Prompt is thus: "V.C. Andrews' books are THE epitome of guilty pleasures: they're chock-full of incest, giant screwed-up families and horrible things happening to the characters, but they're trashy in a fun-to-read kind of way.

So what I'd like to see is a nation's life unfolding in a manner similar to a V.C. Andrews book with all the craziness, huge family secrets, and incest that go with it. If you think about it, it wouldn't really be a stretch for some certain nations/families to have precisely this kind of dysfunction going on (the Baltics and Asians, anyone?). The main character doesn't have to be female."

Yes, the adoptive father Taiwan mentioned is OC!Portugal, which is a historical shout-out that doesn't really make that much sense, but w/e, Portugal did name her. Also, of note, because I hate coming up with my own human names they're all taken from tvtropes. So yeah, if you hate the names, blame them.

General trigger warnings, may be somewhat spoiler:

for rape and sexual abuse, false imprisonment, abandonment, character death, and possibly others I just can't think of. Keep in mind, it's meant to be a VCA novel.


I suppose every family comes and goes. A well-loved dynasty with power and wealth exerts its influence for generations, being nothing but the most respectable of institutions. Then they stop. The fall from grace, or perhaps fail to continue altogether. Nothing is left but the bastards.

I never knew my birth family. My father told me from birth I was adopted, although it was fairly obvious, what with the different races and all. I never knew the details; I assumed something like a girl had gotten knocked up before she was ready and given the child away. I hardly blamed whoever-it-was; I barely even thought about it.

I should have known something would come. Something always does. Universe is more of a brat than I am; it thinks you're not paying enough attention to something it gave you, it will drag to it. And expect you to be grateful for the pain it causes you.

And those things the universe gives you go on, long after you do. Those you loved have to carry it for you. All of it goes on in the line, and we can't stop that.

Doesn't that seem very unfair?