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Chapter 1: Good Luck Gabe?

This story doesn't focus on Charlie but Gabe. And right now, Gabe was playing a video game like normal.

"Come on! Come on!" I said while I was playing my video game. Tomorrow it would be Monday and I hate school. So I just had to beat this level before tomorrow. Then the door bell rang when I was about to win. I paused my game and answered the door.

"Well hello Mrs. Dabmy." I said in an annoyed voice.

"I need to speak to your mom." She said in here normal voice with a little annoyed in there.

"MOM! Mrs. Dabmy is at the door and wants to talk to you!" I said at the top of my lungs. Then I sat right back on the couch and tried to finish the hardest level.

Mom walked in the room and said," Well hello Mrs. Dabmy. Come in."

"What has Gabe done now?" My mom asked.

"So far nothing. But it is just mourning." Mrs. Dabmy said.

"Sorry. Force of habit. What do you need?" My mom asked.

"I was wondering if I could borrow some eggs I ran out." Mrs. Dabmy asked hoping we would have some eggs to lend.

"Oh sure. Let me go get some." My mom said. Then walked into the kitchen for some eggs.

I finally beat the hardest level! I shouted out "YES!" and put down my controller. I looked at Mrs. Dabmy. Then she looked at me. I looked away to get over the awkward moment. She did the same.

"Here you go Mrs. Dabmy." My mom said while handing over the eggs.

"Thank you." Mrs. Dabmy said. Then she left and things were back to normal.

I was tired so I took a blanket and went down stairs on the couch and took a nap.

Few Hours Later…

After a while I heard the words, "Gabe. Wake Up! Gabe." At first I ignored it. After a while it got annoying so I woke up and said.

What? I said in my annoyed voice. I saw it was my mother. Then she said.

"I have some news. There is going to be a new girl in your class."

I jumped up in shock. Then I asked.

Do you know what she looks like?

"I only know her name." she said.

I was disappointed that my mom doesn't know what she looked like. Then I asked.

What is her name?

"Her name is Courtney." My mom said.

Courtney. I thought in my head. I wanted to know what she looked like then my mom said.

"She is starting school tomorrow so you will see her then." My mom said thinking that I would want to know that.

I can't wait until tomorrow! I said.

"Ok, lunch will be done soon so don't sleep to long." My mom said. Then she left.

I laid done again. I am never this excited about a new kid. But knowing her name and that she is a girl. I wanted to meet her more and more. I went back to my nap dreaming what she will look like. So many possibilities.

Supper Time

It was time for supper. I ate everything on my plate. Then I asked.

Can I go to bed now? Everyone looked at me with shock. First I ate my food and I wanted to go to bed early. They thought I was sick. Then my mom said.

"I guess so." She said confused.

Thanks mom! I said. Then I ran to bed.

"What is wrong with Gabe?" Teddy asked wondering.

"I think he is excited to meet the new girl." mom said.

"Well that explains it." Teddy said.

"Yep he is excited." Mom said.

Chapter 2: New Girl!

Once Gabe's alarm went off. Gabe jumped up and turned it off. Then he took a shower, brushed his teeth, and combed his hair.

(shocking right. ;)) Dad said. "Time for school." He jumped in the car and his dad drove him. Then Teddy said.

"Wow Gabe you took a shower and everything. You must really want to meet her."

"Yep. I hope she is cute!" Gabe said.

Teddy giggled a little and asked.

"What is this girl's name?"

"Her name is Courtney." Gabe said excited.

"Isn't Courtney a German name?" asked PJ.

"NO! It is a beautiful name." Gabe shouted then went back to excited.

PJ was all confused, but he just ignored it. Finally they arrived to school. Gabe ran in and got his books and went to class. Once everyone was there, the teacher said.

"Good Mourning class." Mrs. Picklebottom said.

"Good Mourning Mrs. Picklebottom!" everyone said sad except for Gabe who said it happily.

"Everyone, I would like you to meet the new girl, Courtney." Mrs. Picklebottom said.

I was so excited. Then Courtney walked in the room. My eyes bugged out of my head. Courtney was beautiful! She wore a pink shirt with a jean skirt. Had pink sparkly shoes and a hand bag that was light pink. Her eyes were a beautiful brown and she had brown hair with blond highlights with side bangs and her hair was in a ponytail. She was amazing! Then Mrs. Picklebottom said.

"Courtney pick where you would like to sit."

She looked around the class room and she picked the desk next to ME! I was so happy! Then I whispered.

Would you like to be friends?

"Sure I would love to." She whispered back.

I was so happy! This day couldn't get better.

At recess

We talked and had so much fun. Then I remembered there was a dance coming up. Then I asked.

Would you like to go to the dance with me?

She looked at me in shock then she said.

"Yes, yes, yes!" she said then she hugged me!

"Ughh…"Jo said angry.

"What is it Jo?" asked her friend.

"Look at the new girl with Gabe." She said.

"Yeah so. I like the new girl. She is smart and nice." Said her friend.

"It is just that…" Then Jo said nothing.

"Are you jealous of the new girl?" asked her friend in shock.

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