Title: Kaleidoscope

Summary: The components are all there, but you shift the setting a little and suddenly you get an entirely different picture. This is what happens when you send three shinobi to Hogwarts.

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Note: I will be using some Japanese, but only very common words which are mostly understandable from the context, and the Japanese will only be in italics when the shinobi are in England.

Three weeks after the opening Feast Hinata was holding one of her weekly Q&A sessions in the common room.

Initially, many of her housemates had had lots of questions and after finding out about her inherent shyness had preferred to quiz her in private about the many aspects of shinobi life.

After a few days of this treatment, Hinata had begun to tire of answering the same questions over and over again, since some of her housemates didn't believe what the gossip mill said and decided to ask her themselves, or they just hadn't heard of earlier answers to a similar question. Thus she had suggested a Q&A session, mustering up all her courage to do so, in which she would answer all the questions she could, and dance around those that would lead to spilling classified information.

In return, she would ask the questions she needed to, and get some much-needed help in regard to the previous three years of schooling. The members of her house were surprisingly willing to lend (many) hands and she was never short of a tutor, whatever year they may be from (although the youngest students seemed to be either awed or afraid of her, which was completely confounding).

Since she lacked a lot of background knowledge, some of the classes could be extremely challenging, although most of the ones involving practical spellwork gave her little to no trouble (Charms was a breeze) and her English had improved drastically. Arithmancy and Potions were the most tricky, the former being filled with complex calculations similar to the ones found in the theoretical part of the Chunin exam, and the latter having the dread Professor Snape. It wasn't as if Potions would have been quite that hard with another teacher, or so many students had told Hinata, it was just that with Professor Snape breathing down your neck, watching you for every miniscule mistake you might make, it was quite difficult not to make one.

Defence against the Dark Arts had been… interesting to say the least. In the very first lesson she had been presented with the wizarding equivalent of kinjutsu. It hadn't frightened her all that much, except for the torture one, as with her Byakugan she had managed to get a detailed look at what was happening during each jutsu.

The killing curse instantly snuffed out your energy, but what was interesting was that there was a slight backlash towards the caster of the spell, as if the victim was trying to hurt their murderer beyond death. In this case, of course, it had merely been a spider that had been killed; Hinata could not imagine what the backlash might be like with and actual human.

The torture curse was the worst by far; it resembled a genjutsu in its construction, using the caster's own magic to influence the body of another, but unlike a genjutsu there seemed to be fewer flaws to make use of. It would be one spell shinobi would really have to watch out for, especially if it caught them unawares.

The control spell seemed to be, at first, the worst. However while its construction also seemed to be similar to that of a genjutsu, Moody had told them, and taught them, in subsequent lessons that the Imperio curse could be broken by the strong-willed. Hinata had been quite proud of herself when she had not obeyed that voice in her head that had told her to do stupid things; it had been one of her first and best achievements at the school.

So the lessons learned had been quite important, but there was something that niggled at Hinata, when she watched their teacher with the Byakugan, nicknamed "Mad-Eye". There was something… off about his magic and the way it shaped itself, as if it weren't used to the body it was in. It could have something to do with his peg-leg of course, nevertheless an injury like that was something his body and his magic should have got used to long ago. There hadn't been anything else forthcoming about the strange man though, therefore Hinata had decided to simply watch and wait, to see what the future would bring.

For now she had to wrap up her Q&A session and meet up with the team for training.

Sasuke was feeling pleased with himself at the moment. In his latest spar with Kakashi, he'd noticed a marked improvement in himself. It wasn't quite at the pace he wanted it, but it was there, he wasn't stagnating.

His speed had improved quite a bit in the last three weeks, as had his strength (though he did admit that his stamina had suffered slightly as the daily treks around the castle were less than half of what he'd done as training on most days), despite the fact that his training time had been drastically cut short by the demands of his new school.

He also had to admit that his other training partner was getting slightly better. She wasn't close to his level, but she did have determination, he'd give her that if nothing else.

Still, there were times when he felt supremely irritated in her company, mostly when she did nothing wrong and still apologised to him. Well, nothing wrong as a relative term of course. If he'd moved quite that slowly, he would immediately have gone into speed training to rectify the issue. She definitely needed speed training as her main strength was taijutsu and, as Rock Lee had proved, fast taijutsu was very hard to defend against. She didn't need strength training for it either, what with her using Jyuken instead of normal taijutsu (it had hurt his pride to admit that getting hit by those strikes really hurt when she did manage to hit him. He also had tried to shrug it off as toughening up).

The only other praiseworthy thing about her (and he could find a lot of flaws he could complain about) was her range with the Byakugan. It was far farther than he had expected the doujutsu to be able to reach, several kilometres in every direction.

Well at least his Sharingan was more useful in that it could predict the next movement of his opponent, even if it didn't quite work when he was in really close combat with someone and without proper room to dodge.

On his own he'd managed to do some experimenting whenever he had a spare moment, trying out various mixtures of chakra and magic and testing jutsu and spells with the mixtures. Sometimes this had led to incidents, but on the whole the two types of energy seemed to get on quite well.

He hadn't, of course, tried out anything advanced or more extreme, for example Chidori or those curses the mad teacher had shown them. He didn't want to try anything quite like that until he had a firmer grasp on what he was doing. Maybe further down the line he'd recruit the Hyuga to watch how they melded within his body and figure out from her observations how to improve.

In the meantime he'd continue working on jutsu separately; he'd already had an idea for a long-range Chidori, now he had to figure out how to channel it.

It was a pity they got so much work to do with the school subjects. Most of the things they were told to do were ridiculous anyway, mostly involving a mere half-hour of research and then the process of copying the information down coherently. It was something that even Naruto could have done competently in the academy.

Of course there were some more difficult subjects that required a more… "hands-on" approach. Like Herbology. Or the Blast-Ended Skrewts.

It would help if he could figure out something that would poison the creatures they were supposed to be taking care of in the Care of Magical Creatures class. He didn't know where the idiotic teacher had got those creatures from, but they were undoubtedly the worst thing he'd ever had to take care of in his long history of having to capture cats for fat, rich, old ladies and getting scratched up in excess in the process. He hated those stupid missions.

Still, at least the Skrewts did not endeavour to make him physically sick like Divination seemed wont to do. The teacher spoke the biggest pile of rubbish he'd ever heard; "You're going to die tragically and painfully." Well of course he would, he was a shinobi, they did tend to die that way.

Really, if he died fighting his brother, it wouldn't be that much of a tragedy to him. He'd die sooner or later anyway.

Contemplating matters like this (aka, brooding) greatly helped when someone inconsequential from his house was blathering on in his ear. Especially the girls.

Even so, however obnoxious his own housemates might be, some of the other houses could be even worse. The blond boy, from the mould-coloured house, had been under the impression that just because his father was somebody or another Sasuke would "befriend" him. The shinobi had taken one look at the blonde hair –why was it always those with bright, blond hair?- and the condescending sneer and had promptly ignored him. This had not gone over well and the idiot's face had flushed, to Sasuke's unseen amusement, bright pink.

Then Sasuke's own housemates had got involved, one boy from the red-haired family and his two friends, who'd also been at the moronic sporting event. Apparently they had a rivalry. Or something. It could also have been a house rivalry for all he cared to notice (there certainly had been enough bad talk about "Slytherins" in the common room).

Sasuke had appreciated one full second of the irony that the fight involved an obnoxious blond and a blackhaired boy, only to get annoyed by the fact that they were so loud. When the "fight" (more of a shout, really) had been broken up, there had also been a quick insult hurled at Sasuke under the blond's breath. If it had just been Sasuke himself who had been insulted, the whole thing might have been alright, but the insult had been directed towards Sasuke's family, built upon one that had been snapped at the black-haired boy.

He'd only barely held himself in check; an amusing incident with the blond boy being turned into a ferret by the mad teacher had followed, much to the blond's humiliation. However the black rage hadn't faded, even weeks afterwards. Still, the blond would get what was coming to him. Sasuke could wait. He'd wait as long as was needed.

Maybe it wouldn't be needed though. Tomorrow was Saturday; Saturdays meant Kakashi's training sessions, which Hinata and Sasuke assisted. They had already put the silly students through so many of the moronic exercises that Sasuke had been doing for the past two years, a little "extra" for one student wouldn't harm anyone. Especially with the type of training that would come tomorrow.

It was even possible that a lot of "extra" would be needed.

Harry Potter, previous lover of Saturday mornings, was very close to deciding that he didn't like them much anymore. The main reason being that "Ninja Lessons", as everyone called them, took place on Saturday mornings (for Gryffindors at least- 8am to 10am). Before the first lesson had been held, all the Gryffindors had pestered Sasuke (who scowled when they called him that) to tell them what the lessons would be about.

Disturbingly, the usually stoic boy had smirked at the crowd who'd asked him that and said nothing. He'd seemed smug about the whole issue.

Pestering the Hufflepuffs for information hadn't helped much either; Hinata hadn't ever been a direct student of their new teacher's before, and so she had no idea what was coming for them.

So most of the students (third years and above) had gone to the lessons with some nervousness.

Their training field was located near the lake, on a flat bit of ground. Lots of de-barked wooden posts had been set up at one end of it

Fortunately, or so they'd thought, their new teacher seemed fairly friendly, if very engrossed in the little book he seemed to carry around everywhere (Sasuke hadn't answered the question as to what was written in that book either).

That was what they thought, until training began.

They had been subjected to the most brutal physical training Harry had ever taken part in, far worse than games lessons back in old school. Even those wizards who thought themselves as had a lot of trouble with the exercises.

During the exercises the "assistants", Hinata and Sasuke, would steadily keep pace with the other students, sometimes as examples of how to do the exercises, and as Harry suspected was true in Sasuke's case, to show off. Meanwhile Kakashi called out random facts about ninjas, most of which Harry had ignored that first lesson.

That had nearly cost them dearly next time. They were quizzed, House by House (as they'd later discovered by asking others) on different facts that Mr Hatake, or sensei as he preferred to be called, had called out the previous week. None of the Houses got anything wrong –mostly thanks to students like Hermione who managed to listen to just about everything anyone said to them- but they really did not want to know what sort of gruelling punishment their very frightening teacher could come up with.

Contrary to their expectations though, their entire session was turned into a theory session, courtesy of the assistants. They explained about the energy stuff the ninjas used- called "chakra" and the different techniques ninjas. Well the rather shy girl talked and her stoic companion pointed at the blackboard, with various diagrams and keywords drawn on it, that had been brought outside.

None of them had thought to bring anything to write with since they had been expecting a rather different session. Thus they had to remember the whole two hour lecture off the top of their heads. It had stressed Hermione quite badly; she'd walked around the common room asking everyone what they remembered to see whether she'd missed anything (she hadn't, of course).

This week they were waiting even more apprehensively for what was to come. Luckily, there was no blackboard this time, although many students (Harry included) had learned from last time and brought things to take notes with.

Their cruel and strange teacher stood in front of the crowd of Gryffindors, his assistants standing on either side of him.

Once the students had arrived, Mr Hatake began the lesson.

"Over the last two weeks I have been teaching you, alongside the most obvious lessons of "practical" and "theoretical" ninja teachings, one of the most important lessons we learn."

Mr Hatake paused and swept a deliberate look across the Gryffindors. "Some of you, I have seen, have already learned it. That lesson is to be prepared for anything that might come your way; to expect the unexpected. There are extensions on this lesson, but those will come later. For today we will be learning another lesson that Sasuke here has already experienced."

The boy in question's expression turned from slightly bored into a minute scowl. This was not a good sign at all.

"It is known as the bell test. I'm not going to tell you what lesson it's supposed to be teaching, I'm sure you'll figure it out eventually. We are going to repeat this every week until you do."

Rather disturbingly, their teacher's eye crinkled in what they had come to understand was a smile. An even worse sign than Sasuke's scowl.

"It goes like this…"

Here's a bonus , since the chapter last time was so short, just to make up for it. Also because of the lack of Kakashi.

Kakashi stood looking at the somewhat innocuous-looking picture of a green, oddly-shaped fruit. It didn't move. Or stare back at him like some other portraits tended to do before they rudely asked whether he was simply ugly or whether he had some horrible flaw.

Slowly he reached out towards it. His finger made a scritch-scritch sound when he moved it up and down the fruit's flank.

Suddenly, it giggled and sprang open to reveal a huge room full of little wrinkled creatures rushing back and forth.

One of the little creatures –House Elves as he'd been told- came up to him saying "Sir, is there anythings we could make for you?"

Kakashi asked for a biscuit and the little thing scurried away into another corner, where the bustle rapidly doubled.

Behind his mask the shinobi sniggered a little. Hogwarts was full of such lovely surprises sometimes.

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Kakashi is an evil, evil teacher. His ninja students aren't much better.

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