The Amethyst Stone Season Two

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Synapse: Amethyst is trying to finish training Storm Shadow but they are also trying to help locate Demon Rose. What bit of Redemption Jana requires is mostly inner redemption, but it is hard to find. StormShadowxOc Renegades 'verse.

Chapter 1

Having been sound asleep Jana woke up curled against the wall. A long arm across the top of her head twitched. She let out a sigh then pushed Storm Shadow's arm off her head. Getting up was a sore task. Her body didn't want to move and her eyes were sore. Cursing the general for putting them in the same room, Jana quickly went to find a different set of clothes than the ones she had been wearing for some time.

After changing she noticed that Storm Shadow had sat up and was looking at her. "Oh," She blushed a little then walked out of the room. The guard followed her to the training room. "Stand back, you might get hurt." She stated as she pulled a bokken off the wall. She was glad that Snake Eyes had made it mandatory that he be supplied with the practice weapons he used. However, she still sucked at sword work.

Holding the wooden sword clumsily she moved her arms like she had seen in the movies. Up, right, left, down, diagonal in front of her face, then she repeated. A hand grabbed her wrist from behind and she felt that the person was close.

Storm Shadow leaned in and whispered into her ear. "You're doing it wrong."

Amethyst shivered as his warm breath tickled her ear. "Snake Eyes never corrected me."

"That's too bad." His voice almost sounded like a threat. He let her go, grabbed another Bokken and faced her.

Amethyst couldn't help the tremble that crept through her body. He's going to teach me something? Am I wrong or am I supposed to be the teacher?

"mimic my movements." He instructed.

The two green shirts, we shall call them Bob and Jim, watched intently as the ninja and the kung-fu master fought. They were having fun watching the two. After a while the woman finally got the hang of the weapon she was using and she started to actually fight back better than she had at first.

Lady Jaye walked in to relieve Jim of watching Jana when she saw the ninja and kung-fu masters fighting. "Who's wining?"

"Neither at the moment." Bob responded with a large grin.

"But my money's on the ninja." Jim said while turning to look at Lady Jaye.

"Nope, kung-fu master all the way." Bob said as he pulled out his wallet. "Twenty?"

"No, fourty." Jim pulled out two twenty bills and put them on the bench.

"Really you two?" Lady Jaye question while tapping her foot on the ground patiently.

Jana struggled to keep the Bokken above her head blocking Storm Shadow's from hitting her head. He pulled back to strike again and she put her left hand on the dull edge of the wooden sword and dropped to one knee. His sword came down and Jana thought the bokken was going to snap in half. Her shoulder was screaming in pain. The pain was too much for her. She shoved with all her strength of her good arm and got back up on her feet. She used her good arm and swung the bokken to try and disarm Storm Shadow but he hit the sword just right and it went flying out of her hand. She heard a couple of yelps and then heard Lady Jaye yell at them both. But by the time she had turned around the world had gone dark.

Storm Shadow had seen Jana drop to her knees but he didn't expect that when she got up and was going to attack again her bokken would go flying. He rushed forward when he saw her fall to the ground.

"Get a medic, hurry." He ordered while rolling Jana over to look at her face. He rubbed her cheek gently then saw her eyes flutter open. "Are you all right?"

"My arm…it still hurts."

Lady Jaye had jumped out of the way of the flying bokken but was surprised when it hit Bob and Jim both in the head. She at first was laughing but had to yell at Storm Shadow and Amethyst. But when she started yelling Amethyst was on the ground and Storm Shadow was ordering her to get a medic.

Lady Jaye, frightened at first that Jana was dead or seriously hurt, took off running to find Dr. Satou.

Jana looked up into Storm Shadow's eyes and forced herself to try and sit up. He put a hand to stop her and she glared at him. "It's just my shoulder."

"Lie still until Dr. Satou gets here. Let her take a look at you." He whispered while glancing at Bob and Jim. "Seems like you managed to knock our guards out."

Jana wanted to laugh but winced instead. "What is wrong with me?"

"Maybe the shuriken tore your muscle on your shoulder?" He offered while watching her to see if maybe it was more than that.

Dr. Satou ran in with a few of the nurses and three gurneys. The three patients were carried to the medical wing and she deduced that Jim and Bob just had severe concussions. However, she was curious as to what injured Jana Ling.

Jana waited for the doctor to stop probing and prodding the area that hurt. "Yes it hurts there, no your poking doesn't help it, and no I'm not going to let you keep poking!" Jana screamed as she spun around and glared at the doctor.

"I'm sorry but I have to make sure that it's not something severe."

"I'll tell you, it's badly a torn muscle."

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