Summary: In their fourth year something monumental apart from the Triwizard tournament approaches the witches and wizards of Hogwarts. The war-torn countries of the shinobi are opening their borders for the first time... ever, due to the long and persisting efforts of Albus Dumbledore. As a trial, two young shinobi, and a veteran are sent to Hogwarts for an unspecified length of time to learn from the magic world, whilst introducing their own culture to the wizarding world.

Pairings: Minor Sasuhina, if I decide to write a sequel then this would continue to develop. Canon Harry Potter pairings, though I won't put much effort into these (you'll have to squint to see them).

Changes from book(s)/movie(s)/manga/anime: Sasuke did defeat Naruto at the Valley of the End, but Kakashi arrives in time to haul his arse back, Naruto does go off to train with Jiraiya as Akatsuki are still a threat to him, Sakura became Tsunade's apprentice, leaving Sasuke with Kakashi. No changes from Harry Potter canon so far, except for the fact of the existence of the shinobi nations, which are unplottable (you cannot find them on the map), but since they have had virtually no contact with the wizarding world this will be explained throughout the story.

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Oh yeah this chapter takes place three weeks before the events in the book.

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Cornelius Fudge, current Minister for Magic looked down at the letter he had just received per owl with a growing sense of trepidation. Words like How?, and Preposterous!, echoed through his mind.

To Cornelius Fudge, Minister for Magic,

I Albus Dumbledore write this letter to hereby inform you that my persistent efforts in convincing the shinobi nations to open their borders have borne fruit, as a trial, Fire Country, with which I have the most contact, has agreed to send two school-age students and their teacher to Hogwarts to study our culture, and we in return can study them to gain more insight into theirs. The students will be enrolled into Hogwarts (fourth-years I believe), and will follow the set syllabus and complete the exams at the end of the year to mark their progress, and their teacher will teach a voluntary class about the theoretical side of shinobi life, as I have been informed that without the proper physical and mental training wizards have virtually no hope of learning actual shinobi techniques, even their hand-to-hand fighting. On a brighter note though we will be able to observe these during their training times, and will be able to ask questions about the techniques.

Here is a translation of the script I was sent by the Hokage (village leader) concerning the shinobi chosen (with appropriate notes in brackets):

Kakashi Hatake,

26 years old, Jounin (very high-ranked as far as I could gather), currently teacher of genin Team 7 (lowest-rank ninja), was involved in last great shinobi war, son of legendary Sakumo Hatake, unorthodox teaching methods, chronically late, values teamwork very highly

Sasuke Uchiha

13 years old, will be fourteen by the time term starts, genin, currently member of team seven, member of Uchiha clan (apparently an elite clan that suffered an extreme loss a few years ago leaving this boy as one of the few remaining members), top graduate of his class, excels in almost everything he is taught, antisocial, stubborn, and has inflated ego, do not mention his family to him at any time as it will lead to extreme hostility towards the person who mentioned them

Hinata Hyuga

13 years old, will turn fourteen in term time, genin, currently member of team eight, member of Hyuga clan (an elite and prosperous clan), part of a tracker team, excels at taijutsu (what shinobi call hand-to-hand combat), quick learner, but has self-confidence issues, stutters a lot, used to diplomatic events (apparently high up on the hierarchy within their clan), knows a little English

I hope that, with your permission and a Ministry escort, they might also be able to witness the Quidditch World Cup Final as an introduction into our culture, and an opportunity to meet some of their fellow students at Hogwarts.

Also, if this trial should be a success, the shinobi might stay on at school for a number of years, maybe even until their NEWTs.

I have their village leader's and country's leader's assurance that the shinobi chosen will be able to handle their assignment with complete confidence.


Albus Dumbledore

To have organised this visit, especially by the bloodcurdling shinobi or ninja as muggles termed them, in lieu of the approaching Triwizard Tournament beggared belief, although once he had finished reading the letter through twice, Fudge's fears began to lessen as he understood that the chosen shinobi apparently came from their equivalent of pure-blood families. In fact they might even understand, and cooperate with the wishes of the Ministry instead of Dumbledore's (what Dumbledore's wishes were Fudge did not yet wholly understand, however with all the public attention on Hogwarts in the upcoming year, they were sure to be revealed).

Mind made up about the startling revelations in the letter, Fudge set about dictating more letters to various people who needed to be notified, including Barty Crouch, whose department had been trying to contact the Hidden countries for years, Ludo Bagman, a co-organiser of the Triwizard Tournament whom this was bound to affect, Dumbledore, to confirm that Fudge had received the letter and to notify him that the shinobi were allowed to attend the World Cup, and of course dear Lucius, who liked to be informed of such important happenings.

Listening to the sound of his own voice, and his quill scribbling away, Cornelius Fudge sat back and wondered how exactly Dumbledore had bribed, no convinced, the Hidden countries to respond to his request.

In fact "bribed" was the better word to describe how Dumbledore had managed to win both Tsunade and the daimyo over; with a touch of flattery and political bullshit and a humungous amount of Galleons, Tsunade had agreed to send three of her shinobi over to "learn" and "teach" (not that Kakashi would be teaching those brats anything useful). Now with two of the aforementioned three standing in front of her, Tsunade was beginning to regret her decision to allow this mission to go ahead. Unsurprisingly the only one missing was Kakashi, and the fact that he would probably only turn up in a couple of hours, making this entire meeting a waste of her valuable time was making her hangover-induced headache worse, much worse. The worst of all though was the complexity of this mission, which could only be made up for by the masses of gold and gemstones the village would be receiving for this (as well as some very rare herbs).

Ten minutes later, with no Kakashi in sight Tsunade decided to cut her losses and explain the mission to the two standing in front of her, Kakashi could figure most of the details out by himself via the mission scroll.

However just as she opened her mouth to brief them Kakashi appeared in a puff of smoke, his nose stuck in his usual Icha Icha Paradise, saying, "Sorry I'm late, I was having a dango-eating contest with Gai."

Sasuke simply looked bored, whilst Tsunade glared at Kakashi.

"I-isn't Gai-sensei o-on a mission with his t-team?", Hinata asked, looking at Kakashi with a doubtful expression, at which he grinned sheepishly, scratching the back of his head in embarrassment. "Ahahahaha..."

Tsunade cleared her throat to continue her interrupted briefing, and the three standing in front of her turned their attention towards her.

"I'm sure you are aware that the borders of our countries were sealed off over a thousand years ago by the sage of the six paths, and since then have only rarely been opened, and never in the history of the shinobi villages."

The assembled three gave their various signs of confirmation, a timid nod from Hinata, a grunt of assertion from Sasuke, and a look of interest from Kakashi, all wondering what this would be leading up to.

Tsunade continued, "Well, after much thought and deliberation, the daimyo and I have decided to open our borders to answer to the request of a man called Albus Dumbledore, who wants to try… a sort of experiment. In short, you three will be sent over to his school of magic, which is located in a country called…" Tsunade scanned a piece of paper in front of her,"…Great Britain to learn as much as you can about their culture, , and in return they will be able to learn about ours."

Ignoring their sheer surprise and disbelief she ploughed on, her expression turning completely serious," At least those are the terms we agreed on, but that is only on the surface of things. These wizards will be watching, no examining you, in order to find out whether we are a threat to them, finding out our weaknesses, whilst we will be doing the same, and both sides will be trying to conceal as much as they can."

We, naturally, have the advantage as the wizards will not be able to observe as many jutsu as they could if they were stationed in the village, and Kakashi will be teaching mostly useless or negligible information. There are also the political levels to consider which is where you two come in."

Tsunade turned slightly towards them as she addressed Sasuke and Hinata.

"Both of you come from clans with powerful kekke genkai and important connections. The wizards like to keep their 'magic' within sets of pure-blood families, meaning families in which all or most the members are wizards, similar to our clans. It means it will make it far easier for you two to forge ties within the magical community, and to make a good impression on them and their children, as you will be attending school with them."

"As for Kakashi," Tsunade let the words hand in the air for a second or two as she paused," your reputation should be enough to keep you out of trouble, and in the reply I sent to this Dumbledore I also mentioned your 'unorthodox teaching methods' which you will be using on his students."

Sasuke snorted and Kakashi's single visible eye shut as he gave yet another sheepish smile.

"Finally there is another level to all this, part of which is not known to the majority of their community. Apparently just over a decade or so ago, the wizards lived in terror of a dark wizard named Voldemort , who was somehow stripped of his powers, and although Dumbledore did not make clear exactly how this happened, he maintains that Voldemort is still alive, waiting to make a comeback. This would mean a war in the wizarding community and Dumbledore is worried that Voldemort might seek allies in the shinobi world, so he is taking early steps to prevent this."

"A-and is there a-any chance of the villages f-fighting in this war?", asked Hinata tremulously.

Tsunade looked at the girl with a grim expression on her face.

"The big villages might not take the risk, and many of the smaller villages probably wouldn't either, except if the amount of money offered were extremely high, but there is no accounting for missing-nin, and therein lies the problem."

"What exactly do you mean by that Tsunade-sama?", Kakashi asked.

"Well there is the unfortunate circumstance that their 'Voldemort' is eerily similar to Orochimaru."

Sasuke sat bolt upright at hearing this, and unconsciously put his hand on the cursed seal whilst enquiring tersely," What sort of similarities?"

"They have an unfortunate liking for snakes, in fact this Voldemort supposedly has the ability to talk to them, a lust for immortality, and the desire to become the most powerful wizard or shinobi, respectively. They have also stretched their limits far beyond those of humanity and have little to no regard for human life, or compassion."

"And if they were to form an alliance…" stated Kakashi, leaving the disastrous consequences unsaid. Everyone in the room could imagine it after all.

"Yes well I think you've got the gist of the mission, there are more details in the scroll." Three copies of said scroll were promptly tossed over her desk towards the other three, who each caught one.

"Let's see… am I forgetting anything?", Tsunade turned her face away, trying to remember.

"Ah yes. Hinata!" Said girl squeaked when her name was said. "I believe that you were taught a little English." Hinata nodded nervously. "Right well then you will be teaching those two..." Tsunade waved her hand at Sasuke and Kakashi "Basic grammar and pronunciation, whilst they will be memorizing these." Two big fat heavy books were thrust into the hands of the two males. "And improving your vocabulary. That way all three of you can learn enough English to cope with most situations until you gain more experience. Any questions?"

The other three shook their heads silently. Their brains had been slightly overloaded with the wealth of information they had just been given.

Tsunade looked satisfied. "Good, now learn as much as you can, you have about a month until you will be leaving. Oh yes, you'll all be attending a sort of sporting event called Kwiddeetch when you arrive, apparently the wizards make a very big deal out of it. Dismissed."

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