When Angeal had not answered to his message Sephiroth had become slightly worried and had headed to the man's apartment as fast as possible. While Angeal was probably the best person to have around during an emergency he was, for all his confidence and strengths, not good at handling other's emotions.

It did not help that what had happened last night brought back memories of another time where Angeal had failed to save the other person. Sephiroth remembered that time almost a year ago when Angeal had returned from a mission and had been a complete mess. It had taken his then two lovers days to find out what had happened and had learned that Angeal had found a woman being raped. She had later killed herself unable to live with the what had happened to her. Angeal had taken it hard and saw it as a failure on his part for not being able to save her.

Sephiroth looked down at the man lying on his lap while he ran his hands through the dark hair. He'd tried his best at soothing his lover but Sephiroth was not the expert at these kinds of things. Sadly, Zack had left Midgar this morning and wasn't due back for a week or so. And Genesis wasn't expected to return until tomorrow.

Sephiroth leaned into the pillows, closed his eyes and thought back to the three cadets he'd found in Sergeant Mc'Donnel's office. ShinRa had a very hard policy on things like these. Mostly because it tarnished ShinRa's reputation more than anything and so whenever a situation such as this arose, ShinRa took great care in making the problem disappear. That's what Sephiroth had done with the three cadets.

Before he'd fallen asleep Angeal had told Sephiroth he'd taken the other cadet to the infirmary and Sephiroth knew that the doctor Angeal had informed would take care of the situation on his end.

When morning came Sephiroth woke up to an empty bed and the smell of breakfast. There was also a readhead tucked neatly into his side. Sephiroth decided it wasn't such a bad way to wake up even though he'd preferred it if there'd been three other bodies in bed with him instead of just one.

Sephiroth, not one to fall back to sleep after waking up in the mornings or prone to just lying in bed, even with a lover next to him, slid quietly out of the bed and walked through the apartment towards the kitchen. He stopped in the doorway to look the other man over.

If Sephiroth had not been there yesterday he would never even have guessed Angeal had been upset. There were no signs of the depression or the guilt he'd shown yesterday and he hummed as he moved around the kitchen preparing breakfast for the three of them.

Sephiroth moved from the doorway and stepped up behind him, wrapping his arms around him and pressing his cheek into the other's shoulder. Angeal stopped his movements and smiled. Sephiroth was always prone to cuddling in the mornings. Angeal placed a hand over the hands clasped on his stomach.

"Fuck you assholes leaving me alone in bed. I had the shittiest mission ever." Genesis whined as he appeared with a blanket and patches of dirt on his skin and hair. He then proceeded to attach himself to Sephiroth's back.


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