" He asked moving closer to her.

"Um pixies?" She replied.

Sam chuckled "alright how'd you do it?" he said wrapping his arms around her waist.

"Who says it was me?" she asked putting her arms around his neck.

"I know it was you because no one else would go out of their way like that," he said pulling her closer and kissing her neck.

"Okay okay you win I found the guy that broke in her got a confession and found out where all the stuff was… and got rid of Jess," she said smiling up at him.

Sam lowered his head and kissed her "you're amazing you know that- thank you," he said and kissed her again.

"So since the cleaning doesn't need to be done what do you say to tea a shower and bed?" she said when he pulled back.

"I think that is a great idea," he said pulling her into the kitchen.

"Hey why don't you go get a shower now and I'll bring this up?" Andy said as she clicked on the kettle.

"Okie dok," he said and dropped a kiss on her forehead and went upstairs.

After his shower he walked across his room and stopped- turning to the bed he looked at the bedside locker, on the side Andy slept when she stayed over to see photos on it, looking closer he saw it was one of her and Traci and the other was of the five Rookies. Frowning he walked to his closet and opened it he looked at all the clothes and stepped back, going to his dresser her pulled all the drawers open and smiled. Closing them he threw clothes on and walked into the spare room opening that closet his smile widened, walking back to the bathroom her shook his head and chuckled "how did I not notice all that stuff before?" He laughed and went down stairs. He found Andy lost in thought sitting at the bar in the kitchen "so a girl seems to have taken over my house?" he said.

Andy giggled "yeah I kinda moved in today so surprise," she laughed.

"What! No way Andy are you serious?" he said excitedly walking over to her.

Andy stood up to meet him "yeah I am all my stuff is here unpacked and all."

Sam lifted her up and swung her around "baby you've just made me so happy!" he laughed and kissed her.

Andy kissed him and pulled back "I love you Sam Swarek and I'm planning on spending the rest of my life with you- this is a fresh start for us and I'm gonna enjoy every minute of it."

Sam rested his forehead against hers "I don't know what to say Andy you cease to amaze me I love you so much I can't wait to marry you."

"Oh hold on," she laughed and pulled away from him, going to her bag she pulled the money out that Jess gave her "the missing money has returned," she laughed at the look on his face.

"How'd you?" he looked at her and then back to the money.

"Jess gave it back to me," she said.

"Right and when you say get rid of her you didn't kill her did you?" he asked walking closer to her.

Andy giggled "no I made a deal with her and sent her on her way."

"That was the thing you had to do this morning, it wasn't for your dad at all was it?"

"Nope but I couldn't ruin the surprise if I had have told you I was going to interview her you would have said you were coming."

Sam smiled and pulled her to him "I don't care that's all done now, I have you for the rest of my life that's all I want," he said and kissed her passionately.

Andy giggled "I do too oh and we're getting married on the eighteenth of September all booked and all.

"I'll be there baby," Sam replied and kissed her again, lifting her onto his hips he walked her out of their kitchen up the stairs of their home and into their bedroom their fresh start starting now.