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Watermelon Obsession

"Um Shiro-Chan." "What is now Winter," he said not looking up from his work. "Well would you um, would you like some candy." -.- "Get out!" "But it's watermelon candy," she cried. "OUT!"

"SHIRRRROOOO!" "You annoy me sometimes you know that right," he said sighing in defeat. "Well thats okay because deep down inside you enjoy it," she said sitting next to him with the lolipop. "Here you go," she said handing him the the candy. He stared at it and unwrapped it.

"RAWR!" Winter exclamied for no apparent reason making Toshirou jump alittle. "WINTER," he yelled glaring at the girl for making a sudden outburst. "Sorry," she yelped hidding her face in her hands. He rolled his eyes at the girl and thrusted* he lolipop into his mouth and tasted it. "Watermelon." "Um yes watermelon." "It tastes good," he muttered to himself.

"Yaaaay," she cried hugging him and looking up to him. He took the the lollipop out of his mouth and looked at Winter thoughfully. "Say 'ah'." "Huh?" "Just say 'ah'." "Um...'ah." She said opening her mouth. He laughed softly at her and then kissed her. Winter made a soft surprised noise but let him deepen the kiss. After a few moments he pulled back suddenly and put the lollipop back in his mouth.

"Watermelon," he said quietly. "Y-yeah watermelon," Winter agreed before promptly passing out on the floor with a simile on her face and a light blush. She was definitely buying him more watemelon candy in the future.


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