Blossomed Love

Before you go on any further just wanna warn you that this fic is YURI !!!!!

The wedding bells rang melodically harmonizing with the music that was from the organ. The bride walked down the aisle with a smile carved on her face. Her over flowing white , silky , wedding gown making her looked like an angel. Her eyes met her future husband to be as he beamed slightly. The groom couldn't take his eyes away from his future wife… he can't believe this is happening. The bride blushed as she walked nearer and nearer to him. She thought he looked absolutely charming. Yet ….. she sighed.

Sylphiel wiped off a tear. Filia handed her more tissues. Sylphiel said that she always cry at weddings. Filia smiled as she tried to restrain Chibi Valgarv from running away. Chibi Valgarv sulked as Filia sternly warned him if he'd ever got away….

Xelloss could hardly believe his eyes that they..the both of them are getting married ? He shrugged as he began sliding down his seat. Zelas stifled a yawn. She isn't used to this stuffs but hey, anything to get away from work. Luna, who was sitting beside Zelas, began chattering away with Zelas. Xelloss sighed.

Marchina grinned as her eyes began forming stars and she began feeling romantic and wrapped her arms around a surprised Zangulus who was searching for Gourry. But then he decided to draw back. Why spoil such perfect day ? He'll simply have to settle this some other time.

Gourry and Lina sat right in front of the guests. Gourry smiled as he looked at the bride who was hand in hand with her father as they walked. He began to wonder when will his and Lina's time going to come. Speaking of Lina… she seemed a bit weird today. He glanced over to Lina. No smile or frown was on her face. She was.. expressionless. Lina was staring towards the wedding couple but it was as if she was looking straight through them. Gourry frowned. Maybe it's the time of the month, he decided. I'll ask her later…

Amelia sighed silently. This was the happiest day of her life. No problems occurred during the whole ceremony. Here she is, in her wedding dress, holding a bouquet, her father accepted her choice, her dashing groom. Zelgadiss… She looked over to him in his attire. She smiled. He returned the smile. This is what she wants isn't it ? Isn't it ? But what is this feeling that I'm having right now ? She couldn't believe she had the guts to actually asked for Zelgadiss's hand in marriage and even more surprised when he gave a yes. Yes.. The infatuation she had on him had turned to love. A mutual love and she was glad about that. Focus on your wedding!! She reprimanded herself.

"I do," Zelgadiss's answer perked into Amelia's ears and brought her back to the wedding. Amelia smiled. Amelia could hardly hear what the minister had to say but all she knows is that she had to answer an ,'I do' . Arrrgghh!!! Amelia felt as if her brain was going to burst. Stop ! Stop ! She screamed inside her. Suddenly she could feel every eyes in the church on her. She realized that it was her turn to answer. She opened her mouth but nothing came out. She glanced over her father, Gourry, and Lina… as they gave her an approving nod. Amelia turned back to an expecting Zelgadiss and the patience minister. Amelia cleared her throat as she tried to answer.

"I…I.." Amelia stammered.

"WAIT!!" bellowed a voice from the guests. Zelgadiss and Amelia turned around. A pair of gloved hands suddenly grabbed her wrist and pulled Amelia away.

"Lina san !" Amelia said, half shocked. Zelgadiss's eyes were wide open.

"Amelia…" Lina shook her head. Amelia threw her bouquet away as she and Lina ran down the aisle much to the surprise of everyone. Gourry's eyes were wide open, Zelgadiss's mouth were hanging…Filia and Sylphiel fainted. Marchina and Zangulus gasped.

"Interesting…." Xelloss grinned.

"Lina san, are you nuts!" Amelia laughed as she and Lina ran and ran. Lina's laughter filled Amelia's ears.

"No, Amelia ! I am totally crazy!!" Lina replied. Amelia huffed. Lina lead them down a cliff and into a big cave. The view of the sea in front of them was as blue as the sky. Lina sat down and hugged her legs. Amelia sat down beside her.

"Why did you kidnap me, Lina san ?" Amelia asked ,curious. But she knows the answer already.

"Why did you follow me, then ?" Lina shot back. They gave each other a knowing smile. "You should know, Amelia.." Lina continued.

"Mmm…." Amelia murmured. "I guess, I do…" They were silent for a moment as they gazed to the blue sea.

"Are you sure you want to sacrifice your life, your society ?" Lina asked , concerned. "You'll be giving up Zelgadiss, you know,"

"And you, Lina san, you'll be giving up Gourry san," Amelia teased. "Oh, Lina san, I would if you would,"

"God… what are we going to tell them… you just ran out of your most perfect wedding, Amelia chan!," Lina put in.

"Amelia chan…" Amelia echoed. "I like that name, Lina san.. I don't care Lina san…" She rested her head on Lina's shoulders. Lina rested her head on Amelia's. "It wasn't that perfect anyway…I'd rather be with you…" Amelia replied softly. Lina played with the veil as Amelia played with her hair. The bright sun shone through the mouth of the cave and on the new couple. For now, they'll put their worries aside…

"Ai shiteru, Amelia chan…" Lina whispered.

"Ai shiteru, Lina Inverse...." Amelia sighed.

Xelloss watched with much amusement. So… Lina Inverse and Amelia Saillune.. a pair. He chuckled. No wonder neither of them didn't looked happy just now. The Dora Mata and the Princess of Saillune….. I wonder what will Gourry and Zelgadiss say…. Then from a distance he saw Gourry and Zelgadiss running toward him. Speaking of the devils…They are probably searching for the new lovebirds. Zelgadiss had this worried look on his face. So did Gourry.

"Xelloss!!" Zelgadiss stormed over to the mazoku. "Have you seen Amelia and Lina ?!!" he asked, anxiously. "We are all very worried!"

"Everyone's searching for them!" Gourry replied, panic. "Where did they go ?"

"Sore wa himitsu desu,"