The Logical Listener Season Two

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Synapse: Sarah, having revealed who Sakura's father is, wants to forgive herself for hiding the truth. However, she's also looking for her sister nonstop. What's gonna happen now? Snake EyesxOc Renegades 'verse.

Chapter 1

Sarah pinched the bridge of her nose then rubbed her eyes. Staring at the computer screen for hours on end was beginning to hurt her eyes. She had been bouncing from satellite feed to satellite feed, all in a fruitless attempt to find Jane. Nothing was helping. Not even Breaker or any of the other Intelligence officers could find her.

"Ms. Rose, we have to assume that maybe Cobra still has her." Breaker said while rolling over to her side.

"I will not assume that Breaker. She's earned the name Demon for a reason. She's got to have escaped by now."

"We won't find her, let her find us." Breaker said while going back to his computer. "Trust me; your sister is smarter than you think."

If she's so smart, why did I have to help her through school? Sarah pondered then got up to go get some coffee.

"You are going to bed?"

"Nope, I'm getting coffee."

Breaker shook his head and watched as the woman left. She's going to wear herself until she's butter spread over too much bread.

Sarah managed to get to the rec room and went to the coffee pots. Growling in frustration she started to make a pot. Can't anyone make a new pot of coffee around here?

Standing on her toes to reach for the coffee grounds she felt saw a hand shoot up past her and grab the tin bucket. Why is he always there? What is he doing, stalking me? She asked herself as she turned around to face Snake Eyes. "I could have gotten it."

'Can't I do something nice?' He asked her.

"No, no you can't." She whispered before taking the coffee grounds from him and started to make her coffee. She could hear him huff loudly to show that he wanted to talk to her but she kept her back turned to him.

Snake Eyes could tell she was frustrated at something. I just wanted to see where Sakura was. He thought before tapping her shoulder.

Sarah spun around; the metal can in her hands in a form similar to a threat. "What, here to torment me to death too?"

'Where's Sakura?'

He saw Sarah's eyes widen and she dropped the can. The black/brown coffee grounds scattered across the floor and she took off running. As she ran she screamed for Sakura.

Panic ripped through Sarah's chest. Her daughter was missing and now she had no clue as to where to find her. She raced through the hallways, checking with all the military officials that she saw. When her search came up with nothing she slumped to the floor and put her head into her knees. His ws the worst thing she had gone through.

"Excuse me ma'am." She heard Tunnel Rat say.

Not looking up she asked: "What?"

"Is this thing yours?" He held out the four year old girl who was fast asleep in his arms.

Sarah looked up and let out a noise of disbelief, somewhere between a scoff and a snort. "Where did you find her?"

Handing her Sakura Tunnel Rat murmured: "Attempting to sleep in the ventilation system." Then he walked off. He was already trying to find Dr. Satou.

Sarah got to her feet and walked back to her work station. Sakura was going to stay sound asleep for some time. Envying her daughter, Sarah worked hard to try and located Jane. She wanted to find her sister, she was downright determined that her sister was going to be able to be found.

What should have been hours passed before Sarah in the blink of an eye. Everyone had been trying to get her to stop for the night and go to bed with her daughter. Finally seeing that there were only two people could get through to her Breaker went to find Snake Eyes and Scarlett.

Scarlett had been training with Snake Eyes when she saw Breaker walk into the room. "What is it Breaker?"

"Sarah's-well to put it lightly-being difficult. Everyone is telling her to go rest but she won't." Breaker responded while glancing at the ninja.

Snake Eyes clenched his teeth. She's becoming careless. He thought while going to where she was working. He saw her staring at the computer screen. So intent on finding Jane, she doesn't even take notice that I'm right here. Reaching out to put a hand on her shoulder he expected that she would jump and try to hit him (failing miserably since she lacked the physical prowess to fight). However, Sarah didn't budge.

Snapping his fingers he expected the same reaction, yet nothing. Snarling he finally yanked the chair and sent her tumbling to the floor.

Sakura let out a screech that rivaled her mother's in pitch and volume as she landed in her mother's lap. She had been sleeping so well before her father yanked the chair out from under them both. Her gaze went up to said black clad ninja and she glared. 'Not nice!' she signed up at him then narrowed her eyes, even more, to the point that they were barely slits.

'Sorry,' he signed to his daughter then watched as Sarah shook herself awake.

"What the…why did you do that?" Sarah asked while pushing Sakura off her.

'you need to get Rest, go to your quarters.'

"I'm not one of your apprentices. You can't order me around like that!"

'You may not be an apprentice, but you are a mother.'

Sarah took in a breath to retort something back when she noticed that Sakura was looking up at her. "Fine, come on Sakura, let's go to bed."

"YAY, mommy actually listened to Otōsani!"

Sarah raised an eyebrow and looked down at her daughter. "Don't push your luck. I might just tell grandpa to stop giving you sweets whenever he babysits you."

Sakura pouted her bottom lip. No fair.

i Otōsan: Dad

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