Adventure Time with Fionna, Cake and Marshall Lee!

By Luna Mrow

{Author's Note}

Hello my fanfiction friends! It is Luna, starting up another Adventure Time story. This particular story is special, because it's an Alternate-Universe version of 'Adventure Time with Finn, Jake, and Marceline!' which was my very first fan fiction. *tear* so many memories XD

So because my fic 'I'm an Adventurer Not a Lover!' did so well, I am starting another story. It won't be a long epic tale like 'Magic Trials' but hopefully it will be satisfying. This story takes place after 'I'm an Adventurer Not a Lover!' so I suggest you read that one-shot before this one if you haven't. And if you have, you'll know Fionna is sixteen, and she's already smooched the Vampire King *wink wink*

So please enjoy the first chapter!


"Thanks again for the tacos, Gumball!" Cake called out, her fluffy tail bobbing as she walked on her two hind legs. The magical cat bumped the sixteen year old girl beside her. "Girl! Thank your handsome hunk of royal prince for the tacos!" she scolded.

Fionna raised her head. "Huh?"

"Prince Gumball. Tacos. Thank him," Cake deadpanned.

"Oh. Thanks Prince Gumball!" Fionna called. The pink colored prince nodded and waved goodbye before disappearing into his castle. "Did you have to elbow me so hard?" the adventurer asked her companion.

"Yes. Fionna, baby, what's been wrong with you lately?" the quick talking cat asked. "You seem so distracted."

I haven't seen Marshall in three weeks. Was it because he regrets kissing me? "No," Fionna lied. "I'm just, you know, thinking about selling my sword for a newer one."

"Oh. Well good for you girl! I told you that sword of yours is gonna rust, you leave it out in the rain all the time. Maybe if you make enough money you can get some cat nip, huh?" Cake purred.

Fionna grinned. "Maybe." I'm just going to have to forget him. He's not worth worrying over. Plus it's not like I kissed him, he kissed me. And I had never kissed a guy before so it's not like I had tons of experience! Oh Fionna, get a grip! You're worrying over a vampire and kissing! Gross!

Fionna snapped herself to reality and heard Cake talking away "—and Lord Monochromicorn said fish was better with lime juice, instead of lemons. So he showed me how to bake it in the oven—"

And just like that Fionna drifted back off. Maybe tonight when I'm alone I can find him. I don't have to talk to him, just see if he's okay. And next time he decides to talk to me, I'll be sure to pound his stupid gut for ignoring me!

"—so after we ate the fish he let me show him how to make apple tarts, the kind with brown sugar and whipped cream on top."

An idea struck the teenage girl. "Hey Cake, why don't you go see Lord Monochromicorn tonight? He couldn't make it to the taco party so why don't you take him some of our leftovers?"

The cat got excited. "Really? I know how much you love tacos for breakfast, you don't mind?"

Fionna laughed. "Of course not. Go on, have fun."

"Thanks Fionna. You're so—ah!"

The sound of Cake in distress made Fionna take out her sword! "What? What's wrong! Cake?"

"I stepped in something sticky!" Cake hissed. Fionna looked down and saw her foot was attached to something white and sticky, resembling a fishing net. She examined it closer.

"This looks like spider web."

"Well get it off girl!"

Fionna cut her loose. She poked the spider web substance. "Weird," she mumbled. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine. It's just when my fluff gets sticky it takes awhile to wash it out. Alright hun, I'm going to Lord Monochromicorn's. You're going straight home, right?"

Fionna hated lying to her cat. It was like lying to an older sister you respected. "Yes," she mumbled.

Cake nodded. "See you later tonight." She started walking in the opposite direction.

The adventure gal watched her walk away. "Uh," she sighed. "Marshall Lee, I better not find you, or I'm going to fight you!"


He could hear her heartbeat. It was the only human heartbeat and he could recognize the rhythm. Marshall opened his eyes, running a hand through his raven locks of hair. "Play it cool," he told himself. "She doesn't know anything yet."

He could hear rustling in the bushes and a few minutes later Fionna appeared in the forest. She gasped when she saw him, and he regarded her with a smirk, crossing his arms. "You!" she suddenly shouted.

"Me?" Marshall asked. "What about me?"

Fionna took out her sword and pointed it at him. "You are a jerk."

Marshall raised an eye brow. "Oh? How so?"

"I haven't seen you in three weeks!" Fionna exclaimed. Marshall suddenly disappeared. Flip, I forgot he blends with the night. "Marshall!" she called, keeping her sword up. "Answer me!"

"Yes?" a low voice murmured. She shrieked. His cold hands were on her shoulders and his breath was on her neck. Marshall floated behind her, smirking slyly. "Have I upset little Fi?" he taunted.

"I'm not little," she growled. Fionna stepped away from the vampire. "Why are you avoiding me? Was it something I did?"

He landed on the ground and towered over her with his height. "Did Fi miss me?" he asked, a smirk on his lips.

She reminded herself not to blush. "We were supposed to go pixie hunting. We're friends Marshall. Friends don't ignore friends."

"You should know you're the last person I'd ignore," he growled, his voice low. Suddenly his hands were on her waist, pulling her into his body.

"Hey!" she objected, "Marshall!"

"Hush!" he ordered. "They've tracked my scent. They know I'm here."

Fionna then found herself in the air, Marshall flying off in the skies carrying her in his arms. She looked down and almost screamed—a giant eight legged spider the size of a house was down below! She turned to the vampire who was carrying her. "You better spill."

Author's Note:

First chapter :D I hope you all enjoyed, update will be soon. Thanks for reading and please review!