Come home. Please. Come home…come back

His eyes shot open and he sprung up from the bed, coated in sweat.

'Just a dream' he reasoned and tried to relax.

His muscles were tense from him griping the side of the bed. He heaved heavily, trying to catch his breath.

'I need to calm down. She's fine.'

He slid back into the bed. He glared at the ceiling staring back at him. He huffed and turned onto his side, staring at the plain wall. Plain, crisp, white walls.

'Nothing like the pink and black striped walls in Amu's room. They're not plastered with posters. Just plain.'

He clutched his heart, painful memories attacking and injuring him suddenly. He slid out of the bed despite the protest of his muscles. He groaned in response to his back cracking. Shuffling his feet and rubbing sleep out of his eyes, he trudged into the kitchen.

He opened the fridge. He eyed a plum slowly then swiped it out of the fridge. Grinning like a hyena, he crept over to the sink and washed of the fruit.

'Amu's favorite fruit. We'd always eat it when we went to the park.'

He clamped his jaw down onto the fruit. He chewed the delicious purple fruit. But the more he chewed the more it tasted like he was chewing rubber. The plum, swelling with bitter juice, was leaking onto his clothes.

Irritation and frustration bubbled up in his chest. He took bigger bites.

'Why does it taste different? Why is it so bitter?'

The unsatisfying taste enraged him and he threw the plum away. The plum landed in the trash can with a loud thud.

He eyed the trash can from a distance with disdain.

'What's wrong with me?'

He drifted to the porch that hovered over the beautiful city that was Moscow. He looked down and saw the monoliths shooting into the sky and the Moska River weaving in and out through glittering heart.

Despite the glorious view he was still battling his excruciating pain from memories lost. Happy memories lost to the tide. He regretted those words…..

"Fine. Bye Amu"

'One little sissy and I lost her'

She was spinning around, letting her skirt swirl and pool around her ankles. Today was the day. She was finally graduating.

'I'm finally a high school student. '

She eyed herself in the mirror. The words stunning, fabulous, and beautiful flashed inside mind.

'Is this really me?'

Pearls adorned her neck and diamond ear rings hung from her ears. Her lashes were painted and her lips were sealed in a red coat. Just a dash of eyeliner and blush and she looked like a woman.

'What would Ikuto say now?'

She smiled faintly at what she expected was either flattery or jokes.

'No I can't think sadly. Today is a happy day'

She looked at her dress to further distract herself from the coming storm in her heart. She inspected her white ruffled dress, making sure there was no flaw.

' Perfect.'

Then a sick voice crashed her optimistic thoughts.

"Hello Amu" a voice chimed

"Hello Tadase" she grunted

She avoided his intense stare and busied herself by curling her hair. His stare was calling her. But she wouldn't answer.

"Amu you look beautiful." He said sweetly

"Thank you. You look very handsome." She returned

"How would you know, you haven't even looked at me?" he countered back

Then she was caught like a fly in his web. That statement translated roughly to: "Look at me now, bitch or there will be consequences."

She lifted her head up and glued her eyes to him through the mirror. A gasp pierced the silence.

"You know, I'm quite upset you didn't wear the dress I got you but it's okay. "He said snarled

She started shaking. Fear crawled up her back and lodged itself in her throat. And apparently it nested itself in her legs and arms because she was paralyzed when he edged closer to her and was suddenly right behind her.

'Move, you pathetic limbs. Work!' She screamed silently

"Do I look nice Amu-chan? I really want your opinion."

She nodded weakly and tried to look away when their eyes met in the mirror. But his hand guided her head back to stare into his crimson eyes.

"I said, do I look nice Amu-chan? I don't understand little nods." He said roughly

" y-yes y-you do Tadase. You look like a gentleman. "She stuttered

"Thank you Amu-chan. I came to give you your rose. You wear it around your wrist."

He drew the rose from behind his back. He lifted it so she could see the flower that would adorn her wrist.

"Give me your hand. I want to have the honor of putting it on you." He said softly

She inched her hand to his meekly, worried about any games he may be playing. He slipped the rose onto her wrist gently. It slid down her wrist and rested comfortably against her skin.

"Thank you Tadase." She squeaked.

"I'll see you later my beautiful Angel." He whispered softly into her ear

He twisted around and strutted away, smirking in satisfaction, watching Amu go weak in the knees.

'What's wrong with me?' She questioned herself

She led her attention to her hair, gripping the curling iron with full force, directing her mind to yet another distraction to her thoughts that were going hay wire.

'Okay let's make this pile of mess into something beautiful'

He poured coffee into his mug. The sound of the rich liquid splashing against the ceramic cup gave him a sense of relief.

'At least I'll be able to stay awake.'

He sipped the hot liquid cautiously. He looked at the digital clock, the red numbers flashing wildly and rings erupting from it. The time '6:00' flickered and he groaned. The coffee cooled down and he took large gulps. He drowned his dry throat.

'God what time did I wake up if it's only 6:00 am? I haven't been getting enough sleep. Hmmmm it's 11:00 am over in Japan. I wonder what Amu's doing.'

Deciding not to drown himself in sadness, he turned on the TV. Images mindlessly flashed across the TV. Ikuto paid no attention to the TV. He just sat there. No thoughts, no sound, a blank slate.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

He blinked a couple times. Swearing he had heard something. But there was nothing but silence. He drew himself back into the pit of nothingness.

Tap. Tap. Tap.

His eyes shot open and he jerked his head up. He looked around but saw nothing.

'It must be my imagination.' He figured and closed his eyes.

Then his imagination became persistent.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

The pounding sound echoed through the apartment. He decided that this couldn't be just an illusion. He got up and drifted around the apartment.

Then his front door shot open and slammed up against the wall. Ikuto grew pale and began shaking. He

twisted around slowly and his eyes met with a familiar pair of eyes.

"Hello Ikuto, long time no see"

Amu's hands ghosted over her hair. She didn't believe that the piles of luscious curls were actually made by her own hands.

She overlooked herself in the mirror. Looking at every particle of herself. She closed her eyes in bliss. She felt beautiful.

Then Rima and Nagi sauntered in. They were holding hands. Rima's hand squirmed and embarrassment dusted her cheeks. Meanwhile Nagi looked extremely happy.

'They're so cute. Rima cut the crap; you know you love it when he holds your hand.' She thought, looking at the couple.

"Hi Amu-chan. You look beautiful." Nagi said sweetly

"Thank you Nagi. You look very handsome. "Amu complimented

"You know he does. I was worried that he was going to come dressed in a dress for Graduation. I didn't know if he was going to graduate as Nagi or Nade." Rima said, snarky to the bone

Amu briefly saw Nagi's nose flare in anger but then the anger was subdued and a smirk was plastered on his face.

"Oh so you think I look handsome Rima? No wonder you weren't complaining about me holding your hand. Well I must say you look gorgeous Rima." He said

Rima face turned scarlet and she opened her mouth to retort but Nagi kissed her quickly on the lips to stop any words from coming out.

Nagi pulled away and released his grip on her hand. Rima looked very angry. Amu stifled a laugh as Nagi sprinted away. Rima yelled obscenities at him while he disappeared.

"Well it looks like you and Nagi seem fine." Amu said

She smiled. 'They're perfect for each other.'

"If you say so. He's a fool, you know that? He's so agitating." She said flushing

"Oh please. He may be agitating, but I know he's something you can't go on without. I saw the way you looked at your hand, when he let go. You wanted him to keep holding your hand. Am I right?" Amu said, knowingly

Rima grumbled under her breath and took a seat next to Amu. Rima looked down for a second, and then meekly nodded her head.

"Yeah you're right." She muttered

Amu smirked.

"See, how hard is it to admit the truth?" Her question was answered by silence

Rima began to cry. Tears flowed down her face and she sniffled to control the river.

"Hey what's wrong?" Amu asked, concerned for her friend.

She didn't mean to push it too far. She rubbed her back and handed her tissues.

"I'm worried Amu. I don't want to lose Nagi. But what if he has to go to Europe to study dance?" She asked, admitting her silent fear.

Rima started quaking in fear. She didn't want to lose him. She was done with being lonely and forgotten.

"Rima, listen to me. Even if that happens, I'll still be here for you, as your friend. And you and Nagi won't be apart for long. He'll still keep in touch because he's loyal and he loves you. "Amu said, comforting the girl.

Rima nodded and hugged Amu. She softly whispered 'Thank you' to Amu. She pulled away.

"Oh great now your make up is ruined. Come on I'll fix it for you." Amu said.

Rima laughed and wiped her tears. She sat erect on the stool while Amu put her make up on.

Tadase took long strides to the microphone. He tapped on it, checking if it picked up the sound. It was only a few short hours till graduation and the guardians had to make sure that everything was set up.

Amu climbed up the ladder, putting up the banner. Tadase grimaced, wondering why they had Amu, his Angel doing such a thing. She was in her beautiful dress!

'Although she would've looked better if she wore the dress I got for her' He thought bitterly

Yaya and Kairi walked in, pushing the cart of chairs to be set up on stage for the graduates. And Kukai strutted in behind them.

"Who missed me?" Kukai said vainly

'He's a fool if he thinks anyone missed him' Tadase thought

Everyone looked towards him, their eyes devouring him.

"Kukai!" Amu screeched

Amu was smiling happily, excited to see her "big brother". She waved excitedly. But being the klutz she was, lost her balance. Suddenly, she felt the air whooshing against her. Her stomach was curled in fear and she was falling.

"Amu!" someone screamed

Then she was embraced by a pair of hands. She looked up and saw Kukai. His playful green eyes stared back at her.

"Are you okay Princess?" He asked, teasingly

She punched him.

"I'm fine." She said, scowling at him.

"You wouldn't be if Kukai hadn't caught you. "Tadase said, angrily.

Amu bit her tongue, careful not to make a snide remark.

"Well luckily he caught me. Thank you Kukai." She said with a bite.

"Gosh I'm so good I have girls falling over me." Kukai said, mockingly

"Oh shut up you idiot. If you're here to help then do it. Now let go of Amu." Tadase ordered

"Sure thing, Prince Tadase" Kukai shot back and let go of Amu.

' Oh no'