Ned's Declassified Survival Guide to: Finding a Date for Prom

Hey! It's Ned Bigby once again! Didn't you miss me? After those long years in middle school, I was off to high school. But, I won't lie, middle school was super fun. You know how Moze and me started dating in eighth grade? Yeah... It ended up, it didn't work out for us.

I was kinda struck out and all heartbroken at the time, so I started making tips again. Now it's a high school guide! We broke up in 10th grade, near the end. Now we're all seniors. At first, Moze and me had a fight and all, so we broke up. You'd expect me to take her back, and I won't lie, she's really pretty and kind of who my dream girl would be, but times are tough in high school.

But, thanks to Cookie, Moze and me could sort out our fight, and be best friends again. It was kind of awkward at first. Being more than friends with your best friend, then going back to friends.

The truth is I still like her, but she doesn't know that. I don't wanna look like an idiot if she doesn't like me back. Middle school drama is coming back to me. Trust me, high school drama is way worse, though!

One thing is true for sure, Moze is just getting prettier and prettier by the moment. It's like my mind is creating an issue for me. If I don't have her as my girlfriend, I start to see crazy things! In middle school I started to see angels sing around her, and golden lights shining on her, and her pretty smile and hair just stood out to me!

This is way more confusing though. It's too complicated to explain, though.

The thing is, I still like Suzie. After the field trip, I don't know if she even still likes me as a friend anymore! And I think Loomer's totally over Moze, so she may be available for a while. I may have chances with her, still.

And that goes for Suzie, too. Loomer and Suzie broke up, once again.

The problem is, Suzie's one of the most wanted girls in high school. All the guys are crazy for her.

And one more thing. You know how Missy left for a boarding school? If you didn't know... She did... Well, after that, she came back! She's in my high school again. And by the way, that is good and bad.

The good: If I can't 'wow' Suzie and get her back, or Moze, or any other girl that isn't too wacko, then, Missy's always a choice, because I know she still likes me!

The bad: If I CAN get one of my two dream girls back, Missy's gonna try to ruin the relationship I get back in to, so she can have me.

But, I think I might be able to make my way around this problem. Ned Bigby always survives... Heh, most of the time.

This time, I'm gonna survive PROM! It's towards the end of my senior year. And the big event still stands the way, the one I have to really cut around to avoid the worst and survive it all. Yeah, this time it's prom!

Now, let's get to the high school survival guide of prom!

"Hey, Moze," I try not to look in to her big brown eyes, "You're lookin' good today..." I bit my lip.

"Uh... Thanks, Ned." Moze says, and turns around.

"No, don't go!" I beg, "I'm sorry, Moze, this isn't working for me. I'm tired of us being like this, still! I thought Cookie solved it for us! We've been best friends forever, and we're gonna let this break-up get in our way! We can still be friends! Can we please stop being all awkward around each other and act normal again?"

Moze turned back around to look at me in the eyes, once again.

"You're right," Moze smiled, "Look, I'm sorry for turning away to you. I think we should still be best friends, as always. Thanks. You're the best friend ever. Don't tell Cookie, I've always liked you more than him."

She wrapped her arms around me, in to a warm hug. I smiled and giggled a little. She's always been the greatest friend to me, too. So, I'll tell her that. She's not afraid to tell me, I'm not afraid to tell her.

"Same with me." I said, "I gotta go, Moze."

"What?" Moze asked, "I just turned back around to talk to you! Where are you going now? Are you like trying not to be seen with me or something?"

"No, we're best friends, Moze! I don't care if anyone knows that I love... Ehm... Loved you or I'm still best friends with you," I replied, "It doesn't matter to me."

"Then where are you going, Ned?" Moze asked.

"To go survive prom," I replied, smiling, "By that, I mean, time to find a date for prom!"

"Oh..." Moze was awkwarded out again, "Who are you planning on asking?"

"My old crush," I said, "And ex-girlfriend. You remember her? Suzie?"

"Right... Right... Suzie." Moze sighed, "Well, good luck with that. I'm gonna try my luck with Seth."

"Good luck with that, too!"

"Bye, Ned."

"Bye, Moze."

I wish I never broke up with her. She always keeps me winded up in a conversation with her, no matter how stupid or purposeless it was! I just had so much trouble walking away! I have trouble concluding conversations... Not with Suzie... Not with Cookie... JUST HER!

My locker was right next to her locker. I walked a little bit away from her and the lockers. Then I saw like a line of guys! Some I've known for a pretty long time, and some I just met in high school. And just a couple of them... I had no idea who they were. Well, I noticed the first one. It was Mr. Talkypants, Martin Querty.

"Hello, Jennifer, it's me, Martin, you know how we've always been good friends well that's really good because I saw you and Ned dating and I wished you guys a happy relationship, well... In my head, but it turned out bad, and then you guys broke up but now you're single so you are free and don't have a date for prom so I felt bad unless you're going with another guy, if you are good luck with that and have fun but I just wanted to ask you to the prom because I've never told you but I've always liked you. You may not remember but in middle school on one of the three Valentine's Days, I gave you roses, and I sent you like a ton of cards because you're really pretty and cute and smart and athletic so will you go to prom with me?"

"Uh... That's a lot to say," Moze gulped, "Um, Martin, you're a great guy, but I'm not going out with you to prom. Sorry, buddy."

"Oh, that's too bad, Jennifer," Martin looked at the ground, "Maybe another time? Say, were you planning on asking anyone else?"

"Yeah, I was meaning to ask totally hottie blondie boy..." Moze looked the opposite of where Martin was looking, "The hottie blondie_ Nevermind that part! I was gonna ask Seth!"

"Aww!" The whole group of boys who were gonna ask her fleed.

I was glad she wasn't a wanted girl, but I wasn't glad she was planning on asking Seth! Beats me for wanting to ask Suzie! Why can I just get my feelings straight with Moze and tell her I still want her!

Wow, in middle school I was too blind to see that love was this hard. I took it like skipping stones, and never looking back to see... Moze.

All I could think about was... Sweet, sweet Jennifer Mosely, my best friend AND EX-GIRLFRIEND NOW! What have I done with her! I was in the zone with her! She was my girlfriend! I messed it all up!

I felt a bump on my head. But, it wasn't a fantasy... Actually, it was reality. I bumped in to Suzie. That's good and bad. Not explaining why. I bet a smarty-pants like you might know.

"Ned Bigby!" Suzie exclaimed, "Remember me? I'm Suzie Crabgrass from middle school! Oh, Ned! I missed you so much! Remember all the good times we had? We used to go out and it was lots of fun. How's it going?"

Looks like I still am friends with Suzie!

"It's good. I remember it all, Suzie. I'm so glad to see you," I smiled, "Sorry about the field trip mess."

"Oh, that's all good now," Suzie said, "So, how are you and Jennifer going?"

Wow, Suzie changed a lot! She was never this_ bright! A new bright girlfriend! Well... Almost-girlfriend.

"Hey, we WERE good," I said, "But, didn't you know? We broke up almost a year ago. At the end of tenth grade? I'm glad I got dating her over with." All lies, though! HA!

That's right, Suzie! Ned Bigby's single and ready for you! One more thing, babe! Ned Bigby's back! And you're gonna survive high school, the fun way!