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Summary: Despite all the confidence she shows Evie is quite vulnerable and depends on her friendship with Tracy - the simple thought of losing her being unbearable. So how will she cope when someone new shows up in Tracy's life?
Genres: Drama, Family, Friendship, Romance, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Contains sexual references and mentions substance abuse.
A/N: I had the idea for this story already a while ago, but for some reason I didn't start actually writing it until now... Anyway, I hope you will like the story, have fun reading!

Threats, Rushs and a new Friend

1. Surprising News

"Tracy! Come in here for a second, we need to talk!" Mel called from the kitchen the moment Tracy stepped into the house.

Tracy rolled her eyes. What did Mel want now? Why couldn't she just leave her alone?

"Tracy!" Mel called another time.

Tracy let out an exasperated sigh and trudged toward the kitchen, Evie in tow, letting her feet drag with deliberate annoyance over the floor. Once in the kitchen she demanded,

"What, mother?"

She pursed her lips, crossing her arms in front of her chest, and leaned back against the kitchen counter. Evie stood beside her, though looking far calmer.

It was a warm, sunny LA afternoon. A Wednesday. Tracy and Evie had just gotten back from school, having taken their time, neither of them too eager to get there. Looking around the kitchen Tracy frowned suspiciously. It was too clean, practically spotless to be precise. Mason and Mel sat at the kitchen-table, her brother wearing a slight frown on his face, eyes careful, a trace of dread in them, while their mother's expression was thoughtful.

After a short moment of consideration Mel stated,

"There will be some changes around here..."

Tracy's eyes narrowed and she spat,

"What's that supposed to mean? Don't tell me you're gonna let that idiot Brady come crawling back again!" Though in the back of her mind there was a much bigger fear - what if she wanted to keep her and Evie apart?

Mel let out a sigh,

"No this doesn't have to do with Brady. And stop talking about him like that. He never did anything to you."

Tracy rolled her eyes, and asked exasperated,

"Then what's the matter?"

Mel gave Tracy a warning glance, not pleased by her daughter's tone. A short moment passed in silence, then she told them,

"Your sister will come and stay with us for a while."

Tracy frowned,


"Because your father thinks she should spend some time with us." Mel replied.

"Yeah, right... He probably has to send her to us to make his new wife happy." Tracy hissed, an angry expression appearing on her face.

Mel gave her a look,

"The reason doesn't matter, Tracy. What's important is that she's coming here this weekend."

"And?" Tracy asked, annoyance etched to her voice.

Mel sighed,

"And you will have to share your room with her. At least for the time being."

"Fine! Whatever..." Tracy spat, pushing herself off the kitchen counter, and turned to leave.

As she walked out of the kitchen and headed to her room Evie quickly followed her, a thoughtful expression on her face.

Once in her room Tracy stopped after only a couple of steps. Biting her lower lip she let her head hang, closing her eyes, her hands clenching into fists. Entering the room after Tracy Evie closed the door, before heading further into the room.


At the sound of Evie's voice Tracy opened her eyes and looked up at her friend.

Seeing the tense expression on the blonde's face Evie asked,

"You okay, Trace?"

Tracy gave a slight nod, relaxing slightly.

After a moment of silence Evie wanted to know,

"So, you got a sister?" As Tracy nodded once more in response, Evie inquired,

"Why did you never tell me that you have a sister?"

Tracy sighed,

"Because I don't like talking about her."

Hearing that Evie frowned,

"Why?" She paused for a moment then she added,

"Don't you like her?"

Tracy remained silent for a moment,

"No, actually we used to be very close..."

Evie's frown deepened,

"Then what happened that you're so upset now?"

Tracy thought for a short while, eventually she sighed and told Evie,

"When our parents seperated dad took Jess with him. And considering that he has like never time to take Mason and me for the weekend I practically haven't seen her since they moved..."

"But then why aren't you happy she's coming to stay here?" Evie asked, giving her friend a questioning glance.

"Because it's probably just temporary. Right now I'm used to not seeing her, but once she stayed for a while here I will get attached to her again and when he takes her back to him and his new family it will hurt again just as much as right after he left with her." Tracy trailed off, biting her lip and closing momentarily her eyes.

Evie rested a hand on Tracy's shoulder and when she looked at her she gave her friend a sympathetic smile.

"Will you tell me about your sister?"

Tracy raised slightly her eyebrows, but replied,

"Sure, if you want me to..."

Evie gave a slight nod, looking expectantly at Tracy.

After a moment of thinking Tracy headed over to her bed. She stopped in front of one of the nightstands and opened the drawer. She took something out, then she closed the drawer again, before turning around to head back to Evie, just to find that she had followed her further into the room.

Tracy smiled slightly at Evie and lifted the item she had taken out of the drawer, a framed picture.

"That's Jess and me, just a month or two before dad left with her..." She showed the picture to Evie,

"Though the picture is already a few years old now."

Evie took the picture in her hand for a moment, studying it. Handing it back to Tracy she asked,

"How old is she now?"

"She just turned eleven." Tracy replied.

Evie nodded slightly, a thoughtful expression on her face, then she wanted to know,

"What's she like?"

"Well, she's a lot like me... or well, at least she used to be. Jess is very athletic, and smart, and creative. She was always very mature for her age, causing most people to think she's older than she is. Especially considering that she's also quite tall for her age. She's bubbly, outgoing, energetic, free-spirited..." Tracy trailed off, a small smile appearing on her face as she thought about her little sister.

A moment later her smile turned sad as her mind drifted to all the time they had lost due to being seperated, all the missed moments... She couldn't help wondering whether Jess was still the same as when she had last seen her.

Some time later:

The two girls had remained silent for a while when they heard someone knock at the door, causing Tracy to snap out of her thoughts.

"Yeah?" She called, a slight frown on her face.

The door opened and Mel appeared in the doorway.

Looking at her mother Tracy raised an eyebrow, giving her a questioning glance.

"Listen Tracy, considering that Jess gets here on Saturday you should clean up and make some room for her before she arrives." Mel stated.

"Sure..." Tracy muttered.

Mel sighed,

"And Tracy, when Jess gets here please be nice, okay?"

"Yeah." Tracy said in response.

Mel smiled and stated,

"Good. I'm sure that you will enjoy having her back here."

Tracy only gave a slight nod. A moment later Mel turned and left, closing the door behind her.

A minute or two after Mel had left Evie broke the silence,

"Hey Tracy..." Tracy turned back around to look at her friend and Evie continued,

"Do you think that this will mean that Mel will have a problem with me being here?"

Tracy frowned then she said,

"No. And even if she did, I won't let her send you away. If she can have Brady here and all her crazy friends I'm sure I can have my best friend here as well, even when Jess is here."

At that Evie smiled slightly. After a moment of silence she suggested,

"Hey, let's go outside and do something fun."

Tracy smiled as well and nodded,

"Sure, let's go."


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