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It's not perfect, or beautiful or romantic, but it's all Sakura can ever ask for. Because it's Sasuke and that's all she's ever cared about.

He never cuddles with her, or tells her how beautiful she looks. He doesn't take her out on dates or sweep her off her feet.

But he's there, and that's all she cares about.

- x -

"Hey, Sasuke-kun, why don't you smile more often?"


"And why do you speak in single syllables?"


"Because you know what I mean anyway."

- x -

Sasuke grips her hips tightly, trying to anchor himself to reality. Because, God, this woman made him lose his mind. He pounded into her with adroit precision and relished in the moans of approval in which he received.

The pinkette beneath him squirmed, trying to adjust herself, but to no avail. Sasuke seemed to be fully content in the position she was in, and she knew she wasn't going anywhere.

"Sasu…ah…" her lips parted in ecstasy, her hands gripping onto his shoulders desperately. "Oh, god…please…please!"

Sakura arched into him further, letting out another moan. Sasuke's left hand broke free of her hip to snap firmly against her mouth.

"Shut up." He rasped in between disjointed breaths. "If someone hears us because of you, I won't ever let you live it down." His somewhat threatening tone only proved to further stimulate Sakura's pleasure. A jolt of pleasure racked through her body at the thought of possibly getting caught.

Well, they were doing it out in the open.

Sakura never suspected Sasuke to ever be the kinky type, but she couldn't have been more off. It seemed that all his pent up emotions poured over into his sexual energy, which spelled trouble for Sakura.

Sakura's legs wound tighter around Sasuke's waist, pulling him deeper inside her with each reckless thrust.

"Shit, Sakura…" he muttered, eyes shut tightly. He quickened his pace, hoping to finish before someone decided they needed Sakura for something.

Sure, doing it in the office is typical. Not so creative.

However, doing it in the office with the door open was a completely different story. And it wasn't like her office was on the far corner of the hospital. No, it was in a moderately crowded area. And it was only mid-afternoon.

Sakura's fingers wound through Sasuke's silky locks, pulling his head closer, digging her fingers deep into his scalp as a wave of pleasure racked through her entire body.

"Nya…ah…Sasu…" Sakura moaned; lips parting in pure, unadulterated pleasure. She heard his breath puffing into her ear with each hot pant he released. His rough, calloused hands squeezed her breasts, adding to the stimulation. She shook her head, writhing in a desperate attempt to contain her moans. Her hands gripped his, pushing them away because the pleasure – at that point – was too intense.

She opened her eyes briefly to see a smirk on his face as he thrust himself repeatedly into her, shaking her entire body with the force of his thrusts. She touched his cheek briefly, eyes struggling to stay open. His bangs tickled her face, a low guttural groan slipping from his lips effortlessly.

Sakura liked Sasuke best in times like these. When he was so innocent, and open and vulnerable. It gave Sakura hope that not all was lost. That there were still parts of his childhood that he held onto.

Her hands released his hair and traveled down to his chiseled chest, tracing the contours of his abs deliciously. Her hands traveled lower to the joining of their bodies and Sasuke cursed under his breath. Suddenly, he stopped his frantic movements and pulled out of her. As Sakura mewled her displeasure, she felt herself being flipped over so that her face was pressed against her placed his head at her opening, tracing his fingers along her spine, before gripping her hips and roughly slamming into her so hard that her body shook in spasms.

Sakura gripped the edge of the desk to anchor herself to some sort of reality because he was bringing her into her sweetest fantasy. Her eyes shut tightly in euphoria as a rather loud moan unexpectedly tumbled out of her mouth.

"Shut the fuck up." Sasuke commanded harshly, tugging on her hair violently. Sakura – rather turned on by his harsh demeanor – covered her mouth with her hand to muffle her moans. She couldn't hear anything other than the hard slapping of their bodies slamming against each other.

She could feel herself losing reality, the pleasure quickly building up inside her. She ground her teeth together to prevent any further distractions from leaving her swollen lips. His grip on her hips was steel-like, and she would surely have bruises later on to prove it. He increased his pace considerably, his body moving with lightning speed as another quiet groan of her name escaped him.

"Harder…" she whispered, her own voice shaking in time with each thrust. He complied easily, causing her body to react instantly. She choked off a violent cry of release as her orgasm flooded throughout her body with blinding speed. She saw white, her entire body shaking and pulsing with the pleasure that overcame her. Her limbs turned to jelly as the intensity of the orgasm became almost unbearable.

Sasuke felt her walls clamping around his shaft, triggering his own coveted release. As he thrust into her one final time – his hot seed spilling into her – his body became numb with pleasure. He slouched down, his breathing heavy. Sakura's pulse raced, and neither of them could move for a good five minutes.

When their breathing returned to normal, Sakura's wobbly arms slowly lifted her off of the desk. She felt weak and exhausted as she gathered her clothes, Sasuke quickly following suit.

They dressed in silence, too tired to make an effort to talk.

When they finished, Sakura walked up to him and combed her fingers through his disheveled hair, smoothing it out.

When she lingered there too long, Sasuke plucked her wrist and removed it from his hair, dropping it at her side. He wouldn't meet her gaze – which wasn't abnormal. Sakura smiled somberly, looking down.

She heard his footsteps walking away – briefly stopping before muttering, "Let's go."

- x -

He pretends he doesn't need her.

He knows he can't lose her,

But he tries to ignore how important she is to him.

Because that would mean he had to admit that he cared.


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