This is all fiction, didn't happen, and I don't own anything just a dream I guess.

It was two weeks into the 6 week tour and the cast had just finished another show. The stage hands were taking down the stage as the band was packing up their instruments. Most of the cast had already gone back to their buses while Chris, Ashley and Cory were just hanging around talking to some random fans. Dianna was just walking out of the dressing room and was heading down through the tunnel leading back to the buses when she saw Heather pacing back and forth while talking on her phone. She saw her look at the phone and then put it in her pocket and as Dianna got closer she could see that Heather looked upset and was crying.

"Hey are you ok?" Dianna asks as she reaches out and touches Heather's shoulder.

"Um, hey, yeah I'm fine, I…..I gotta go." Heather turns away and runs off.

"Heather!" Dianna yells but Heather keeps running. A couple girls see Dianna and start yelling her name, she looks around them in the direction Heather ran but she is already gone, not wanting to disappoint any of her fans she turns and graciously poses for pictures and signs a few programs. They all thank her and walk off squealing how they just got to meet Dianna Agron. Dianna continues looking for Heather. Forty-five minutes later she still has not found the blonde and is about to give up when Naya comes walking out of the dressing room.

"I didn't know you were still in there," Dianna calls to her.

"Yep, I needed a shower I could even smell me," Naya says with a smile. "What are you still doing out here? I figured everyone would be back on the buses by now."

"I was looking for Heather, have you heard from her?" Dianna asks with hope that the blonde would have called or text Naya if she was upset. They were close and whenever one of them was upset or needed to talk they usually searched out the other.

Naya looks down at her phone, "no nothing, why? What's going on? I just saw her after the show she said she was going to change and go make a call and she would catch up with me later."

Dianna begins telling Naya about what she saw and how she wanted to chase after her but got side tracked with the fans. Naya not sure what is going on just gives her a look of confusion and tells her she will go look for her.

Naya had opened the door of the bus that the three girls shared while on tour and could hear Heather crying, so she decided to text Dianna…..Did you actually look for her? She is on the bus. Give me a couple minutes and I'll see if she will talk to me – Nay

Naya walks quietly to the back of the bus to the bed her and Heather share. It wasn't a romantic thing. Naya hated sleeping in the little bunks, she felt like she was suffocating in there and Heather's legs were too long and she could never get comfortable so the two of them decided to share the bedroom on the bus while Dianna took one of the bunks. She didn't mind she said it was cozy and she had privacy since she had both sets of bunks to herself. Besides Naya and Heather usually shared beds anyways when they were on tour, it was their bonding time, they could stay up as late as they wanted talking about whatever they wanted and they wouldn't disturb anyone else.

"Hey sweetie, are you ok?" Naya gently asks as she sits down on the bed and rubs the blonde's back. Heather has her face turned away hugging her friend's pillow tightly. As Heather begins to sob harder Naya gets up and walks to the other side of the bed climbing in as she pulls the weeping girl to her letting her head rest on the Latina's chest. "What is it? Please talk to me, I don't like it when you're upset." Heather says nothing just takes a deep breath in between sobs. Naya knows not to push so she just lays there holding the blonde as she cries and waits for her to calm down knowing she will talk to her best friend when she is ready.

A few minutes pass and Heather's breathing has slowed and the tears have stopped and Naya slides down a little into the bed so she is face to face with Heather. She gently rubs Heather's tear stained cheek and wipes away some of the tears, the whole time not breaking away from those piercing blue eyes. She hates seeing Heather upset, it makes her want to cry, to hurt whoever hurt her Hemo, it makes her want to fix whatever is wrong and put a smile back on that girls face. No matter what it takes. "Hemo, please tell me what's wrong, who were you talking to on the phone, and why are you so upset?"

All these questions came out at once and before Naya could apologize Heather blurts out "I broke up with Taylor!" The tears start falling franticly and Naya reaches to take Heather's hand but she pulls back and as she does she just starts rambling "I told him I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't pretend to be the perfect girlfriend anymore and be like we used to be. We were so perfect together and I loved him with all my heart, but now….now I just don't feel like that."

Naya listens as she takes Heathers hand in hers and gently rubs the back of it. "It's ok Heather, people change, feelings change. I am sure he knows you still care about him and maybe you just need some time apart."

"No, Nay, no time will make me feel like I used to, I love him but it's not the same anymore. When he calls I don't get all excited like I used to, when he comes to visit I don't get butterflies in my stomach like I used to, when he kisses me I don't get all giddy, his touch doesn't make me smile anymore. I haven't felt like that in a while and being away from him has made me realize that. I mean I feel like that but not with him. I am not in love with him anymore. I am in love with someone else."

Naya stares at the blonde confused, "wait I don't even have time to date and you're telling me you have two loves." Heather looks at Naya and can see the grin on her face beginning to peak. She smacks her arm playfully. "Ok, sorry I was just trying to get you to smile a little Hemo, geez… seriously though, I am happy for you, do I know him? And seriously how do you have time, when we are not working you were either with me or Taylor?"

Heather sits up in the bed and brings her knees up to her chest taking a deep breath. "Well…" she begins, "like I said I do feel that way about someone, every time they call I get excited, when I know I am going to see them my stomach gets all knotted up, I could talk to them for hours about nothing and we just click, you know?"

Naya nods smiling at Heather as she continues to talk about how in love she is with this person, and she can't help wonder how this had never come up in conversation before, or why she has never seen her with anyone else, or sneaking off to talk on the phone to someone. Finally she just asks, "who is it Heather, who is this lucky person who has got you had over heels in love with them? Do I know them?"

Heather just sighs and quietly says "yes you know them."

"Well?"…..Naya asks "are you going to tell me or am I going to have to guess, you know I hate guessing games." Naya glances at Heather and can see a single tear rolling down her cheek now, "hey, why are you crying?, being in love is a good thing, a happy thing, no tears." She gently wipes away the tear and gives her best friend a smile. "It's ok Heather I won't judge you, you know that, whoever it is as long as they treat you right and take care of you the way you deserve, I will be happy for you."

Heather changes positions so that she is sitting with her legs crossed Indian style on the bed, her hands folded in her lap and she is fidgeting with the seam on her pant leg. Naya sees how nervous she is and is aware that Heather rarely gets this nervous about anything, so she can only imagine what the blonde will say next. "Naya…" Heather starts out, "the person I am in love with is not only the most amazing person I ever met but also my best friend and I don't know how I would live without them, they make me laugh, cry, they make me feel so much that I didn't know was possible."

Naya sits quietly listening to her best friend describing the way she feels when she is with Heather, when she is around Heather, she makes her laugh, cry, and she makes her want to be a better person. She looks at Heather with a look of confusion, "Heather who is it?"

Heather seeing the seriousness in her best friend's eyes' simply says, "you. I love you, I am in love with you, Naya."

Naya doesn't know what to say or do. She sits there staring at Heather, her mouth agape and her body numb. Her fingers are tingling and her head feels like it spinning, she can't see straight and she can feel her heart beating in her chest.

After what seems like forever Heather takes Naya's hand in hers and pleads, "say something, Naya please?" Heather was afraid telling her best friend she was in love with her would ruin their friendship that's why she had kept it to herself this long. Heather knew she had feelings for Naya early on but she thought it was like an infatuation. She knew she liked her and wanted to be her friend but she never knew how much until the day Taylor came to visit and all Heather could do was talk about Naya and what they did, where they went, she wanted Naya, not Taylor. She wanted to be spending time with her not the man she was supposedly in love with. "Say something."

Naya looked up at Heather staring into those baby blue eyes and with tears now streaming down her own face manages to softly say, "I am in love with you too."