Chapter 83

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Epilogue :


"Ma, can I talk to you?"

Naya lifts her head from her script, "um yeah Dom, everything alright?"

Dominick sits down on the couch next to his mother, "yeah," he says quietly. "I just….when did you know you loved Mom?"

"Wha…when, why?" Naya stutters.

"I mean how did you know you loved her?" Dominick asks avoiding eye contact with his mother.

Naya takes a breath, "honestly, the first day I saw her, I just knew. Seeing her made me happy and I felt like I could never spend enough time around her, why?"

"There's this girl at school and I think I like her," Dominick states.

"Dom, are you sure you don't want to talk to your Mother about this? I don't know if I am the one to ask," Naya starts.

"No, Ma I want to talk to you. If I ask her she will get all excited and start asking me a hundred questions," Dominick answers.

Naya laughs, "you're right she would. Okay so, does she know you like her?" He shakes his head. "Okay, do you talk to her at all?"

"Yeah sometimes. She's in a couple of my classes and I see her in the hall and stuff," he responds.

"So you just need to talk to her. Tell her she looks nice or you like her hair or something," Naya suggests. "Or ask her if she is going to the dance and if she would want to go with you."

Dominick shakes his head, "you make it sound so easy. What if she says no?"

Naya gives him a small smile, "there is always that chance. But you are amazing and it would be her loss." She reaches over taking his hand, "unfortunately I can't protect you from ever getting hurt but if you don't take some chances you may miss out on something amazing."

"Wow, Nay, that was deep," Heather says walking into the room kissing her head.

Naya smiles up at her, "I didn't know you were back. Did you pick up Alex already?"

"Yes honey, she wanted to go to Cara's so I dropped her off there, she said she will call to let us know when to come pick her up" Heather responds sitting down next to her wife. "So why are we telling our son to take a chance?"

"Look Mom, please do not make a big deal out of it," Dominick replies. Heather nods her head as she glances at Naya. "There is a girl at school I like and I want to ask her out."

Heather's eyes light up as her smile consumes her face, "oh I am so excited!"

"Mom stop, I don't even know if she likes me back. I just wanted to know what I should say," he answers letting out a breath.

Heather quickly stands racing over to sit next to her son, "and you asked her? Oh son you have a lot to learn."

"Hey!" Naya calls out.

"Baby we both know if we would have waited around for you to make the first move we still wouldn't be together," Heather laughs. "Dom, if you like her just ask her to do something sometime."

Dominick smiles at Naya, "that's what Ma said. Guess her love advice isn't so bad after all." He stands walking out of the room.

"That's my boy!" Naya hollers. "No faith Heather, no faith."

Heather slides closer to her wife, "I have faith in you, more than you know."

Naya leans over kissing her, "I know you do, that's one of the many reasons I love you so much."

"So Mom are you sure you want to keep these two all weekend we can come back early?" Naya questions.

"Naya, I raised you, Mychal and Nickayla, I think I can handle them for a weekend," Maria responds.

"Um good….cause we won't be back early," Heather comments.

Naya quickly turns to look at her wife, "please tell me what you are planning."

Heather shakes her head, "nope, it's a surprise."

"I still can't believe you have been married for 20 years," Maria adds. "It doesn't seem that long ago that you two came walking through my door scared to tell me that you were dating."

"That was the scariest thing I have ever done," Naya replies. "Having Alexandra doesn't even compare to that."

Heather takes her wife's hand, "I remember how scared you were. I actually thought I might lose you."

Naya quickly turns her head, "really?" Heather nods slowly. "Oh baby, I am sorry, I didn't know you were thinking that."

"It's okay, it all worked out and now your family loves me more than you," Heather laughs smiling at her mother-in-law.

Naya shakes her head, "whatever…..are we ready?"

"Where are you going?" Maria Rivera asks.

"I have no idea. Heather planned the whole thing and won't tell me anything," Naya replies. "But I am sure it will be perfect."

"I hope so," Heather adds. "We will have our cells if you need anything and Dianna said if they get to be too much to call her or Ashley and they will come and get them."

Maria smiles, "I am old, not dead. Besides I don't get to spend as much time with my grandkids as I would like."

Naya hugs her mother "thank you. Call if you need anything." She walks towards the living room, "Dom, Alex, behave for your grandmother."

"We will Ma," Dominick calls out.

Alexandra jumps up hugging her mother, "bye."

Heather walks up behind them leaning down to kiss Alexandra's head, "be good. Dominick, help out with your sister."

"I will Mom," Dominick states rolling his eyes.

"Okay, you two go. They will be fine," Maria says walking towards them. "They are teenagers, not babies."

Naya follows her wife to the car, "you're really not going to tell me where we are going?"

"No, honey, I want it to be a surprise," Heather answers starting the car and backing out of the driveway.

After driving almost 2 hours Heather pulls into El Encanto, a gorgeous hotel in Santa Barbara. "Well we are here, what do you think?"

Naya turns to face her, "I think I have the most amazing wife and I don't know how but every day for the past twenty years of marriage she has made me love her more and more."

"I love you too," Heather smiles, leaning over to kiss her. "Well let's check in and see the room we are going to be spending the next 36 hours in."

"The room? You don't plan on leaving it for the next two days?" Naya asks with a smirk.

Heather shakes her head, "nope, it has been over 16 years since we got to stay in bed and make love all day and night. And that…. is my plan."

Naya laughs, "sounds like the perfect anniversary."

The women get checked in and Naya quickly checks her phone before laying it on the night stand. "Do you remember when we could just turn these off and not care?"

Heather walks over wrapping her arms around her wife's waist, "I do and it was nice but I wouldn't trade what we have now for anything."

Naya turns in her arms, "do you ever regret anything?"

Heather frowns, "no, do you? Is something wrong Nay?"

"No, no," Naya shakes her head, "I just mean, I remember when no one mattered to me as much as you and that's still true, but now we have the kids and they are our world. We barely spend time alone….I miss you."

Heather leans forward kissing her, "I miss you too. But I am so proud to be part of this family we created."

"I love you, so much," Naya whispers kissing her again. "Care to join me in bed, so I can show you?"

"I would love to," Heather smiles before leading her wife to the bed. She slowly sits her down running her hands up and down the brunette's arms. "I could just stare at you all day and be content."

Naya laughs, "ummm, I was kind of hoping for more touching and stuff."

The blonde laughs, "oh I plan on touching and kissing and some other stuff. I was just saying that you are beautiful and you make me so happy."

"Well you are just as beautiful Mrs. Rivera and the last twenty years with you have been amazing and I cannot wait for the next twenty," Naya responds taking her wives hands and pulling her forward. She pulls her down on the bed with her and wraps her arms around the blonde kissing her. "I want to make you happy forever."

Heather smiles into the kiss. She runs her hands under her wife's shirt lifting it above her head and tossing it on the floor. "I know a way you can make me happy now."

Naya quickly switches their positions and rolls on top of her wife. She reaches down unbuttoning the blonde's pants and slides her hands down the sides pulling them down. She kisses down her neck as she pushes her own pants down and removes her underwear.

Heather quickly grabs a hold of Naya's bare ass rubbing her hands over her before unhooking her wife's bra. She leans her head back as Naya kisses her chest and pulls her bra down licking her breast. Heather pulls harder on the brunette's hips grinding them together. "Please baby, I want you so much."

Naya lifts her head looking at her wife seeing the desire in her eyes. She smiles down at her before placing her lips against the blonde's. She pushes down with all her weight letting their bodies grind together. Naya runs her hand over Heather's breast before licking down her neck and taking it into her mouth. As her wife starts to breath heavier the brunette runs her hand down and gently inserts her finger causing the blonde's breath to hitch. Heather hips begin to thrust upward trying to feel more. Naya inserts another finger before letting them both slide in and out over and over as the blonde's waist continues to rise and fall.

Heather continues to grasp at her wife as she pulls her down harder onto her. She reaches down with her other hand pulling her wife's chin up causing her to look directly at her. "Kiss me." Naya quickly complies placing her lips against Heather's. The blonde places her hand behind Naya's head holding her there as her waist continues to thrust upwards taking in Naya's fingers.

Naya runs her thumb over Heather's clit causing her body to quiver. She increases the pace at which her fingers are sliding in and out and runs her thumb against her clit with a little more force. Heather begins panting and her body trembles as her grip on her wife tightens. Naya continues until her wife wraps her arms around her pulling her body down on top of her. Heather's lets out one last moan before letting her body go. Naya slows and gently rubs her until the blonde can catch her breath.

"I love you so much Nay," Heather breaths into her neck.

"I love you too," Naya replies lifting her head to smile at her wife. "You okay?"

Heather smiles up at her, "yes, amazing. Give me a second and I …"

"No, not tonight. We have all weekend. Tonight I want to lay with my wife and hold her close telling her how much I love her," Naya responds leaning down to kiss her.

"I would love that," the blonde answers.

"Good," Naya says rolling off of her wife and lying next to her pulling her close. "I love making love to you but holding your body against mine afterwards is the best feeling ever."