The Demon Rose Season Two

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Synapse: Jane back and now she is caught between anger and redemption as she faces the truth about what happened while she was gone. Nothing is as it seems. FlintxOc Renegades 'verse.

Chapter 1

Jane felt her anger boiling as she stared at Henderson. He had betrayed them all to Cobra. "You backstabbing lying—"

Henderson's arm shot out and he grabbed her mouth. "Now, now, there is no need for talk like that from the mouth of a lady."

Oh, I'll show you a lady. She thought while looking at the facts. Henderson was well over seven feet away and he was holding her face. How is this possible, unless…Bio-viper hybrid.

"Sgt. Henderson, I'm ordering you to let Major Abernathy go."

Henderson started to lower his former teammate down.

"He doesn't usually follow the orders of the U.S. Military anymore." Jane grumbled before rubbing her face. "So you're a Bio-Viper Hybrid."

"Yes," Henderson responded. He looked away from both of them. "You have to understand Jane I had to join Cobra…it was the only way—"

"Only way for what?" Jane spat as she walked up to him and grabbed hold of his shirt. "Only way you could get a higher pay grade? Only way you could get rid of your teammates so that you looked like the hero? Only way you could—

"The only way I could save you!" Henderson snapped while glaring down at the small woman. "I had to save you from Cobra because they were going to dissect you!"

"What are you talking about?"

"Those three days that you were missing before that team found you, those horrible three days you spent being inspected. You're immune to the Anaconda virus." Henderson explained while glancing over his shoulder. "And right now we need to get you two to safety, more than likely a hospital by mid-day tomorrow."

Jane narrowed her eyes and nodded her ehad. "Yeah, I haven't had anything to eat or drink since I was captured."

"That was two days ago now."

"Shit," She whispered then glanced around. "And it's almost morning!"

Henderson shoved Jane and then turned Boy Scout around and started to escort them to the highway. Once there they followed it all day. The hot sun beating down on them. He knew he should have brought a couple of water bottles so that he could keep his former teammates hydrated but he didn't have time to think of that at first. Now that they were in this situation he debated if he should keep going or try to flag down a car if it came by. True the laws had become so severally strict that it was illegal to pick up hitch hikers, but surely someone would stop if it looked like the three of them were dying.

No cars went by.

Jane staggered and tried to keep herself from falling over. Her limbs were tired, even though she had been trained. Mouth dry like cotton, head pounding and throbbing until it seemed that it was all that was her world; Jane deduced that she was dying of the world's worst hangover.

Rodger heard something fall behind him and when he turned around Jane was lying face down on the ground. He rushed over and pulled her into his arms. "Come on Major, we got to keep moving. The town's not too far now."

Jane made no response. Her eyes were closed and breathing shallow.

"She's having a heatstroke."

"I know that Henderson."

"She's going to die if we don't get to a hospital."

"I know that!"

"If you would let me finish I was going to suggest that you carry her and I carry you."

"That's a little weird Henderson."

"All right."

Henderson bent down and pulled Jane into his arms. "Let's get going idiot."

"I'm not an idiot!"

"You sure got caught like you were an idiot."

Rodger inhaled sharply then closed his eyes. Relax the man's trying to get a rise from you. He chanted in his mind several times before opening his eyes. "Let's just get going. I don't like being out in the open where Cobra can get us."

"Yes sir!" Henderson said before continuing in the direction of the town. It was only a few more miles, but who knew where the hospital was for that town.

Baroness looked at the satellite feed and felt her anger boiling over. Henderson had betrayed them all. She needed to alert Commander Cobra. She also needed to let him know that Viper still hadn't reported back yet.

Henderson saw his former Colonel stagger much like Jane had before. But at least the man is able to keep himself from fainting. He thought bitterly while shifting Jane's weight in his arms. I don't like it when he has to be the hero of our group. Everyone loved him.

Henderson stood still as his commanding officer received yet another medal of honor. It was annoying, and what made him more enraged was that Jane was staring at him like she wanted him. It hurt to see her with her eyes pointed at Colonel Stevenson like that. Henderson and she were dating yet she pined after that man like he was candy. Why can't she love me like that? He questioned painfully while saluting the General who gave them the medals they received that day.

After they got ready to leave Henderson turned to see Jane hug Colonel Stevenson then run up to him.

That day had been the worst day of his life, and yet it felt like it had been the best one.

"Finally, the town…means let's get someone to look at Jane." Rodger stated while moving forward.

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