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"So, what are you in here for?" Reston asked.

"Well," I started slowly, "I shouldn't really say…"

"Why, it ain't like I'll rat you out in here." I sighed and began.

"My Dad's the one the police are after, but they told me he was dead so…" I teared up, "a long story short, apparently my daddy was the one who almost made this place go up in flames." Reston nodded.

"Wow, he's gotta be pretty powerful to do that kind of damage."

"He was; he's the greatest dad I could have ever had." I choked up. Reston's expression held sympathy.

"I'm sorry; if it makes you feel any better, I know what that's like. I lost my mom, and one of her friends that was like a father to me." His traced a circle on the floor with his claws. "I don't even know who my real father was, but from what my mom told me he was discovered at some place called USAMRIID. She told me he didn't make it out of the animal he was inside of at the time, and scientists killed him." I didn't know what to say to that.

"Wow…you know I never knew my real father either."


"Yeah, but since my real mom wasn't nice, I'm assuming he wasn't either. When my mom used to drink, she'd always talk about how he left her when I was born and that he was good-for-nothing. She used to scream at me too…"

"My mom was always traveling with her friend all over the world, mostly Germany and Africa. She told me if anything ever happened to her I was supposed to go to Germany to live with her cousin, Marburg." Marburg. A little corner of my mind registered that, and I struggled to remember why that word mattered. Marburg…Marburg…Marburg… Then I realized what it was. It was Ebola's cousin. I began to shake and I stared at Reston in fear.

"What disease are you?"

"Ebola, but I'm not any particular strain. I'm a mix of Zaire, Sudan, and Reston. I think Marburg also is in my RNA." My mouth and throat were dry. Zaire…Sudan…the two viruses Daddy said killed me. This was Zaire's son! But…he was so nice; he couldn't be anything like his parents, right? I didn't respond. "Uh, Trinity? What's wrong?"

"Oh, nothing, I was just thinking." I decided to keep my part of the story a secret. The part about how my father killed his mother, and Sudan, and that I had been their last victim.

"Oh…okay." Two officers marched into the room. I backed away, grabbing Reston's hand. "What's wrong?"

"Two cops are in here," I said in a hushed voice. "They're coming towards us!" An officer smiled and held out his hand.

"Come with us, kid," he coaxed. I shook my head defiantly, glaring at him.

"No." His smile faded and his partner made a grab for me. Reston's tail made a cracking sound as it collided with the other officer's arm. Blue cytoplasm spilled onto the floor and the officer backed away, screaming. The other drew his gun and pointed it at Reston.

"Trinity run!" Reston grabbed me by the shirt and threw me across the floor towards the door. I skidded to a halt and clambered to my feet. I threw the door open and ran for my life. I got down two hallways before an officer spotted me and grabbed my arm.

"Hey, hey, kid," he exclaimed. I snarled at him and attempted to bite his arm. He jerked his hand back and I took the chance to run once more. The cop easily caught up with me though. He forced both my hands behind my back. "Easy…easy." I thrashed madly for some time, but tired and fell to my knees. He slowly let go of me. I turned to face him, my mouth set in a stern flat line. "You're the girl who was with Thrax."

"So?" I snapped. I could feel the tears coming to my eyes, but I blinked them back.

"The mayor and chief just sent two officers to come get you."

"I know. You people have some crappy security for thinking that two guards could hold me back." He was silent for awhile before kneeling down to my level and smiling.

"What's your name?"

"None of your business," I hissed.

"Alright, None of Your Business, I'm Osmosis Jones." My eyes widened and then narrowed to slits in rage. With an inhuman shriek of fury I launched myself at him. Ozzy yelped in surprise as I attempted to claw his eyes out. He grabbed both my wrists with one hand and lifted me off the floor. I twisted and jerked, my feet kicking furiously at him.

"You killed my Daddy," I screeched. "You killed my Dad!" I repeated that over and over again as he struggled to take me down the hall, just to make sure in case he hadn't heard me the first fifty times. He took me into a room, where a girl cell, a fat cell, a robot looking thing, and a skinny grey cell were waiting. They watched with wide eyes as Ozzy plopped me down in a chair and I came at him again. The chief had to separate us.

"Sit down," the chief of police said sternly.

"Make me," I growled, baring my teeth. Sure enough, he did. He duct taped me to the chair and I glared at them. "Is this going to go like our last session?"

"No. You're going to give us information this time."

"Sure I am," I scoffed.

"You will," the chief said, pushing a button on the TV next to me, "if you want to see Thrax again." My eyes widened as the screen flickered to life. On screen was my Dad, sitting against the wall of a steel room, shivering.

"Y-you told me he was dead," I spluttered.

"We thought he was," the skinny cell said, "but he came back, and tried to make a getaway with this cell." He handed me a picture. She had curly hair, and her face was sort of familiar. I gazed at her quizzically; then looked to Thrax.

"W-what did you do to him?" I asked with as much anger as I could, but the tears streaming down my face were evidence enough that they had broken me.

"He's in a temperature controlled room just above freezing," the cell explained, "we can arrange for you to visit him."

"Really?" I asked hopefully.

"If you tell us everything you know." I was speechless for some time.

"L-like what?"

"What's your name?" I glanced at the screen, then to the cell. My eyes closed. I didn't have any fight left.

"Trinity Harrow," I answered.

"Alright Trinity. I'm Mayor Tom Colonic. This is Osmosis Jones, Leah, Drix, and the chief of police. Do you know who this cell is?" I looked at the picture again.


"Who's this virus?" He laid another picture on the table.

"Logan Marshal. Where is he?"

"He's in lockdown at the moment."

"You threw Logan in jail?" I blurted. "Why'd ya go and do that?"

"He killed several officers as they were escorting him to his hospital room." My eyes widened in horror, but Mayor Colonic continued.

"That brings us to Thrax. We confiscated this-" he held up a black chain with purple beads that looked like my necklace "-from the boat wreckage, and managed to barely save Frank once again." I swallowed hard. "Officer Jones says that he personally saw Thrax dissolve in alcohol. Do you know how he has managed to come back?"

"Well, uh, we all went through this portal thing and we were just alive again."

"…you mean everyone with you is dead."

"Was dead," I corrected. Colonic gave the chief a strange look. He just shrugged his shoulders.

"What are you exactly? A blood sample we managed to collect from the inside of the armored van tested positive that it was human, and it wasn't Frank's blood. Are you human?"

"Uh, yeah I'm human. My mom is too, and Logan and Thrax used to be." Leah, Ozzy, Drix, Mayor colonic, and the chief stared at me with wide eyes.

"You're serious?"

"Yeah, why?" I asked. My face held puzzlement. Colonic cleared his throat.

"Uh…are you related to Thrax?"

"Yeah, I mean, he's my adoptive father. And Kristy is my adoptive mother." I looked at him. "Where's my mom?"

"We don't know." The mayor turned his back to me and muttered something to the others. In a few minutes he turned back. "Alright, you can see Thrax now." My face lit up. Leah grabbed my hand and led me out of the room.

"That was quite a story," she said.

"It isn't a story," I said defensively, "it's the truth." She looked at me.

"I'm sorry; it's just a little hard to believe." I gazed at her suspiciously, unsure if she was just fooling around with me. We walked out of the hospital and to the police station. I ogled at all the cells and the scenery. When we walked into the station a cell at his desk stopped us.

"Oh, Leah. Why are you here?"

"I'm taking her to see Thrax, the Red Death virus." His eyes widened.


"Mayor Colonic promised her she could see him."

"A-alright then," he stammered. "This way." He led us into lockdown and past many barred cells. He stopped at the end and opened the door with a key. Leah let go of my hand and I ran into the cold room. Thrax looked at me, shocked.

"Trinity?" I threw my arms around him and cried into his trench coat. He hugged me awkwardly because of the handcuffs. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm so sorry, Daddy. I'm so sorry," I sniffled, shaking. He looked at me strangely.

"What for, baby?"

"T-they m-made me tell them everything about us." His eyes widened in horror.

"Everything?" I nodded, burying my face deeper into his coat.

"I d-didn't want t-to! I'm sorry Thrax!" My voice got higher with each word and my throat began to hurt.

"They didn't hurt you, did they?" he asked. I shook my head.


"…It's okay, Trinity," he sighed. "It'll be okay." I felt more tears fall down my cheeks and I hung my head in shame. I knew Thrax was disappointed. I rested my head on his chest, not daring to meet his eyes. I was disgusted with myself. Dad wouldn't have told them anything if he had been in my place. I sniffled and fought back the urge to cry even more. He pulled me closer and wrapped his trench coat around me when I began to shiver. I felt my eyelids begin to get heavy and I soon fell asleep.

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