Summary: Maerad takes a midnight walk through Innail and finds Cadvan doing the same thing.


-The way Maerad discovers Cadvan is by tripping and falling on top of him.
-They can't kiss, but they come very, very close.
-Cadvan has to pin Maerad up against a wall. Teehee. How you manage this is up to you.
-It has to end with Cadvan saying, "That was quite the performance."

Maered's eyes flew open. She was sweating and breathing heavily, but she was in her bed in Innail. Safe. Safe. She repeated in her head over and over trying to get back to sleep. Some time later she realized that it wasn't happening and got up with a sigh.

Well, she thought, I might as well enjoy a midnight stroll through the gardens since I cannot go back to sleep.

She put a pretty blue dress on and walked out silently onto a path she hadn't traveled on before.

She was lost in thought so she didn't notice the still body lying in the pathway until she tripped over the motionless figure causing her and the person to cry out in surprise. Maered clenched her eyes shut and braced for an impact on solid ground. Her eyes flew open in surprise when she landed on a surface that gave for her slim frame.

"Cadvan!" she said, recognizing the dark blue eyes that were locked with her own.

"Maered?" He questioned.

Suddenly Maered noticed how she was still lying on top of him and how close his lips were to hers. She could almost feel them on hers. She panicked and rolled off him quickly, scrambling up. "I'm sorry, I didn't see you there."

Cadvan laughed and got up too, "Well I would think that much would be obvious, what brings you here at this hour." He asked and she had to look up again to answer him.

"I couldn't sleep." She said simply.

"Ah," He returned.

"What about you?" she asked, uncomfortable.

"The same as you really," He paused, the continued, "And looking at the stars usually calms me down. I guess it started as a walk, but turned into a nap." He laughed and this time Maered laughed too.

"Well then I'm sorry I woke you." Just then a blood chilling howl ripped across the gardens. Maered's eyes widened in fear, the laughter gone.

"What was that?" she whispered to him.

"I don't know." Cadvan said, perplexed.

Another howl, closer this time.

"Maered get behind me." Cadvan whispered and Maered was happy to do what she was told for once. The idea of facing something even Cadvan didn't know of was more than enough to chill her to the core.

"I'm going to back up slowly, along the path," He continued, "You'll have to move with me."

Maered was about to answer when yet another howl pierced the night. Cadvan began backing up and they made it all the way to Maered's chamber when she felt a solid surface come into contact with her back. He had her pinned to a wall.

"Cadvan," she whispered urgently.

"Keep moving Maered!"

"I can't!"

Cadvan cursed. "Then well have to fight."

The next howl sounded like it was coming from right in front of them. Maered held her breath as Cadvan got his sword out. Then suddenly the howl broke off into a fit of giggles. Cadvan straightened.

"Hem?" Maered called tentatively.

"Yeah," he laughed, rolling out from behind the bush he was using as a shield, "Oh by the Light that was funny!"

Another laugh joined his as Sailman stepped out from behind a tree, doubled over with tears running down his face.

Cadvan visibly relaxed and soon he and Maered were laughing along with them.

Once everyone was relatively calm again Cadvan said with an ironic smile to Hem and Sailman, "That was quite a performance."