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~AMU'S POV~ My friends and I are in their final year of Middle school, Ikuto has found his father a year before and is a famous violinst world wide, and he's has been back in Japan for a year and things are finally normal. Everything is right. Right? Wrong!
I don't know what's wrong with me. I have a wonderful boyfriend, Tadese, the bestest friends ever, and Ikuto. Ikuto's life is at ease now. He's finally met his dad and reconnected, he's finally made goods with Tadese's family,
and he's finally accomplished his dream being world known for his violin playing gift. But something's missing.
Uggh! " Amu what's wrong?" asks Ran flying in circles above my head. She had her little worried expression and the other Charas came over to comfort me. " I really don't know. I mean everything is good now. No more easter, I have Tadese, Ikuto's back, Gradution, and my friends."

"Sometimes I wonder the same thing." said a seemingly low sad voice coming from my balcony but no figure. I call out,
"Whoever you are I have a bat and I'm not afraid to use it!" I said trying to sound forceful not scared. But that idea went down the drain when the person almost magically appeared behind me.

" You wouldn't want to hurt one of your friends would you?" said the person who was more and more giving away their idenity. Then I heard a smirk. Ikuto.

"Ikuto?" I turn around screaming his name trying to sound angry when I couldn't help but sound happy he was here.

"It's me. The one and only. Why sound so happy? You see me all the time. Unless you want to see a little more of me." he said sudectively in my ear. I shiver and say stuttering like a fool,

"N NN- No ofcourse not you pervert. I was just shocked anyways. Now what are you doing here?" I said putting on my Cool n' Spicy attidute on even though I know he can see right thru my act. I how I wish he couldn't see thru me, my act, my life.

" I wanted to give you theses" he handed me some roses. Pink as my hair. They're so pretty. But I have a boyfriend.

"You know I have a boyfriend Ikuto, Ta-"
"Yeah I know Tadese" he said annoyed and angry but returned to him old self and said,

"Either way they're for your sister Ami. I'm here to pick her up for our date." he laughs.

"Why do you always go for the young ones?" I ask playing his little game.

"Cuz they're easy to lead astray" he says in my ear before licking my cheek. He runs out to my balcony and jumps off before I could catch him and torture him.

"Amu you have a vistor." called my mom from outside my door.

"Come in" I called out. In stepped Tadese dressed up. I forgot I have a date with him tonight.

" Uhh Amu is that what you're going to where?" he said looking at me worried and confused.

"No I forgot we have a date i'll go get ready can you wait here in my room?"

"Okay." *Takes dress out of closet and goes to bathroom to change*

"Huh what's this?" he says picking up the flowers Ikuto gave to Amu.

"Nothing." I say quickly. Maybe too quickly. I snatch the flowers out of his hand.

" Amu I mean who gave you these and why are you acting so..." he stops in his tracks thinking.
"Ikuto." he says with venom dripping from his mouth. He loved Ikuto as a brother but when it came to Amu it was all war.

" Yes he gave me the flowers but I don't want you to go beat him up over some flowers he gave me. I didn't want to see you upset." I said kind of dissapointed in myself for lying to Tadase.

" It's fine. Just don't protect me from things I need to know. But the only reason i'm protective of you is your mine now. My girl. Okay?"
he said in his determined but sweet voice. I felt my creamy cheeks warm up and get red. Really red. I rush to the bathroom and finish my make up and hair.

" Ready to go Amu?" he asked right before I was coming out of the bathroom. His jaw dropped when he say me. That's a good thing right?

"How do I look?" I asked which sounded a little worried unlike the usal, 'How do I look ?' to get a good response because they KNOW they look good.

"Like an angel. You are to perfection. You are beautiful." he says blushing more than I was and that was making a statement.

"Thank you. And you my King look absoultely handsome and dashing." I said to him trying to refrain from saying Prince.

"Well let's go" he said pulling my hand down stairs, out the door, and to our car ride. * Tadase's Dad is driving*

" Well nice to see you again Amu " greeted Tadase's dad. *I forgot his name*

"Nice to see you to. So where are we going again?" I asked politely. But I was really dying to know. I wanna know! NOW NOW! Man I sound like Yaya.

"Oh we are going to Andoldia's" said Tadase. Oh my god! That's one of the most expensive resturant in Seiyo. I've never been. I hear the steak is to die for. Oh and the Potato's they say-

"We go here alot so we'll help you order." said Tadase interuppting my thoughts.

"Oh really well thank you." I said slightly suprised.

"Well here we are" said Tadase's dad while parking the car. We get out and walk towards the door. We walk in the door and my mouth dropped far below possible. It was amazing. A huge Shandler in the middle of the whole room. The borders of gold. The walls stripped with the color of a creamy baige and a light shinning blue. The floors were black and white tile with a white rose ethecth onto the black tile. And the seats were made of velvet. Soft and Comforting. We sat down. " Are you amazed yet?" said Tadase's Dad still softly laughing at the face I made at the entrance. " Passed amazed. It's so beautiful." I said still in awe while looking around.

"Well Amu-Chan I wouldn't worry about the looks too much. The food is the best part. It's delicous" said Tadase

" Hey ummm Tadase what do you think we should order for Miss Hinamori?" asked Tadase's Dad

"Maybe 'Cherry Blossom'. " said Tadase thinking about what I may like. But I just sat there waiting for them to order for me. I didn't know what to get so I was just sitting in the seat thinking about the beauty of the resturant and about what Ikuto said. While I was talking aloud to myself about feeling like something is missing or that I'm lonely even when I have everything going for me he had said he feels the same no he wonders the same thing. But I tried to push the thought away and turned my attention to the two people infront of me.

"So what am I going to be eating?" I asked trying to sound innocent when really I was annoyed.

" Blooming Lilly Flower" said Tadase smiling. Oh god his smile is so annoying sometimes. And his kindness and pureness is somewhat evil and manipulative.

"Great I guess...what is Blooming Lilly Flower?" I asked truely curious on what they had ordered. I mean for all I know this could be a posinus and deadly fish platter.

" Oh it is Steak with potato, corn, shrimp, and greens with Lilly flowers on the plate for design. Trust me it's good." said Tadase re-assuring me.

"Oh ok. I think I can handle it. Thank you for ordering for me." I said. We tell our orders to the server and in 3 mintues our food comes.

"WOW! This looks delicous!" I said with amazement. The steak was tender and juicy, the potato was melting in your mouth, the corn was sweet, the shrimp was juicy and seasoned, and the greens were just perfect. It was just so tastey I finished half of everything and kept my leftovers in a box. We walked back to the car, got in, drove back home, and Tadase walked me to the front door.

"So Amu how did you like it?" asked Tadase

"I loved it! It's the best resturant ever! Thanks for taking me." I said blushing. I had a great time and I was tired, I was ready to

"No problem. Maybe I can bring you another time." said Tadase smiling.

" I'd like that. Well I'll see you tommorow." I said sweetly as I could because I was about to fall asleep right there.

" I love you Amu" said Tadase. My eyes widened. I was awake now. Then he kissed me but I felt nothing. It was nothing.

"I love you too." I said to Tadase. I felt like I HAD to. I opened the door, waved goodbye, and closed the door and ran upstairs.
I went to the bathroom took off my clothes, washed, and put on my pajamas. I went back into my bedroom. "Hey Amu-Chan! What's wrong?"
asked Suu. "It's nothing" I said kind of depressed. No I wasn't kind of depressed I was past that. I was confused, tired, and past depressed.
"Come on Amu tell us." said Miki. "Fine. It's just when Tadase kissed me I felt nothing and that I feel like something is missing but everything is good in my life. Gradution, Friends, Boyfriend, UGGH!" I lay in my bed crying and kicking. I was kicking the bed hard like it was its falt for my little sitation. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK!

"Huh?" I look out the window to see a drenched Ikuto.

"Amu please let me in." said Ikuto despertaley.

"Why should I?" I said playing with him. I was going to let him in but first let's have some fun.

"Come on Amu, PLEASE?" said Ikuto getting on his knees begging.

"State your full name and relationship with Amu Hinamori" I said in a deep tone acting offical.

"Cut that shit Amu! Just let me in! Please" he yelled angrily. HA HA HA! Ikuto's actually trying to be angry and yell. Man this is gold. But I should let him in now he's getting tired I can tell and I don't want him to get in my room then fall asleep here. No way do I want him sleeping over!
But then again with him I feel warm and safe. His arm around me his nice warm fresh breath on my face and neck. AAAHHH! What am I thinking!
I open the door slowly to Ikuto's annoyment. He slipped inside. Sneaky little Neko.

"Finally. And thanks" he said before he went to the bathroom to dry off.

"No problem. Hey make sure you use the blue towel there's a set of clothes you can borrow ." I called out so he could hear me.

"K" he said and within mintues he returned back dry and with a lose shirt and jeans.

"Thank!" he said pointing to the clothes he was wearing. I smiled and he sat on my bed telling me about his day. I don't what he did but he made the feeling of emptyness go away. He was always so caring and fun.

" So I actually got the violin solo so i'm kinda excited for-... Amu are you paying attention?"

"Yeah! I was just thinking but I heard you. Congrats I knew you'd get it!" I was dazed that part was true but I did hear him and was glad and proud of him.

"Come on tell me what's going on with you."

"Nothing besides graduation. I'm fine" I said completely lying to him. I felt bad because he told me everything that's going on in his life ALWAYS. And I was being selfish and stupid but it's embarssing kissing your boyfriend feeling nothing and feeling nothing but a missing puzzle piece in your life.

"Amu come on like I believe that. You've been acting strange. You know and I know it. Something is wrong." he said louder now.

" It's just I-I- it's to embarssing. Okay? I can't talk about it. It's strange. I don't understand it!" I yelled unable to tell him the problem but that's all that came out.

"Amu you know you can tell me anything. I can help you. Amu please just tell me." Oh great his soft sweet voice, his light smile, and the worst his small but sensational hand on my shoulder. Yeah he knew how to get the truth out of me. I sigh and say

" Well for the past few weeks i've been feeling empty. Unhappy and yet I have everything friends, graduation, boyfriend *Ikuto growls*.
and tonight I went on a date with Tadese and we kissed but I felt nothing. Nothing! I usally felt happy and just WOW! You know? But it was dead."

"Amu honestly now you need to find out what's missing. You need to know your own truth. And for me the same. I've been feeling the same way."

"Really?" I ask curiously as well as a shocked expression. He nodded and looked at the ground.

"What do you see in Tadase anyways?" he said bitterly. Woah! Mood Switch.

" Well his sweet and nice... I guess... now his smile and kindness is getting annoying and a little manipulating." I said. But then I realized what I said. What I really thought. He was like this sweet, kind, and manipulating. And soooo God damn annoying!

"Glad to know you're in love with someone you truthfully dislike." he said again the bitter tone. But he was past that little bitter tone he was brimming with anger.

"Ikuto don't be like that. I'm honestly just realizing the truth. So don't you dare get mad at me! I'm sorry okay I'm sorry that my misery and misadventures of love is so funny or whatever. I-" I was stopped by Ikuto when he pushed his lips onto mine. He kissed me! Wait he kissing me! Oh god what do I do? But it feels good. I love it. I'm just melting. He pulled away and asked,

"Now did you feel something then?" I nodded like a fool. I was in a trance. It was magical. It was spectacular. I blushed I didn't know what to say or do. Just stare into his eyes and blush. Yeah that's a good job Amu. Pat yourself on the back.

" I said I would make you fall in love with me. How am I doing so far? Because I think *small kiss*- I'm doing good"

" I just can't believe that I didn't realize you were my missing puzzle piece"

"I always knew. I love you Amu. I always did. I wanted you from the momment I saw you years ago."

" Thank you Ikuto. Thank you for waiting. Thank you for loving me all these years." I said. He waited. He knew that one day i'd be his and that one day i'll face facts we love each other we belong. It was fate. He was the one who cared for me. He was mine.

"It was worth it. I'll never let you go. I'll wait until your out of High school." he said. He really loved me and he wanted me forever. He wanted to wait just a little longer to make it offical. And we both knew where it was going. Marrige.

" I love you Ikuto" I said glomping him. He stroked my hair while I hug him tighter and tighter.

"I know. But before we rush into this I think you should break up with The Kiddy King."

" Oh man! This is gonna be hard."

"Don't worry Amu. I'll be there to help you"

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