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"Laytner!" Chief's deep voice echoed through the main office, cutting off Dee's ever present stream of complaints. Having long since tuned out his partner, it took a couple seconds for Ryo to realize the other had ceased his very audible grievances. "My office. Now."

It was early Thursday morning and the General Investigations Unit of Precinct 27 was alive at best. Chief Warren Smith's yell seemed to disturb the slow, bumbling hive—almost instantly the office was bustling with activity. Everyone had a paper to fax, a report to staple, or a coffee to fetch. Ted snapped back to reality from whatever little nap he had been accidentally taking in front of his computer screen and rubbed his eyes. One rookie stumbled past their desks with three empty mugs, obviously having drawn the short end of the stick. Ryo glanced at Dee, the lazy detective who was the source of the current dilemma, then immediately turned away when he was met with the other's sharp stare.

As an added misfortune, Ryo had just managed to shove a pen into Dee's hand, finally getting him to start working on their combined stack of papers. The interruption wasn't something Ryo was enjoying, but by the sounds of it, Chief wasn't overjoyed himself.

"Great…" was Dee's grumbled response to the abrupt racket. His green eyes flickered uneasily toward Ryo, who was already pushing back from his chair, one hand reaching for the reading glasses settled on the bridge of his nose. One of the many disadvantages of being Dee's partner was that whatever trouble the childish officer seemed to wiggle himself into was, more often than not, a shared responsibility. The accused sat a bit straighter as Ryo glared at him, honestly believing that the tiny bit of distance would save him from whatever his reprimand would be. It had long been discovered that punishment from Ryo was much worse than whatever Chief doled out.

"Not you, Maclean. Just Laytner." Chief's tone had changed from the bellow of irritation to a calmer one. Ryo did appreciate how Chief never really yelled at him. Maybe it was because, unlike the rest of the guys, he didn't sit around all day cracking jokes and getting in trouble…

Regardless of that, Ryo allowed his hand to drop from his glasses, confused. Dee was still staring at him as a puzzled expression melted over his previously exasperated one, but the blonde did as he was told and remained at the desk.

"Aww, man," Dee sighed heavily, scratched his head, and finally looked back down at his minimal attempt at a report. "The old man needs to quit sticking his neck into my business when I'm working…"

Ryo smiled a little, holding up a hand in a departing gesture. "Looks like you're going in alone, dude." Of course, Dee would complain about wanting to work now that he was getting called away from it.

"Gee, thanks…" Dee adjusted his shoulder holster into a more comfortable position as he stood, his sarcastic reply accompanying the less-than-enthused stroll to where their boss waited.

Ryo leaned back in his chair, watching him over the rim of his glasses. I wonder what he did this time…he pondered as Drake leaned over and poked at Dee when he walked by. The grin their friend wore mimicked that of a jester who had just stolen the king's crown. Dee paused to return the smirk like a guilty accomplice. He obviously wasn't worried about whatever reason he was going into 'the Badger hole'- the guys' nickname for Chief's office. Ryo's small smile widened as said 'badger' walked over and thunked Dee on the head before shoving him into the room, yelling something about wasting precious time.

Maybe he would be let off with just a cuss or two…Ryo thought, remembering their first mission together and how Dee had said those exact words to him when he had blown up half the building his partner and adopted son were being held hostage in. The folders on his desk were a far cry from field work and Ryo couldn't really blame Dee for preferring the latter over being stuck here.

Procrastinating now that Dee was gone, Ryo sat back in his chair and glanced around the office. Near the hall that led to the back rooms, Ted leaned over and punched Drake in the arm, which set them both into a fit of laughter. Ryo shook his head and stretched his shoulders, sighing contently when a bone in his neck popped. Despite the juvenile behavior of his coworkers, Ryo was glad to be there. At the last precinct he'd worked at, everyone was so stoic, so monotone. It was refreshing to see people actually acting like people… or at least their evolutionary ancestors. Sometimes he wondered if he worked in a monkey clan and their office was the nest of ludicrous insanity.

Today, however, the kindergarteners of the 27th precinct seemed to have graduated to the first grade. Almost everyone was being civil to one another and no one was trying to sabotage their neighbor. Either that or they were all getting sneakier about it… Ryo allowed himself the illusion that his colleagues weren't all idiots. Just for today, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt,he thought to himself, leaning forward in his chair to resume his reports. Procrastination was one of the things he hated about Dee and he frowned with the realization he had picked it up. Now if only they would at least do their homewor-

His train of thought was abruptly cut short as the office shook with the force of a head-on collision—a common sound around the precinct when a door slammed shut, or in rare cases such as this one, opened—and Dee emerged from Chief's office. From the dark look on Dee's face, whatever had happened wasn't your usual everyday dressing-down. Green eyes were a blazing forest of fury and his usually grinning lips were drawn tight with tension. Dee's knuckles were white and trembling with restraint as his fingers pushed into the palms of his hands, his posture stiff and seething with barely suppressed anger. The entirety of his body screamed homicidal maniac and the glower he gave the bureau failed to convince Ryo of anything less sinister.

"Dee?" Ryo rose to his feet, removing his glasses and focusing on his partner. The infuriated male was making a beeline for their desk and, for a second, Ryo worried he was going to flip the table across the room. Emerald eyes locked into Ryo's pitch black orbs, causing the blonde to freeze like a deer in headlights. Ryo stood his ground against Dee's sweltering gaze, but the heat of his anger did nothing to warm the ice that had already begun to flow into his veins.

Concern caught in Ryo's throat as he tried to ask what had happened, but all he could do was watch as Dee yanked his jacket from the back of his chair—the furniture swiveling away from the desk with excess momentum—and continued out the door. The resounding slam shook the rickety building once more and only after its echo died away did Ryo realize the bustle of work had stilled.

"What…" he mumbled, his gaze still transfixed where Dee had exited. Part of him expected he would burst back through the door and huff into his seat, throwing a tantrum… but the door remained closed. The silence was deafening around him and his ears rung with the strain.

"Randy." Chief's gruff voice broke the short spell. Ryo immediately turned to fix his expectant stare on the large man. A fly buzzed past his ear, yet Ryo could barely hear it. Chief didn't say anything else, but tilted his head in the direction of his office before disappearing behind the clouded glass of the room, his command more than obvious. Ryo took one last look at the door, bewildered as to what could have possibly happened to make Dee so unbelievably angry.

What just happened…?